Book 5 Chapter 3

B5C3: Mortal danger

Qin Yu’s and Xiao Hei’s faces have become very unpleasant to look at.

There are currently 16 blue octopuses surrounding them altogether. 12 of these octopuses are even in a formation. Various streams of demonic elemental energy have enfolded them in the center of the formation like a perfect net.

“12 Gates Encircling Formation.” Qin Yu’s heart skips a beat.

The 12 Gates Encircling Formation is no profound formation but the frightening thing is that its users at the moment are 12 Jindan stage octopuses. Octopuses have huge bodies and also, in general, extremely great amounts of demonic elemental energy. Even though these octopuses are only at the Jindan stage, they are much more fearsome than ordinary demonic beasts of the same power level.

When 12 Jindan stage octopuses join forces, even if without the enhancing effect of a formation, the sum of their personal Jindan-stage power alone will not be something that Qin Yu and Xiao Hei can defeat. Even worse, their power is being amplified by the formation.

“I never thought we’d get stuck in this place right after leaving home.” Qin Yu cannot help forcing a smile inwardly.

During this period of time, it has been very relaxing for him and Xiao Hei to drift and fool around on the ocean. However, he has only been on the surface of the ocean before. Now that he has come into contact with the real world of demonic beasts underwater, he knows that the path of Xiuzhen is not so easy to walk at all.

No wonder Fengyuzi has never dared to enter the ocean and said that the most fearsome power in the ocean is the underwater demonic beasts.

“Big brother, what now?” Xiao Hei hurriedly asks.

Qin Yu quickly tries to come up with a solution, but seeing that big formation, he is speechless.

A formation arranged by 12 Jindan stage octopuses is really not something they, a man and an eagle, can breach.

Qin Yu’s mind becomes ruthless: “I won’t let whoever wants to trouble me get off scot-free.” Even though he is sincere to his friends, one must remember that he used to be an assassin and therefore is really not soft-hearted.

“Big brother, 16 Jindan demonic beasts, and the 4 that aren’t in the formation have reached the late Jindan stage. But that red octopus is the most fearsome one. It should be at the Yuanying stage.” Xiao Hei’s voice has become ice-cold and is no longer as playful as it used to be.

“Since we can’t run, prepare to fight.”

The muscle power in the depths of Qin Yu’s entire body seems to be wakened up. He is going to go all out no matter what, because he is really not a coward who will be easy meat for other people. The Flaming Sword and Flaming Gloves are his most powerful weapons.

One man and one eagle lock their holy senses firmly onto the opponents in their surroundings. They do not dare to relax their concentration a little bit and is ready to attack at any moment.

Both of them can totally feel that this is a dangerous situation.

A mortal danger!

There are 12 Jindan stage octopuses in a 12 Gates Encircling Formation and 4 other late Jindan demonic beasts in its surroundings. At the same time, there is even a Yuanying stage red octopus, whose raging aura is being sent out nonstop.

Suddenly, the red octopus transforms into a human with a turn of his body.

He is now 2 m tall and dressed in a red robe, which is very large and seems to cover him in it completely. There is a faint smile on the mouth corners of this man, whose real form is the red octopus, at the moment.

Taking a greedy glance at Xiao Hei, he suddenly bursts out laughing: “Ha-ha … who would’ve thought a Jindan stage bird would come into the ocean? Oh my, this is really suicide. Birds are weakened quite a lot under the water. I’m Sang Mo. Prepare to be killed by me.”

Xiao Hei stares at Sang Mo with his glittering sharp eyes. His aura is not weaker than his opponent’s a bit.

Sang Mo then looks at Qin Yu. As soon as he sees him, his eyes brighten: “Ah, this is unexpectedly a … Xiuxianist. I’m really very lucky. Xiuxianists’ jindans and flesh are very pure. Absorbing them will be … a real pleasure.”

Like a womanizer who has seen a beauty, this octopus called Sang Mo becomes very excited upon seeing Qin Yu. His saliva seems to be about to come out of his mouth.

“Oh? You said I’m a Xiuxianist?” Qin Yu asks laughingly.

Under the current situation, Qin Yu still does not seem nervous in the slightest, nor does he hurry to flee. Instead, he has even asked Sang Mo a question.

Sang Mo says in a friendly manner as if he has seen a lamb: “Oh, my delicacy, I can feel that your aura is different from a demonic beast’s. You must be a human. Moreover, the aura that your power gives off …”

Sang Mo, who is covered in a red robe, suddenly says in a resounding voice: “… is burning hot. That blazing aura is so pure! Most Xiumoists’ auras are corrosive, evil and impure. Perhaps only the energy of top Xiumo schools’ disciples can be pure, but how can that kind of top school possibly have such a stupid disciple as you, who have even gone into the ocean?” He is not worried at all at the moment.

