Book 5 Chapter 25

B5C25: Zhuang Zhong’s secret!

Sang Mo, who is going very fast, suddenly stops and immediately takes out a transmitter. Right after he makes a sweep with his holy sense, his expression freezes. But in just a moment, his facial muscles move again while his eyes glitter with ferocity.

“Ha-ha ~~~” Sang Mo bursts out laughing viciously. His laughter sounds mad like the piercing cries of a crow.

Sang Mo then suppresses his laughter. His eyes are filled with killing intent and an extremely excitement: “Liu Xing, just as I expected, you’re the Xiuxianist. Ha-ha, Heaven has helped me. You killed my son and my clan’s members and humiliated me in front of the other guardians. Today I’m going to tell cave master about your betrayal. Humph, if I can’t get your soul destroyed, will I still have the face to continue living?”

While he is smiling menacingly, his red robe suddenly flaps, and he rushes straight back towards the Blood-red Cave like a red light beam.


There were only moments from Xiao Hei’s appearance to when Bai Yin was finally killed. During this very short period of time, Bai Yin, Ran Lan and Mu Xu were killed and Zhuang Zhong switched sides by killing Ran Lan. What that has happened is really shocking.

“Big brother, when I reached the Yuanying stage, my power increased several times. Killing a middle Yuanying midget is very easy for me. I’m even pretty certain that I can beat early Dongxu stage experts.” Xiao Hei says proudly while flapping his wings.

Qin Yu is secretly astounded.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Hei, you said early Dongxu experts? Don’t brag please. Do you think you’re a divine beast?” Qin Yu says laughingly.

Xiao Hei however becomes furious and says indignantly: “What do you know? This is my secret. Listen, as my power improves, I experience greater transformations. I suffered so much pain when undergoing that forbidden technique before. Do you think I endured it for nothing?”

Qin Yu is very clear about this in his heart.

According to what Xiao Hei told him previously, Xiao Hei must overcome the 9-From-9th Heaven Tribulation to be able to transform into a human. Generally, only divine beasts have to fulfill such a requirement.

But if Xiao Hei is really a divine beast, why 3 years ago, when he had just reached the late phase of the Jindan stage and had used that forbidden technique, he was slightly weaker than that middle Yuanying stage Cha Po? Qin Yu does not understand this point. He always feels that Xiao Hei is a bit weaker than divine beasts.

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are talking to each other through their holy senses but Zhuang Zhong remains motionless.

“Xiao Hei, how do you think should we deal with this geezer?” Qin Yu deliberately says aloud and looks at Zhuang Zhong at the same time. Hei Yu also turns around and looks at him. His eyes glitter with a blue light. A strange aura from him presses towards Zhuang Zhong.

Zhuang Zhong talks first: “Guardian Liu Xing, I knew that when you and this senior join forces, even with my help, Bai Yin and his mates would still be no match for you. Since I’m no match for you and I don’t want to die either, please allow me to join your side, guardian Liu Xing. Later, even if you want to overthrow Cha Hong, I’ll definitely support you.”


Qin Yu looks at Zhuang Zhong but says nothing. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, various streams of stellar energy roll out from him and immediately collect the yuanyings of Ran Lan, Mu Xu and Bai Yin, as well as their storage bracelets and holy weapons.

“These 3 fellas unexpectedly didn’t make their yuanyings explode in the end.” Qin Yu cannot help saying smilingly as he recalls how Xiang Yang self-destructed before.

Had the 3 of them self-destructed, at least Qin Yu would not have obtained their yuanyings.

Zhuang Zhong says: “Guardian Liu Xing, only idiots will make their own yuanyings explode.”

“What kind of stupid idea is that?” Qin Yu counters with a question.

Zhuang Zhong says at once: “After a Xiuyaoist is killed, his soul can still stay in this world for a short time. This period of time is enough for him to self-destruct. But, being able to self-destruct is one thing, whether he dares to self-destruct is another thing.”

“Firstly, when the yuanying begins to self-destruct, the enemies near it will immediately notice the undulation of its energy and move away extremely fast. So, even though they can be hurt by the explosion, they will not die from it. The 2nd reason is the most important. When the yuanying self-explodes, his soul will be blown to pieces!” A faint smile appears on Zhuang Zhong’s face.

“Since self-destruction, firstly, can’t kill the enemies and, secondly, destroys one’s soul, what practitioners would dare to self-destruct? They all know the horror of having their souls destroyed very well. Once the soul is destroyed, a creature will really disappear from this world forever.” Zhuang Zhong’s expression becomes a bit solemn.

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei exchange a look.

What Zhuang Zhong said is really not wrong. Generally, it is really difficult to kill an enemy by detonating the yuanying. After all, it takes a short time to ignite the yuanying so the enemy can move away beforehand. Even if the enemy is seriously injured, he will not be killed. Who would be willing to destroy his own soul without being able to kill the enemy?

