Book 6 Chapter 11

B6C11: Go with us!

In the main hall, guardian Ba Jian has been blown to bits and his blood has splattered over a large area. The whole main hall looks so chillingly bloody, and on the raised platform, Di Jian, Di Luan and Di Qing are like 3 cold-blooded demons.

“Just like a moment ago, now we’re going to question the 50 squad leaders and the remaining 7 guardians. I hope you won’t lie, or else … you can’t blame us.” Di Luan says smilingly but his smile terrifies those squad leaders and guardians.

9 of the 16 guardians have been interrogated. The remaining 7 guardians and 50 squad leaders are obviously very nervous, to the point where they cannot conceal the terror in their eyes. They are even more frightened when they see Ba Jian’s flesh fragments and blood.

“From left to right, from the front to the back, you, come first!”

Di Luan says while pointing at a large bald man, who is a guardian. That large bald man is one of the Blood-red Cave’s new guardians. He is normally very violent and bold and in fact is a boor, but now his facial muscles are slightly trembling.

With an unpleasant forced smile, the large bald man goes forwards.

After that, Di Luan talks to him through holy sense communication. Nobody knows what Di Luan asks him and what his answers are. This terrifies the ones who are soon to be interrogated below him even more.

“You, come up.”

Di Qing also points at a guardian, who originally was next to the large bald man, and starts questioning him.


As time passes, the guardians and squad leaders are interrogated one by one and Qin Yu frowns more and more deeply.

“Looks like these 3 Nine Demons Hall brats are in no hurry to question me about the black jade case. Instead, they keep questioning these squad leaders and guardians, who at best know nothing other than that there was a fierce battle on the underground secret floor at that time. It seems these 3 majesties consider Di Tong’s death even more important than the black jade case.”

Seeing how Di Luan and Di Qing are taking the trouble to question everyone, Qin Yu finally realizes that his conjecture is wrong.

“Perhaps my plan was wrong right from the beginning. I misjudged these 9 brothers. Their brotherhood is so deep that it surpasses the attraction of the black jade case.” Qin Yu is considering extremely fast.

At first he thought that members of the Nine Demons Hall would come here to investigate the 9 Swords matter and prepared his explanations accordingly. But now he has discovered that these 3 majesties do not pay attention to the black jade case. And naturally he has to reconsider how he should deal with them.

Suddenly, his face changes color.

“No good, if their brotherhood is stronger than the attraction of the black jade case then … even though they are only suspecting me of killing Di Tong, given their characters, they’ll definitely kill me to make sure the killer won’t escape!”

He has eventually noticed this point.

For the moment, nobody knows who killed Di Tong, but he is definitely the no. 1 suspect. With these majesties’ dispositions, they will absolutely not leave him alone.

After Qin Yu thinks for a while, the corners of his mouth slightly curve upwards.

“Fei Fei, no matter what happens later, you have to hide your power. Don’t get into action. Just leave everything to me.”

Hearing Qin Yu’s voice in his mind through holy sense communication, Hou Fei immediately has a bad feeling. He hurriedly says: “What do you want to do, big brother? Don’t be reckless. If you want to fight, we’ll fight together. We 3 still have a chance against the 3 of them.”

“Don’t worry. Did you forget that I returned to the ravine not long ago?” Qin Yu is not worried at all.

The ravine?

Hou Fei is happy at once: “Big brother, did you go back to the ravine to find Master?”

“Fei Fei, Uncle Lan agreed that if we message him when we’re in danger, he’ll definitely protect us.” As soon Qin Yu finishes, Hou Fei becomes excited: “This is very good. Since Master already said so, to hell with worries. Damn, let’s go on a killing spree first.”

Qin Yu however tells him through holy sense communication: “Fei Fei, I don’t want to bother Uncle Lan so let’s play with the Nine Demons Hall to our hearts’ content with no worries. Only if in the end the situation escalates beyond our control will we call Uncle Lan in.”

“Kaka, that’s very good. Let’s fight these 3 fellas first.” Hou Fei now does not care about consequences anymore.

Nobody knows about Uncle Lan’s power as well as he does. If his power is like a rock then Uncle Lan’s is like a sky-high mountain. The 2 of them are simply not on the same level.

