Book 5 Chapter 5

B5C5: Fleeing for life

In almost a moment, Qin Yu’s entire body shoots southwards like a meteor. His current speed is nearly 100 times as fast as his speed when using the Body Weapon Unification technique under a normal situation. In a blink of Sang Mo’s eyes, Qin Yu has already disappeared completely.

Sang Mo then quickly transforms into a red-robed human from a huge red octopus.

The eyes of him, who is now being covered in a red robe, radiate a shiny green light. He stands there for a long time. No one can know what he is thinking. Only after a long period of time does he say in a deep voice that is filled with hatred: “Blood Escaping Art? No, that’s unlikely. He’s not a Xiumoist.”

“Humph, Xiuxianist, no matter who you are, I, Sang Mo, will definitely kill you to avenge my son’s death.”

With a movement of his body, he immediately leaves that place.

A half day later, Sang Mo comes to a very elegant palace. Since a water-repelling restrictive spell has been set up outside this palace, even though it is located at the bottom of the ocean, there is absolutely no water inside it. He goes into the palace directly.


2 very muscular bald men say to him while bowing. Without saying a word, Sang Mo enters the main hall of the palace at once. He then orders in a cold voice: “Tell everyone to quickly gather in the main hall within 10 breaths. Latecomers will be punished with impalement.”

Sang Mo’s voice resounds through the whole palace. 10 breaths, no more -- it is such a short period of time. The members of Sang Mo’s clan thus all activate their demonic elemental energy to hurry into the main hall at their fastest speeds. In less than 10 breaths, nearly 100 octopuses have already gathered in the palace.

They are all using their human forms because this is the requirement for entering the palace. Otherwise, the palace will simply be unable to accommodate their huge octopus bodies. The fact that these clan members can transform into humans means that they have all at least reached the Jindan stage.

“May I ask for what important matter you’ve summoned our clan’s members so urgently, Patriarch?” A gray-clad middle-aged man bows and says.

Sang Mo, robed in red, says coldly: “Humph, important matter? My son Sang Tu has been slain. Sang Man, do you think this is an important matter?” With eyes glittering with coldness, he stares at that gray-clad middle-aged man Sang Man. Being given that cold stare, Sang Man immediately feels all of his hair quickly begin to stand on end.

His heart trembles: “That brat Sang Tu is unexpectedly already dead. No wonder Patriarch is so furious. This time I’ve offended him when he is angry.” Knowing that this is bad for himself, Sang Man hurriedly says to Sang Mo: “Important matter? Of course this is an important matter. Patriarch, please tell me about the bastard who dared to kill Sang Tu. I’ll definitely cut him into pieces.”

“Get back.” Sang Mo says coldly.

Sang Man cleverly returns and joins the other members at once while secretly letting out a sigh of relief.

“Though the Sang clan isn’t big, within the radius of 8 million li controlled by the Blood-red Cave there’s been nobody who dared to bully our clan. But this time my son has unexpectedly been slain by a Xiuxianist.” The aura around Sang Mo’s entire body is terrifyingly cold and sinister at the moment.

None of those clan members dares to say anything. In the Sang clan, Sang Mo’s words are absolutes.

“In the end that brat used a technique similar to Xiumoists’ Blood Escaping Art. Even if he doesn’t die, he’ll be seriously injured and lose more than 90% of his power. There are only some Xiuxian and Xiumo islands within 8 million li of the Blood-red Cave and none of them has such a blazing energy as that brat’s.”

Sang Mo says in a deep voice. Suddenly his voice becomes solemn: “All members of the Sang clan must tell members of other clans that brat is definitely within a 100,000 li radius of this place. There’s not even one island of Xiuxianists in this area. Find him for me. You must find him for me.”


The nearly 100 clan members in the main hall say with obedience at once.

“Alright, you can get started now.” Sang Mo coldly gives an order. Immediately, the nearly 100 clan members all leave the palace at high speeds. Sang Mo himself however takes out a black authority card. There are some written talismans on it. It is none other than a relatively precious transmitter.

Sang Mo channels his request into it using his holy sense. In only a short while, this piece of information has been sent to the Blood-red Range, which is several million li away.

The Blood-red Range is the center of this area of water, which has a radius of 8 million li. The Blood-red Cave is the supreme central power of this area of water. In the Blood-red Cave, there are a cave master and 2 vice masters. They have 13 guardians under them altogether.

The 13 guardians of the Blood-red Cave are very powerful. Even the weakest among them is a late Jindan-stage expert. Moreover, in terms of real offensive power, this late Jindan-stage guardian is definitely not inferior to early Yuanying-stage ordinary Xiuyaoists. Therefore, he was able to become the 13th guardian.

And Sang Mo has another identity, that is, one of the Blood-red Cave’s 13 guardians.

