Book 4 Chapter 6

B4C6: The Stellar Flame

Like the hammer of the thunder god, the purple thunderbolt fiercely strikes upon Qin Yu’s body. In just a while, his purple protective energy cover is destroyed like paper. The lightning then hits his chest squarely.

Compared to when he was resisting the 1st thunderbolt, this time Qin Yu’s body has completely fused with the purple energy, looking like a chunk of a purple jade and having enhanced defense. The protective energy cover has neutralized some of the lightning’s energy, but the 2nd bolt is really a bit too powerful.

“I was careless ~~~” Qin Yu slightly frowns. A smell of burnt flesh comes into his nose. At the same time, he feels a continual burning sensation on his skin. That thunderbolt’s power has burnt Qin Yu’s skin and even his flesh has suffered some damage.

“Big brother.” Seeing Qin Yu’s chest burning, Xiao Hei cannot help getting anxious.

“Never mind, it’s just skin-deep.” Qin Yu says in an unconcerned manner.

Xiao Hei lets out a sigh of relief then advises Qin Yu carefully via his holy sense: “Big brother, undergoing the tribulation is not something to be taken lightly. You have middle-grade holy weapons, right? But you’re not even using them. If you take on the tribulation this way, you’d get injured even if your body was stronger.”

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Just now I was a bit careless. At first I thought with the fusion of my body and the purple energy in addition to the protective energy cover I could withstand the 2nd thunderbolt. I didn’t expect it to be slightly more powerful than in my estimation.”

As Qin Yu is saying, in his body the Meteoric Tear sends out many clear streams again, which flow to the damaged areas of his flesh. He immediately feels many bursts of a numbing sensation and those minor injuries on his body heal in an instant. Having the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu’s daring action just now was nothing special.

“Big brother, your heavenly tribulation is even somewhat stronger than mine. Don’t be too careless.” Xiao Hei on one side warns.

Qin Yu gives a mile. He knows Xiao Hei cares about him.

As time passes, the purple tribulation cloud rolls even more urgently. Serpentine electric sparks flash out from it nonstop. They are so fierce that they actually wreak havoc within several tens li of the cloud. The 3rd thunderbolt is being charged continuously. The purple energy inside Qin Yu’s body is activated again.


A purple thunderbolt shoots out directly from the tribulation cloud like a wandering dragon and strikes down at Qin Yu. The thunderbolt looks really frighteningly powerful and oppressive.


Qin Yu laughs out loud. With eyes suddenly blazing, he stares at the purple thunderbolt that is striking down. At the same time, loading a fist with his 10,000-jin-power, he throws an extremely fast punch directly at the thunderbolt like an aerolite --


The violent collision totally distorts the air in its vicinity. Qin Yu’s entire feet sink into the ground all of a sudden but the 3rd thunderbolt has been shattered by Qin Yu with this one punch, turning into sinuous electric sparks that flicker on the surface of his body.

The Flaming Glove on his hand is not damaged in the slightest.

“The 3rd thunderbolt was just so-so.” He says with a smile.

He has the Flaming Gloves so a fist was enough for him to handle the 3rd thunderbolt with ease. One should know that in the past Fengyuzi relied on just a low-grade holy weapon to overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. With the help of the Flaming Gloves, it is nothing out of the ordinary that he was able to smash the 3rd thunderbolt with a punch.

“One more thunderbolt is left. Once I’ve overcome the tribulation, I’ll practice the Stellar Transformations and become a Xiuzhenist as well.” Qin Yu raises his head and looks at the tribulation cloud, but he is thinking about what will happen after the tribulation. As soon as he thinks about the Stellar Transformations, a trace of excitement appears in his heart.

The tribulation cloud rolls. Thunder crashes. Then a purple bolt of lightning begins to flicker continuously in the cloud. Suddenly, on the edge of the mountain forest, several Blue Flame wolves stick their heads out to take a look. Xiao Hei immediately casts a glance at them with his sharp eyes. Those Blue Flame wolves are so scared that they retreat into the forest at once.

“Those Blue Flame wolves really want to be exterminated.” Qin Yu takes an unconcerned glance at them then raises his head and looks at the tribulation cloud. In an instant, the purple thunderbolt shoots down from it.


Fierce winds blow. The purple thunderbolt zigzags downwards like a wandering purple dragon and strikes directly at Qin Yu. This is the last thunderbolt. After overcoming it, Qin Yu will be a Xiuzhenist.

“Break for me!”

Qin Yu laughs out loud. His entire body’s muscles suddenly bulge out. Carrying mountain-shattering forces, his 2 fists are thrown fiercely at the thunderbolt like 2 meteorites. Those Flaming Gloves are also radiating a dark red light.

