Book 5 Chapter 4

B5C4: Goodbye, Xiao Hei!

“Humph, you 2 even want to run away?” A huge red octopus is floating on one side of Qin Yu. While the other blue octopuses have tentacles that are over 10 m long, this red octopus has shocking tentacles that are 40 to 50 m long.

With a light flashing on its body, the red octopus turns into a human again.

“Tut-tut, taking a smash by me without dying, you unexpectedly have some skills.” Sang Mo looks mockingly at Qin Yu. At this moment, the other octopuses transform into humans too. Just now so many of them got their tentacles cut off by Qin Yu, but after turning into humans, their 4 limbs are totally undamaged.

A trait of these octopuses is that their severed tentacles can still regrow. This has nothing to do with their power levels and is just a characteristic of the octopus family. By contrast, once a divine beast Dragon Rocky lion gets a limb cut off, unless it can achieve ascension, this limb will never grow back to normal.

“3rd bro, just now I let you get into action but who would’ve thought you wouldn’t even be able to touch him?” Sang Mo is very dissatisfied.

That 3rd brother says in a terrified manner at once: “Big brother, it couldn’t be helped. A moment ago, when I was ready for action, that Xiuzhenist’s speed suddenly increased by over 10 times. He was terrifyingly fast so I simply couldn’t catch up with him. Luckily you eventually intervened.”

Sang Mo says with a ‘humph’ sound: “Forget it. That brat’s speed is indeed strangely fast. In the end I had to rely on my true form plus the length of my tentacle to overtake him. In terms of body speed, I’m equal to him at most.”

Qin Yu however is secretly astonished.

Just now he was using the Stellar Field. Had it been a normal situation, he simply would not have been able to match Sang Mo’s speed.

“It looks like it’s really extremely hard to escape.” Qin Yu keeps considering in his mind, totally ignoring his body’s injuries.

Qin Yu has been injured very badly, but thanks to the various clear streams that are moving through his whole body nonstop, he is recovering at an astonishing speed. He believes that it will not take long for him to recover completely from the bodily injuries. However, he is still amazed by Sang Mo’s offensive force.

“Big brother.” Xiao Hei rushes to Qin Yu’s side, patting Qin Yu’s back with his wings.

Qin Yu turns around and takes a look at Xiao Hei. His face is full of anger.

“Xiao Hei, why haven’t you run? Why?!?!?!” Qin Yu stares at Xiao Hei and rebukes using his holy sense. There is only anger in his heart at the moment. Despite being stared at by Qin Yu this way, Xiao Hei says: “Big brother, if you can’t run, we’ll die together.”

“Stupid!!!” Qin Yu suddenly scolds with a shout.

Xiao Hei is startled.

Qin Yu’s voice rises seriously in Xiao Hei’s mind through holy sense communication: “Remember, one of use must escape no matter what. Even if you want to die with me, you must wait until after taking revenge for me.” There is a note of fierceness in his voice.

He has never admitted defeat since age 8. What is one’s greatest enemy? It is himself!

Since the age of 8, Qin Yu has overcome himself time after time. He has never given up no matter what. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, he will never stop fighting. He is not afraid of death. What he is afraid of is to die such a pointless death.

“Ha-ha …” He suddenly turns his face upwards, laughing out loud.

Sang Mo says coldly: “Why are you laughing?”

“I laughed at myself being too stupid.” The look in his eyes becomes blank. The pictures of what he has gone through for the last 20 years seem to flash by his eyes one after another. “I’d been drifting on the ocean in high spirits, ready to enjoy the Xiuzhen world’s hair-raising experiences, but then I dived into the ocean out of ignorance to explore the underwater world of demonic beasts. I’ve got a taste of its horrors. Pity this is perhaps the last time I’ve had this hair-raising feeling.”

Qin Yu says with a sigh.

Xiao Hei however secretly becomes suspicious. He knows very well that even in a dangerous situation Qin Yu will definitely keep on fighting till the end. But why is he talking in such a disheartened manner to the enemy? Xiao Hei’s intuition tells him that --

Something is going on!

“You’re very ignorant indeed. Not even Xiumoists and Xiuxianists dare to go deep into this boundless ocean at will. Only some high-level Xiuxianists or Xiumoists will dare to dive down. Even so, they’ll leave the deep parts very quickly.”

Sang Mo is sure that the Xiuxianist before him is seriously injured. A Xiuxianist must be extremely lucky to be able to survive an all-out swing of one of his true form’s tentacles. In the beginning, he was even worried that Qin Yu’s body would be smashed into pieces.