In the Blood-red Cave,

“Vice master, Guardian Sang Mo has just sent a message, saying that he wants a reward-offering order to be given.” A blond man, who received the message, says to a very thin man. This very thin man is none other than Cha Ge, one of the cave’s 2 vice masters.

The master of the Blood-red Cave is Cha Hong, whose power is the most fearsome in the cave. It is said that he has reached the Dongxu stage. Added to this the unusual innate gifts of his true form, a blood-red aquatic python, and he has extremely powerful offense. Even in the boundless ocean, he can still be regarded as a strong figure.

However, the 2 vice masters are not very powerful. They were able to become the cave’s vice masters mainly because they are Cha Hong’s younger brothers.

The 2nd brother Cha Po’s power is not bad, having reached the middle phase of the Yuanying stage. But the 3rd brother Cha Ge has only reached the early phase of the Yuanying stage and is about as strong as the average guardians. However, because his big brother is Cha Hong, he has been a real tyrant in this area of water.

“Oh, give a reward-offering order?” Cha Ge’s long narrow face and also his ice-cold eyes look like those of a real python.

“Yes, Guardian Sang Mo’s son has been killed by a Xiuxianist …” When the blond man has just finished saying, Cha Ge laughs out loud: “No wonder. Sang Mo’s precious son has been killed, it’s impossible for him not to go insane. Tell me, what treasure did Sang Mo bring out? Let’s see if it’s valuable enough for me to get into action.”

The blond man says: “Vice master, Guardian Sang Mo took out a middle-grade holy weapon. At the same time, he said he’d owe anyone who captured that Xiuxianist a favor.”

Hearing the words middle-grade holy weapons, that vice master Cha Ge has a hint of disappointment on his face: “That Sang Mo is really stingy, only a middle-grade holy weapon and a favor. All right, whatever happens, he’s still a guardian of our Blood-red Cave. Let’s publicize the reward offer within our waters of 8 million li in radius to help him.”

“Yes.” The blond man however secretly curses. “You’re a vice master so this middle-grade holy weapon naturally doesn’t interest you. But it and a favor are already a high reward for such a simple thing as capturing a Jindan Xiuxianist who can use an escaping technique similar to the Blood Escaping Art.”

Of course, the blond man will not say it out.

Xiuyaoists’ art of forging is not as good as that of Xiuxianists. It is still simple to forge a low-grade holy weapon, but it is much more difficult to forge a middle-grade one. Among Xiuyaoists, most owners of middle-grade holy weapons are Yuanying-stage experts.

A middle-grade holy weapon and a favor from Sang Mo,

Sang Mo is one of the 13 guardians, no less. So, a favor from him will be very useful.

“Perhaps when this reward offer is made public, a great number of Jindan Xiuyaoists will get into action. After all the target is really too weak … Having used an escaping technique similar to the Blood Escaping Art, he must’ve suffered a huge loss in power. If he can have 30% of his power left, that’ll already be not bad.”

The blond man nods with a smile then leaves to issue a statement about the reward offer.

By contrast, vice master Cha Ge goes towards his own dwelling place. He even says angrily: “That Sang Mo is really stingy. He’s still too attached to that high-grade holy weapon Thunder Hammer to bring it out.” This Cha Ge has coveted that treasure of Sang Mo’s -- the Thunder Hammer -- for a very long time.

However, his big brother Cha Hong has ordered that his subordinates absolutely not fight each other.


Right after the reward offer is publicized, many Xiuyaoists in the 8 million li radius controlled by the Blood-red Cave begin to emerge. There are even occasional appearances of Yuanying-stage experts. That reward offer has given a very detailed description of Qin Yu.

All of those who know about this news decide that this Xiuxianist, whose energy is extremely pure and blazing, should be in the 100,000 li of water next to the Qian Long continent. After all, even though a desperate escaping technique similar to the Blood Escaping Art is fast, it cannot be used to cover a very long distance.

Therefore, a great many experts within this 100,000 li area of water emerge. The further it is from this area, the fewer Xiuyaoists join the pursuit of Qin Yu. And the ones who are enthusiastic about and interested in this matter the most are of course the members of the Sang octopus clan.


“Ah ~~~”

Acute pains continuously come from his left arm. Qin Yu’s entire body keeps shooting south extremely fast like a meteor. This escaping technique is none other than the special escaping technique that is used to flee for life in the Stellar Transformations book -- the Meteor Escaping Art.

When using it, the user burns his body like a meteor in exchange for an extremely fast speed.

“Damn you, Meteor Escaping Art! This feels really almost unbearable.” Clenching his teeth, Qin Yu keeps heading straight forwards. At the moment his entire body is red, looking as if flames are about to come out from inside it, and the blood and flesh of his left arm are being burnt nonstop.

In theory, one should have already passed out long ago due to such acute pains. After all, the pain of burning his own flesh and blood is beyond the tolerance limit of a person.

