Book 4 Chapter 5

B4C5: The power of lightning

“Ha-ha, even Heaven is helping me, even Heaven is helping me … This is really good, very good!!!” Holding a confidential letter in his hand, the Chu emperor Xiang Guang is so excited that he cannot restrain himself. Standing on one side, the hook-nosed man says respectfully: “This means Heaven wants the Qin clan to be destroyed. After all, Your Majesty is the real Son of Heaven.”

At the moment Xiang Guang is high-spirited and vigorous.

“Qin De, hey Qin De, you’ve been smart all your life but you’ve even attempted to take things from my hands several times. Eventually your Qin clan’s bases and accomplishments of several hundred years will also be ruined.” In a normal situation, given Xiang Guang’s courage, he would not dare to go to war because, after all, the Qin clan has quite a few troops and, moreover, they have been training on the border with the Wilderness for many years so they are superior to the troops of the other 3 big clans.

“Your Majesty, in the secret meeting this time between North Vanquishing Prince and Qin De, Qin De wanted to send 300,000 troops through North Vanquishing Prince’s territory to attack us, 300,000 troops, no less. Have you considered the possibility that, when North Vanquishing Prince switches sides, he will be defeated by Qin De’s army? After all, Qin De’s army is really very powerful.” The hook-nosed man says quietly.

That confidential letter was sent by Shangguan Hong, which talks about the most recent meeting between him and Qin De and its details.

Xiang Guang ponders for a while then says with a smile: “Don’t worry. There’s a very close relationship between the Shangguan clan and my Xiang clan. Moreover, when Qin De’s army goes into North Vanquishing Prince’s territory, he won’t be able to command it properly. When the time comes, I’ll send the army of the Xiang clan to cooperate with the Shangguan clan to attack them from both inside and outside. Humph, once those 300,000 troops are exterminated, the Qin clan will lose half of its army. Right, I sent you to tempt those Black Water mountain range bandits, how did it go?”

The hook-nosed man says hurriedly: “Your Majesty, after I told them that you had accepted their demands, those Black Water bandits and I took an oath of loyalty by drinking blood. Don’t worry, Your Majesty, these Jianghu fools value blood oaths greatly.”

Xiang Guang immediately laughs with satisfaction: “Very good. With the existence of those Black Water bandits in its territory, the Qin clan won’t mobilize that 200,000 strong army. Otherwise its den will be plunged into chaos. Even though it has raised 200,000 more troops, it will only be able to use 600,000. Humph, in addition, 300,000 of them will be annihilated in the Shangguan clan’s territory. Then, even the Fierce Tiger Corps will become useless. I want to see how the Qin clan is going to fight me at that time.”

“Your Majesty is brilliant.” The hook-nosed man bows and says.

Xiang Guang nods with satisfaction and says: “Very good. This time you carried out the job of tempting those Black Water bandits very well. You’ll be rewarded for this accomplishment. I’ve heard you like Yan Xizhi’s paintings so I give you this ‘Mother and Son’ painting.” As Xiang Guang is saying, he picks up a scroll from the table and hands it over to the hook-nosed man directly.

“I’m so grateful for your grace, Your Majesty.” The hook-nosed man immediately receives this painting.

“All right, you can go.” Xiang Guang says with a wave of his large sleeve. At the moment, it is clear that he is in an especially good mood. Seeing the hook-nosed man leaving, he says again: “Right, when you have free time, you must view this ‘Mother and Son’ picture carefully to grasp the essence of Grandmaster Yan Xizhi’s painting.”

“Yes!” The hook-nosed man says at once then walks out of the imperial study.

On the way home, he sneers inside: “The Mother and Son painting? This fellow Xiang Guang is a bit too cruel already.” The most important things to him are his wife and son so of course he understands what Xiang Guang implied by giving him this Mother and Son painting.


With a totally grim expression, Zhao Yunxing is looking at a military map.

“General.” A young man bows and says behind him.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Yunxing says indifferently.

That young man says: “General, His Highness has ordered us and another army to enter the 2 Northern region counties together. I think it is somewhat inappropriate to do this.”

“What’s inappropriate about it?” A faint smile appears on the corners of Zhao Yunxing’s mouth but he still does not turn around.

The young man immediately straightens up, saying: “Through negotiation, His Highness has reached an agreement with the Shangguan clan that we’ll enter its territory and borrow ways to attack the Xiang clan. But is that Shangguan clan really on our side? If it is pretending to support us and in fact is supporting the Xiang clan, that will be a terrible thing to do. After all, the 2 Northern region counties are under the Shangguan clan’s complete control.”

“Don’t tell me you think His Highness hasn’t considered this point?” Zhao Yunxing asks in reply.

The young man immediately says: “His Highness of course must’ve thought about this. But the 3 Southern region counties are extremely loyal to the Xiang clan. When they join forces, they’ll have more than half of the Chu kingdom’s military power. So, His Highness had no choice but to get help from that North Vanquishing Prince. I think His Highness thought of this point, but, due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to cooperate with the Shangguan clan. However, if the Shangguan clan switches sides during the war, it will be terrible for us.”

