Book 5 Chapter 21

B5C21: As small as a needle

In that moment, Qin Yu thinks about many things in his mind. Should he enter the Blood-red Cave’s headquarters and become a guardian?

“Brother Liu Xing.” Cha Po looks at Qin Yu in expectation.

Qin Yu gives Cha Po a look then suddenly says: “Since vice master is so sincere, and Fei Fei really wants to become a guardian too, it’s unsuitable for me to obstruct him. All right, I agree with this matter.” After this, he says no more.

Cha Po always feels uneasy when talking to Qin Yu.

The reason of this is that Qin Yu is absorbing all of the energies around him like a black hole, which makes him look very worrisome and frightening. Cha Po would rather deal with Hou Fei than deal with Qin Yu. Even though Hou Fei can become furious easily, once he finds out what Hou Fei likes, it will be very easy to handle Hou Fei.

“Ha-ha, brother Hou Fei, brother Liu Xing, please follow me.”

Cha Po thus leads the 2 experts and rushes to the Blood-red Cave. At the moment his heart is very excited. The positions of the big powers in the underwater world were not passed down to them from their ancestors and they had to rely on their own abilities to fight for those positions. The stronger one’s abilities are, the higher his status is.

In Cha Po’s estimation, Hou Fei’s power is definitely comparable to that of the no. 1 guardian Teng Bi, a horned dragon.

Cha Po, Qin Yu and Hou Fei go in the front while the 4 guardians, Bai Yin, Ran Lan, Mu Xu and Zhuang Zhong, go behind them. The 13 guardians are also divided into smaller groups and these 4 Xiuyaoists are a group. Now that 2 new experts have joined their ranks, they also have to calculate a bit for the future.

“Bai Yin, that Liu Xing is still manageable, his power is only comparable to mine. But that monkey …” Ran Lan says to Bai Yin.

Bai Yin strokes his chin, ponders for a while then says: “For the moment we mustn’t provoke Hou Fei. This monkey is too strong. Perhaps only Teng Bi can rival him. As for Liu Xing, humph, that fella …”

Bai Yin’s words are filled with disdain for Qin Yu.

“Don’t be too careless. We better be careful. That Liu Xing fellow should be practicing a special technique. I knew this as soon as I saw that his body wasn’t giving off any energy. In my opinion, his offense must be very strange.” Zhuang Zhong warns on one side.

Mu Xu however says with scorn: “There’s no need to worry so much about them. Everybody should think about what vice master said just now, 1000 guards. But there are only 5000 in total, where are these 1000 going to come from?”

Immediately, these several guardians fall silent.

All guardians value the groups of guards they really control very much because, firstly, the number of guards in a group is a symbol of the respective guardian’s individual power, and secondly, the more guards they are directly in charge of, the higher their levels of status are.

The 13 guardians control different numbers of guards. For example, the no. 1 guardian Horned Dragon Teng Bi alone has 1000 out of the 5000 guards under his command. This represents his individual power, as well as his status!

“Big brother, big brother, I got an urgent thing to tell you!”

Standing outside the secret room, Cha Po calls loudly. However, he is somewhat resentful in his heart: “Big brother is really unreasonable. He’s always doing closed-door training. Also, he doesn’t let anyone disturb him during his closed-door training and doesn’t even carry a transmitter.”

Every time he wants to meet Cha Hong, he must stand outside the door and shout like this.

Following a series of movement noises, the stone door opens. Cha Hong walks out with a cold expression. Seeing Cha Po, he shouts loudly: “2nd brother, I closed the door just a moment ago. What are you making a fuss about out here? What’s your urgent matter? Say it quickly!”

Even though Cha Hong is furious, he knows that Cha Po must have come to find him for some important reason.

“Big brother, I’ve recruited 2 more guardians.” Cha Po says with a mysterious expression. “Plus, one of them is exceptionally strong.”

Cha Hong’s eyes brighten at once.

In the underwater Xiuyao world, the more guardians the better. The big powers here always try to recruit as many guardians as possible. After all, the weakest guardian already has the offense of a Yuanying stage expert so a powerhouse will become stronger as its number of guardians increases.

“Exceptionally strong? How strong is he exactly?” Cha Hong is very happy in his heart.

Since obtaining his black jade case, he has been sure that one day he will eventually have to face the 3 superpowers. But to face them, he must have enough forces and experts. Therefore, he is currently in need of super experts the most.

“I, Bai Yin and 3 other guardians, there were 5 of us in total. We were very strong, don’t you think? But even though we joined forces, that fella beat us in just a while. We basically couldn’t fight back. I feel that he isn’t weaker than Teng Bi!”

Cha Po says contentedly. Having successfully invited such an expert to become a guardian, he is certainly very excited.

“Not weaker than Teng Bi?” Even Cha Hong cannot help smiling. In the past, to persuade Teng Bi to become a guardian of his, he himself had to put in quite a lot of effort. But now he has gained another expert of the same level as Teng Bi.

