Book 5, Chapter 14

B5C14: Life for life

Seeing that there are a poisonous liquid on his flying sword, Qin Yu thinks in his mind. Immediately, flames appear on the surface of the sword. They then burn away the poisonous liquid, causing ‘chi chi’ sounds. Meanwhile, Qin Yu can feel the Flaming Sword becoming increasingly easier to control.


When the huge mouth of the python is about to shut to complete the bite, the Flaming Sword goes extremely fast towards Qin Yu, who takes hold of it with a grab. After the sword was stuck on by that yellow liquid just now, he no longer dares to let the python bite at it because heaven knows what other tricks he still has up his sleeve.

After all, when the opponent dares to bite at the sword, he must already have some method to handle it.

“Ha-ha, a real good flying sword. I’m going to eat you first then take your flying sword.” Cha Ge’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind via holy sense communication. At the same time, the python’s massive body begins to move extremely fast, creating a red blur.

Qin Yu also moves extremely fast using the Stellar Field.

“This fella’s speed is too fast, especially his head and tail.” He is very worried. When using the Stellar Field, he can avoid the attacks, but this technique consumes too much energy so he cannot rely on it all the time.

He instantly rushes up to the python’s stomach.

Forming a claw with a hand, he pierces through the scaly armor on the python’s stomach with a claw strike. The power of the Flaming Gloves is simply undeniable. The python lets out a painful growl. Both the yellow mucus and the ice-cold poison fangs in his mouth can be seen clearly.


A red blur shoots at Qin Yu. When he just thinks about dodging, he is already hit.

The heavy swing smashes into his chest. Judging from a series of bone-shattering sounds heard right afterwards, 2 of Qin Yu’s breastbones should have been broken. Concurrently with this, his internal organs all get a violent shock. Blood then spurts out directly from his mouth.

“If this continues, I’ll surely be played with to death by this python. If I use the Meteor Escaping Art, it’ll take me very long to recover. I’d rather … risk my life to fight him.”

When he was first chased by the blood-red aquatic python, he immediately made a plan, one that was only going to be used in a desperate situation. And at the moment, Qin Yu has decided to put this plan into action.


Like a sharp claw, Qin Yu’s hand penetrates the blood-red aquatic python’s scales. The python utters an agonized loud growl at once and swings his tail at Qin Yu again. However, at almost the same time as when Qin Yu penetrates the scales, he does a flip and gets on the neck of the python directly. The python’s tail sweep therefore hits the wound that was caused by Qin Yu a moment ago.

“Growl ~~”

Discovering that Qin Yu has unexpectedly got on his neck, the python immediately becomes furious. He opens his basin-like blood-red large mouth and takes a bite at Qin Yu. At the same time, he thinks that Qin Yu will definitely dodge this attack.

After all, if bitten even once, Qin Yu’s body will definitely be wrecked and he, of course, will die as a result.


“A life for a life!”

Qin Yu suddenly shouts loudly and fills up the Flaming Sword in his hand with his stellar energy. He also explosively releases his entire strong physical power. Clenching his teeth, he ruthlessly thrusts the sword down.

“Let’s see if you can also survive decapitation.” Qin Yu’s ice-cold voice rises in Cha Ge’s mind through holy sense communication.

The blood-red aquatic python has already opened his basin-like blood-red large mouth. His poison fangs are easy to see. Now he is about to bite into Qin Yu but what Qin Yu has just said startles him.

Can he still live after getting beheaded?

That is impossible. The soul is located inside the head so once his head is cut off, he will surely die. Cha Ge has never thought about his death. Just now, even though he went berserk, he did not think that he would die either. After all, he is a vice master of the Blood-red Cave, no less.

Perishing together with a Xiuxianist? No way!

But he suddenly feels a series of acute pains, which stupefies him. It turns out Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword has pierced his neck. It then spins a circle through his neck violently. Seeing his death coming, Cha Ge seems to go mad. He bites into Qin Yu ferociously.

The python’s head then falls down. Cha Ge looks at Qin Yu with his ice-cold red eyes, which are full of disbelief. Has he really been killed?

Even though his head has been cut off, his consciousness can still exist for a good few seconds.

Pu ~~

Blood spouts from the severed neck. That huge headless body of the blood-red aquatic python is still wriggling and quivering nonstop.

However, the python’s head has already bitten through Qin Yu’s body. His stomach has been completely penetrated by the 2 poison fangs. Now there is a shockingly large hole on Qin Yu’s stomach. Even his spleen has been smashed while his liver has also suffered fatal injuries.

As Qin Yu sees the disbelief in Cha Ge’s pair of red eyes, a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth.