“Yanyun, His Highness’s point of view is different from yours. He oversees the overall situation so he has everything in the palm of his hand. How can this small matter possibly halt His Highness’s undertaking? 2 months later, you’ll naturally understand everything.” Zhao Yunxing turns around and says with a smile.

A faint, relaxed smile appears on the young man’s face at once: “Since His Highness is so wise, now I can stop worrying.”

“Alright, Yanyun, you can leave first.” Zhao Yunxing says smilingly.

“Yes!” The young man turns around and leaves. Upon reaching the door, he stops, turns his head around and says quietly to Zhao Yunxing: “Father, it’s already midnight. You’d better have a rest soon. The war will break out shortly so your health is very important.”

As he finishes saying, he leaves.

Hearing that, Zhao Yunxing cannot help giving a faint smile.

Zhao Yunxing’s son Zhao Yanyun is also in the army but Zhao Yunxing has ordered that they only treat each other as a subordinate and a superior here. Therefore, Zhao Yanyun usually calls his father general.

The war will happen soon so both the Qin clan and the Xiang clan are bustling with secret activities. Their spies are also deployed completely.

In the dark, they bribe the enemy’s important employees or frame the enemy’s generals or assassinate the enemy’s personages. Counter-espionage, sex trapping and various other ruses are used totally fluently by them. Following the Qin clan’s mobilization of the army that has always been stationed on the border with the Wilderness, the whole Chu kingdom is covered in a shroud of pressure.

The Qin clan sends highly valuable gifts to the Black Water mountain range bandits to tempt them. The bandits unexpectedly accept the gifts. The Xiang clan, however, is not angry about this at all. Moreover, the number 1 assassination organization, the Heavenly Net, also announces publicly that it will stop undertaking any missions relating to the Chu kingdom.

In short, almost anyone feels the pressure of the fact that there is something in the wind. Perhaps, only Qin Yu, who is practicing in peace in the Wilderness, still cannot feel this atmosphere.


On the blue lake beside Lei Mountain House,

Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed, sitting on the water without sinking. Many purple energy streams are moving around his body. These purple energy streams are formed by none other than the purple energy inside him. After practicing for several months, Qin Yu’s purple Xiantian energy has almost become a liquid similar to mercury.

Inside his body, this formidable energy is rolling. Qin Yu can totally feel a surge of muscle power in every muscle and even in the smallest cell of his entire body. The purple energy is flowing to every place of his body, refining his muscles and bones nonstop.

Suddenly the winds rise. Large waves immediately appear on the surface of the lake. The water in the lake starts to heave up and down. Sitting with legs crossed on the surface of the lake, Qin Yu moves up and down along with the water like a float.

Hu ~~~

Fierce winds blow. Great waves appear on the lake with a boom, any of which is 10-odd m high. It looks as if the entire surface of the lake is being lifted up by a giant. Qin Yu can no longer remain apathetic as he did just now. Immediately making a push against the water surface with his feet, he leaps towards the lakeside. At the same time, he stares powerlessly at the initiator, Xiao Hei.

“Xiao Hei, I know your wings can cause fierce winds, but don’t play pranks on me, okay?” Qin Yu says unhappily while looking at Xiao Hei, who is spreading his wings.

Xiao Hei pulls his wings back. The lake calms in an instant. Having formed the jindan and practiced various techniques in his hereditary memories, now Xiao Hei has an even swifter and fiercer air about him. Currently, even Qin Yu is far from being a match for Xiao Hei.

“Big brother, I was only training your vigilance a bit. I did it for your sake, why are you blaming me?” Xiao Hei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

Qin Yu says jokingly: “Alright, you’ve overcome your heavenly tribulation so you’re stronger than me at the moment. I won’t fight you now. Tomorrow evening I’ll have to undergo my tribulation too. After overcoming it and practicing the Stellar Transformations I’ll let you know how formidable I am.”

“Stellar Transformations? Big brother, I have quite a few fantastic practice techniques. They’re not inferior to your Stellar Transformations.” Xiao Hei says proudly while spreading his wings. After forming the jindan he has been practicing some secret techniques for 2 months so his power has improved by leaps and bounds. At the moment he is very confident.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “Won’t we know who’s more formidable after sparring?”

This period of time, Qin Yu has read many books about practice carefully. The Stellar Transformations certainly has been read from beginning to end once. Not only has he memorized its practice method, he has also memorized some intuitive understanding Lei Wei gained during his practice or tribulations in the past.

Qin Yu has become even more confident that he will withstand the incoming 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

The next day, Qin Yu sits calmly with legs crossed on the meadow beside the blue lake waiting for the heavenly tribulation. Today Xiao Hei also practices in peace on one side of him instead of interrupting him, which is a rare thing. Last time Qin Yu was his watchman so this time he is going to watch over Qin Yu.