“Don’t rush. This Blood-red Cave is our base. If we fight them here, given their power, it’s totally uncertain whether we’ll beat them and the Blood-red Cave will probably be destroyed. Let’s wait for a chance to fight them after they have left the cave.” Qin Yu immediately discourages him.

“All right, I’ll leave everything to you.” Hou Fei is no longer worried.

What is there to worry about when they have Master behind them?

Even if the sky fell down, Master would prop it up.

“But we best not trouble Master. It’ll be a bit of a shame if we call him in when we’re in danger.” Hou Fei suddenly says via his holy sense.

Qin Yu secretly gives a smile as he never thought someone who fears nothing like Hou Fei would have this kind of thought. He immediately says through his holy sense: “Don’t worry. With our abilities, it won’t be easy for the Nine Demons Hall to handle us.”

Having figured out that the Nine Demons Hall most likely wants to kill him, Qin Yu certainly has to change his countermeasure.

If he keep stooping to compromise and pretending to be a small fry, the opponents will have no qualms about killing him. Therefore … now he must change his status in the eyes of them and even make them afraid of killing him for the moment. After all … he has to continue to play the game nicely.

“You want to play? Then let’s play in a big way. But will your Nine Demons Hall be able to take it?”

Qin Yu looks coldly at the 3 majesties above him.

Suddenly --

“Humph, how dare you lie to me? Die!” Di Qing shouts coldly and shoots out a green beam of light with a wave of his hand.

The squad leader who is being questioned goes miserably pale in the face and cannot even make a movement to defend. Di Qing has reached the middle Dongxu stage so, even though he executes this strike casually, how can a mere late Jindan stage squad leader possibly ward it off?


There is a shock wave and the green light beam is repelled.

Qin Yu then slowly pulls back his fist. Just now, using the top grade holy weapon Flaming Gloves, he collided with the opponent’s flying sword. In terms of power, there is little difference between him and Di Qing. Therefore, when he intentionally tried to resist Di Qing’s casual attack, the result is easy to imagine.

That squad leader, who originally thought that he would die for sure, is delighted upon finding himself alive. As soon as he sees Qin Yu in front of him, he is surprised and touched.

“Thank you, cave master.” The squad leader keeps saying nonstop out of deep gratitude towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu says smilingly: “Stand to one side and let me handle this.” He then looks at the 3 majesties above him with fearless eyes.

“Qin Yu, you must have a death wish.” Di Jian, who has been keeping his eyes closed in repose, suddenly opens them and shouts. Immediately afterwards, he wants to get into action, but at this moment --

“Shut up!”

Qin Yu suddenly shouts and looks coldly at Di Jian, who becomes even more furious because his attack is interrupted by this shout.

“6th brother, don’t fight just yet.” Di Luan tells Di Jian then looks at Qin Yu and says smilingly: “Cave master Qin Yu, we Nine Demons Hall are interrogating them but you unexpectedly dared to obstruct us … Say, how do you think should you be punished for this?”

Qin Yu, however, does not care about what he said at all.

“Majesties, they are my subordinates. It’s a bit much of you 3 to kill them at will. I wonder if you have evidence to justify killing them.”

“Evidence? You don’t think they deserve to be killed for lying to us?” Di Luan says while looking at Qin Yu.

“Lying? Did they lie to you? Can you confirm this?” Qin Yu looks at the 3 majesties above him with no intention of backing off.

The guardians and guards behind him appear to be moved by his willingness to confront the 3 majesties from the Nine Demons Hall to protect them. It is rare to find a cave master who cares about his subordinates so much like him. The squad leader whose life was saved by him is even more excited.

“He lied. His answer is different from the others’, doesn’t this mean he lied? Could it be you are saying that the other guys lied and should be killed?” Di Luan says smilingly. “If cave master Qin Yu thinks so, we won’t mind killing the others instead.”

After saying so, Di Luan reaches out his hand.

“Majesties, that judgement is a bit too subjective.” Qin Yu says indifferently.

“Oh?” Di Luan looks at Qin Yu with a hint of ridicule in his eyes, waiting for Qin Yu’s answer.

“Take the marks of the fighting on that underground secret floor for example. Not all guardians and squad leaders saw those marks. Many of them only heard about the marks from others. There are also other things that only few of them personally saw. So, it’s natural that there are some differences between their answers.”

