Book 6 Chapter 16

B6C16: All in one go

At guardian Terror Jellyfish’s place,

Di Yang goes to the outside of guardian Terror Jellyfish’s place then immediately says via holy sense communication: “Guardian Terror Jellyfish, I’m 3rd majesty. Quickly come out and go with me to the main hall. My big brother got something important for you to do.”

In just a while, a lanky man walks out.

This man is none other than guardian Terror Jellyfish. There are blue and yellow markings on his face. Seeing Di Yang, he salutes at once: “3rd majesty.”

“Follow me.”

Di Yang and guardian Terror Jellyfish immediately go to the main hall together. However, a guard on one side of the guardian’s dwelling place suddenly takes out a transmitter and sends a message.


On the vast surface of the ocean, there is a certain island that is several thousand li in both length and width. This island is full of black rocks and has very little vegetation so there is no Xiuxian school here.

Teng Shan and Lou Ke are standing side by side on this island.

Suddenly, Lou Ke takes out a transmitter and makes a sweep with his holy sense. He then says smilingly to Teng Shan: “Teng Shan, just as I expected, the Nine Demons Hall wants that terror jellyfish to get into action and absorb Qin Yu directly to obtain his memories.”

Teng Shan says with a nod: “I know this. My subordinate already messaged me. Qin Yu is being locked up in the Kan 1 cell.”

“Kan 1? It’s such an important prison cell. My subordinate isn’t the warder of this cell.” Lou Ke says with a shake of his head. Teng Shan, however, says smilingly: “Your subordinate isn’t, neither is mine, but … my subordinate is the warder of Kan 2.”

Teng Shan immediately takes out a transmitter and sends a message.


Outside the Kan 1 cell in Universal Palace,

“Brother Wang.”

Kan 2’s warder calls Kan 1’s warder.

“Keeping guard here every day is really boring. What is it in your hand, brother Yan?” Wang Huai’s eyes brighten as he sees a crystal in Yan Ze’s hand. He knows at a glance that this is a high-grade crystal.

Yan Ze says proudly: “What do you think, brother Wang? This crystal of mine is not bad, right? I’m going to ask someone to forge it into a high-grade holy weapon for me.”

Wang Huai says enviously: “Oh my, high-grade crystal! Now I only have a middle-grade holy weapon. When will I ever … you …”

“Shut up or I’ll take your little life.”

Yan Ze has already thrust a short sword into the flesh on Wang Huai’s chest. He exerted his strength very precisely and pierced into the flesh only without damaging the heart. However, if Yan Ze makes his short sword go a little deeper, Wang Huai, who has only reached the late Jindan stage, will definitely be killed.

“What do you want, brother Yan?” Wang Huai says in terror via his holy sense.

Because Yan Ze’s short sword has pierced into his flesh, he basically has no way to resist. After all, a protective layer of demonic elemental energy is usually formed outside the body so stopping a weapon when it has entered the body is difficult. Moreover, Wang Huai knows that Yan Ze is not weaker than he is.

“Nothing, just open the door of your cell.”

Because his life is on the line, Wang Huai performs the technique for opening the door of his cell. This door is a slide door so it goes into the wall as that technique is executed.


Qin Yu, who is sitting with legs crossed in his cell, sees through the window 2 warders unexpectedly approaching him. Suddenly, the warder named Wang Huai makes a sign with his hands, opening the door of the cell.

“Sir Qin Yu, my boss is vice overlord Teng Shan of the Azure Dragon Palace. He ordered me to save you. After getting out of this Universal Palace, if you go straight to the ocean surface then fly southwest about more than 200,000 li, you’ll see a black rock island. My boss and Lord Lou of the Blue Water Mansion are on that island so the Nine Demons Hall definitely won’t be able to harm you.”

Yan Ze’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication at just about the same time as when the door is opened.

“More than 200,000 li? Azure Dragon Palace? Blue Water Mansion?”

Qin Yu gives a smile and immediately goes out of the prison cell like a golden beam of light. He disappears from Universal Palace instantly at a fast speed. Both Yan Ze and Wang Huai cannot see his body clearly. Yan Ze then pierces Wang Huai’s heart in the blink of an eye.

Wang Huai dies with his eyes wide opened in disbelief.

The Kan direction has 8 prison cells but there are only 3 warders here with their respective cells being Kan 1, Kan 2 and Kan 3. After all, it will be a waste of resources to give every cell a warder. Having a warder at each of the 3 most important cells is enough.

The 3 warders all know the techniques for opening the other 5 cells.

Seeing Kan 1’s door open and Yan Ze looking at him coldly, the warder of Kan 3 says very cleverly: “Big brother Yan, I’m no match for you. I definitely won’t tell anyone about this. Please spare me.”

