Book 5, Chapter 12

B5C12: 2 brothers vs. 2 brothers

“Big brother!”

Like a beam of light, Xiao Hei pierces through the water extremely fast. His eyes are flashing with excitement. He can feel that Qin Yu is very near him and the 2 of them will be able to meet each other again soon. After all, they have already been separated for so long.

On the Qian Long continent, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei were never away from each other for such a long time. They are about to reunite so at the moment they are certainly very excited.

“No good, there’s someone.” Xiao Hei’s holy sense has quickly discovered that 2 Xiuyaoists are charging at him at extreme speeds. Judging by the feeling he gets from his holy sense alone, Xiao Hei can confirm in an instant that they are absolutely experts. Unlike Qin Yu, he does not have the nourishment of the Meteoric Tear so his holy sense is not formidable at all. Because Cha Ge has reached the early Yuanying stage while that Cha Po is even a middle Yuanying-stage expert, his holy sense is naturally weaker than theirs.

In a moment, 2 silhouettes appear in front of Xiao Hei. They are none other than the Blood-red Cave’s 2 vice masters, Cha Ge and Cha Po.

“Hah, it’s indeed a bird. A bird going down to the seabed, oh my, this is really suicide.” Cha Ge says in a strange voice. His eyes occasionally flash with cold, sinister rays of light. Even the blood-red robe on his body is emitting a cold, sinister aura with high frequency.

Cha Po looks at Xiao Hei and immediately reaches out a hand to make a grab at him.

Xiao Hei is staring at these 2 Xiuyaoists. Suddenly, he flaps a wing. Because it moves extremely fast, it turns into a black blur and hits Cha Po’s hand squarely. Surprisingly, Cha Po’s hand is deflected away and blood starts oozing out of its skin.

“You even dared to injure me?!” The cold light in Cha Po’s eyes suddenly intensifies. Obviously he has become extremely angry.

In the eyes of Cha Po, a late Jindan-stage bird is simply a piece of cake. After all, the 2 of them are basically not on the same level.

“Ha-ha … 2nd brother, I didn’t think you’d get hurt, and even worse, by a mere sub-Yuanying bird. This is really laughable.” On one side, taking pleasure in his brother’s failure, Cha Ge says while laughing out loud with his hands holding his own belly.

Cha Po of course knows Cha Ge is doing so on purpose.

“You dared to hurt me, so don’t blame me for showing no mercy, little bird.” He says coldly. His entire body then turns into a blur and charges straight at Xiao Hei. Cha Po is a middle Yuanying-stage expert after all so, despite not using his true form, he is still much faster than Sang Mo’s true form.

However … at the moment Xiao Hei is not the same as he was a half year ago.

After absorbing many demonic beasts, he has broken through the middle phase of the Jindan stage to reach the late phase. In addition to this, he has been transformed by that forbidden technique. Therefore, his speed has improved more than 100% over the last half year. Now, even Qin Yu is nowhere near as powerful as him.

A black light beam flashes away extremely fast.

“What a fast speed. How can that bird still move so fast underwater?” Cha Ge, who is watching the fight on one side, cannot help getting astonished. He quickly finds that Xiao Hei’s speed is even faster than Cha Po’s.

Following that exceptionally quick exchange of blows, Cha Po and Xiao Hei move apart in the blink of an eye.

The former then looks coldly at the latter: “No wonder a late Jindan bird like you dares to run wild at the bottom of the ocean. It turns out you’ve got some special skills. You’re really fast. Perhaps no Xiuyaoists of your power level can be as fast as you.” As Cha Po is saying, drops of blood are trickling down from his left hand.

“I have an important thing to do, don’t block my way.”

Xiao Hei says via his holy sense in an ice-cold voice. He has also realized that the opponent is very powerful. Worse still, he has not even used his true form yet. Therefore, Xiao Hei has no intention of taking the offensive either.

“Whoa, 2nd brother, I’m surprised that you were injured by a late Jindan bird.” With his eyes brightening, Cha Ge adds fuel to the fire. “You better not fight if you can’t win, otherwise it’d be very bad if you got killed by this bird. Do you … want me to help you, 2nd brother?”

Cha Po’s face turns cold. He shouts angrily: “No need. You just stay aside and watch.”

“Oh my, then I’ll keep watching your performance.” Cha Ge then just looks on from one side and says no more. He also knows he should stop before going too far. After all, if he said more and made his 2nd brother mad, the result of this would be very terrifying.

Cha Po reaches out his hands. 2 daggers suddenly appear in them. Both of these daggers radiate a blue light. Obviously they have been coated with poison.

“I hate those who are arrogant to me the most, especially … being arrogant without power to back it up.” Cha Po says coldly. Xiao Hei, however, simply remains silent and stares at him directly with his eagle eyes, which seem to be able to pierce through his soul.

Cha Po feels very uncomfortable being stared at by Xiao Hei.