At the moment, seeing Qin Yu so demoralized, Sang Mo naturally becomes arrogant.

“The internal injuries have healed 90%. It’s already almost enough.” Qin Yu however is secretly calculating in his mind. Using his holy sense, he has located all of the opponents in his surroundings. After another mental simulation of his plan, he decides that there are no problems with it.

Qin Yu turns around, taking a look at Xiao Hei.

As Xiao Hei sees the look in Qin Yu’s eyes, his heart cannot help skipping a beat. He knows that Qin Yu has made a decision.

“Big brother, what do you want to do? Say it. Quickly tell me.” He says hurriedly.

Qin Yu says resolutely through his holy sense: “Xiao Hei, remember, if another opportunity to escape arises, you must grasp it. You must run away no matter what. Even if only one of us can escape, that’ll be enough. The one who’ll escape must take revenge for the other. If both of us can get away, that’ll be great. But if neither of us can escape, we’ll have to take some of them with us.”

Xiao Hei is startled. He can feel Qin Yu’s determination to risk his life.

Xiao Hei started to live with Qin Yu not long after he was born. A special telepathy developed between them long ago, which has since even enabled them to sense each other’s sentiments. It is really very mysterious.

“Don’t worry, big brother, I won’t disappoint you.”

Suddenly --

An eagle cry rises. At the same time, a frightening force surges forth from Xiao Hei’s body. He performs an act of spitting and a stream of Flaming Lightning shoots at Sang Mo extremely fast from his mouth. This stream of Flaming Lightning is different from those in the past because there is a mass of Dark Lightning in its center.

“Child’s play.”

Sang Mo makes a wave with a sleeve disdainfully. A red ribbon flies out from inside the sleeve and hits Xiao Hei’s stream of Flaming Lightning directly, which unexpectedly blazes all of a sudden. In just a moment, it has already burnt the ribbon up.

Sang Mo’s face changes color.

“Big brother, quickly run.” Xiao Hei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

Qin Yu’s face changes color. Xiao Hei has unexpectedly acted earlier than he can. Too bad … he knows that Xiao Hei’s plan is too simple, so simple that it has almost no chance of success. But he will not let Xiao Hei’s planning go to waste.


He stands on his flying sword, rushing south extremely fast.

“Want to run?”

2 late Jindan-stage octopuses brandish their 16 tentacles, blocking up the spaces in front and on one side of him. Well prepared, the other 2 late Jindan-stage octopuses have also completely blocked his other possible escape routes.

These octopuses prefer eating the body of a Xiuxianist to eating an eagle. Moreover, just now Qin Yu severed quite a few tentacles so they have a much deeper hatred for him than for Xiao Hei.

However, the stream of Flaming Lightning Xiao Hei shot has arrived at Sang Mo’s face.

With a fierce yell, Sang Mo suddenly turns into a huge red octopus. Various golden rays of light are unexpectedly flickering on his 40 to 50 m long tentacles. Taking a careful look, one will see that those tentacles are being covered in a holy-class suit of armor.


Carrying a terrifyingly great amount of demonic elemental energy, those tentacles ruthlessly smash into that stream of Flaming Lightning, which subsequently disintegrates with a boom. But that flash of Dark Lightning unexpectedly flows to the surface of the holy weapon outside the tentacles like a liquid.

Chi chi ~~~

In only a short while, that holy suit of armor has been corroded. Sang Mo feels various acute pains at once. He instantly controls his internal demonic elemental energy to resist that strange dark flash of lightning, which is intensely corrosive.

“Neither of you can run!”

A deep voice that contains an extreme anger rises in Qin Yu’s and Xiao Hei’s minds through holy sense communication. Eight 40 to 50 m long tentacles sweep all around Xiao Hei like huge anacondas. A raging power is surging through each of the tentacles.

“Big brother.” Xiao Hei looks at the 8 tentacles encircling him then looks at Qin Yu, who is being surrounded by 4 huge late Jindan-stage octopuses, but he does not know what to say.

Qin Yu’s eyes flash with a hint of amusement. Even though it disappears like a flash, Xiao Hei is totally certain that he just saw a hint of amusement in Qin Yu’s eyes. It must have been caused by the success of his plan. Xiao Hei cannot help getting stupefied inwardly.

“Humph ~~~ you unexpectedly dared to destroy a middle-grade holy suit of armor of mine. I’m going to skin you alive then suck up all of your blood and shatter your soul.” Sang Mo’s deep voice rises in Qin Yu’s and Xiao Hei’s minds.