The setting sun goes down westward, illuminating the whole Wilderness with its crimson light.

Fierce winds suddenly blow. The huge trees in the nearby mountain forests start to shake violently because of the winds. Their leaves begin to float in all directions. The ‘clack’ noises of huge trees getting broken are heard nonstop. In an instant, the sky darkens. The atmosphere has changed drastically, causing Qin Yu and Xiao Hei to stop practicing.

“Ha-ha, my heavenly tribulation is arriving. Xiao Hei, guard me carefully this time. If any demonic beasts come, kill them all for me.” Qin Yu shouts loudly.

Xiao Hei flaps his wings and says via his holy sense: “Don’t worry, big brother. Within several hundred li of this place is my territory. No demonic beasts will dare to disturb you. If any of them comes here, I’ll exterminate its clan.” This period of time, Xiao Hei has indeed turned the area within a several hundred li radius of Lei Mountain House into his own territory.

The sky has turned into dark red, looking very oppressive.

A huge maelstrom appears in the center of the dark red sky. Various serpentine electric sparks also appear in the sky. They then get absorbed in quick succession by the maelstrom. In just a short while, the maelstrom stops spinning and becomes a huge purple tribulation cloud that is flickering with flashes of lightning. Everything shows that the heavenly tribulation has come.

Qin Yu stands calmly without moving. By contrast, Xiao Hei spreads his holy sense out and pays attention to everything around. He definitely will not let any demonic beasts come near to cause trouble no matter what.

How powerful will the heavenly tribulation of a peak Xiantian external expert be? One should know that people of different power levels will experience different heavenly tribulations. Since Qin Yu is much more powerful than ordinary peak Xiantian experts, how damaging will his 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation be?

“The 1st thunderbolt is the weakest so it’s also the easiest to beat.” Qin Yu raises his head, looking at the tribulation cloud. There is unexpectedly a faint smile on his face at the moment.

He remembers clearly some descriptions of how Lei Wei overcame his tribulations written in the book of the Stellar Transformations and even some methods of overcoming the tribulations proposed by Lei Wei. Qin Yu has decided to use a very grandiose method among them to take on the 1st thunderbolt.

The tribulation cloud rolls, creating a continuous rumble of thunder. It exerts a pressure on everything in the area directly below it.


A purple thunderbolt shoots straight down extremely fast from the sky. It strikes at Qin Yu’s head furiously, but he raises his head, looks at it and unexpectedly stays still. There is a hint of madness in his eyes. The purple thunderbolt strikes upon his body squarely with a boom.

Qin Yu’s body is totally covered in and run through by the purple thunderbolt.

“Ha-ha, it feels good, very enjoyable, very enjoyable!”

Qin Yu does not put up any resistance and uses only his body to take on the thunderbolt. At his current level in external practice, if he could not withstand even the 1st thunderbolt, it would mean his external training has come to nothing. The book of the Stellar Transformations says that using lightning to train the body is exceptionally useful for his power improvement. The lightning, of course, must not be too strong. Otherwise Qin Yu’s body will not be able to endure it.

The bones in his entire body emit a series of clack noises. As the thunderbolt runs through his muscles and cells, a fairly large portion of its energy is gobbled up. Some changes happen to the already extremely powerful muscles at once and they become even more powerful.

“It feels good, really good. Xiao Hei, did you see how I withstood the 1st thunderbolt?” Qin Yu even jokes leisurely with Xiao Hei on one side of him.

However, Xiao Hei remains silent and keeps observing the surroundings with his holy sense.

Qin Yu has overcome the 1st thunderbolt this way, but he has not used a single bit of his internal energy. Instead, once more, he has strengthened his muscles and increased his power. Most other people have had to spend their energy to overcome the 1st thunderbolt, but Qin Yu has become even more powerful thanks to it. One losing and one gaining, this is the difference between them.

“Big brother, be careful a bit. The 2nd thunderbolt is much stronger than the 1st. You can’t use that method again.” Xiao Hei warns him.

At this moment, the tribulation cloud is rolling nonstop in the sky. Obviously it is charging the 2nd thunderbolt. Qin Yu was able to absorb the 1st thunderbolt like that, but the 2nd one will be relatively more powerful so he does not dare to take it on aggressively as he did just now -- letting the thunderbolt hit him squarely -- either.

“Don’t worry. I know when I should stop.” He can feel Xiao Hei’s concern.

Thunder is rolling. The atmospheric pressure under the cloud increases again. Qin Yu immediately focuses his entire mind and energy to prepare to resist the 2nd thunderbolt. Following a sky-shaking crash of thunder, an aquatic-dragon-like purple thunderbolt shoots out from the tribulation cloud and comes down directly at Qin Yu.

“Bring it.”

His eyes flash with excitement. The energy in his body immediately surges forth. In an instant, his body radiates a purple light as if made of a purple jade. The purple energy covers his body at once, forming a protective energy cover. There are even random small electric sparks moving around it.

End of b4c5.

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