Book 7 Chapter 1

Book 7: Guests from all sides

B7C1: Quarrel

Qin Yu cuts through the water on his flying sword like a golden beam of light, heading straight southwest.

“Azure Dragon Palace, Blue Water Mansion, your calculations are really good, but …” his eyes flash with smartness, “I’m not so eager to seek protection for myself like you think. Since it has turned out this way, I’ll escalate the situation even more.”

If Qin Yu rides his flying sword at his top speed using the Body-Weapon Unification technique, even Di Long, the fastest among the remaining 7 majesties, will be much slower than him. He will be faster than Di Long by at least 30 to 40 percent.

However, at the moment he is unexpectedly just a bit faster than Di Long.

Of course, Qin Yu is intentionally acting this way.

The 7 furious Purple Demon aquatic dragons are rushing through the water frighteningly fast too. Now Di Long and Di Jian, the 2 most powerful of the Di brothers, can no longer wait for their brothers. They chase after Qin Yu closely ahead of the others.

Directly behind them are Di Yang, Di Xu and Di Nai. These 3 majesties have all reached the middle Dongxu stage so their speeds are about the same as each other. The last 2 Purple Demon aquatic dragons are Di Luan and Di Feng. Being at the early Dongxu stage, these 2 majesties are the weakest.

“These 7 little worms don’t give up indeed. I wonder what expressions Teng Shan and Lou Ke will have when they see the 7 little worms behind me upon my arrival in that black rock island.” With a faint smile on the corners of his mouth, Qin Yu keeps piercing extremely fast through the water.

Behind him, furious roars are heard continuously.

Both Di Tong’s death and the 8th jade sword are related to Qin Yu so how can these 7 brothers possibly let him go? What that has enraged them the most is that Qin Yu has even dared to flee with the entire Treasure Storing Palace, the most important palace of their Nine Demons Hall.

Their dragon eyes are radiating frightening lights. Their ice-cold dragon scales do not experience any water resistance and their sharp claws make undercurrents at the bottom of the ocean roar even fiercerly.

“Ha-ha, catch me if you can, you 7 little worms.”

Qin Yu’s shouts resounds through an area of several hundred li in radius. Hearing them, the Nine Demons Hall’s 7 brothers become even more furious. However, at this moment, Qin Yu’s loud laughter unexpectedly goes straight upwards. In just an instant, he breaks out of the water surface and flies into the sky above the ocean.

When Qin Yu sees the blue sky and white clouds, a pleasant feeling rises in his heart. It has been a long time since he last surfaced.

“Don’t even think about escaping, Qin Yu!”

A rumbling voice is heard.

“Oh, these Purple Demon aquatic dragons can even talk human after switching to their true forms?” Qin Yu is very surprised by this because, to his knowledge, animals’ throats are not suitable for speaking human languages. How can these Purple Demon aquatic dragons still talk human?

Qin Yu does not know at all that the underwater Xiuyao world has a special technique called ventriloquism, which is performed using demonic elemental energy. This technique has no relation to a user’s power level but it is a highly skilled technique, and very few Xiuyaoists have been able to master it.

Splash ~~

In the blink of an eye, waves rise several tens meters and 2 huge Purple Demon aquatic dragons which are as thick as large water tanks and over 100 m long each break out of the water almost simultaneously. The dragons glare at Qin Yu, their wide opened eyes full of rage and killing intent.

Covered in drops of water, the purple dragon scales glitter under the sunlight.

Aquatic dragons coming out of the ocean is really a spectacular sight.

Qin Yu flies straight southwest like a golden meteor. The 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons chase closely after him nonstop while letting out series after series of furious roars.

After coming out of the ocean, the aquatic dragons have slowed down a little whereas flying in the air is even more suitable for Qin Yu. However, he wants to lead them to that black rock island so he does not try to pull away from them at all.


The Jinshan Island is an ordinary island of the overseas Xiuzhen world. This island is not very large, being only 1000 li in both length and width. There is only one school on the island, Jinshan school. It is also because of the Jinshan school that the island is called Jinshan Island.

At the moment, several tens disciples of the Jinshan school are flying over the islands on their flying swords.

“Martial younger brother, you’re riding your flying sword for the 1st time so you must be a bit careful not to fly too high.” A powerful-built man tells a green-clad young man with fine delicate features like those of a girl.

“Yes, martial brother.” The green-clad young man suppresses the excitement in his heart with effort then controls his flying sword to rise.

He staggers from side to side, not daring to fly fast at all, nor daring to fly high. That martial brother watches him on one side and constantly reminds him about the knacks of flying. In just a while, the green-clad young man can already move somewhat more smoothly.

All of a sudden --


A golden meteor shoots past the Jinshan Island through the sky directly above it, causing strong winds that bend the trees on the island.