Cha Po says smilingly: “Big brother, don’t waste time thinking. Just follow me. I want them to be officially granted positions of guardians and Blood-red Crimson Cards as soon as possible!”

Only the cave master is eligible to bestow a Blood-red Crimson Card on someone. Cha Po after all is only the vice master. The cave master must personally deal with important matters such as announcing the appointment of a new guardian.

“Good, I’ll go get the Blood-red Crimson Cards ready. You summon the guardians and the leaders of the guard squads into the main hall right now. I’ll be there immediately.” At the moment Cha Hong is high-spirited and vigorous. He goes straight to the treasury in the rear hall without delay.

The appointment of 2 new guardians is a really important matter.

Not only the 13 guardians, but even the leaders of some guard squads also gather in the main hall. Theoretically, because there are 100 guards in a squad, there should be 50 squad leaders here, but quite a few of them are currently outside hunting for Qin Yu.


2 adjacent separate courtyard houses in the eastern part of the Blood-red Cave have become Qin Yu’s and Hou Fei’s dwelling places. Each house has 3 female Xiuyaoists who are all very seductive, clever and obedient.

The several tens courtyard houses in the eastern part of the palace share a garden. At the moment, Qin Yu and Hou Fei are sitting opposite each other at a stone table in the garden and chatting.

“Congratulations, I am Ba Ming. This is my 2nd brother Ba Jian and this is my 3rd brother Ba Shan. Us 3 brothers are also guardians of the Blood-red Cave.” 3 men who are almost identical in appearance and wearing greenish black armor walk up to Qin Yu and Hou Fei and greet them.

Hou Fei’s eyes brighten. He laughs strangely and says: “Black turtles? I’m Hou Fei. This is my big brother Liu Xing. Brothers, the defense of the 3 of you must be very impressive. Spar with me sometime, okay?”

The 3 brothers’ complexions immediately change. Ba Ming says with a forced smile: “Brother Hou Fei, we already heard about your formidability. When even Zhuang Zhong’s Heaven Raising Shell can’t withstand your attacks, us 3 brothers definitely can’t either. Please spare us.”

Ba Ming and his 2 brothers are very smart so they immediately admit defeat.

“So disappointing.” Hou Fei is very disappointed.

“Ha-ha, it’s really rare to see Ba Ming and his brothers admit defeat so easily. But brother Hou Fei is too strong so they can’t be blamed.” Bai Yin says smilingly while approaching from the distance. Ran Lan, Mu Xu and Zhuang Zhong are going beside him.

Ba Ming and his brothers give Bai Yin a look and utter a cold ‘humph’ but say nothing.

“Oh my, there are really many guardians here today. Who’s this handsome gentleman? A newly-arrived guardian, isn’t it?” 2 enchantingly beautiful women walk up to them. One of the women is dressed in green while the other is dressed in red.

The green-clad woman says with a he-he laugh: “I am Yan Qing. Nice to meet the two of you.”

The red-clad woman also says flirtatiously: “I am Xi Yan. Nice to meet the two of you.”

“Ha-ha, these 2 snake women, who are you seducing? Ha-ha …” Following the loud and clear laughs, 2 large men continuously walk out. With a sweep of his holy sense, Qin Yu discovers that their true forms are 2 tiger sharks.

“Wu Tong.”

“Wu Feng.”

The 2 large men introduce themselves at once.

“Here is my big brother Liu Xing. I’m Hou Fei,” says Hou Fei casually. He then counts at will: “Well, Bai Yin and his mates are 4, 3 black turtles, 2 tiger sharks, 2 babes, so 11 are here already. Who are the other 2?”

At this moment, loud and clear laughs rise.

“Wu Tong, Wu Feng, you 2 unexpectedly didn’t wait for me. Ha-ha, looks like I’m already late. I am Sang Mo. Nice to meet the 2 of you.” Red-robed Sang Mo walks up to them while laughing out loud.

Qin Yu, who has been sitting on one side, slightly raises his head and gives Sang Mo an ice-cold look.

“Sang Mo, I’m Liu Xing.” Surprisingly, he stands up and focuses his eyes completely on Sang Mo. There is a faint unfathomable smile on his face at the moment. The others simply cannot understand why he is smiling.

The smile on Sang Mo’s face freezes.

Just now, when the other guardians came, Qin Yu basically did not say a word. Moreover, there is a frosty air about him so they unconsciously said nothing to him. But now they all become fairly curious because he is talking to Sang Mo.

“Guardian Sang Mo?” Qin Yu continues.

Sang Mo suddenly wakes up with a start. However, only after looking Qin Yu up and down does he says smilingly: “Brother Liu Xing, when I saw you just now, I felt as if I was seeing an old friend so I behaved tactlessly.” He basically can lie without batting an eyelid.

Qin Yu also smiles then sits down again and drinks the tea alone.

Sang Mo however is pondering nonstop in his mind because as soon as he saw Qin Yu moments ago, he got a feeling that he knew him. But no matter how hard he tries, he cannot remember when he met this guardian Liu Xing before.