“Boom!” With a boom that shakes the sky, the thunderbolt strikes upon the Flaming Gloves, a middle-grade holy weapon. It instantly breaks into various flickering serpentine electric sparks.

A violent collision!

As if Qin Yu is smashed on with an iron sledgehammer, the lower half of his body instantly sinks into the ground. Qin Yu suddenly shakes his head hard. Due to that violent collision a moment ago, even he feels a tingling sensation in his fists and something sweet in his mouth. A mouthful of blood then rushes up his throat.

“Bang!” Throwing a palm strike at the ground, his entire body shoots up.

Xiao Hei’s happy laughter rises in his mind: “How was the impact force of the thunderbolt just now, big brother?”

“So-so.” Qin Yu forcibly swallows that mouthful of blood back, but he secretly curses: “I was mistaken. The 4th thunderbolt hit much harder than the 3rd one. That impact force not only numbed my arms, it even made my blood surge up.”

Xiao Hei flaps his wings and flies up to Qin Yu’s side in an instant while crying very happily. He even pats Qin Yu’s back gently with his wings to express his congratulations.

“Big brother, my compliments to you for overcoming the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.” Xiao Hei is extremely happy for Qin Yu.

“Well, Xiao Hei, you’ll have to practice alone for a while because I’ll undergo a closed-door training session. I’m going to concentrate on practicing the Stellar Transformations. This technique has 6 stages and the starting one, Nebula stage, is unexpectedly the hardest.” Qin Yu says to Xiao Hei.

Qin Yu has read the book of the Stellar Transformations. The book also contains Lei Wei’s descriptions so Qin Yu certainly knows how difficult it is to practice the Nebula stage.

Xiao Hei nods and says via his holy sense: “Big brother, you can focus on practicing without any worry. When you’ve learned it, we’ll have to spar to see which of us is stronger.” Qin Yu cannot help laughing out loud as soon as he hears that. “Alright, just wait. When I’ve succeeded, I’ll surely fight you.”

Afterwards, he goes into Lei Mountain House. This time he has obviously overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation with great ease.

With a low-grade holy weapon, even an ordinary practitioner has a very good chance of successfully going through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. If he has a middle-grade holy weapon, there will be almost no danger to him. On the Qian Long continent, the number of people who have overcome 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is less than 1 percent only because of the lack of middle-grade holy weapons.

Qin De, who had a middle-grade holy weapon, was badly injured at the worst moment by Ge Min but he still withstood the tribulation in the end. This goes to show how important a middle-grade holy weapon is.

In the center of the silvery floor of the Training Hall,

Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed and studying the instructions of the Stellar Transformations one by one in his mind.

Having been training since he was a little kid, now it has finally become possible for him to enter the world of Xiuzhenists at one stroke through the Stellar Transformations. Becoming a Xiuzhenist will mean that he will reach a whole new level and step into a new world where afterwards he will interact and fight with Xiuzhenists, who possess fantastic abilities such as flight and travelling through the ground.

Suddenly –

“Master, 1st Master Lei Wei recommended that, if you really want to practice the Stellar Transformations, you should view some images first, afterwards it will become easier for you to practice.” Qin Yu opens his eyes, feeling doubtful inside. He accepted this Stellar Transformations technique so he has considered Lei Wei his master ever since. He says with a nod: “Let me have a look, Starlet.”

“Meow --“

Starlet immediately disappears with a sweep of its tail.

The entire Training Hall’s walls and floor both then become transparent. At the same time, images of the universe appear. The Training Hall seems to become a miniature universe. In the distance stars are burning while planets are floating in his vicinity. There are even gloomy empty spaces.

Suddenly --

The images surrounding the Training Hall change. That universe disappears and a huge nebula appears before Qin Yu’s eyes.

This nebula is drifting in the universe like a huge cloud while rotating slowly. It is absorbing the energy of the universe and forming various small round pieces of materials. After so many years, these grains gradually spin towards the center of the nebula.

After many transformations, a celestial body is formed.


The cosmic evolution is being shown in detail before Qin Yu’s eyes.

Little by little he immerses himself in these images. At the same time, he remembers the various secret practice methods of the Stellar Transformations and gains some understanding of them. After an indeterminately long time, the images finally show a huge star, which sends out scorching flames and possesses a shockingly great amount of energy.

Qin Yu suddenly remembers that, according to what Fengyuzi told him before, at the end of the War of Immortals, his 2nd master, Lei Wei, left a message after failing to overcome the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation.

