Book 5 Chapter 6

B5C6: Xiumo book Nameless

Chi chi ~~~

The energy of the jindan keeps going through Qin Yu’s muscles and bones. The originally damaged muscles and bones are shaking continuously while trickles of blood are oozing from his pores. But Qin Yu is clenching his teeth to endure.

Get the most out of his time!

In his dantian, the blue flame in the center of the nebula is burning the air streams made of the jindan’s energy nonstop, getting rid of all the impurities, leaving only the essence in the end, which in turn is absorbed by the various silvery grains in Qin Yu’s nebula. Last time, because Qin Yu executed his special skill and struck Xiang Yang a life-risking all-out blow, his silvery grains were reduced in size a lot. Despite a period of restoration, only more than 50% of what was lost was later regained.

However, at the moment, the silvery grains in his nebula have already surpassed their peak in the past.

“I only need a half day. My power can reach its best condition in only a half day.” Qin Yu is calculating in his mind. He does not care too much about the refinement of the jindan because this refining process is very simple and only requires a little attention.

“But what can I do when my power is restored?” His mind becomes somewhat anxious.

He basically knows nothing about the overseas Xiuzhen world, especially the world of its greatest power -- the underwater Xiuyaoists. For example, he does not know how, when he went into the ocean for the 1st time, Xiuyaoists were able to find out that he was an outsider.

If this matter is not cleared up, it will probably be difficult for him to even take a step forwards.

“There are so many Xiuyao experts under the water. Many of them must be stronger than me. If I can’t fully understand the world of underwater Xiuyaoists, perhaps I should return home to the Qian Long continent like a cowardly black turtle.” Qin Yu simple cannot stand himself retreating.

But are there any solutions?

Asking someone? Will those Xiuyaoists tell Qin Yu? Maybe they will immediately attack him.

“Ah, right!”

Qin Yu’s mind is struck by a thought. He suddenly remembers that among the Xiuzhen books that he read in Lei Mountain House in the past, there were Xiuxian secret books, Xiumo secret books and Xiuyao secret books. Moreover, there were even some Xiuzhen secret books from Earth, the holy land of Xiuzhenists in another universe.

One of those books from Earth seemed to be a Xiumo secret book. Qin Yu glanced through it once and saw 2 words -- Soul Examination!

Because some practice methods of Xiumoists in this book were really too brutal, for example, using pregnant women’s placentas or something, he naturally was not interested in it and only skimmed through it once. But he immediately took notice of this Xiumo Secret Skill Soul Examination.

“Good, after refining this jindan I’ll start practicing this skill.” Qin Yu’s heart is filled with happiness.

At a crucial moment, these special Xiumo techniques unexpectedly can help him. After remembering the Soul Examination, he also remembers the other Xiumo Secret Skills that secret book talked about. Each of them is extremely eerie.

However, to Qin Yu, they cannot be more suitable to use in his current situation.

When he is still overjoyed, suddenly --

“No good. There’s someone!”

He knows that this is not good because his holy sense has noticed that 2 Xiuyaoists are passing by above him. These 2 Xiuyaoists are going through the water in their human forms, but they are not powerful at all. The stronger of them is only at the late phase of the Jindan stage.

Qin Yu’s soul is very tough and strong so his holy sense is extremely formidable too. He locks his holy sense onto those 2 Xiuyaoists but they unexpectedly do not detect anything.

“Martial brother, I’ve heard that the son of the Sang octopus clan’s patriarch is already dead and that patriarch has even offered a reward. Whoever captures the killer will get a middle-grade holy weapon and also a favor from him in return.” The tall Xiuyaoist says to the short Xiuyaoist beside him laughingly in a casual manner.

The martial brother says disdainfully: “Martial younger brother, don’t think too much about this. He must be powerful to be able to kill the Sang clan’s patriarch’s son. Stop dreaming.”

The tall Xiuyaoist however does not agree: “Martial brother, you haven’t heard about that reward offer, right? In the end that Xiuxianist used an escaping technique similar to the Blood Escaping Art so his power must’ve suffered a huge loss. Plus, he hasn’t even reached the Yuanying stage. Martial brother, whoever uses a desperate escaping technique on a par with the Blood Escaping Art will definitely need about a year to recover.”

“You’re right. It’s very hard to recover from the injuries caused by desperate escaping techniques like the Blood Escaping Art.” The martial brother nods in agreement.

Qin Yu, who is observing everything from below using his holy sense, secretly rejoices. Had it not been for the Meteoric Tear, it would have taken him about a year to regain his power and, even worse, his burnt left arm would not have been able to regenerate.