“Growl ~~”

A deep growl comes out from Cha Po’s mouth. On one side, Cha Ge changes his countenance abruptly and thinks to himself: “This sucks. 2nd brother has really gone mad. Is it really worth getting mad at this bird?” He immediately backs away several li.

Holding a dagger in each hand, Cha Po charges at Xiao Hei like a beam of light at his fastest speed.

Pa! Pa!

In an instant, Xiao Hei’s eyes brighten and send out 2 blood-red flashes of lightning. Yes, they are blood-red, looking as if they are formed from a blood-red flame each. This is one of the changes that have happened to Xiao Hei as a result of him using that forbidden technique.

Cha Po is very fast, but he is not as fast as the flashes, which immediately hit him. His body cannot help going numb. At the same time, he notices the appearance of a strange force, which seems to be both absorptive and corrosive.

“What’s that?”

Cha Po, astonished, activates the energy in his body to resist it at once. That strange force’s corrosive effect is really very strong. In just a moment, it leaves a wound on Cha Po’s body. Luckily for Cha Po, he has quickly destroyed Xiao Hei’s energy with his internal demonic elemental energy.

No longer daring to be careless, Cha Po activates his entire body’s protective demonic elemental energy, ready to defend against Xiao Hei’s attacks anytime.

Xiao Hei shakes his wings once, shooting out various blood-red flashes of lightning. Compared to the ones in the past, these blood-red flashes have the same lightning offensive power but, at the same time, they are also capable of absorbing and corroding. Being struck down at by several tens flashes, even Cha Ge gets muddled up.

“Growl ~~”

He opens his mouth wide and growls. Then his mouth unexpectedly begins to enlarge, turning into a huge python mouth. His body also transforms into a shockingly massive, sinuous blood-red python.

This is a blood-red aquatic python that is almost 100 m long and whose body is twice as thick as an ordinary bucket.

With a swing of his tail, the python’s 100 m long body starts to move. In an instant, the area within several hundred meters of him is covered by his attacks. Because this blood-red aquatic python is frighteningly fast, this area is full of red blurs.


Even though Xiao Hei’s speed is astonishing, the speed of this middle Yuanying-stage expert Cha Po’s true form is even more terrifying. A red blur flashes by Xiao Hei and he is immediately sent flying.

Just now Xiao Hei’s body was hit by a fierce sweep of the python’s tail.

“I like to eat strong demonic beast the most.” Cha Po’s voice rises in Xiao Hei’s mind through holy sense communication. He then opens wide the frightening mouth of his huge python body and rushes at Xiao Hei like a beam of light.

Xiao Hei’s eyes are extraordinary. The blood-red aquatic python is very fast but he can still see his every single movement clearly, including even the movements of his tongue.

“Chirp ~~”

A light starts to flash on and off on Xiao Hei’s crown. He utters a shrill cry, which causes the water in his entire surroundings to vibrate for a short time and move outwards in all directions simultaneously, forming strong, surging undercurrents. Moreover, at this moment, the moonlight in the sky goes straight into the ocean.

“What’s going on?” Cha Po is startled.

He sees the moonlight shine on Xiao Hei in its entirety then spread out all over his body. Xiao Hei, who has been enveloped the moonlight, suddenly sends out a terrifying aura. Cha Po is secretly shocked because he can feel that fearsome aura clearly.


“This is bad. Xiao Hei is using that special skill. Could he have run into a danger?” Hearing that shrill cry, Qin Yu knows that Xiao Hei is in a difficult situation because the same skill was used to deal with Xiang Yang last time. He immediately accelerates.


Because he has already almost reached his top speed, even though he starts to go all out from this moment, he can only run a bit faster.


Feeling that this is not good, Cha Po swings his body violently at once. It looks like the python’s body is going to hit Xiao Hei squarely, but there seems to be a layer of air moving around Xiao Hei’s body at the moment, and as a result, the swing is completely parried away.

Xiao Hei spreads his wings and flaps very gently once. The light on his body is instantly concentrated on the edges of the wings. Right afterwards, it shoots out at Cha Po in the form of 2 light-colored crescent blades. Giving Cha Po basically no time to dodge, the 2 crescent blades of light hit his body extremely fast.

Chi chi ~~~

Their strong corrosive effect immediately damages Cha Po’s scales. Cha Po yells miserably. At the same time, various streams of demonic elemental energy surge forth through his body, and in just about a moment, the 2 crescent blades of light disappear.

However, two 2 to 3 m long parts on Cha Po’s 100 m long blood-red aquatic python body have been damaged. Most of the scales on these 2 parts have been corroded to the point where even the flesh underneath is exposed. However, these are merely flesh wounds.

“Growl ~~~”

The blood-red aquatic python gives a mad growl. His entire body then charges at Xiao Hei continuously like a serpentine red thunderbolt. Xiao Hei dodges nonstop like a black beam of light. This fight between an eagle and a python is really intense.