Qin Yu continues: “Moreover, even though there was only one battleground, different individuals observed it from different points of view so it’s very normal that their answers are different. Different viewpoints result in different answers. If you conclude that they lied based on this then …”

Saying to this point, he stops and looks at the 3 majesties.

Pa, pa …

Di Luan says smilingly while clapping: “Brilliant. Cave master Qin Yu is really good at sophistry.”

“Mind your language. This is not sophistry, but the truth.” Qin Yu looks at Di Luan and says. He has discovered that of the 3 majesties, the one who is talking to him is the decision maker.

“2nd brother, you first go search the Blood-red Cave to see if there are any marks from which we can figure out what happened that day.” Di Luan tells Di Qing via his holy sense.

Di Qing nods then flies out of the main hall at once.

Seeing Di Qing leave the main hall, Qin Yu says smilingly: “Majesties, we’ve been talking to each other for some time but I still don’t know exactly who you are. Why don’t you introduce yourself to me a bit?” He speaks with assurance as if he is talking to close friends.

Di Luan says with a nod: “You don’t need to know who we exactly are. You only have to call me 7th majesty and the majesty who left just now 2nd majesty. And this majesty is …”

“6th majesty, I already knew this. Just now I heard you call him 6th majesty.” Qin Yu cuts in.

Di Luan suddenly says: “Cave master Qin Yu, just now you were able to meet a strike from my 2nd brother head-on. He wasn’t using his full power but I was still surprised by this. Looks like you have reached the middle Dongxu stage, no less.”

“I don’t deserve your praise, 7th majesty.”

Qin Yu says with a slight bow. But he does not say anything else.

Di Luan did not say those words casually at all. A Purple Demon aquatic dragon at the middle Dongxu stage is superior to ordinary late Dongxu stage Xiuxianists therefore Di Qing’s casual strike was extremely powerful. Qin Yu was able to knock back that flying sword head-on so he really can match a normal middle Dongxu stage expert in power.

“When I was questioning the guardians just now, I learned of one thing. Hopefully cave master Qin Yu can explain it to me.” Di Luan still says smilingly.

“Please tell me about it, 7th majesty.”

Di Luan’s body begins to send out a little killing intent: “That day, after the other guardians had discovered Cha Hong’s death, they decided to choose a new cave master. They then went to your place but you were doing closed-door training. Why did you make them wait for 4 to 6 hours before coming out?”

Di Luan’s eyes flash with coldness.

Di Jian also gives Qin Yu an ice-cold stare.

Qin Yu however smiles broadly.

“7th majesty, could it be you don’t know that … the more formidable an expert is, the later he should show up?” He says jokingly.

Di Luan is startled.

“If I had agreed to fight them as soon as they said they wanted to fight me, I would’ve lost face a little too much. So I made them wait for 4 to 6 hours before getting into action. I showed obviously my superior status by doing this, didn’t I? Wouldn’t other experts do the same in this situation?”

When Qin Yu has just finished,

“Cave master Qin Yu, nobody is joking with you here. Explain, why did you make them wait for 4 to 6 hours?” Di Jian shouts.

Actually, at that time Qin Yu was absorbing the energy of a yuanying to reach the middle Meteor stage from the early Meteor stage, but of course he cannot tell them about this.

“I’ve explained it. Just now you questioned them so you most probably already knew how easily I defeated guardian Teng Bi. With my power, I should be a bit arrogant and show my superiority, shouldn’t I?” Qin Yu says doubtfully.

Di Luan frowns.


Di Qing gets on the raised platform in the main hall with a movement of his body.

“7th brother, I’ve carried out a careful search but found nothing unusual in the Blood-red Cave. There are no marks of the fighting that day left either.” He uses holy sense communication.

Luckily Qin Yu had already put Lei Mountain House away before the arrival of the 3 majesties. Otherwise, a wondrous thing like it would definitely have amazed them, which would have given Qin Yu more trouble.

“Nothing?” Di Luan’s eyelids tremble. He then stands up all of a sudden.

Since there are no marks left in the Blood-red Cave, the only useful thing here is cave master Qin Yu before him.

“Go with us, cave master Qin Yu. Follow us to the Nine Demons Hall to meet my big brother and help us investigate the matters related to the fight on the underground secret floor that day.” Di Luan says smilingly to Qin Yu. At this moment, Di Qing and Di Jian also stand up and focus their eyes on him.

End of b6c11.

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