Within several tens thousand li of this place is his territory. Even if other experts came, they would not be able to compete against him, or else they would violate the rules. And once the rules are violated, then …

Therefore Sang Mo is not worried a bit.

Qin Yu slightly frowns.

He remembers clearly that after he and Xiao Hei dived into the ocean, as soon as weak demonic beasts saw them, they ran away, but strong demonic beasts bet on the time of their deaths. All of these demonic beasts seemed to be able to quickly spot that he and Xiao Hei were outsiders.

“Diving into the ocean is stupid? Why?” He acts the fool. Moreover, he really does not know the reason of this.

“Looks like you’re really very naïve. But … a man who dies unwillingly has very chewy flesh. I like to eat that kind of flesh the most. So, I won’t tell you tell you the reason. Ha-ha … just prepare to die an unwilling death.”

Sang Mo’s sharp laughter comes out from inside the red robe. He then makes a wave of his hand.

“Father, I’ve never eaten a Xiuxianist. Tut-tut, I really want to get a taste of him. Could you give me just a leg?” A late Jindan-stage blue octopus on one side, which has turned into an evil-looking young man, says to Sang Mo.

After smacking his lips a couple of times, Sang Mo says unwillingly: “You little brat. Alright, I’ll give you a leg.” He is somewhat indulgent towards his son.

That evil-looking young man becomes excited at once: “This is really too good. Father, give me that eagle too, okay?”

“Sang Tu!” Sang Mo’s face darkens. A red beam of light shoots out from his eyes. “What I hate the most is … the insatiable type. Though you’re my son, I’ve already given you a leg of a Xiuxianist, if you keep talking nonsense, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Immediately Sang Tu no longer dares to say anything. Once Sang Mo gets ruthless, even though he will not kill him, it will still be possible that he will throw him in jail for a hundred years or so.

Sang Mo looks at those 12 octopuses in the formation and gently makes a wave of his hand.

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei, who are being surrounded by the formation, have activated all of their power, ready to launch their most powerful attacks anytime.

“Big brother.” Xiao Hei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

With his entire body emitting clack sounds, Qin Yu also uses holy sense communication: “Xiao Hei, there must be no mistakes in this fight. Prepare to go all out. After breaking out of the formation, we must rely on our speeds to run away. Even if only one of us can escape, that’ll be enough.” He is not confident that both he and Xiao Hei will escape.

“Screw them. Let’s go all out. Even if I have to die, I’ll take some of them with me.” Xiao Hei has become furious.

Suddenly --

“Netting.” Sang Mo gives an order with a very brilliant smile.

The 12 blue octopuses instantly channel their demonic elemental energy into their formation. That formation unexpectedly forms a net of energy, which comes straight at Qin Yu and Xiao Hei, trying to tie them up. At the same time, the 12 blue octopuses follow the net closely and attack them together.

These octopuses also know very well that, while the 12 Gates Encircling Formation is formidable in surrounding people, its offensive power is ordinary.

“Perhaps the joint force of 12 brats alone is enough to handle that Xiuxianist and that eagle.” By now Sang Mo has already planned ahead for everything, what is there for him to worry about? He is even a Yuanying-stage demonic beast and, moreover, an octopus, whose offense is extremely powerful.

Sang Mo is much more formidable than Xiang Yang even though both of them are early Yuanying stage experts.

A divine beast can easily kill 10 Xiuxianists who are at the same power level as it is. Sang Mo is not a divine beast, but he must be able to deal with 2 to 3 Xiuxianists of his power level.

“Xiao Hei!”

Qin Yu suddenly shouts loudly. At the same time, the Flaming Sword appears in his hand. He makes a slash at the energy net with it, but somehow the net unexpectedly is not cut open. However, Xiao Hei, who was shouted to by Qin Yu a moment ago, takes a swipe with an eagle claw.


The energy net is shattered. Its energy scatters all around.

“Chirp ~~”

An extremely resounding eagle cry comes out from Xiao Hei’s mouth. Concurrently with that, he shoots up with a movement of his wings. An octopus gently swings its 8 huge long tentacles downwards and unexpectedly rushes up like a flash. At the same time --

It sweeps its tentacles, which are as thick as buckets, ferociously at Xiao Hei like huge whips. That octopus’s 8 tentacles are very powerful. Xiao Hei’s eyes glitter --


2 flashes of lightning shoot out directly from his eyes and hit that octopus’s body. That octopus immediately gets a shock, but when Xiao Hei wants to run away, 5 to 6 other octopuses have already stood all around him.

Each of them has 8 tentacles as thick as buckets. Several tens such very nimble tentacles have completely surrounded Xiao Hei, leaving him no way out.

“In an unavoidable fight, the brave one wins. It’s time to go all out!”