“The only good thing about blowing up your own yuanying is that the enemies won’t be able to have it.” Zhuang Zhong says smilingly.

Qin Yu immediately laughs.

In this battle, he has obtained 3 yuanyings at one stroke. These are the energy nuclei of those Xiuyaoists. If he uses them to practice after going back, he will definitely make a great improvement.

“Then why didn’t Bai Yin and the other 2 self-destruct?” Qin Yu says. “If they had self-destructed, I wouldn’t have obtained their yuanyings, right? It looks like they were cowards.”

Zhuang Zhong says disdainfully: “Self-destruct, how could they have dared to? Moreover, Ran Lan and Bai Yin simply didn’t have any chance to self-destruct. My punch shattered Ran Lan’s head and destroyed his soul instantly. Senior Black Eagle also crushed Bai Yin’s head and destroyed his soul. Without the souls, they were unable to self-destruct, even if they had wanted to. As for Mu Xu, he was already dead so his yuanying was basically useless to him. As a selfish fella, he didn’t have the courage to blow up his own soul!”

Zhuang Zhong looks at Qin Yu and says doubtfully: “Guardian Liu Xing, could it be you don’t know that the soul is very weak? If hit once by the energy of the explosion, it will be destroyed immediately.”

Qin Yu is surprised.

He has never researched deep into this area of knowledge, but when he thinks carefully about what Zhuang Zhong said, he knows that it is true. When Qin Yu killed Mu Xu just now, he only destroyed the latter’s heart. The neatest way of killing Mu Xu would have been to shatter his head, thereby destroying his soul.

When killing an enemy, one should destroy the enemy’s soul so that they will never be able to stand up again!

“Not only is the soul alone weak, even the yuanying that has fused with the soul is very weak outside the body. Do you know why some super experts who have lost their physical bodies have to practice as loose immortals? The reason is that even though the yuanying has a lot of energy, its defense is too weak. They simply don’t dare to fight their enemies using their yuanyings.”

Qin Yu understands this.

Not even Dongxu stage experts will fly their soul-fused yuanyings out of their bodies to fight their enemies.

The 1st reason for this is that a yuanying’s defense is not strong enough. And the 2nd is that once a soul-fused yuanying is damaged, the soul will very likely be injured as well, which will be fatal. Therefore, after losing their physical bodies, even super experts will have to practice as loose immortals, that is materializing loose immortal bodies to protect their cores, the yuanyings.

Now Qin Yu even has a faint good impression of Zhuang Zhong.

“Zhuang Zhong, this time I’ve betrayed that cave master. If you’re not dead, what can I do when you tell cave master about this? It’s a bad thing to cut the weeds without digging up the roots. I’ve got no reason to spare you.” He ponders and says.

As Zhuang Zhong hears Qin Yu say so, his expression becomes solemn.

He raises a palm and says seriously: “I, Zhuang Zhong, swear to Heaven that if I ever betray guardian Liu Xing or reveal his secret, I shall be struck to death by lightning and get my soul destroyed and never be reborn.” His voice is resounding and very solemn.

At this moment, both Qin Yu and Xiao Hei have a special feeling, one that only their souls can perceive.

A feeling of an undulation in the fabric of nature!

“Good.” Qin Yu gives a smile.

As a Xiuzhenist, Qin Yu knows very well about oaths. If the taker of an oath does not keep it, he will definitely be punished. Some ignorant mortals in the mortal world can swear casually, but a Xiuzhenist like Qin Yu does not dare to do so.

“But you and my 2nd brother Hei Yu will have to go into hiding for a period of time first. When it’s totally safe, I’ll tell you immediately through your transmitter.” Having come up with a plan, he says to Zhuang Zhong at once.

Zhuang Zhong however says smilingly: “I understand your intention, guardian Liu Xing. This time you want to shift the blame onto me, don’t you?”

Qin Yu laughs. It feels really good to have a smart subordinate, especially when this subordinate is absolutely loyal to him.

“Guardian Liu Xing, I’ve got one thing to tell you. This is a very important thing. If you can’t resolve it, perhaps your plan will be no use.” Zhuang Zhong’s face becomes somewhat serious. Seeing his expression, Qin Yu concentrates his attention on listening to him.

“Guardian Liu Xing, before dying, Bai Yin already sent a message about your rebellion through his transmitter.”

The color of Qin Yu’s face immediately changes.

This is bad!

In an instant, cold sweat exudes from his entire back. Once this message about his rebellion reaches the Blood-red Cave, the cave master Cha Hong will definitely hunt him down. This is an early Dongxu stage expert whose true form is even a blood-red aquatic python, an extremely formidable demonic beast.

It is difficult to tell how powerful Cha Hong really is.

“Don’t worry, guardian Liu Xing.” Zhuang Zhong seems to have a card up his sleeve.

