Book 5 Chapter 32

B5C32: 3 strikes of life or death!

The Purple Demon aquatic dragon and the blood-red aquatic python shoot out 2 beams of light from their tank-sized mouths almost simultaneously. The light beam comes out from the Purple Demon aquatic dragon’s mouth is actually the spear used before, only that it is now much shorter. And the light beam comes out from the blood-red aquatic python’s mouth is actually that jade sword.


The spear and the jade sword collide head-on. They then whirl about and collide with each other again and again.

While controlling their holy weapons to attack, the Purple Demon aquatic dragon and the blood-red aquatic python also use their own bodies to attack. After all, to Xiuyaoists, their true forms are the most powerful weapons. The Purple Demon aquatic dragon’s black horn pierces through the air to thrust at the blood-red aquatic python’s head, creating a sharp whistle.

This attack with the black horn executed by the Purple Demon aquatic dragon is frighteningly powerful. It can definitely breach the blood-red aquatic python’s defense with ease. The python’s red tail has also reached a shocking level in speed. It swings at the Purple Demon aquatic dragon extremely fast like lightning.

An observer would only see a huge purple blur and a huge blood-red blur keep chasing after, intertwining with and attacking each other at extreme speeds. Even though these 2 beasts have large bodies, they are terrifyingly fast.


The Purple Demon aquatic dragon hits the blood-red aquatic python’s body with a claw swipe. Despite their hardness, various scales of the python are still cracked then shattered into pieces. The python’s skin is immediately mangled. Blood splatters around and fragments of flesh are scattered.

The blood-red aquatic python lets out a painful growl in an instant. At the same time, a red blur swings at the Purple Demon aquatic dragon and hits it.

The aquatic dragon is unexpectedly unable to resist the force of the python’s tail and is sent flying. But it comes back with a sweep of its tail while still flying outwards and attacks the blood-red aquatic python again.

Di Tong and Cha Hong control the spear and the jade sword respectively to attack each other nonstop. Neither of them dares to relax a bit because top-grade holy weapons are still a great danger to them.


Cha Hong opens his blood-red python mouth and shoots out a yellow beam of light straight at the spear. Even though the spear dodges, that yellow light makes a turn to chase after it then sticks on it directly. The spear immediately slows down.

Right after getting stuck on with the yellow venomous mucus, the spear’s responsiveness drops to a shocking level. It seems no longer under Di Tong’s control.

“Poison, that’s the blood-red aquatic python’s deadly poison!”

Qin Yu, who is hiding behind a pile of rubble, recognizes that yellow poisonous liquid instantly. When he was fighting Cha Ge before, Cha Ge also used this move. This poisonous liquid is extremely strong. And now, used by a Dongxu stage expert like Cha Hong, its toxicity is naturally even stronger.

“Growl ~~”

Cha Hong lets out an excited deep growl. At the same time, his voice rises in Di Tong’s mind through holy sense communication: “Purple Demon aquatic dragon, prepare to die!” That jade sword immediately thrusts straight at Di Tong’s head like a green beam of light.

The Purple Demon aquatic dragon spurts a flame from its mouth towards the spear, but now the jade sword is already shooting at it.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! ……

Several sharp whistles are heard. Those spear-like spikes on the back of the Purple Demon aquatic dragon have unexpectedly left its body and shot forwards extremely fast, piercing through the air like javelins.

With a resounding clang, the jade sword is hit simultaneously by 3 spear-like spikes and is knocked aside.

The blood-red aquatic python immediately twists its body and swings its tail extremely fast at those spikes. However, because those spear-sized spikes are too many and each of them carries a frighteningly powerful offensive force, the python can only avoid more than half of them and 20 to 30 spikes are still shooting at its body.

The swing of the python’s tail is fast like lightning, but despite its speed, the tail can only knock away 10-odd spikes. The nearly 10 remaining spikes penetrate into the python’s body directly.

Nearly 10 spikes shatter the python’s scales and pierce through its body completely in quick succession. Not even the blood-red aquatic python can endure such serious injuries.

A light flashes and the python turns into Cha Hong in the blink of an eye.

His body is now full of bloodstains and many small holes have appeared on his body. It is obvious that he has been badly wounded.

“Ah ~~~~ Heaven, I am highly gifted and has even reached the Dongxu stage, why can’t I have just one of the 9 Swords? I did everything I could but in the end my secret was still discovered. Heaven wants to destroy me. I was wrong to hold on to something I shouldn’t!”

Cha Hong turns his face upwards and laughs like crazy. At this point, he already knows that he is done for.

A light flashes and the Purple Demon aquatic dragon also transforms into the human Di Tong. At the moment, Di Tong’s face is also very pale. The spikes on the back of a Purple Demon aquatic dragon cannot be shot out easily unless it is in great danger because shooting them out is especially harmful to the body.

“Still want to run?”