As that warder is talking, a transmitter appears in the hand put behind his back.

Yan Ze nods his head smilingly, but he makes a wave of his sleeve all of a sudden. A green light which looks like a fishing net covers that warder instantly. That warder’s body turns into a thick liquid as soon as this happens and then vaporizes.

“It’s time I left too. Otherwise, enraged by this, those majesties will surely kill me.”

But Qin Yu does not flee immediately. Given his power, basically nobody other than some of the majesties can detect him. And he is even totally confident that he will not lose to Di Jian and Di Long in speed.

“There’s no hurry. Isn’t their Treasure Storing Palace highly valuable?”

He quietly heads for Treasure Storing Palace. His Lei Mountain House has a weapon-forging chamber as well as a pill-making chamber, but he has never used the latter because he has never had enough materials. After all, pill making requires very many materials.

In just a while, he arrives at a corner of Treasure Storing Palace.

This palace is huge, being 1 to 2 km in both length and width, but he looks at it very confidently because he has the Menghuan ring Lei Wei left behind, which is even superior to this Xiuzhen world’s so-called no. 1 spatial ring.

The storage compartment of the spatial ring he obtained after killing Di Tong is only 100 to 200 m in both length and width. And, at least, a spatial ring with enough space for such a huge thing as this Treasure Storing Palace has never been seen in the overseas Xiuzhen world.

“You majesties take your time chatting in the main hall. I’ll take Treasure Storing Palace away first.”

Qin Yu grabs a wall of this Treasure Storing Palace with a hand and immediately gives it a thought, however --

A light suddenly flashes around the palace.

His face changes color at once: “No good. This palace is supported by an 8 Diagrams Formation under it. How can I take this palace under the suppression of this formation?” He immediately expands his holy sense energy until it enfolds the whole Treasure Storing Palace.

This palace is built according to the 8 diagrams and its foundations are also an 8 Diagrams Formation.


In the main hall, the 7 majesties have just summoned guardian Terror Jellyfish.

“There’s no need to worry, guardian Terror Jellyfish. We’ll restrain that Qin Yu fella directly. All you’ll need to do is absorb him right away. But you’ll have to obtain all of his memories.” Great majesty Di Long entrusts the task to guardian Terror Jellyfish.

The guardian immediately takes the order: “I …”

“This is bad. Someone is destroying the Nine Demons Hall’s foundations!” Di Long’s faces changes color. He makes a sweep with his holy sense at once then shouts: “Someone is destroying the 8 Diagrams Formation at Treasure Storing Palace. Quickly follow me to that place, brothers.” When he finishes, he has already rushed out of the main hall.

The other 6 majesties, Di Yang, Di Xu, Di Feng, Di Jian, Di Luan and Di Nai, also rush to Treasure Storing Palace right after him.

This palace is the most important among the Nine Demons Hall’s 12 palaces. If any other palace is lost, they can rebuild it. But Treasure Storing Palace is valuable because of the pills and rare herbs inside it, and not because of its structure. The Nine Demons Hall had to steal from many and search its 90 million li radius territory nonstop for more than 1000 years to amass those pills and rare herbs.



Holding the Flaming Sword, Qin Yu executes a fierce stab down on the Kan position of the formation. A green light flashes as his sword breaks the restrictive spell and pierces through the stone pillar of the formation base at this place. The Kan position has been destroyed.

His body then moves extremely fast to the Li position like a golden beam of light.

After channeling his entire golden stellar energy into the top-grade holy weapon Flaming Sword, he breaks the protective spell at this position and destroys the stone pillar underneath it with a sword strike. He then rushes to the next position, Dui.

“The strange changes at this Treasure Storing Palace must’ve caught those majesties’ attention. I must speed up.”

Qin Yu has reached his maximum speed. Even though he is fast, the 7 majesties are not slow either because they are worrying about the safety of Treasure Storing Palace. Right after he destroys the 4th position in the formation base, they arrive at this palace.

“Stop him!”

Di Long orders even though he does not know why the opponent is destroying the foundations-stabilizing 8 Diagrams Formation. In his opinion, such a huge thing as Treasure Storing Palace definitely cannot be sucked into a spatial ring. But the enemy must be doing this for some reason.

Therefore, what Di Long has to do now is stop the enemy.

Di Yang, Di Xu, Di Feng, Di Jian, Di Luan and Di Nai immediately charge at that golden beam of light like 6 beams of light. The 6 of them want to surround Qin Yu. However, Qin Yu flashes by Di Yang easily with a shake of his body then destroys the Xun position directly with a sword strike.

“So it’s you, Qin Yu!”