Those Xiuyaoists all think that it will not be hard to catch Qin Yu and the only problem is to find him, but a man without a Xiuyao aura will be very easy to recognize.

However, Qin Yu has the Meteoric Tear.

And none of those Xiuyaoists knows about this, which gives him a slim chance of surviving.

“That’s right, martial brother. That Xiuxianist must be very weak now. Why don’t we … conduct a search? Let’s use our holy senses to find him on the way. Maybe we’ll really run into him.” The tall Xiuyaoist suggests.

Qin Yu’s heart immediately shakes. At this moment, it seems to skip a beat. Then he can hear his heartbeat pounding in his head.

“No good. I haven’t finished refining this jindan. If I rush out without any plans or preparations like this, even if I can kill these 2 blokes, I’ll be hunted by a large number of Xiuyaoists.” Having learned the lesson last time, he knows that he cannot be rash.

Whatever happens, he must be fully prepared before getting into action.

“Martial younger brother, quit dreaming. The ocean is boundless while we only have short-range holy senses. If … our holy senses detect a terrifying, formidable demonic beast, provoking him, you should just prepare to die then.” The martial brother rebukes loudly.

It is very impolite for one to casually examine another more powerful than him with the holy sense.

As soon as the tall Xiuyaoist hears this, he cannot help getting frightened: “That’s right. What you say is true, martial brother.”

“Let’s go. What’s yours is yours. You won’t get what’s not yours even if you try.” The martial brother is clearly very cautious. Then the both of them keep going forwards above Qin Yu’s head.

In the boundless ocean, there may be a certain hidden formidable demonic beast calmly practicing in a certain area of the seabed. Even though the probability of bumping into such a demonic beast is low, it is certainly higher than the probability of finding Qin Yu. After all, Qin Yu is only one man while there must be more than one demonic beast hiding at the bottom of the ocean.

If their holy senses disturb such a formidable demonic beast, they will probably be eaten by him.


Qin Yu secretly lets out a sigh. Even though he is not afraid of these 2 Xiuyaoists, it would have been terrible if his whereabouts had been revealed because of them. Moreover, according to the conversation between them, he has discovered a bad thing.

The reward offer!

“This is bad. I never expected Sang Mo to offer a reward.” He thinks about many things in only a moment. In the end he is sure of one thing -- he must learn the Xiumo secret technique Soul Examination first no matter what. As for some other special secret techniques, there is no hurry to learn them for the moment.

After learning the Soul Examination, the first thing he is going to do is to find a Xiuyaoist and use it. At least he must know the general situation to be able to make further preparations. After all, he can only always win if he knows his own situation and that of the enemy.

A half day later, Qin Yu finally finishes refining and absorbing all of the jindan. By now, all of the injuries on his body have completely healed with not even a scar on his left arm, only that there are many scabs on the surface of his body.

When Qin Yu was refining the jindan, his blood oozed from the yet-to-be completely healed injuries then solidified to form these scabs. Of course, by now his body has totally recovered.

Buzz ~~

With a shake of the energy on the surface of his body, all of those scabs are immediately shattered.

“Very good, this is the best condition I’ve ever been in.” Qin Yu opens his eyes. At the moment he is under a coral reef. Using his stellar energy, he shakes the dirt around him away directly. Concurrently with this, his holy sense enters his spatial ring.

Qin Yu’s holy sense can scan everything in the spatial ring with ease. It comes straight into the study of Lei Mountain House.


Only when Qin Yu uses his holy sense to open that Xiumo secret book does he notice that it unexpectedly has a name. Being called Nameless does not mean that it has no name, but that the name of this Xiumo secret book is Nameless.

He instantly skips over the part about Xiumo methods and gets to the part about how to practice Xiumo secret techniques. In the past he paid little to no attention to them, but now he starts to read them carefully one by one.

“What is the holy sense? Does it automatically come into existence when a person reaches the Jindan stage and has a strong enough soul? It has been said since ancient times that Xiuzhenists have the holy sense while immortals have the immortal sense. At first I believed this truism, but later I discovered that this is simply not true …”

When reading this part, Qin Yu totally immerses himself in it.

Reading using the holy sense is indeed very fast. He quickly finishes reading all of the secret techniques of this Xiumo book. Having done this, he feels that his understanding of the soul has reached a whole new level.

He then opens his eyes, which flash with excitement.

“This anonymous senior’s achievement of writing this Nameless book is definitely not inferior to Master’s creation of the Stellar Transformations.” Having read the book, Qin Yu sincerely admires this Xiuzhen senior from the planet Earth in another universe.