Qin Yu clenches his teeth. His entire body turns into a whirlwind.


Immediately after a loud shout by him, a miserable cry is heard. 3 tentacles have been cut off. Qin Yu is holding the Flaming Sword in a hand. Because this high-grade holy weapon is filled with stellar sword energy, even if the tentacle were more formidable, they would still not be able to withstand its attacks.

Sang Mo, who is watching the fight from a distance, gives several continuous cold laughs: “3rd bro, you go play with him a bit.”

“Yes, big brother.”

There are 4 late Jindan stage blue octopuses beside Sang Mo at the moment. One of them is his son and the others 3 are his brothers. He already noticed long ago that this man and this eagle had not reached the Yuanying stage.

“Cut off my tentacles, die.”

A sharp voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind through holy sense communication. The octopus whose 3 tentacles were severed by Qin Yu a moment ago is brandishing its other 5 tentacles like crazy. At the same time, a black air stream suddenly rushes out from it. In an instant, the air stream has already covered several hundred meters.


Qin Yu holds his breath at once, but that black poisonous air unexpectedly can enter his body through his pores. In just a moment, Qin Yu feels a numbing sensation in the places that have been permeated into by it. He immediately channels his stellar energy forcefully, stopping all of the poisonous air.


When he has just hurriedly stopped the poisonous air, a terrifyingly powerful force smashes into his waist squarely. His whole body is sent flying uncontrollably. At the same time, several tentacles continuously hit him with loud bangs, basically giving him no time to adjust to the situation. He is smashed back and forth like a sandbag.

Using a Flaming Glove, Qin Yu violently makes a grab at a tentacle and tears it apart directly. Then, making use of the force, he dodges to one side with a swaying movement of his body to get a peaceful moment. Blood is oozing from his mouth. He spits the blood inside his mouth out, his eyes glittering with coldness.

“Screw you, a bunch of eight-armed bastards.”

Qin Yu’s body is very strong and has been trained to the point where it is comparable to holy weapons. In addition to that, the clothes he is wearing can absorb more than half of the offensive force, so he has not suffered any serious injuries. By now Xiao Hei has also been surrounded by 7 or 8 octopuses.

The number of octopuses surrounding Qin Yu starts to increase. Their tentacles are swung at him nonstop. Sometimes there is even demonic elemental energy moving around on the tentacles.

“There are too many tentacles.” With a shake of his body, he evades one wave of attacks, but it is immediately followed up by the smashes of 6 or 7 tentacles. The octopuses’ frightening demonic elemental energy keeps surging forth bombarding him as well. For the moment Qin Yu is like a small fish in a net.

His holy sense has been expanded to the utmost. He is totally aware of the overall situation.

Xiao Hei is currently also in a tight corner. His flashes can only numb these demonic beasts for a while at best. His Flaming Lightning is capable of killing one demonic beast, but how can he possibly shoot out several streams of Flaming Lightning? Even though he has other special skills, all of them require him to put his life on the line to execute.

“That Yuanying demonic beast hasn’t got into action yet. If I don’t go all out again, there’ll be no hope of escaping.” The corners of Qin Yu’s eyes slightly tremble. His eyes also begin to redden. In just a moment, the energy inside his body has reached its limit.

“Xiao Hei, get ready to use the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times.”

Qin Yu’s voice suddenly rises in Xiao Hei’s mind. Hearing this, Xiao Hei however says using his holy sense: “Big brother, I'm being surrounded by several tens tentacles. How can I use the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times?” He is deeply distressed. But, as soon as he finishes saying, a scene that shocks him takes place.


Seeing that scene, Xiao Hei totally understands that Qin Yu is using the Stellar Field. The stellar energy, which is moving extremely fast, forms a huge nebula around Qin Yu, increasing the speed of his entire body by almost 10 times in an instant.

“Break, break, break!!!”

His body moves like a flash. He simply does not attack Sang Mo. Instead, he rushes towards Xiao Hei. Using the Flaming Sword, he cuts off the tentacles that get on his way like crazy, totally disregarding their smashes on his body.

Even though blood spurts from the severed tentacles, it still cannot block his vision. He stares at Xiao Hei, shouting loudly: “Xiao Hei, run!”

After this one act by Qin Yu, the original 10-odd octopuses have become totally confused. Xiao Hei immediately comes to his senses. He performs the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times technique, rushing upwards extremely fast. Following this, Qin Yu is ready to run for his life on his flying sword too.

Suddenly --


A bulky tentacle smashes into his body squarely with a terrifying force that is much more powerful than those of the previous attacks. Qin Yu’s entire body gets a shock as if struck by lightning. Blood spouts from his mouth like water.

“Big brother!!!” With a shake of his wings, Xiao Hei unexpectedly rushes back.

End of b5c3.

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