Book 7 Chapter 2

B7C2: Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation

With his eyes blazing with killing intent, Di Long looks angrily at Teng Shan and Lou Ke.

“Teng Shan, Lou Ke, could it be you 2 want to stop us 7 brothers from killing this little thief?” Behind him, his 6 brothers are also looking at Teng Shan and Lou Ke angrily. It appears they will spring into action as soon as they hear a provocative word.

Lou Ke, however, reaches out his hand and says: “Majesty Di Long, last time my Grand Founder competed with Overlord Azure Dragon for the 7th jade sword. Eventually he lost and the sword was taken by Overlord Azure Dragon. Now the Azure Dragon Palace got 2 jade swords while my Blue Water Mansion got only one.”

“One is still not enough?”

Of course Di Long only said so to himself in his mind. After all, he and his brothers are not confident that they can face someone so powerful like Old Freak Three-Eyed head on.

“My Grand Founder has always been upset about this. This time, after receiving some information about the 8th jade sword, he gave me a strict order to gather all of the available information about it at any cost. And Qin Yu knows the information about the 8th jade sword …”

When Lou Ke talks to this point, the 7 Di brothers certainly understand his meaning.

Di Long says with a cold laugh: “You want the information about the 8th jade sword? Then let’s make Qin Yu reveal it right now, okay?”

“Di Long,” Qin Yu looks at Di Long, “why would I reveal it now as you want me to? Just who do you think you are? Humph.” He utters a cold humph and continues: “I already said, if you 7 little worms are fought off, I’m going to reveal the information about the 8th jade sword. Otherwise, I’d rather die than say anything.”

“You should’ve heard that, shouldn’t you, majesty Di Long. This Qin Yu fella is very stubborn. And my Grand Founder already gave a strict order …” Lou Ke looks at Di Long.

The latter’s eyes glitter with coldness but he says nothing.

“What are you going to do if I really kill Qin Yu?” Di Long looks at Lou Ke. It seems he does not care about what Lou Ke said at all.

“What am I going to do?”

Lou Ke bursts out laughing: “I’m no match for you, majesty Di Long, so I won’t be able to do anything. But my Grand Founder won’t be happy about this. Once he is unhappy, then …”

Di Long and his brothers can notice the intimidation in Lou Ke’s words. The 6 Di brothers behind Di Long all glare angrily at Lou Ke, but Lou Ke just smiles calmly.

“You’re threatening me?!” Di Long looks at Lou Ke.

The latter folds his arms before his chest and says to the guardians behind him: “My guardians, 7 majesties have come here today so we’re no match for them. We basically can’t prevent them from doing whatever they want either.”

Those guardians nod their heads.

“Majesties, if the 7 of you kill Qin Yu, my Grand Founder will get angry. At that time, not even I will be able to help you even if I want.”

After saying so, Lou Ke shouts to his subordinates: “Let’s step aside so that we won’t block the 7 majesties’ way.”

“Yes sir!”

Lou Ke then leads the guardians under him flying to a height of several hundred meters above the black rock island.

“Majesty Di Long, my overlord also gave me an order to obtain the 8th jade sword at any cost. But if you want to kill Qin Yu, I certainly won’t be able to stop you.” Teng Shan appears to be very polite as well. “You have to be sure of yourself to have made this decision, don’t you, majesty Di Long? However, you must already know, once my overlord gets angry, an azure dragon like him can turn the world upside down.”

“Let’s step aside, guardians. We won’t obstruct the 7 majesties either.”


His guardians all take the order respectfully. Afterwards, Teng Shan leads the guardians flying up to one side of Lou Ke. The 2 of them and the guardians behind them then stand in midair watching the 7 majesties.


In just a while, there are only the Nine Demons Hall’s 7 majesties and Qin Yu remaining on the black rock island.

Di Long’s facial muscles are twitching and his eyes are flashing with coldness. Obviously he is being faced with an agonizing choice in his mind.

Teng Shan and Lou Ke hold very high positions in the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion. They can even be considered representatives of Overlord Azure Dragon and Old Freak Three-Eyed. After being threatened by both of them, Di Long has become hesitant!

“Big brother, it’s useless to think much. Let’s kill Qin Yu immediately.” Di Jian’s ice-cold voice rises.

Di Long’s eyes brighten. He then says angrily: “Qin Yu stole my Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace. I can’t ignore such a serious offense even if Overlord Azure Dragon and Grand Founder Three-Eyed personally come here. Brothers, let’s stop worrying about the other things and kill Qin Yu right now.”


His 6 brothers, Di Xu, Di Yang, Di Jian, Di Feng, Di Luan and Di Nai, all say in agreement with him. Their voices resound through the sky.