Feeling his head spinning, he hurriedly takes the head and carcass of the huge blood-red aquatic python into his spatial ring with a wave of his hand. It is essential that he does this to remove all the traces of what has happened. He knows very well that despite the Meteoric Tear’s continuous maintenance, it will not be long before he can no longer hang on.


Qin Yu goes straight into a coral reef below him. But his control over the body is getting weaker and weaker.

“I’ll leave everything to you, Meteoric Tear.”

Then he loses entire control of his body. A natural suction in his vicinity is pulling his soul. Qin Yu’s soul floats up, seemingly wanting to fly away from his body. However, at this moment, not disappointing Qin Yu’s hopes, a familiar heat current envelops his soul.

Immediately, he is not affected by that suction anymore. Feeling the presence of this heat current, he stops worrying.

Right afterwards, his body begins to slowly recover in silence …

At present, a girl is moving gracefully through the water at the bottom of the ocean. This girl is dressed in blue clothes and is holding a zither in her bosom. Her beautiful silky black hair is casually tied up with a blue silk ribbon and hangs loose about her waist, which is slender and fastened closely around by a white belt. She also appears to be slightly ample-chested. And there is always a faint, relaxed smile on her face.

The blue-clad girl is not riding a flying sword. It looks like she is going very slowly but in fact her movements have a fantastic effect which is similar to that of a distance-shrinking technique. In just a while she has already covered several thousand li. Heaven knows how many times she is faster than Qin Yu.


All of a sudden, the blue-clad girl stops in an elegant manner and casts a look at the coral reef in which Qin Yu is hiding. It seems she can see through the coral because a hint of amazement appears on her face as she is looking. Afterwards, she has a relaxed smiling expression again.

She then makes a wave of a sleeve, revealing a beautiful snowy arm.

And at this moment, Qin Yu’s body in the coral reef also disappears. Following this, the blue-clad girl continues to walk in leisurely steps while hugging her zither. In an instant, she vanishes from this area.


In a secret room of the Blood-red Cave in the Blood-red Ridge,

The Blood-red Cave’s master Cha Hong is sitting with legs crossed on a bulrush mat, continuously shooting many streams of demonic elemental energy at a black jade case that is floating in front of him. This black jade case looks very old and simple. There are 2 lively, vigorous words on its cover -- Nine Swords.

Cha Hong is the real leader of the 8 million li radius area controlled by the Blood-red Cave. He is much more powerful than his 2 younger brothers.

Early Dongxu stage!

This is Cha Hong’s real power level. In this underwater world of Xiuyaoists, where Yuanying stage practitioners are regarded as first-class experts, a Dongxu stage Xiuyaoist is certainly classified as a super expert. It should be known that even the 9 Purple Demon aquatic dragons of the Nine Demons Hall, one of the 3 underwater superpowers, are all only at the Dongxu stage.

100 years ago, when Cha Hong obtained this black jade case, he was extremely excited. From then on, he left all of the Blood-red Cave’s matters in the hands of his 2 younger brothers. By contrast, he himself has often undergone closed-door training sessions ever since with each of these training sessions lasting for several years.

This time, he has been undergoing this closed-door training session for 3 years.

After a sigh, Cha Hong stops sending out his demonic elemental energy and examines the black jade case. He says with a slight nod of his head: “It won’t be long. I’ll be able to succeed within 3 years. I’ve been trying hard for 100 years so 3 more years is no big deal.”

In order to open this black jade case, Cha Hong has been draining the energy of its seal for the last 100 years.

“Even a simple Dust Removing Seal is already so formidable. The sealer must’ve been terrifyingly powerful in the extreme.” Cha Hong’s face is full of admiration. “No wonder it was an immortal. With this power, a wave of the hand would be enough to destroy me.”

The Dust Removing Seal is one of the lowest seals in the Xiuzhen world and is generally used to prevent dust.

How powerful can a dust-preventing seal possibly be? If this was a formidable seal, once attacked, it would hit back. But this Dust Removing Seal only protects an object from getting dirtied by dust and cannot counterattack.

Luckily it cannot hit back, otherwise Cha Hong would be unable to open this jade case given his power level.

Even though it is the simplest seal, Cha Hong has had to be extremely persistent in dealing with it. During the last 100 years, he has often undergone closed-door training sessions to drain the energy of the seal bit by bit, yet the seal still has not run out of energy after such a long time.

“Penglai Immortal Region, Purple Flame Devilish Dungeon, Azure Dragon Palace, Nine Demons Hall, Blue Water Mansion, perhaps none of you thinks one of the Nine Swords is in my hands. Humph, one day, the underwater world of Xiuyaoists will definitely have 4 superpowers instead of 3!”

Cha Hong’s eyes glitter.

He has an ambition in his heart. However, he has to rely on this black jade case to achieve it.