Di Tong immediately moves his body and penetrates the floor with a claw strike. A stream of demonic elemental energy rushes into the ground. In just a short while, that stream of demonic elemental energy breaks through the floor to rush out. Now it has coiled around a purple yuanying. Judging by appearance, this is Cha Hong’s yuanying.

“Humph, Cha Hong, you even wanted to run away with your yuanying by using that outburst of emotions to attract my attention.”

Holding Cha Hong’s yuanying in his left hand, Di Tong says with a cold laugh.

Cha Hong’s purple yuanying shows a terrified expression and says in a shrill voice: “Di Tong, my true body has been punctured in several vital points and basically can’t be used anymore. Now I can only form a loose immortal body to practice. Can you let me go this time?”

Right at this moment!

A green light beam unexpectedly shoots out from the purple yuanying. It is none other than the top-grade holy jade sword. Di Tong immediately feels an acute pain in his left hand. Cha Hong desperately controls the jade sword. In an instant, the bones in Di Tong’s left fingers are cut into pieces and his blood and fragments of his flesh are scattered around.

Cha Hong flies out extremely fast like a purple beam of light at once.

This is his last move!


An extremely furious Di Tong sends out a terrifying stream of demonic elemental energy, which sweeps across Cha Hong’s fleeing yuanying in an instant. His demonic elemental energy attacks Cha Hong’s yuanying fiercely. The yuanying gets a violent shock and the soul it is containing is immediately shattered.

Because Di Tong has just had a hand destroyed, he now shows absolutely no mercy.

Cha Hong was only at the Dongxu stage so it had not been long since he had been able to fuse his soul with his yuanying. Because the yuanying’s defense was really too weak, the soul was immediately shattered after that violent attack of Di Tong’s demonic elemental energy. Di Tong reaches out his right hand and catches Cha Hong’s yuanying with a grab. Now the yuanying no longer has a soul and is merely a crystal of energy. He sucks it in his spatial ring at once.

“Cha Hong, you even dared to destroy my hand.” Di Tong’s head is full of fury at the moment.

Unless he can achieve ascension, his body will not regenerate. But Cha Hong was already killed by him, how can he possibly revenge himself on Cha Hong anymore?

With a wave of Di Tong’s sleeve, the top-grade holy jade sword and Cha Hong’s storage bracelet fly into his hand. Only when Di Tong looks at the jade sword does he calm down a bit, but as soon as he turns around and sees Cha Hong’s corpse, his eyes are filled with anger again.

He opens his mouth and shoots a flame at Cha Hong’s body.

Even though Cha Hong’s soul has been shattered, Di Tong still wants to destroy the body to ease the hatred that has built up in him since his hand was cut into pieces.

“No good!”

When the flame has just come out of Di Tong’s mouth, his face changes color because at this moment can he feel an exceptionally concentrated and sharp force approaching him from behind at an extreme speed. His holy sense naturally finds out the enemy’s appearance. It is a black-robed stern young man.

This is none other than Qin Yu.

Golden threads of energy are flowing through all of the channels in his body, allowing him to flash through the air like a golden beam of light. From the pile of rubble that is several hundred meters away, he follows a mysterious trajectory and arrives at Di Tong’s back in an instant. His speed is shockingly fast.

Qin Yu clenches his teeth. His blue veins stick out. His eyes are full of killing intent!


Qin Yu’s left hand is wearing a Flaming Glove. At the same time, his golden stellar energy has been concentrated on its 5 fingers, making them look like gold fingers.

He forms a finger sword with his left hand and thrusts it at Di Tong’s back like lightning, wanting to penetrate the enemy’s body and grab the yuanying directly at one stroke. However, what kind of expert is Di Tong? He has detected Qin Yu instantly. It is only because Qin Yu’s speed is too fast that he has not been able to react.

Even though Di Tong’s left hand has been severed, his abundant experience allows him to make the optimal judgement.

He immediately lets go of the top-grade holy jade sword and the storage bracelet in his right hand. As they fall to the floor, Di Tong reaches his right hand out backwards without turning his head. A short spear appears in his hand at once. It is none other than that top-grade holy spear of his.

He can resize the spear at will. At the moment, it is only as short as a dagger. Holding this spear, Di Tong thrusts it at Qin Yu’s dantian. He wants to destroy Qin Yu’s dantian and yuanying directly!

“You want to kill me, but I’m going to kill you!”

Di Tong has become ruthless. When he is attacking, a purple layer of armor that every Purple Demon aquatic dragon has appears on the surface of his body. This purple layer of armor is formed from the scales of his Purple Demon aquatic dragon body so its defense is extremely powerful.

Attacking and defending at the same time, this is Di Tong’s instantaneous reaction.

Seeing this thrust coming, Qin Yu is greatly shocked.

