Book 7, Chapter 13

B7C13: Great Heavenly Stellar Formation

“Oh?” Uncle Lan takes a sip of tea then says with a smile: “If you want to ask something then just ask.”

Qin Yu always feels that Uncle Lan’s eyes seem able to see through people’s minds. What he wants to ask, what he wants to do, Uncle Lan seems to know everything. Qin Yu even suspects that Uncle Lan has a mind-reading magic power.

After getting those wild thoughts out of his mind, he says smilingly: “Before asking that question, I want to ask you something else first. You said 4th tribulation loose immortals are equal to immortals. Could you explain the power of immortals and loose immortals in detail to me?”

Uncle Lan nods his head: “Xiao Yu, loose immortals have 12 tribulations, each of which represents a different power level. Immortals have 9 levels. 4th tribulations loose immortals are equal to level-1 immortals. 7th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-4 immortals. And 12th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-9 immortals.”

Qin Yu understands, but he continues to ask: “Then how about the power levels of 1st, 2nd and 3rd tribulation loose immortals?”

4th tribulation loose immortals are equal to level-1 immortals, but how powerful are the 3 preceding levels?

Uncle Lan shakes his head and says: “It’s very difficult to define them because anybody who has their physical body destroyed at the Dongxu stage can already practice as a loose immortal. Let me ask you something, Xiao Yu. Do a practitioner who abandons the body at the Dongxu stage, a loose immortal that loses the body at the Kongming stage, and a loose immortal that fails the major tribulation have the same power level?”

“Of course they don’t.”

Qin Yu answers firmly. This is a no-brainer. A Dongxu stage fellow, for example, Di Long, can practice as a loose immortal all the same if his physical body is destroyed, but how can he possibly compare with a Dujie stage loose demon?

“This is correct. In the beginning, loose immortals’ power is uneven. There’s not a definite power level for 1st tribulation loose immortals. 2nd tribulation loose immortals are roughly comparable to middle or late Dujie stage Xiuzhenists in power. This is not totally definite either. It’s very difficult to tell. 3rd tribulation loose immortals generally have the power of Dacheng stage Xiuzhenists.” Uncle Lan gives a vague answer.

Qin Yu however has a very strong belief in it.

A loose immortal that starts from the Dujie stage is certainly more powerful than a loose immortal that starts from the Dongxu stage in the beginning. Only as time passes and as they progress to later stages, the gap between them becomes increasingly smaller. In fact, the power of 4th tribulation loose immortals and above has no strong connection with their starting power levels.

“However, loose immortals who start at the Dongxu stage generally can’t overcome the 1st tribulation. The more powerful they are, the more likely they will pass this tribulation. The power of this tribulation varies from loose immortal to loose immortal, but in general, the more powerful loose immortals have bigger chances of success.” Uncle Lan says very positively.

Even though heavenly tribulations’ power changes according to attempters’ power, a strong practitioner will not more likely die than a weak one.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “All right, Uncle Lan, now I’ve already got a rough understanding of loose immortals and immortals, so … I want to ask you what level of loose immortals you have reached.” After saying so, he looks at Uncle Lan with a face full of expectation.

Uncle Lan is very mysterious.

Azure Dragon and Grand Founder Three-Eyed were just like ants in front of him. Qin Yu thinks that only a loose immortal can have such a level of power. Moreover, Uncle Lan was able to teleport both Qin Yu and Hou Fei back to the Blood-red Cave directly with ease.

What is Uncle Lan’s exact loose immortal level?

6th tribulation? 8th tribulation? 10th tribulation? Or a 12th tribulation loose immortal, who according to legend is just one step away from becoming a golden immortal?

“You asked me what level of loose immortals I have reached?” Uncle Lan looks at Qin Yu with a little astonishment.

Qin Yu nods very seriously: “Yes.” Then he hurriedly says: “If you don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you either, but … I’m really very curious about this. I really want to know your loose immortal level very much.”

“Ha-ha …”

Uncle Lan laughs out loud: “Loose immortal, ha-ha, loose immortal, Xiao Yu, so you think that someone who can teleport in the mortal plane is definitely a loose immortal?”

Qin Yu says firmly: “Of course I do. It has been recorded in many Xiuzhen books that teleportation is a magic power only immortals can use. This also means 4th tribulation loose immortals can use it. Immortals can’t remain in the mortal plain but you could teleport me and Hou Fei with you. So, if you’re not a loose immortal then what are you?”

In Qin Yu’s opinion, Uncle Lan is undoubtedly a loose immortal.

The problem is he wants to know how many loose immortal tribulations Uncle Lan has passed.

Uncle Lan smilingly says with a shake of his head: “Let me tell you something, Xiao Yu. Loose immortals aren’t the only ones who can teleport in the mortal plain at all.”