However, Qin Yu’s mind has been trained since he was a little kid and therefore is extremely tough. Moreover, thanks to the nourishment of the Meteoric Tear, his soul has become very strong. So, he unexpectedly has not lost consciousness despite the agonies. However, because of this, he has had to endure the continuous intensification of the pains.

With a clear state of mind, Qin Yu observes himself flying south extremely fast. Only when more than half of his left arm’s and upper body’s flesh has been burnt does he stop.

“It should’ve already been several tens thousand li.” His whole face begins to twitch. The feeling of burning himself nonstop while maintaining a clear mind is really not something a human can bear. “Meteoric Tear, I’ll leave everything to you.”

He gets under a coral reef then stops moving.

The Meteoric Tear keeps sending out various clear streams, which continuously heal the burnt places. Qin Yu’s left arm has nearly been burnt up, with only a few charred muscles and bones remaining. Taking a look at it will make anyone feel unbearable.

“Ah …” His entire body is trembling nonstop.

It feels really very comfortable when the Meteoric Tear’s clear streams fuse with the injuries, continuously healing them. Even his burnt muscles and blood are being regenerated. However, this re-creating process unexpectedly inflicts even more pain on him than burning himself did.

Sweat keeps oozing from his entire body. His muscles and bones are all trembling.

“Xiao Hei, you should be okay, right?” Qin Yu somehow thinks about this matter, but right afterwards a heart-piercing pain comes from his chest. A breastbone more than half of which has been burnt up earlier is unexpectedly regenerating little by little. But this is really shockingly painful.

Qin Yu cannot help letting out a groan. Beads of sweat continue to stand out on his whole body.

For the moment he cannot think about anything else other than trying to endure this kind of pain. The nourishment of the Meteoric Tear is comfortable but the regeneration of the muscles and bones is so painful that his soul is shaken. This comfortable feeling and this pain are basically 2 polar extremes.

He is shuttling back and forth unceasingly between these 2 extremes.

However, it is much easier for the Meteoric Tear to repair the damage to the bones than to the internal organs. In only 2 days, Qin Yu’s originally terrifying wounds have already healed more than 50% and 80% of his left arm has unexpectedly regrown.

Most of his burnt muscles and bones have regenerated.

“You really didn’t disappoint me, Meteoric Tear.” Qin Yu let Xiao Hei run away first because he had decided to take a gamble on the Meteoric Tear’s wonderful effects. But even so, he was not certain that the Meteoric Tear would be able to regenerate his limbs and body.

After all, even though it can repair the heart, this does not necessarily mean that it can regrow the body and limbs. Qin Yu gambled for the sake of Xiao Hei and this time he has won.

“Good, now the injuries have healed more than 50%.”

He tries hard to sit up with legs crossed. Blood oozes out of some scabs that have just been formed on his body at once. He draws a cold breath in pain with a hiss but still sits up. Then, using his intact right arm, he quickly takes out a jindan.

It is Sang Tu’s jindan.

“Right now, power is the most important thing. Let’s refine this jindan first.” Ignoring the fact that his injuries have not completely healed yet, Qin Yu immediately accelerates the nebula inside his body and forms another nebula around him. He then begins to refine this jindan.

In his method of refinement, energy will go from the nebula outside his body into the nebula in his dantian by going through his entire body’s muscles and bones.

However, at the moment his body is still seriously injured. Therefore, when stellar energy and the essence of the jindan go through his muscles, bones and channels, he cannot help slightly trembling all over because it is really extremely painful.

Even though he did limit training for years starting when he was still a child, he has never experienced such sharp pains.

But Qin Yu understands that he must persevere and improve his power as much and as fast as possible. The boundless ocean is an unfamiliar place to him. In this place, he must improve his power first then gather all the information about it.

He also knows that Sang Mo will never give up trying to catch him.

“Since Sang Mo should be focusing most of his attention on me, Xiao Hei should be safe.” Qin Yu thinks to himself while pains that can go deep into his muscles and bones keep coming from every place of his entire body. Sang Tu’s jindan is also being refined and absorbed nonstop.

In a dark cave at the bottom of the ocean, there are 2 blue dots of light. They are the light radiated from a pair of eyes, whose owner is none other than Xiao Hei, who was able to escape thanks to Qin Yu. Black flashes of lightning are flickering unceasingly on Xiao Hei’s body. After a long time, many golden air streams float out from inside his body.

“Big brother, you must hang on and wait for me!”

Thanks to the special telepathy between Xiao Hei and Qin Yu, he can feel that Qin Yu is still living. But he knows that, being hunted by Sang Mo, Qin Yu is in imminent danger. Therefore, he has selected that forbidden technique in his hereditary memories to practice.

A series of deep cries comes out heavily from Xiao Hei’s throat. His entire body is undergoing drastic changes nonstop.

“Big brother, wait for me!”


End of b5c5.

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