Book 6, Chapter 7

B6C7: Psychic

The ravine is less than a million li from the Blood-red Ridge and Qin Yu has become nearly 10 times faster than before so it takes him just one day to reach the ravine. Not even those Purple Demon aquatic dragons from the Nine Demons Hall can imagine his speed.

Late Meteor stage experts can rely on their speed and concentrated offense to fight late Dongxu stage Xiuxianists. This means that late Meteor stage experts are at least superior to late Dongxu stage Xiuxianists in speed. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how fast Qin Yu is.

He rushes to the entrance of the ravine. At first sight, there is only a continuous mountain range around this place. Outsiders basically will not be able to notice that there is a ravine hidden here.

“Big brother Liu Xing. No, big brother Qin Yu.”

A purple-clad girl who appears to be in her early teens rushes out through the flora at the bottom of the ocean and shouts loudly in excitement as soon as she sees Qin Yu. He turns around to take a look and cannot help bursting out laughing: “Little Yan Zi, why did you go out of the ravine?”

“It was boring inside so I went out for a stroll.” Yan Zi opens her little mouth wide and says. The purple fish scale between her eyebrows is shining. Her purple hair, which is long enough to reach her hips, is flowing freely.

Yan Zi suddenly says with brightening eyes: “Let’s go, brother Qin Yu. Go with me into the ravine. Sis Li’er will definitely be very happy once she knows that you’ve returned. Quick, don’t be sluggish.” As she is saying this, she holds Qin Yu’s hand and pulls him while rushing at a precipice.

Before Qin Yu and Yan Zi smash into the precipice, they disappear.

After entering the ravine, when Qin Yu sees those familiar plants and scenes, his eyes cannot help brightening. In the past, he stayed in this ravine for 3 years. Now, having returned to the ravine, he feels as if he has broken away from the bloodshed outside and his mental tranquility has been restored.

“Ting ~~”

A sound of a zither string is heard and then the music he is familiar with rises. Qin Yu stands outside the bamboo house and closes his eyes to listen to it quietly. There is a faint smile on the corners of his mouth all along. When he is listening to the music, time seems to pass very quickly.

When the music stops, Qin Yu opens his eyes.

Only now does he notice that Yan Zi has already gone into the bamboo house. After a while, some Xiuyaoists gather. All of them live in the ravine. They and Qin Yu are also very familiar with each other. Every one of them greets him.

“Big brother Liu Xing! Oh, right, it’s big brother Qin Yu.” The fat Xiuyaoist with a black turtle’s shell on his back shouts in excitement.

Qin Yu says with a smile when he sees him: “So it’s you, Fatty. There are also Thinny and Silver Shell here. Fei Fei hasn’t been here for a while so, without anyone beating you, your time must have passed very comfortably, right?” He looks smilingly at the Xiuyaoists before him.

The fat Xiuyaoist with the black turtle shell shakes his head a couple of times and says complacently: “Of course it’s been comfortable. Now I can sleep for 3 days and nights without being disturbed by anyone. When I’ve got nothing to do, I can play chess with Thinny and the others. The game of Go Uncle Lan taught us is really interesting.”

“It’s just that …” he frowns, “sometimes I still rather miss boss Hou.”

Silver Shell, who is carrying 2 daggers, is pondering. It seems he rather misses Hou Fei too.

“Oh my, you really haven’t got beaten enough.” Qin Yu jokes. “All right, you guys keep playing. I’ve still got something to discuss with Uncle Lan.” He says goodbyes to these few Xiuyaoists then goes straight into the bamboo house.

After entering the house, he sees at a glance that Uncle Lan is quietly enjoying tea in the courtyard.

“Come here, Qin Yu.” He slightly raises his head and says smilingly.

Qin Yu nods and walks up to Uncle Lan just like when he was in this bamboo house before. After Qin Yu sits down, Uncle Lan turns his hand over and a teacup appears. He fills it for Qin Yu, who sniffs the scent of the tea carefully.

“Uncle Lan, this is your Hundred-Leafed tea, right?” When he was here before, he already drank this Hundred-Leafed tea a good few times.

“Looks like you still remember.” Uncle Lan says smilingly. “All right, Qin Yu, say, why have you come to find your Uncle Lan? Don’t tell me that you’ve come to drink tea with me. I think if you say you’ve come to see Li’er, that’s still somewhat believable.” He jokes.

After Li’er’s name was mentioned, Qin Yu turns his head and looks at her room. He cannot help concentrating his energy in his ears to listen to the conversation between Miss Li’er and Yan Zi in the room.

“Yan Zi, what flower is this? Where did you get it? It’s very beautiful. Why didn’t I see it when I went out?” Miss Li’er’s voice rises.