Qin Yu cannot help getting astounded. When he sees Uncle Lan’s current expression, an idea springs to his mind. He immediately presses: “Could it be … you’re not a loose immortal?”

Uncle Lan nods his head: “Yes, I’m definitely not a loose immortal. Xiao Yu, it’s hard to understand the way of Heaven. The universe and nature have all kinds of strange things so is there anything really impossible? There are many things you can’t even imagine. Teleportation isn’t exclusive to loose immortals and immortals at all!”

Uncle Lan is not a loose immortal.

This is what Uncle Lan personally said. Judging from Uncle Lan’s expression and tone, Qin Yu knows that Uncle Lan did not lie.

“Uncle Lan, you said there are all kinds of strange things in the universe and nature but don’t many Xiuzhen books all say that teleportation is a magic power only immortals possess? Could you tell me why …?” Qin Yu keeps asking. He cannot believe that so many Xiuzhen books are all wrong about this.

Uncle Lan ponders for a while then looks at Qin Yu and says: “Xiao Yu, the boundless universe has many secrets but the countless Xiuzhenists and also mortals all live in a normal world and within the boundary of normal rules. You … should just think of me as a loose immortal expert.”

Qin Yu is startled.

In the end Uncle Lan does not reveal his background. Instead, he wants Qin Yu to think of him as a loose immortal.

Qin Yu is sure that Uncle Lan is not a loose immortal.

“Uncle Lan, could you be an immortal, one that descended to the mortal world?” Qin Yu presses again.

Uncle Lan says with a shake of his head: “Don’t keep asking me. This is something you shouldn’t know now. It’s already okay for you think of me as a pretty strong loose immortal, right?”

“All right, then I won’t ask again. Uncle Lan, when will Li’er come to this place for a visit? I haven’t seen her for a very long time.” Qin Yu says smilingly to Uncle Lan, who says with a smile: “Perhaps she’ll be here in a while. You’d better race against time to build the Stellar Tower.”

Putting his cup down, Uncle Lan stands up and walks out of the room immediately.

Looking at Uncle Lan’s elegant figure from behind, Qin Yu has a feeling that Uncle Lan seems to have become one with nature. He also puts his cup down and thinks to himself with a sigh: “Uncle Lan, what’s your real identity and power? You’re not a loose immortal but why do you want me to consider you one?”


Regarding Uncle Lan’s mystery, because Uncle Lan is unwilling to tell Qin Yu, what else can he do? He can only bury his doubts at the bottom of his heart. Maybe someday Uncle Lan will voluntarily tell him.


The construction of the Stellar Tower is immediately started according to schedule.

The Stellar Tower occupies the same area as the former Blood-red Cave did. There is no expansion. It is just that its architectural style is totally different from the Blood-red Cave’s. Under Uncle Lan’s personal direction, the Blood-red Cave is torn apart completely and then various new pavilions, terraces and towers are erected.

Uncle Lan personally works out the designs and positions for the components of the Stellar Tower.

According to Uncle Lan, the layout of this Stellar Tower is based on the long lost, legendary Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Its main theme is to be close to nature so it does not have those huge, pompous palaces, but its structures and decorations are still made from valuable materials such as pearl, agate, black iron, refined gold and so on.

Clouds and mists float under the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, making the place look like fairyland. Moonlight and the morning glow also appear in the Stellar Tower, which is really marvelous.

In the entire Stellar Tower, there is a storied building every 10 steps and a pavilion every 5 steps. Thanks to those floating clouds and mists in the Stellar Tower, those structures look as if they are built in the sky. Qin Yu, Hou Fei and the guardians all marvel at this nonstop.

In building the Stellar Tower, several tens thousand Xiuyaoists and even millions of demonic beasts were deployed. Most of them were assigned the task of extracting some materials such as purple copper, black iron, refined gold and so on. After 6 months and 3 days, the Stellar Tower was finally completed.


Thanks to the Great Heavenly Stellar Formation, there is an astonishing abundance of holy energy in the Stellar Tower. The density of holy energy in it is 100 times higher than usual. Holy energy even spreads into the vicinity of the Stellar Tower, giving this area a holy energy density 10 times higher than that of a normal place.

Immediately, all kinds of structures are built around the Stellar Tower. They occupy an area 10 times as large as the area of the Stellar Tower and surround the Stellar Tower in the very center like stars surrounding the moon. The holy energy that disperses from the Stellar Tower in all directions fills those structures.

The Stellar Tower has been built, as have the structures in which the guards live around it. Because those structures used normal materials, naturally their construction was easy and fast. The Stellar Tower used valuable materials and required the planting of various kinds of rare grasses and trees everywhere in it so it took more time to complete.

Outside the Stellar Tower,

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Uncle Lan and a large number of guardians and guards are all looking at it in admiration. Going for a stroll in such a wonderful place is even a kind of luxury. Only the guard leaders, the guardians, the 3 tower masters and some specialized ladies-in-waiting live in the Stellar Tower.