Qin Yu looks at him. Seeing Zhuang Zhong’s confident appearance, he cannot help slightly getting his hopes up. He immediately asks: “Zhuang Zhong, what solution do you have? Can you tell me everything about it?”

Zhuang Zhong says with a nod: “Guardian Liu Xing, all the guardians under the Blood-red Cave have their own calculations. Which of them is absolutely loyal? Even if Bai Yin had sent this message to the other guardians, would they dare to tell someone else about it? Guardian Hou Fei’s power is no joke.”

Hearing this, Qin Yu relaxes.

With Hou Fei beside him, would those guardians dare to oppose him?

“Also, must Bai Yin’s words be the truth?” Zhuang Zhong laughs strangely.

Qin Yu is startled. He then also bursts out laughing.

That’s right! Does the message sent by guardian Bai Yin have to be true? Is it impossible that guardian Bai Yin wanted to frame him? Moreover, all the witnesses at the scene have died and the dead cannot provide evidence. At this point, if Qin Yu still did not know what to do, he would be a real fool.

“Bai Yin said I’m a traitor, but can’t I say that he was a traitor? Plus, I also got an attester.”

After Qin Yu knew about this matter, his plan is changed. Originally Zhuang Zhong was not allowed to go back and had to hide outside for a period of time, but now Zhuang Zhong has to return. This is an excellent attester, mostly because other Xiuyaoists in the Blood-red Cave have always considered him to be honest.

Zhuang Zhong also nods his head.

“But there’s someone you must kill, guardian Liu Xing. It’s Sang Mo. There’s a feud between Sang Mo and you. After getting this message, he’ll surely come up with countless ways to persuade cave master. I know cave master. He’s ambitious and powerful, but very suspicious in nature. Once Sang Mo succeeds, then …”

Hearing Zhuang Zhong’s words, Qin Yu also understands.

Other Xiuyaoists will not provoke Qin Yu because they are afraid of Hou Fei’s formidable power. After all, even if they report this message, they will not get any benefit. Instead, they will offend Qin Yu. But Sang Mo is different. He will definitely think of various ways to deal with Qin Yu.

“No good. He’s now in the Blood-red Cave. Even if I go back at my fastest speed, it’ll take me more than a half day.” Qin Yu’s face changes color.

Zhuang Zhong says smilingly: “If my guess is correct, Sang Mo’s definitely been tailing us. Now, you only need to message guardian Hou Fei, telling him to check the cave once. If Sang Mo is in the cave, kill him immediately. If he’s not in the cave, guardian Hou Fei must wait outside to stop and kill him.”

Qin Yu however thinks about a problem.

If Sang Mo informed the cave master through his transmitter right after getting the message, that will be terrible.

Zhuang Zhong, seeming to know what Qin Yu is thinking, says: “Don’t worry, guardian. Cave master definitely hasn’t been told about it. He has often undergone closed-door training for the last 100 years. More importantly, he hates being disturbed during a training session the most and doesn’t even carry a transmitter when training. Almost every guardian knows this.”

Qin Yu gives a smile.

He and Hou Fei have just joined the Blood-red Cave so they are not aware of this matter.

“Fei Fei, quickly check the Blood-red Cave once. If you see Sang Mo in the cave, kill him immediately. If he’s not inside, wait at the entrance to stop and kill him. You mustn’t let him meet cave master no matter what.”

Qin Yu sends this message through his transmitter to Hou Fei.

Hou Fei, who is extremely bold, is the most suitable to handle a task like this. After sending the message, Qin Yu feels very relaxed.

“Guardian Liu Xing, I still have a secret to tell you.” It seems Zhuang Zhong wants to tell Qin Yu everything to show his loyalty. In fact Zhuang Zhong also knows that if he kept some secret, it would be very bad for him if Qin Yu discovered this one day.

He has seen clearly that Qin Yu is helped by 2 super experts, Hei Yu and Hou Fei, who, in his estimation, are at least comparable to ordinary late Yuanying stage experts in power, or maybe even stronger. To surrender to and become dependent on someone with such strong support is no problem to him.

A faint smile appears on Qin Yu’s face: “Oh, what secret?”

At this moment, Qin Yu is very pleased with him.

Zhuang Zhong says solemnly: “Not even a practitioner more diligent than Cha Hong would undergo closed-door training for almost 100 years in a row. Moreover, according to my investigation, Cha Hong wasn’t this hard-working earlier than 100 years ago. Also, more than 100 years ago, the Blood-red Cave got more than 20 guardians, but some incident happened and the number of guardians was suddenly reduced by half.”

“This coupled with the fact that Cha Hong has often undergone closed-door training for the last 100 years makes me think that his closed-door training is related to this incident in which those guardians disappeared all at once.” Zhuang Zhong’s eyes glitter.

End of b5c25.

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