Di Long quickly sees Qin Yu’s appearance and becomes furious. He does not understand how Qin Yu, who should have been locked up in the Kan 1 prison cell, can be here at the moment and is even destroying the foundations-stabilizing 8 Diagrams Formation. It is useless for him to think much so he charges straight at Qin Yu.

“Humph, stop me? My power is weaker than yours, but my speed and body-maneuvering skill …”

A faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth. With an easy shake of his body, he flashes past Di Long on one side, leaving Di Long with a face full of disbelief. Then, using another sword strike, he destroys the Qian position. By now he has destroyed 6 positions in the formation base.

“I never thought he was so fast!”

Di Long finally understands why, according to the information he received, when Qin Yu killed the old turtle Qingxuan, Qingxuan was unable to block the only sword strike executed by Qin Yu. Judging from what happened just now, Qin Yu’s speed is even faster than his quite a lot.

“Ha-ha, want to stop me? Dream on!”

Qin Yu destroys the Kun position with yet another sword strike. His strange body-maneuvering skill and frightening speed make the majesties surrounding him extremely furious. Suddenly --

9th majesty Di Nai stands on the last position, Gen, and says with loud laughs: “Big brother, if we stand at this position, eventually he’ll have to face us head-on no matter how profound his body-maneuvering skill is and how fast he is.”

Happy expressions appear on the other majesties’ faces. Qin Yu, however, stops his body-maneuvering skill.

“9th majesty is really smart. But --“

From not moving, he reaches his top speed in the blink of an eye. His terrifying speed even causes a sonic boom. Holding the Flaming Sword, he flashes by a majesty then resolutely makes a slash at 9th majesty Di Nai.

Di Nai is at the middle Dongxu stage so he can be a match for Qin Yu in a real fight. However, he is using his human form instead of his true form.


Di Nai’s battle knife and Qin Yu’s short sword clash with each other directly. Right afterwards, Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword unexpectedly comes off his hand and falls down. Qin Yu, however, throws a punch at Di Nai. At the moment he is wearing the Flaming Gloves, which have been fully charged with his golden stellar energy.

Fighting with the fists?

As a demonic beast with a strong body, Di Nai certainly likes this.


Di Nai suddenly shouts and smashes his right fist into Qin Yu’s fist. But he immediately feels an acute pain in his right hand. He hurriedly backs off and cannot help secretly being amazed by Qin Yu’s punch. At this moment, according to Qin Yu’s mental control, the Flaming Sword thrusts down at the floor.


A flying sword unexpectedly blocks his Flaming Sword.

Di Long is charging at him from the distance. The other 6 majesties are also charging at him. Having no time to think much, Qin Yu controls the Flaming Sword to block Di Long’s then smashes a punch down on the stone pillar below him.

Di Nai, who is nearest him, also throws a punch at his head.

If Qin Yu shatters the stone pillar, his head will be smashed by Di Nai.


Qin Yu clenches his teeth then suddenly ducks down towards the floor and twists his whole body at the same time. Di Nai’s punch hits his shoulder heavily, smashing its bones and bloodying it. But Qin Yu’s other hand has shattered the stone pillar.

Kan, Li, Dui, Zhen, Xun, Qian, Kun and Gen, the 8 vital places in the formation base have been destroyed.

The bones in one of Qin Yu’s shoulders have been exposed completely. He can feel continual acute pains coming from this shoulder but he tries to endure them. With a shake of his body, he evades 3 majesties in quick succession then touches Treasure Storing Palace.

“Come in!”

Qin Yu suddenly shouts.

As if he is cleaving a mountain, and also as if he wants to release all of the pains in his shoulder by shouting, his shout resounds through the entire Nine Demons Hall. Concurrently with this, there is a shock wave as that huge Treasure Storing Palace disappears instantly.

The Di brothers, who originally could still see a glimmer of hope, now can only see a large vacant area of land where, just moments ago, their precious Treasure Storing Palace was. Now they finally know that Qin Yu has a spatial ring that can store Treasure Storing Palace.

“Ha-ha, catch me if you can, you 7 little worms.”

Qin Yu’s loud laughter resounds through the Nine Demons Hall. At the same time, he rushes towards the black rock island that the Azure Dragon Palace and the Blue Water Mansion have prepared for him on the Flaming Sword at his fastest speed.

“Pursue! Pursue! Pursue!”

An extremely furious Di Long shouts like crazy. The other 6 majesties also turn their faces upwards and roar. The 7 majesties then turn into 7 Purple Demon aquatic dragons which are 100 m long each. With a swing of their tails, they chase after Qin Yu like lightning.

End of b6c16.

End of book 6.

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