Xiao Hei makes a careful comparison between Sang Mo’s power and his own. In the end he finds out that even if he uses a desperate special skill, he will still be unable to defeat this early Yuanying-stage demonic beast, which is even 3 times as strong as Xiang Yang.

However, at the moment Qin Yu --

“Very good, this is the right moment.” A faint cold smile appears on the corners of his mouth. His holy sense and attention are totally locked onto that Sang Tu, who is also none other than Sang Mo’s son. At this moment, seemingly caring about his father’s business, Sang Tu unexpectedly turns his head to take a look.

The moment he looks away --

“Meteor Strike!”

Qin Yu’s entire body starts to spin. His hands are holding the Flaming Sword. His stellar energy begins to rotate according to a strange orbit. In only a moment, his whole body turns into an awl and the tip of the awl is the Flaming Sword.

“Sang Tu!”

Another late Jindan-stage octopus has realized what is going on, but Qin Yu is simply too fast for him to stop. He only has enough time to tell the other demonic beasts at the scene through holy sense communication and, therefore, they are also aware of what is happening.

“Sang Tu!” As Sang Mo takes a look, he only sees an indistinct spinning awl with the color of starlight directly shatter the head of the true form of his son, Sang Tu. A golden shaft of light then shoots straight southwards.

Sang Mo knows very well that that golden shaft of light is none other than a jindan!

Whose jindan is it?


Sang Tu’s body falls onto the ground with a loud sound. Receiving such a fatal blow from Qin Yu while totally unprepared, he has died instantly. In fact, even if he had been prepared, he would not have been able to withstand that all-out strike.

Demonic beasts value their offspring even more than humans do.

Sang Mo is merciless and frosty but he has been very nice to his son. It was only because he killed some demonic beasts letting his son absorb their jindans that his son was able to reach the late phase of the Jindan stage and match his several brothers in power.

“Ah ~~~~”

A sharp deafening sound spreads out in all directions like waves. At the same time, with a violent downward shake of his 8 huge tentacles, Sang Mo immediately pierces through the water, chasing after Qin Yu like lightning.

Xiao Hei’s eyes pop out of his head.

“Xiao Hei, quickly run. This is your last chance. Don’t disappoint me. Otherwise … I won’t close my eyes after death!” Qin Yu’s voice rises in Xiao Hei’s mind through holy sense communication.

In just a moment, Xiao Hei has totally understood.

A resounding eagle cry comes out from his mouth. It sounds extremely hurt, reluctant, bitter and grieved. However, Xiao Hei has no choice but to execute the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times rushing west.

At this moment the other octopuses comes to their senses. They want to chase after Xiao Hei, but --

“This eagle is unexpectedly also frighteningly fast like that Xiuxianist.” Seeing Xiao Hei’s speed, those late Jindan-stage octopuses deliberately give up chasing because they are merely half as fast as Xiao Hei. Only their big brother Sang Mo, who has reached the early phase of the Yuanying stage, can have a good chance of catching up with him.

“We don’t chase?” The 3rd brother looks at the 4th and 2nd brothers.

The 2nd brother rebukes: “Chase what? Sang Tu is already dead so big brother must’ve gone mad. We have to help him chase that Xiuxianist together. That eagle isn’t important. If that Xiuxianist escapes, you guys should be ready to take big brother’s fury.”

As soon as the 3rd brother and 4th brother think about Sang Mo’s temper, their hearts tremble.

“Let’s go.”

3 late Jindan-stage demonic beasts then rush south extremely fast as well.

At the moment Qin Yu is standing on his flying sword, using the Body Weapon Unification technique. His whole body is piercing through the water extremely fast like a speeding arrow or a flash. However, a red octopus, which is furious because of the death of his son a moment ago, is chasing closely after him. Every shake of his 8 tentacles is allowing him to flash through the water almost as fast as using teleportation.


A tentacle smashes down. At the last moment, with a strange twist of his entire body, Qin Yu avoids this strike with difficulty. However, immediately afterwards, several tentacles smash down in quick succession. Qin Yu’s speed quickly decreases.

He clenches his teeth.

“Let’s leave it to my luck.” His entire body suddenly turns red, looking as if it is boiling, but there is a faint smile on his face. He knows very well that with Xiao Hei’s speed, if Sang Mo does not go after him, he can definitely escape.

“Goodbye, Xiao Hei!”

Qin Yu slowly says in his heart. Then, in an instant, his entire body becomes extremely red while his eyes flash with ruthlessness. Suddenly, a flame starts to blaze on one of his arms …

End of b5c4.

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