“This Liu Xing fella is so strange. If I’d met him, I definitely wouldn’t have forgotten him. But, I absolutely have met him before.” Sang Mo is very sure. This is a feeling from the bottom of his heart so he simply does not doubt it.

After some time, a blue-clad middle-aged man comes.

“Brother Hou Fei, brother Liu Xing, this is Teng Bi, the boss. Boss Teng Bi is extremely powerful. Perhaps he’s going to reach the Dongxu stage soon.” Yan Qing says smilingly. She even gives Teng Bi a flirtatious look.

This Teng Bi has an air of iciness and fierceness about his entire body, making him look very frightening.

As Teng Bi looks at Hou Fei, his eyes suddenly brighten. He says: “Teng Bi.” The aura around his body unexpectedly starts to increase. Fighting spirit. Teng Bi knew at a glance that Hou Fei is extraordinary so his fighting spirit has also begun to rise in his heart.

Will Hou Fei be afraid of this?

“Kaka, you’re the one they call Teng Bi, right? Not bad, I’m Hou Fei.” Hou Fei says with a strange laugh, but he does not care about Teng Bi’s aura. At the same time, he sends out from his body a terrifying aura, which seems like the aura of an unmatched ferocious beast.

Feeling Hou Fei’s and Teng Bi’s auras, the other guardians all look at each other with popping eyes.

That’s it! Today, another super expert has joined the ranks of guardians. From now on they can only stand on one side.

“Very good. This place is too small. Let’s find a better place to fight later.” Teng Bi says briefly.

With a shake of his head, Hou Fei waves the black stick in his hand a couple of times and says haughtily: “Kaka, no matter the time, as long as you come find me, I’ll fight you, kaka ~~” He simply does not try to conceal the excitement in his eyes at all.

“Horned dragons are surprisingly gifted. A late Yuanying horned dragon like him should be enough for me to go all out without using berserk mode. I really look forward to this fight.” Hou Fei thinks to himself while licking his lips with his blood-red tongue. His eyes are glittering.

At this moment, Sang Mo, who has been pondering, suddenly opens his eyes wide.

“Xiuxianist, right, it’s that Xiuxianist.” He has suddenly discovered that this guardian Liu Xing gives him a feeling very similar to the feeling that the Xiuxianist gave him before despite the great difference between the general impressions they create.

As Sang Mo looks at the current Qin Yu, he is struck by a thought: “What a strange practice technique. Since it swallows up his entire aura, nobody can tell if he is a Xiuxianist or Xiuyaoist. After all, he doesn’t have a Xiuxian aura or a Xiuyao aura.”

According to his gut feeling, Sang Mo is somewhat suspicious of Qin Yu. Because Qin Yu is not giving off a bit of his aura, it is impossible to confirm that he is the Xiuxianist, but likewise, it is possible that he is the Xiuxianist.

“Brother Liu Xing.” Sang Mo says smilingly while walking towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly raises his eyes but then he continues to drink tea, basically ignoring Sang Mo.

“If I spar with him, I’ll definitely be able to determine who he is. Even if he has disguised himself, he can’t change the nature of the energy that he has been cultivating for several decades to over 100 years.” Sang Mo is very certain in his heart that if Liu Xing is really the Xiuxianist, even though he has changed his appearance and the air about him, the nature of his internal energy will still be the same as before.

Sang Mo says with a smile: “Brother Liu Xing, you’re brother Hou Fei’s big brother so your power must be exceptional. If that’s okay with you, I want to spar with you for a while.”

Qin Yu casts a glance at Sang Mo: “You?”

As before, Sang Mo responds by smiling.

Qin Yu suddenly stands up and says coldly: “All right, I agree!” The other guardians all concentrate their attention immediately to watch. With his face seemingly full of joy, Sang Mo says: “Then please show me your skills, brother Liu Xing.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. In an instant, a black flying sword starts to float above his head. Seeing Qin Yu’s black flying sword, Sang Mo is slightly disappointed as he remembers that the flying sword the Xiuxianist was using when chased by him was definitely not black.

“Illusion Spreading Sword Art 3rd Move -- Illusion Flurry!”

Right after Qin Yu makes a hand sign of the sword art, the black flying sword moves extremely fast like lightning then disappears. Everybody only sees several black gusts of wind whistling towards Sang Mo, who basically has no time to dodge and consequently is ‘fanned’ by the strong black winds for a while.

When the whole thing is over, Sang Mo’s clothes have been destroyed almost completely. Now he is practically naked and his hair is in a mess.

“Ha-ha … Sang Mo, you’re really white down there.” Ran Lan laughs out loud and says.

Covering her mouth, Yan Qing says smilingly: “Guardian Sang Mo, you’re as small as a needle down there.”

“As small as a needle, bwahaha ~~~” Hou Fei laughs out loud while holding his stomach. The other guardians also burst into loud laughter.

“Don’t overrate yourself.”

After saying, Qin Yu sits down again and slowly drinks the tea by himself, paying simply no attention to Sang Mo’s unpleasant expression.

End of b5c21.

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