“He-he, there’s an island not far from here on the ocean surface. I went up there to pluck it. There’re still many flowers there, but this kind of flower only lives on land and can’t grow in the ocean. I had to put it in my storage bracelet to bring it down here.”

“What are you listening, brat?” Uncle Lan’s voice suddenly rises in his ears.

“Ah.” Qin Yu wakes up with a start and looks at Uncle Lan, who seems to be smiling without smiling. “This, ah, right, Uncle Lan, just now you asked why I’d come back here, didn’t you? I’ve returned because of an important matter indeed and I need your help with it.”

Uncle Lan says with dissatisfaction: “Don’t change the subject.”

Qin Yu can only smile and act the fool.

“I can guess what you want me to do. You courted trouble outside and the enemies are too strong for you to be confident of handling them so you want me to help you, right?” Uncle Lan looks at Qin Yu and says smilingly.

Qin Yu suddenly feels that the look Uncle Lan is giving him seems to be able to see through his mind.

“Expert! He’s really an expert.” Qin Yu marvels inwardly.

There is no point in lying so he says sincerely: “I asked for trouble by killing a Purple Demon aquatic dragon. But there’s no danger for the moment because the enemies still don’t know that I’m the killer. I’ve come to ask for your help just in case they find out the truth. You also know Fei Fei’s temper. If a real fight happens, he won’t be able to restrain himself. You don’t want to see Fei Fei and me get beaten to death by our enemies, do you?”

“Killing a Purple Demon aquatic dragon? No, this is not the source of trouble.” Uncle Lan’s sagacious eyes stare at Qin Yu: “The source of your troubles is that jade sword. But it can also be a blessing to you.”

Qin Yu is dumbfounded.

“Uncle Lan, you …”

He is stupefied. Could it be Uncle Lan is psychic? He has only told Xiao Hei and Hou Fei that he obtained that jade sword. Moreover, neither of them has told Uncle Lan about it, so how was Uncle Lan able to know about it? This is really a bit too frightening.

“You think you can fool me with so little cunning? That jade sword is troublesome, but you’re qualified to have it.” Uncle Lan says after pondering for a while.

Qin Yu listens to him carefully.

The more he communicates with Uncle Lan, the more he finds Uncle Lan unfathomable. At the same time, he feels that Uncle Lan treats him really very well. He also believes that everything Uncle Lan says and does is for the benefit of him.

“Mister Liu Xing, oh, Mister Qin Yu, you have returned?” Miss Li’er walks out from her room. She is clad in blue and her long hair is tied up with just a hairband. Yan Zi is beside her. Obviously Miss Li’er is very happy upon seeing Qin Yu.

They have been apart for a long time so when Qin Yu sees her again, his eyes brighten. He says immediately: “Miss Li’er, I’ve returned this time because I got some matters to discuss with Uncle Lan.”

As Uncle Lan sees Qin Yu’s current expression, his facial expression changes several times. His eyes also slightly redden. Now Miss Li’er also notices the changes in his expression. Despite being a calm and natural person, she becomes anxious and hurriedly says: “Is something the matter, Uncle Lan?”

Unlike outsiders, she knows what happened to him before.

Qin Yu also looks at Uncle Lan in amazement. During his 3-year stay in this bamboo house before, Uncle Lan once had this expression in a talk between them too. In those 3 years, he only saw it once.

“Qin Yu, I’ll give you an advice.” After regaining his composure, Uncle Lan says coolly to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu looks at him.

Uncle Lan says firmly while looking at Qin Yu: “You have to be true to your feelings no matter what happens later. To survive in this world, you’ll have to restrain yourself on many occasions, but if you restrain yourself too much, something that makes you feel regretful for the rest of your life can happen. Remember … sometimes, you have to be true to yourself even if you’ll die from this.”

“Uncle Lan.” Miss Li’er looks at him and exclaims.

Uncle Lan says with a wave of his hand: “Li’er, you and Qin Yu can keep chatting. There’s no need to care about me.” After saying this, he reaches out a hand. A stone immediately flies into his hand. It then radiates many purple rays of light, blue rays of light and green rays of light.

In a moment, the stone is turned into a transmitter.

“Qin Yu, I know why you’ve come to find me this time. If you’re in danger, just send a message into this transmitter with your holy sense and I’ll know immediately.” Uncle Lan tosses Qin Yu the transmitter that he has just forged instantly.

Qin Yu feels very doubtful.

If it is about messaging each other then why can he not use his own transmitter to send messages to Uncle Lan’s? Why did Uncle Lan specifically create a transmitter for him and say that he, Uncle Lan, will know as soon as he sends a message into it with his holy sense?