Blasted by the strong winds, the green-clad young man immediately utters a frightened cry. His body bends towards one side and is about to fall down. But he reacts very fast and controls his flying sword again right away. He finally manages to restore balance. However, at this moment …

“Roar roar ~~~”

Dragon roars continuously resound through the sky of the Jinshan Island, making the faces of all of the island’s Xiuzhenists change color greatly. Two over 100 m long Purple Demon aquatic dragons then fly past the island through its airspace, chasing after that golden meteor directly. After a while, 3 other Purple Demon aquatic dragons and then 2 others also flash by the island.

Seeing 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons fly through their sky in quick succession, all of the Xiuxianists on the Jinshan Island are so scared that they go pale. By now the headmaster of the Jinshan school has come out. He looks at that golden meteor and those 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons in the distance with his eyes full of horror.

“Headmaster brother, aren’t they …?” An old man beside him is also shocked.

The headmaster says with a solemn expression: “Yes, they are Purple Demon aquatic dragons. In the underwater Xiuyao world, only the 9 experts of the Nine Demons Hall are Purple Demon aquatic dragons. All of them have reached the Dongxu stage and are very powerful. Perhaps not even Kongming stage experts could do anything to them.”

“7 experts of the Nine Demons Hall have come out to chase that golden meteor together. Who is that fellow Xiuxianist?” The headmaster talks to himself.

The Nine Demons Hall is a powerhouse comparable to the Penglai Immortal Region whereas his Jinshan school’s no. 1 expert has only reached the late Yuanying stage so the Nine Demons Hall is on a totally different level from that of his school. Late Dongxu stage Di Jian and Di Long can definitely match early Kongming stage Xiuxianists in power.

“Stop watching, everybody. Those super experts’ power is already beyond your imagination. All of you should calm down and train hard.”

The Jinshan school’s headmaster shouts to his disciples.

Compared to those kinds of experts, common schools like this Jinshan school basically mean nothing.


While flying, Qin Yu has to endure the acute pains in the shoulder whose flesh and most bones were destroyed by Di Nai’s punch. The pains are really piercing but he still has a faint indifferent smile on his face even though the corners of his eyes are slightly trembling.

After flying for more than a half day, Qin Yu eventually sees a black rock island in the distance. Now there are only a few vague scars left on his injured shoulder.

Grim Teng Shan is standing on a submerged rock, his blood-red robe flapping in the wind. As soon as he sees Qin Yu flying towards him like a golden meteor, he gives a faint smile. Standing beside him, Lou Ke also watches Qin Yu coming in the distance.

“Brother Qin Yu.”

Teng Shan says loudly.

“Lord Teng, Lord Lou, I was injured by these 7 little worms. I hope the 2 of you save me.” Qin Yu shouts while holding his injured shoulder. At the same time, he flies in the black rock island and stands behind Teng Shan and Lou Ke.

He then immediately takes out a transmitter: “Fei Fei, I’m on a surface island over 200,000 li to the southwest of the Nine Demons Hall. The island is full of black rocks. Quickly come here.”

“Kaka, I’ll be there very soon!”

After sending a message to Hou Fei, Qin Yu casually waits to see how Teng Shan and Lou Ke are going to handle the 7 furious majesties of the Nine Demons Hall.

Seeing the 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons arrive in quick succession, Teng Shan and Lou Ke cannot help giving a faint forced smile.

“Stop.” Both of them say at the same time.

Teng Shan represents the Azure Dragon Palace and Lou Ke represents the Blue Water Mansion so after they said that, not even Di Long dares to act as if he did not hear them. After all, in terms of overall power, the Nine Demons Hall is still slightly inferior to the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion.

With a flash of light, the 7 aquatic dragons instantly transform into 7 purple-robed men. The man in the front is none other than Di Long.

“Teng Shan, Lou Ke, what do you mean?” Di Long shouts furiously at Teng Shan and Lou Ke without delay. The faces of his 6 brothers behind him are also full of anger. Now they want to capture Qin Yu at any cost, but Teng Shan and Lou Ke are unexpectedly obstructing them.

Teng Shan gives a cough and says: “There’s no need to be angry, Di Long. There seems to be no bitter feud between Qin Yu and your Nine Demons Hall, right? Di Tong’s death doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Qin Yu either. So, why don’t you make a little concession to my Azure Dragon Palace by letting Qin Yu go this time, majesty Di Long?”

Lou Ke also says: “Di Long, my Blue Water Mansion …”

“Shut up!”

Di Long suddenly shouts with fury. His facial muscles are trembling and his eyes are radiating coldness. It is obvious that he is extremely furious: “No feud? What do you know? He already stole even my Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace!”

“Treasure Storing Palace?! What did you say?! It can’t be Treasure Storing Palace!!!” Even Lou Ke’s face changes color.

Regarding the Nine Demons Hall, the only thing it has that the other 4 superpowers of the overseas Xiuzhen world are envious of is this Treasure Storing Palace.