“I’ve been roaming the boundless space and experiencing the cosmos’s evolution. I’ve been drifting around for some thousand years and visited countless celestial bodies. How come today my soul is falling apart? Heaven doesn’t help me. Stellar transformations! How can the Sun be the final destination? How?! How?! Everyone on this continent listen, today I’ll leave behind the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams. Anyone who can obtain them and figure out their secret will inherit my technique. Ha-ha …… O blessing, O disaster ……”

He immediately understands what Lei Wei was thinking.

Actually Lei Wei was capable of overcoming the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation, but before its arrival he was ganged up on by several loose immortals, a Dacheng-stage expert and many Dujie-stage and Kongming-stage experts. Lei Wei of course suffered severe injuries under the joint attack of so many people. In that state, how could he possibly have withstood the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation that came right afterwards?

Therefore, Lei Wei naturally felt aggrieved at not being helped by Heaven.

The Stellar Transformations is extremely powerful. Before undergoing the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation, Lei Wei was already able to kill a Dacheng-stage expert, several loose immortals and many Dujie and Kongming-stage experts. That killing spree left him seriously injured, but he still made it to the 8th thunderbolt of the tribulation, so, it is easy to imagine how great his power was.

Obviously the Stellar Transformations is very powerful, but it is different from the other Xiuzhen techniques in the Xiuzhen world. If Qin Yu practices it, he will have to create new stages for it later. If his attempt at creation fails, he will probably suffer energy deviation, which will destroy his soul.

Qin Yu suddenly stands up and bursts out laughing loudly: “Blessing? Disaster? Ha-ha … blessings and disasters depend on each other, what’s the use of being overcautious? If I lived my life as a chicken, only following the prescribed order and practicing the recognized techniques of previous generations, it’d be too boring. Master, you created the first 6 stages, I, Qin Yu, will create the succeeding stages. So what if my energy deviates and my soul gets destroyed? At least this will pave the way for the success of later disciples.”

At the moment, there is a surge of heroism in Qin Yu’s heart.

“Alright, let’s start practicing!”

After calming himself down, he sits down with legs crossed and begins to practice the Stellar Transformations carefully.

The 1st stage of the Stellar Transformations -- Nebula stage,

Following the secret method of the technique, Qin Yu starts to move the liquefied purple energy in his body. After he overcame the tribulation, the purple energy has totally turned into liquid. Under Qin Yu’s control, every bit of the purple liquid in his body starts to gather.

The 1st thing he does is gather his energy, concentrating it in the dantian.

Immersing his mind in the dantian, Qin Yu can feel that it seems boundless. He has never seen anyone else’s dantian and does not know if there are any differences between his dantian and those of other people either. Without thinking much, he controls those bits of liquid directly.

The dantian is seemingly boundless like the universe. “Hu hu …” The liquid energy flows into the dantian like various streams of water then start to merge into a sphere of liquid. If Qin Yu were a jindan practitioner, he could start refining it from this point.

However, he does not cultivate the jindan

“Gather first, disperse later!” Qin Yu remembers clearly the practice method, but when he is about to disperse his energy according to the paths described by the method, suddenly --

A very unusual force appears in the dantian out of thin air. It moves outwards in all directions like a centrifugal force. That liquid sphere naturally is affected. Under this strange centrifugal force, the whole liquid sphere shatters and spreads out in all directions.

Qin Yu’s body is immediately covered in cold sweat. His face turns very pale in an instant.

“No good!”

Qin Yu never thought that at this crucial moment his strange dantian would cause this accident. It should be noted that to enter the Nebula stage, the most important thing is disperse. Not only does the practitioner have to disperse his energy, it is very important that he disperses it completely, therefore he must not make any mistakes during the dispersing process.

The spin of a nebula is dictated by the Way of the Universe and Nature. Originally Lei Wei was only able to come up with the method for energy dispersing after learning through experience for a long time.

“When I practiced internal techniques as a kid, this dantian dispersed my internal energy until nothing was left. Now it’s still the same.” Qin Yu has become impatient, but he is not too worried that his purple liquid energy will disappear because even when it comes out of the dantian he can still control it and fuse it with every place of his body.

However ……

How can he possibly control and make the purple liquid energy imitate the rotation of a nebula when it is affected by his dantian’s centrifugal force?

“I failed in practicing internal techniques, now I’ve failed in practicing the Stellar Transformations too. This strange dantian is really ……” Qin Yu is angry and impatient. The purple liquid energy has dispersed. It has left his dantian in gaseous form and part of it has even flown out of his body.

End of b4c6.

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