When he receives this transmitter, he feels that it is special and different from anything he has seen, that is, it does not give off any energy.

“Uncle Lan.” Qin Yu raises his head, but he discovers that Uncle Lan has already left the courtyard and gone back to his room.

Miss Li’er looks solemnly at Qin Yu, saying: “Qin Yu, since Uncle Lan already gave you even this, you must remember his advice just now. Don’t forget it.” Afterwards, she lets out a sigh. No one knows what she is thinking about.

Qin Yu is very doubtful in his heart.

But he still commits that advice to memory.

“You just called me Qin Yu, Miss Li’er. It’s really rare for you to do this. You seem to have always called me Mister Liu Xing or Mister Qin Yu before.” Qin Yu says smilingly.

Li’er shakes her head and says with a smile: “Qin Yu, actually I’ve always felt that there’s a lack of mutual understanding between the other Xiuzhenists and myself. It seems we don’t belong to the same world. So, I’ve mostly stayed at a respectful distance from them. All right, from now on don’t call me Miss Li’er anymore. It’s okay to just call me Li’er.”

Qin Yu’s heart trembles.

What Li’er said means that she no longer notices any barriers between them, does it not?

“Li’er, I’ve called you so, are you happy?” Qin Yu does not reveal what he is thinking one bit.

Miss Li’er gives a smile then looks at Uncle Lan’s room: “Qin Yu, do you know that in my clan, Uncle Lan is absolutely one who overflows with genius? His power has reached … Oh, why am I talking with you about this? Right, are you going to leave immediately after discussing your matters with him?”

“There’s no hurry. I’m going to stay here for several months.” Qin Yu has calculated carefully that even if the Nine Demons Hall’s members set off as soon as Di Tong died, perhaps they would need a year to arrive at the Blood-red Cave.

Miss Li’er is slightly happy to hear this.

“Qin Yu, I’m leaving first. See you later.”

Qin Yu nods and smilingly watches her go back to her room. He feels that the changes in Uncle Lan just now have caused Miss Li’er to change her attitude towards him.

“Li’er and Uncle Lan have usually mentioned their clan, what clan is it actually?” He ponders for a long time but cannot figure out anything. However, his current mood is not bad because he feels that he seems to have become a bit closer to Miss Li’er.


Among the 8 caves under the Nine Demons Hall, the Great Shell Cave is adjacent to the Blood-red Cave.

The name of the Great Shell Cave’s master is Fu Hao.

At the moment he is leaning back in a chair carved from a large chunk of jade. His potbelly is bulging. 2 ladies-in-waiting are massaging his shoulders and 2 others are kneading his legs. 2 other ladies-in-waiting on his 2 sides are taking turn putting some rare fruits in his mouth.

In the 8 caves, Fu Hao is the fattest and greediest. He is not very strong and is weaker than Cha Hong. He has only reached the late Yuanying stage, but his cave master throne is as stable as a mountain.

“Alright, all of you can leave.”

Fu Hao’s eunuch-like high-pitched voice rises. The 6 ladies-in-waiting immediately bow and leave his place. Fu Hao himself begins to ponder while stroking his soft white chin and frowning deeply.

He is fat, but his skin is white and smooth and his eyes are lively like children’s.

“Judging from the information from both sides, 8th majesty is really dead. Now that 2nd majesty, 6th majesty and 7th majesty are rushing to the Blood-red Cave, 8th majesty’s death should have something to do with the Blood-red Cave. Given 8th majesty’s status, why did he approach the Blood-red Cave, which is near the Qian Long continent?”

Fu Hao considers carefully for a while.

“Could it be because of some treasure?” Even if he were smarter, he would not figure out the true reason, because he knows nothing about the existence of the 9 Swords.

Suddenly --

“Fu Hao.” A red light beam flashes and a silhouette appears in front of Fu Hao.

The arriver is very thin and straight like a pole and is dressed in a blood-red robe. His facial expression is ice-cold and grim. With his face, even if he smiles, he will still give a grim feeling.

As soon as Fu Hao sees this man, his eyes brighten. He bows and says with a big smile on his face: “Greetings, Lord Teng (*). May I ask why you have come to my place? I’ll definitely tell you everything I know.” His pleasant smile coupled with his white and smooth fat face makes him look really loveable.

“3 majesties of the Nine Demons Hall should’ve messaged you, am I wrong?” This Lord Teng says smilingly.

Despite his smile, his eyes are ice-cold like 2 stars in a winter night.


(*): Lord Teng and Teng Bi have the same surname in Chinese.

End of b6c7.

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