“No good. This python’s demonic elemental energy is frighteningly strong.” Xiao Hei feels that his situation is not good. A middle Yuanying-stage Xiuyaoist’s demonic elemental energy is several times more powerful than his. Even worse, blood-red aquatic pythons are an extremely fearsome species of snake. In just a while, the wounds on the python’s body have already been covered in new scales, only that these scales are very weak.

Snakes regularly shed their skins so it is not difficult for a middle Yuanying-stage blood-red aquatic python to regenerate his scales. The only problem is that the new scales are not as strong defensively as the old ones.


Cha Po’s voice suddenly rises in Xiao Hei’s mind. Immediately, a green beam of light is shot at Xiao Hei from the blood-red aquatic python’s mouth. As an experienced fighter, Xiao Hei has long been prepared for something like this. With a sweep of his holy sense, he finds out that this green light is a thin flying sword.

He also opens his mouth, and a flash of lightning is shot out.


The flash and the green light collide. Xiao Hei suddenly utters a painful cry. Blood spurts out of his throat. That flash of lightning is actually the high-grade holy awl that he forged. Even though both he and Cha Po use high-grade holy weapons, Cha Po’s demonic elemental energy is several times more powerful than his.

Therefore, Xiao Hei has been badly injured by the head-on collision of the weapons.

“Hah, a high-grade holy weapon!” Cha Po becomes excited.

Xiao Hei however makes a shake of his wings and cuts through the water to run away extremely fast like a thin black beam of light.

“Don’t think about escaping!”

Cha Po’s massive blood-red aquatic python body also pierces through the water like a red thunderbolt. The pursued and the pursuer -- an eagle and a blood-red aquatic python -- quickly disappear. However, the direction Xiao Hei is fleeing in at the moment is -- the south!

He knows Qin Yu’s power level. When he himself, who has reached the late Jindan stage and even used a forbidden technique, is unable to win against Cha Po, Qin Yu will definitely be killed if he gets involved in this situation. Therefore, Xiao Hei of course does not run towards Qin Yu.

A beam of light chases after them but then it stops. This is none other than Cha Ge.

He looks in the direction Cha Po has disappeared in and lets out a cold ‘humph’, feeling very frustrated. Because his speed is fairly slower than Cha Po’s, he was only able to chase several tens li before his holy sense could no longer detect Cha Po and Xiao Hei within its range.


“Xiao Hei, make sure nothing bad happens to you.”

Qin Yu is very anxious inwardly. Piercing through the water, he rushes in Xiao Hei’s direction at his fastest speed. After a while, he feels a chaotic aura so he stops at once.

Looking at traces of blood floating in the water, he can feel Xiao Hei’s aura clearly.

This place is where Xiao Hei and Cha Po fought each other just now. The blood floating here consists of both Xiao Hei’s blood and Cha Po’s.

“Xiao Hei has fought here and even been injured.” Qin Yu quickly figures out what happened. Feeling that Xiao Hei is running south extremely fast, he knows that Xiao Hei is being chased by someone and, moreover, he is fleeing south in order not to entangle him.

“Ha-ha, I never thought that I’d strike lucky after 2nd brother had chased that black eagle. My dear Xiuxianist, I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.”

Following the loud laughter, a very thin man robed in red appears not far from Qin Yu. That man’s eyes are blazing and flashing.

Qin Yu’s face changes color. Just now, because he discovered traces of Xiao Hei’s blood, for a while he trembled in his heart with worry about Xiao Hei and also paid no attention to his surroundings. Unexpectedly, during this short period of time, Cha Ge returned in disappointment after failing to catch up with his 2nd brother and immediately detected Qin Yu.

Discovering that Qin Yu does not have a demonic aura and judging from the fact that the Green-eyed fish clan’s most recent message says that the Xiuxianist is currently in this area, Cha Ge naturally was able to figure out Qin Yu’s real identity.

“An early Yuanying fella, plus his demonic aura seems even stronger than Sang Mo.” Qin Yu quickly makes a judgement. “I’m only at the middle Nebula stage. For the moment I can’t even handle Sang Mo. This man seems not weaker than Sang Mo.”

He has secretly made a decision.

“Who are you?” He says coldly.

“I am …” Cha Ge says haughtily, but when he has just said ‘I am’, Qin Yu immediately rides his flying sword and uses the Body Weapon Unification technique to flee west. In just about a moment, he has already got away several km.

Cha Ge is furious: “You dared to fool me?!”

Riding his flying sword, he chases after Qin Yu at once. Blood-red aquatic pythons are much more gifted than octopuses. But the octopus family has a great number of members while blood-red aquatic pythons are very rare, amounting to just a few individuals at a time.

“So fast.”

Qin Yu is shocked to find out that Cha Ge, who is riding a flying sword, unexpectedly does not fall behind him. After chasing for a while, noticing that he has not been able to close on Qin Yu, Cha Ge turns into a 70 to 80 m long blood-red aquatic python while letting out a yell then chases after Qin Yu extremely fast.

A blood-red aquatic python’s speed in the ocean is simply frighteningly fast so the distance between Cha Ge and Qin Yu decreases very quickly at once.

End of b5c12.

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