“You must be joking, majesty Di Long. Everybody knows how big that Treasure Storing Palace is. If you say he took it with a spatial ring, as far as I know, the overseas Xiuzhen world seems to have never seen a spatial ring with enough space to contain it. If you say he took it with his hands, you can see he came here empty-handed, let alone the fact that he doesn’t have the required terrifying strength to have done so,” says Teng Shan.

Di Jian says in an ice-cold voice: “If you don’t believe us, you can ask Qin Yu himself if he stole our Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace.”


Lou Ke says that this is impossible but he still looks back at Qin Yu. “Just tell me everything, brother Qin Yu. There’s no need to fear the Nine Demons Hall’s slanders. My Blue Water Mansion and the Azure Dragon Palace will support you,” says Lou Ke very heroically.

A faint embarrassed smile appears on Qin Yu’s face.

Teng Shan says in disbelief: “Impossible … Have you really got a spatial ring that can contain Treasure Storing Palace?”

Di Long, Di Jian and the other 5 Di brothers all look coldly at Qin Yu.

“It’s … true. I took their Treasure Storing Palace.” Qin Yu eventually admits.

Both Teng Shan and Lou Ke look at him with popping eyes. Some guardians of the Azure Dragon Palace behind Teng Shan and some guardians of the Blue Water Mansion behind Lou Ke all look at him with fright as well.

Snatching the Nine Demons Hall’s Treasure Storing Palace!

This act alone can be called a miracle and is enough to spread Qin Yu’s name throughout the entire overseas Xiuzhen world.

“Di Long!”

Qin Yu suddenly looks at Di Long with a totally furious expression, shouting: “You said I had stolen your Treasure Storing Palace. I admit this. But let me ask you something. You were preparing to have that guardian Terror Jellyfish absorb me and take my memories, right? Do you dare to speak the truth?!”

Di Long frowns but still says firmly: “Yes, I admit this.”

Qin Yu’s facial expression is ice-cold and filled with killing intent: “Humph, you wanted to kill me and even to take my memories. If not for my excellent escaping skill, I would’ve probably been dead by now. I spent almost a year following 3 majesties from the Blood-red Cave to the Nine Demons Hall and on the way I never tried to run away. I was so loyal to you but how did you treat me? You wanted to kill me! Compared to that intention of yours, my stealing Treasure Storing Palace doesn’t mean anything.”

Qin Yu is extremely furious: “Treasure Storing Palace is valuable, but it’s just an external thing. It can’t compare to a life. Since you wanted to kill me, it’s justifiable I took your Treasure Storing Palace, right?”

“Who do you think you are?” Di Long looks disdainfully at Qin Yu. “You’re merely the Blood-red Cave’s master. You should’ve felt greatly honored that I wanted to kill you. But not only weren’t you grateful, you even stole my Treasure Storing Palace. You dug your own grave by doing this.”

Qin Yu looks at Di Long and shakes his head: “Majesty Di Long, at first I thought you could also be considered a hero, but now it looks like you’re just a schmo. Since you’ve got no respect for me at all like that, why should I keep respecting you?”

With eyes that look like stars in a winter night, he gives Di Long a stare, saying: “Di Long, in fact, given my master’s status, it’s a great honor to you that I took your Treasure Storing Palace. But not only didn’t you thank me, you even tried to hunt me down. You also dug your own grave.”

A moment ago Di Long said that Qin Yu should feel honored to be killed by him so now Qin Yu hits back by saying almost the same thing, showing no signs of concession. This makes the 7 majesties so angry that their bodies tremble and their faces turn purple.

“All of you listen. From now on, the Blood-red Cave won’t take orders from the Nine Demons Hall anymore. The Nine Demons Hall is yours and the Blood-red Cave is mine. We no longer have anything to do with each other. If you still try to order me around, I’ll make you pay!”

Qin Yu says with a cold laugh.

Then he looks at Teng Shan and Lou Ke, saying: “Lord Teng Shan, Lord Lou Ke, if the 2 of you fight off these 7 little worms, I’ll not only be grateful to you, I’ll also tell you everything I know about the 8th jade sword and even give you Treasure Storing Palace!”

Teng Shan’s and Lou Ke’s eyes glitter. To them, Treasure Storing Palace is even more attractive than the 8th jade sword.

Qin Yu immediately looks at the 7 aquatic dragons and says indignantly: “Anyone needs respect. I can give up Treasure Storing Palace, but I won’t tolerate this disrespect. You 7 little worms listen, from here on in, I, Qin Yu, shall really oppose you!”

After hearing Qin Yu’s torrent of words, Di Long is boiling with killing intent. The 7 majesties all want to tear Qin Yu to pieces right away.

“Qin Yu, prepare to die!” Di Long wants to get into action first.

Teng Shan and Lou Ke exchange a look. They both have made their decisions. Teng Shan says immediately: “Stop, majesty Di Long!” Hearing his voice, Qin Yu gives a faint smile.

End of b7c1.

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