At first Di Long still wanted to get information about the 8th jade sword and the cause of Di Tong’s death from Qin Yu, but now he has become so furious that he has given the order to kill Qin Yu on the spot immediately.


Both Teng Shan and Lou Ke frown and take out their transmitters.

“Overlord, that Qin Yu fella unexpectedly stole the Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace so now the Nine Demons Hall is determined to kill him.” Teng Shan only gives Overlord Azure Dragon a rough report of the situation. As for how his overlord will react, this is none of his business.

Lou Ke also does the same by sending a message through his transmitter to Old Freak Three-Eyed.

“Let’s enjoy this play, Lou Ke. That Qin Yu fella unexpectedly used a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace. I think he’s no ordinary.” Standing in midair, Teng Shan watches the 7 majesties and Qin Yu in the distance on the black rock island.

Lou Ke also looks on calmly.

“Teng Shan, I think even if the 7 majesties get into action at the same time, they won’t necessarily catch Qin Yu with ease.” Lou Ke still remembers that the 7 majesties were never able to catch up with Qin Yu while chasing him to this place. It is clear that Qin Yu is extremely fast.

“It’s started.”

Teng Shan’s eyes brighten. He focuses his entire attention on the battlefield.



Di Long lets out a shout. The 7 Di brothers immediately turn into 7 blurs and charge at Qin Yu.

“You’re really slow!”

Now Qin Yu no longer pretends to be injured. Facing the Di brothers’ powerful attacks, with a movement of his feet, he goes forwards instead of retreating. Like a ghost, he rushes towards Di Long, the most powerful on the battlefield.

The initial distance between Di Long and Qin Yu is very short so they are already facing each other within their reach in just a moment.


Di Long quickly throws a punch, which pierces straight into Qin Yu’s chest. Di Long cannot help feeling delighted, but he discovers in an instant that this ‘Qin Yu’ in front of him unexpectedly does not bleed at all and is gradually vanishing away.

It is Qin Yu’s afterimage.

“3rd brother, don’t meet his fists with yours.” Di Nai tells Di Yang through holy sense communication.

But at just about the same time --


Qin Yu’s and Di Yang’s fists clash head-on with each other. Qin Yu’s body is as strong as that of a divine beast and he is wearing the Flaming Gloves so Di Yang naturally cannot withstand his punch. A crisp clack noise is heard and Di Yang immediately flies backwards with an injured right hand.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Di Yang says to Di Nai through his holy sense.

“I can’t be blamed for this.” Di Nai is also very frustrated.

Qin Yu’s body turns into a golden beam of light. Even though he is using only 80 percent of his maximum speed, he is already somewhat faster than Di Long. After all, the 7 Di brothers are not using their true forms.

“Ganging up on me? This is what I’m unafraid of the most.”

Qin Yu is not worried at all, and rightly so. Someone so good at using speed like him basically does not mind getting attacked by multiple opponents. Even if the enemies greatly outnumber him, they will not be able to surround him and practically he will only have to fight one enemy at a time.

“2 early Dongxu stage fellas, I’m going to make them regret this.”

Qin Yu keeps dodging between the 7 Di brothers like a ghost. The Di brothers simply cannot stop him. After quite a while, they still have not been able to cause him even a scratch.

“Ha-ha, if I want to run away, you’ll never catch me with these slow speeds of yours.” Qin Yu laughs out loud.

The 7 Di brothers’ expressions look somewhat unpleasant. But they cannot help but admit that Qin Yu’s speed is indeed too fast. If he really wants to flee, they simply will not be able to stop him.

“Big brother, this bloke is too fast. It’s pretty bad for us.” Di Yang says via his holy sense.

Di Xu also uses holy sense communication: “Big brother, his fast speed is still a small matter. But if he runs away and we can’t stop him, word will spread that … this time our Nine Demons Hall failed to capture the enemy despite coming out in full force and even had Treasure Storing Palace taken away.”

“Big brother, it’s time we decided what to do.” Di Nai says through his holy sense as well.

At the moment, as the big brother, Di Long should be the decision maker.

“Prepare to surround Qin Yu with the Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation. We’ll then catch him like a turtle in a jar. Now 2nd brother is already dead so, Di Luan, Di Feng, the 2 of you will join forces to prepare the Water gate, the one with the most simple formation base.” Di Long immediately tells his brothers through holy sense communication.

“I’ll hold the Life gate. Di Jian, you’ll hold the Death gate.”

“All right,” says Di Jian in agreement.

The Life and Death gates are the most powerful gates so they must be assigned to someone extremely powerful. Therefore, Di Long and Di Jian are going to be in charge of these 2 gates.

“Di Xu, you’ll hold the Sky gate. Di Yang, you’ll hold the Ground gate. Di Nai, you’ll hold the Fire gate.”

Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai all take the order using their holy senses.

“Di Luan, Di Feng, you 2 should have already known the method for setting up the Water gate, right? Pity 2nd brother is dead, so I can only rely on you.” Now Di Long has no other choices either.

Originally, among the Nine Demons Hall’s 9 brothers, Di Long and Di Jian were at the late Dongxu stage, 5 were at the middle Dongxu stage and only two were at the early Dongxu stage. But now, because Di Tong and Di Qing are already dead, they can only let Di Luan and Di Feng take part in setting up the formation.

“Don’t worry, big brother, we won’t disappoint you … Ah!”

When Di Luan has just taken the order via his holy sense, a golden light beam shoots at him. It is none other than Qin Yu.

“An early Dongxu fella like you dares to hunt me down?” Qin Yu’s voice rises in Di Luan’s mind through holy sense communication. At the same time, he throws a punch at Di Luan. This punch is so fast that Di Luan simply cannot dodge it and has no choice but to raise his arms to take it head-on.

A sound of bones getting shattered is heard. Di Luan then makes use of the impact force to retreat.


Qin Yu closes in on him again and smashes another punch towards his head. Obviously he wants to kill him right away.


A flying sword thrusts at him.

A flying sword’s direction can be changed at will so even Qin Yu does not dare to let this sword pierce into his body. He immediately forms a claw with his hand and stops the sword with a grab. But an extremely powerful amount of energy unexpectedly bursts out from the flying sword, shaking his hand off.

Paying absolutely no attention to this, Qin Yu looks at Di Long, who has just sneakily attacked him, saying: “Di Long, these 2 early Dongxu little worms must have a death wish to be trying to catch me.”

At the moment, Di Long is also frowning. He has obviously noticed that, facing Qin Yu, Di Luan and Di Feng seem to be unable to put up any resistance. If they stay here, they will be almost useless, and because Qin Yu is so fast, they may get killed by Qin Yu.

“7th brother, you and 5th brother leave here first.”

Di Long shouts. However, concurrently with this, he says via holy sense communication: “7th brother, 5th brother, you go more than 100 li to the north of this black rock island and prepare to begin setting up the formation.”

“Di Yang, you get ready to …”

After Di Long gives his orders, all the other majesties are ready.

“The Nine Demons Hall is called one of the 3 underwater superpowers, but I don’t see anything special about you.” Qin Yu says with loud laughter. At the same time, he unexpectedly accelerates a little. His body keeps flashing back and forth between various places like a golden beam of light and his 2 hands are his weapons.

Because he is wearing the Flaming Gloves, his hands can collide with top-grade holy weapons squarely.

Qin Yu can perform various kinds of attacks with his hands such as finger swords, knife hands, punches, and so on.


Qin Yu suddenly appears in front of Di Xu and throws a fierce palm strike down towards Di Xu’s head using his right hand. When Qin Yu smashes a palm strike down with his right hand, he can even break a high-grade holy weapon into pieces, not to mention Di Xu’s head.

A cudgel appears in Di Xu’s hands.


Qin Yu’s palm strike, which carries an enormous force because he is descending from the sky, hits the cudgel. Nothing happens to the cudgel, but Qin Yu’s terrifying force passes through it to reach Di Xu’s hands.

Di Xu basically cannot resist such a frighteningly powerful force and his body is sent smashing down onto the ground by Qin Yu’s palm strike like a meteorite.

“Ha-ha, next please!”

Qin Yu’s loud laughs resound through the battlefield. In the blink of an eye, he has already arrived at another place. He basically does not confront Di Jian or Di Long and is only willing to fight Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai one at a time.


When Di Nai is approached extremely fast from behind by Qin Yu, he unexpectedly ignores Qin Yu and focuses his entire attention on his own hands. Even his eyes are focused on his hands. In an instant, his essence, his energy and his mind are focused completely on his hands.

When essence, energy and mind are combined, they become the 3 internal harmonies.

When the hands, the eyes, and the body are coordinated, they become the 3 external harmonies.

The 3 internal harmonies and the 3 external ones are called the 6 harmonies.


Di Nai sudden lets out a shout. Immediately, his essence, energy and mind rise to their peaks while his stance and movements reach perfection. At the same time, a dragon-shaped flame flies out from his body. Almost concurrently with this --






5 other shouts are heard and 5 other streams of energy soar into the sky nearly simultaneously. The 6 dragon-shaped streams of energy have different colors. When Qin Yu hits Di Nai’s body with a punch, he is immediately repelled by that stream of energy.

The 6 gates, Qian, Kun, Life, Death, Water, and Fire, have been set up. The Great Six Harmonies Heavenly Gates Formation has been completed!

In an instant, the several hundred li radius area within the formation is totally isolated from the outside.

End of b7c2.

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