Even though he does not have a yuanying, that shining meteor in his body is still his energy nucleus. If it is hit by this strike, what can he do when his energy suffers a huge loss? However, at this moment Qin Yu does not dodge in the least. Instead, he grabs at the spear with his right hand.

When the right hand, protected by a Flaming Glove, has just been reached out, the Flaming Sword appears in its palm.


The Flaming Sword and the spear collide with each other. As Di Tong is in a desperate situation, this strike that he is performing with the spear carries a terrifying force. The spear is a top-grade holy weapon whereas the Flaming Sword is only a high-grade one so the Flaming Sword is shattered into countless fragments almost instantly!

Covered in a Flaming Glove and charged with a large amount of golden stellar energy, Qin Yu’s left hand’s finger sword thrusts at the purple armor like a golden meteor!


Di Tong’s purple armor gets a shock but it is not shattered and only sustains small cracks. Di Tong cannot help giving a faint smile. Meanwhile, that spear smashes into the Flaming Glove on Qin Yu’s right hand.

After that finger sword attack, Qin Yu immediately changes the form of his left hand!

He straightens his left fingers and executes a spear hand strike, which has the most powerful penetrating force!


The attacked area of the purple armor is completely broken into pieces. But at the same time, the Flaming Glove on Qin Yu’s right hand is also penetrated by the spear. Qin Yu unexpectedly changes the form of his left hand again, as if he does not feel any pain in his right hand!

He curls his left fingers up, forming a claw, and thrusts it into Di Tong’s body. But just about when his left hand begins to pierce through Di Tong’s body, Di Tong’s yuanying quietly enters the ground through a foot.


Qin Yu’s right hand is penetrated by the spear, but his entire body still moves. At the same time, a golden thread of energy shoots into the ground from his left hand. After a moment, another area on the floor is shattered into pieces and a thread of energy flies out with yuanying coiled around by it.

That golden thread of energy then penetrates into the yuanying and destroys Di Tong’s soul directly.

Qin Yu reaches out his left hand to grab that yuanying but his whole back breaks into a cold sweat. The spear that pierced through his right hand remains motionless.

Too strong, this Purple Demon aquatic dragon was too strong.

It had fought the blood-red aquatic python before fighting Qin Yu, and was even using its human form. It should be known that in his human form, Di Tong was not as powerful as he was in his true form. Even so, Qin Yu was still in great danger when he suddenly launched a sneak attack on Di Tong.

“If he hadn’t been injured and had a hand cut off in the previous fight, if he had used 2 hands to attack me at the same time, perhaps it’d have been hard for me to kill him.” Thinking back, Qin Yu is frightened. Meteor stage experts should rely on speed to evade blows so he was really risking his life by sneakily attacking Di Tong in such a bold manner.

When that purple armor appeared, he was truly shocked. The armor’s defense was too frightening, but luckily Qin Yu reacted very fast and executed 3 strikes in quick succession.

He used a finger sword strike first then a spear hand strike and, lastly, a claw strike. His left hand basically did not stop for a moment. Only by attacking quickly 3 times in a row was he able to pierce into Di Tong’s body.

However, his right hand was still penetrated and is dripping a lot of blood.

“Though I used a sneak attack, the Flaming Sword was still destroyed, one Flaming Glove was damaged and my right hand was punctured.” Qin Yu lets out a long breath. But when he looks at the loot, he finds it difficult to hide the excitement on his face.

He has obtained a jade sword, which was the underlying cause of Cha Hong’s death. This is one of the legendary 9 Swords.

Another item he has obtained is Di Tong’s spear, a top-grade holy weapon.

Cha Hong’s storage bracelet is now his. Cha Hong was the Blood-red Cave’s master, so how can there possibly not be any treasures in this bracelet?

Di Tong’s spatial ring has also come into his possession. Judging from this item of storage alone, it is obvious that Di Tong was in a high position of power because not many Xiuzhenists in the overseas Xiuzhen world have a spatial ring. What are the things inside this ring?

Moreover, he has obtained Di Tong’s middle Dongxu stage yuanying and Cha Hong’s early Dongxu stage yuanying. To Qin Yu, these 2 yuanyings are more valuable than the other items. After all, real power is more important than treasures.

He immediately sucks everything in his own spatial ring.

“These corpses …” Then, he looks at Cha Hong’s and Di Tong’s corpses and thinks for a while. Afterwards, he sucks these corpses in his spatial ring as well. When the bodies have been removed, even if someone else discovers the emptiness at this place, they will not be able to figure out what happened for some time.

Nearly half of the underground secret rooms have been destroyed but, due to the restrictive spell, nobody outside knows about this yet. After getting out of the secret floor, Qin Yu gently breaks the restrictive spell. He simply does not care what someone will think when they discover the battlefield at this place.

He then immediately uses his body-maneuvering skill. With the golden stellar energy running through his whole body, he rushes straight back to his courtyard house in the eastern part like a golden beam of light.

End of b5c32.

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