This senior has opened up a new world, a world about the most essential thing -- the soul.

“Alright, let’s try the 1st step.” The Xiumo secret techniques flash through his mind one after another, but they all have one same basis -- being able to control spiritual energy at will. What is spiritual energy?

The holy sense is spiritual energy!

By inference, the legendary immortal sense is also spiritual energy, only that when the strength of the soul reaches certain levels, spiritual energy will also undergo fundamental changes.

Qin Yu remembers the description of how to practice the 1st step.

“In this technique, the 1st step is the most difficult to practice. Spiritual energy is very mysterious. Generally, Xiuzhenists can only send out and expand their spiritual energy and it’s extremely difficult for them to do other things to it such as making it rotate like a maelstrom, shaping it into a sphere and so on. This depends on a person’s natural talent. I can only try doing it again and again. There’s simply no shortcut.”

Qin Yu has no choice but to hope that he is talented enough.

“Spin, spin.” He says in his mind, trying to control his spiritual energy directly using his thoughts. However, just like what the book says, spiritual energy turns out to be really very hard to control. It seems expanding and withdrawing are the only 2 things he can do to it.

When he observes through the holy sense, his spiritual energy is expanded. And when he does not use the holy sense, it is withdrawn.

A weak small heat current then gradually flows in Qin Yu’s head from the Meteoric Tear. In the depths of his head, there is a disc of energy. Various sinuous electric sparks are zigzagging around this disc nonstop. At the same time, the disc is slowly radiating a seven-colored light.

That weak small heat current is absorbed by that disc little by little.


Qin Yu is still experimenting on spiritual energy control. Since spiritual energy is immaterial, he cannot see it with his eyes, and can only feel it. He keeps experimenting over and over without giving up, because that Xiumo secret book says that …

The most talented disciple of this school needed 3 days of experimentation only to be able to slightly control spiritual energy while the author of the book even spent a whole year’s time.

Suddenly, the nonphysical spiritual energy, which has been quietly whirling around Qin Yu’s soul in his mind, shakes for a short while.

“It’s moved!”

A pleasant surprise surges up in Qin Yu’s heart. He simply never thought that it would take him only 2 hours to succeed. He basically cannot explain how he was able to gain control of his spiritual energy so easily.

“Soul Examination!”

Wasting no time, Qin Yu immediately recalls the Soul Examination technique and begins to practice it. Less than 1 hour later, he can already completely control 10% of his spiritual energy.

Yes, 10% of the spiritual energy is now under his total control. This seems to be a very small amount, but even the author of the book needed 5 whole decades’ time to reach this level.

However, even though Qin Yu keeps experimenting, he cannot control more spiritual energy.

“All right, let’s consolidate the foundation first.” He then controls that 10% of his spiritual energy, making it move. That amount of spiritual energy starts to rotate like a maelstrom, surrounding his soul and the remainder of the spiritual energy in its center.

On Earth, this was the method of defending against other people’s spiritual-energy-charged attacks. Even though it cannot resist the attacks forcefully, it can weaken them by using the various layers of the maelstrom.

That maelstrom-like mass of spiritual energy is slowly moving. Suddenly, the Meteoric Tear in Qin Yu’s body vibrates for a short while. A burning hot heat current flows out from it and rushes up into Qin Yu’s head directly.

The maelstrom simply cannot block it. With an unstoppable momentum, that heat current smashes the maelstrom formed by Qin Yu to pieces.

“No good!”

This is the 1st time Qin Yu has formed a maelstrom with his spiritual energy, but it has been shattered all of a sudden. That amount of spiritual energy has unexpectedly become chaotic. Even worse, it has started to cause the rest of Qin Yu’s spiritual energy, which is not controlled by him, to become chaotic too.

When his spiritual energy is in a calm state, he can only control 10% of it. Now that it has become totally chaotic, he quickly gets panicky.

However, at the moment, above Qin Yu, a middle Yuanying-stage Xiuyaoist is slowly going in the distance. His holy sense has spread out in a very lordly manner. Judging from his direction, he is going towards Qin Yu. Given Qin Yu’s currently chaotic spiritual energy, he definitely will not be able to avoid detection by this Xiuyaoist.

“According to the reward offer, that Xiuxianist is very likely to be within a 100,000 li radius of this place. This idiot Sang Mo, I never thought he wouldn’t be able to catch a Xiuxianist who hasn’t even reached the Yuanying stage.” With a cold ‘humph’ this single-horned man rushes extremely fast in Qin Yu’s direction.

End of b5c6.

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