Hou Fei opens his fiery eyes wide, looking at the Stellar Tower in front of him.

“Boohoo! Boohoo!”

He exclaims a few times then looks at Uncle Lan on one side with tearful eyes: “Master, you treat me and big brother so differently, too differently. This makes my heart hurt so much. When I was still in the ravine, you told me to casually find a cave to live, but now you’ve built for big brother … such a great place.”

Uncle Lan gives him a tap on the head: “Little monkey, you want to be hit?”

“Doesn’t this Stellar Tower belonging to Xiao Yu mean it’s yours as well?” Uncle Lan deliberately says with a solemn expression.

Hou Fei immediately says joyfully: “Ha-ha, I was joking, master. But this Great Heavenly Stellar Formation is really formidable. As soon as it’s activated, the enemies from the outside can’t even go inside while the enemies inside are plunged into illusions. Not only does it have confining effects, it also has illusive effects. It can even gather natural holy energy and starlight.”

Qin Yu’s heart is also filled with satisfaction.

He thinks that the Nine Demons Hall’s Twelve Capital Gates Formation he saw before is very good, but it is pale in comparison with his own Great Heavenly Stellar Formation. Not only can this formation attack, it can also gather holy energy, sunlight, moonlight and starlight from nature.

Once its attack is activated, it will become a matchless confining, killing great formation.

Moreover, this great formation was set up by Uncle Lan personally. Qin Yu believes that at least nobody in this overseas Xiuzhen world can have a glimmer of hope of breaking it.

Afterwards, everybody happily comes into the Stellar Tower.

That day, after Uncle Lan left with Qin Yu and Hou Fei, Azure Dragon, Grand Founder Three-Eyed and Di Long immediately told 2 caves under them each to obey Qin Yu’s Stellar Tower completely. Those caves are not far from the Blood-red Cave and they all came to pay their respects to Qin Yu 3 months before the completion of the Stellar Tower.

Originally, the 2 caves under the Nine Demons Hall nearest Qin Yu were the Great Shell Cave and the Roaming Wind Cave. However, when Di Jian, Di Qing and Di Luan were taking Qin Yu back to the Nine Demons Hall, because Di Qing died in the Great Shell Cave, Di Jian and Di Luan massacred this entire cave. Therefore, the Great Shell Cave was destroyed and the new cave built to replace it is called the Sharp Horn Cave.

The Sharp Horn Cave and the Roaming Wind Cave under the Nine Demons Hall,

The Black Aquatic Dragon Cave and the Six Suns Cave under the Azure Dragon Palace,

The Orange Wing Cave and the Snowy Feather Cave under the Blue Water Mansion,

These 6 caves were turned over completely to the Stellar Tower. The central territory of the Stellar Tower is the former territory of the Blood-red Cave. The Stellar Tower has declared that the 6 caves under it are -- Sharp Horn, Roaming Wind, Black Aquatic Dragon, Six Suns, Orange Wing and Snowy Feather.

Now the Stellar Tower has such a large territory and is so powerful that it has even surpassed the Nine Demons Hall to become the no. 3 superpower in the underwater Xiuyao world, lower than the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion only. It has also become one of the 6 major powers in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

The new jade identity cards already started to be made very quickly a half year ago.

There are 7 types of jade identity cards, which are Stellar; Stellar - Sharp Horn; Stellar - Roaming Wind; Stellar - Black Aquatic Dragon; Stellar - Six Suns; Stellar - Orange Wing; and Stellar - Snowy Feather. The guards raced against time to make them and finally succeeded.

Moreover, after the appearance of the Stellar Tower, many experts who had been hiding deep in secret places began to emerge and recommend themselves, wanting to become its guardians.

Qin Yu had never expected that there were so many experts so he announced directly that the minimum requirement for being a guardian was to have the offense of the early Dongxu stage. Thus, Teng Bi is the only original guardian who was able to keep his position.

There are now 8 guardians in the Stellar Tower. Teng Bi is unexpectedly the weakest among them.

Qin Yu still left the other original guardians like Zhuang Zhong a way by only demoting them to company leaders.

Because the Stellar Tower is now a major power, the number of guards has increased from around 5000 in the past to 30,000. 100 guards form a squad and 10 squads form a company. There are 30 company leaders in total.

The Stellar Tower’s area is about the same as that of the former Blood-red Cave.

The Blood-red Cave was able to accommodate 5000 guards and many other Xiuyaoists, so naturally the 8 guardians, the 30 company leaders, the 300 squad leaders and some necessary ladies-in-waiting and guards all come to live in the Stellar Tower.

Thus, it can be said that the Stellar Tower has lived up to its reputation as a major power comparable to the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion.

End of b7c13.

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