“But my current power is still not enough. At least I have to reach the late Dongxu stage to be able to bargain with them. Now the most important thing to do is endure silently. I can’t let them know that I’ve got a jade case.” Cha Hong remembers how he was able to come into possession of this black jade case.

After thinking it through again, he is certain that he has eliminated all of the people who knew about this event and there will be absolutely no problem.

Cha Hong cannot be blamed for his cautiousness because if the superpowers such as the Azure Dragon Palace and the Nine Demons Hall get wind of this treasure, given Cha Hong’s current power, he will simply be unable to prevent them from robbing him of it. It is disaster to obtain a treasure without power to keep it.

Therefore, Cha Hong must lie low.

Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

Suddenly, knocking sounds rise continuously at the stone door outside the secret room. It seems someone is hitting the door repeatedly.

Cha Hong is furious. No one is allowed to disturb him during a closed-door training session. Because he often stays in this secret room to drain the seal’s energy, he is always uneasy. As soon as someone comes near the door, he will become worried.

“Who? Knocking the door during my training session, do you want to die?”

Cha Hong’s deep, powerful voice comes out of the room.

“Cave master, we’ve got a very bad situation. A vice master is already dead.”

With a movement of his body, Cha Hong disappears from the room in an instant, and that black jade case also disappears.


Outside the room, 3 guardians are standing respectfully at the stone door. There are very anxious looks on their faces at the moment.

Chi chi ~~~

The stone door opens. The Blood-red Cave’s master Cha Hong walks out with a dark, grave expression. He immediately shouts at the 3 guardians: “Say, who’s dead? Tell me everything in detail.”

The silvery-armored guardian among them goes forwards, saying: “Cave master, vice master Cha Ge and vice master Cha Po went out to hunt for a Xiuxianist 3 months ago. Now vice master Cha Ge is already dead.”

“Hunt for a Xiuxianist?”

Even though Cha Hong is infuriated by his younger brother’s death, he is still very sober. To handle serious matters successfully, he definitely cannot lose his composure at random.

“Cave master, some time ago, guardian Sang Mo’s son was killed by a Xiuxianist. Later, guardian Sang Mo tried to chase him down, but guardian Sang Mo was really incompetent. He unexpectedly couldn’t catch the Xiuxianist and it seems quite a few members of his clan even got killed by the enemy. Sang Mo then offered a reward for catching the Xiuxianist. It is that high-grade holy weapon Thunder Hammer.” The silvery-armored guardian gives a detailed account of the matter.

After listening, Cha Hong has a rough idea of what has happened.

His 3rd brother always wanted a high-grade holy weapon, but obtaining one is easier said than done. Even though Cha Hong used to have an extra high-grade holy weapon, he later gave it to his 2nd brother Cha Po.

He did this because he found Cha Po strong. A high-grade holy weapon would greatly enhance Cha Po’s power and turn Cha Po into another expert on his side. But if he had given the weapon to his 3rd brother, who was only at the early phase of the Yuanying stage, it would have been wasted.

Cha Ge always wanted a high-grade holy weapon so it is not hard to imagine why he got into action this time.

“3rd brother is dead? Plus, he even left together with 2nd brother. Could that Xiuxianist be very formidable?” Cha Hong asks doubtfully.

The silvery-armored guardian says: “That Xiuxianist is very weak. He’s not even reached the Yuanying stage yet. Sang Mo couldn’t catch him only because he is too fast. I simply can’t understand how vice master was killed.”

Cha Hong slightly nods.

If the Xiuxianist was really formidable and could even kill Cha Ge, perhaps Sang Mo would have been dead long ago.

“Didn’t 2nd brother go with 3rd brother? In his presence, how could 3rd brother possibly die?” Cha Hong says loudly.

The silvery-armored guardian says with a shake of his head: “I don’t know, but vice master Cha Po should be all right since his soul jade slip is still intact. As soon as I discovered the death of vice master Cha Ge, I hurriedly came here to inform you of it, so I haven’t had time to ask vice master Cha Po.”

Cha Hong takes out a transmitter.

“2nd brother, 3rd brother is already dead. What are you doing?”

At the moment, Cha Po, who is chasing Xiao Hei, is also filled with anger. His true form’s speed is not slower than Xiao Hei’s, but Xiao Hei has gone straight through some long narrow holes like a black beam of light. By contrast, because his true form is too large, he has had to crash through them and therefore has been slowed down.

“What? 3rd brother is dead?!” Cha Po is startled.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m chasing a black eagle.”

“Get the hell back at full speed for me!” Cha Hong’s message contains an extreme anger. Knowing that his 3rd brother is dead and seeing his big brother so furious, Cha Po ignores that disgusting black eagle and rushes back to the Blood-red Cave at his fastest speed.

End of b5c14.

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