Book 4 Chapter 4

B4C4: Holy sense communication

A cool and refreshing feeling comes from the wound on his stomach. Various clear streams are flowing out from the Meteoric Tear then fusing with the wound. Qin Yu’s injury is recovering at a clearly fast speed. His bleeding has started to slow down as well.

“This bunch of doggies is really nasty!”

Qin Yu utters a curse and attacks more ruthlessly at the same time. He basically does not dare to stop fighting. He has reached his maximum speed and is moving while killing these Blue Flame wolves with the Flaming Gloves and Flaming Sword unceasingly. The power of these middle-class holy weapons is really astonishingly great.

Just now there were 400 to 500 Blue Flame wolves surrounding Qin Yu, but in only a short while over 100 of them have already been killed by him.

“Roar roar … roar roar roar …” The leading wolf roars loudly again. In an instant, all the other wolves surround Qin Yu and attack him. However, new Blue Flame wolves keep rushing out from the mountain forest. The number of wolves is growing larger and larger. Now it has reached 800. Add to that the over 100 wolves killed by Qin Yu, and it can be said that this time the Blue Flame wolf clan in this mountain forest has launched an all-out attack.

Pu pu …

Qin Yu feels a burning sensation on his back. His holy sense notices clearly that it has been lacerated. His body immediately makes a swaying movement. He makes a simple swing with his sword using his right hand and that Blue Flame wolf falls on the ground at once for good while uttering several cries. At the same time Qin Yu has already moved away several meters again.

Speed! Speed!!

Because he is being surrounded, he has to rely on his speed to move nonstop so that he will only face a small number of enemies at a time. If he stops, with so many Blue Flame wolves coming at him together, he simply will not be able to do anything.

Pu pu …

2 wounds appear on Qin Yu’s stomach continuously. A Blue Flame wolf is fiercely biting into his stomach. Qin Yu straightens his left hand, forming a knife hand. The purple energy is then shaped into a blade on the edge of his hand. Executing a downward knife hand strike, he directly chops that Blue Flame wolf’s head off.

However, that wolf’s teeth are still stuck in his stomach, making him feel an acute pain. His blood is flowing out unceasingly from the wounds. He basically has no time to remove the head of this Blue Flame wolf from his body because, after all, he is being attacked from all directions by Blue Flame wolves.

“Roar roar …” Seeming to foresee that their victory is drawing near, the leading Blue Flame wolf roars loudly at once.

In an instant, several tens Blue Flame wolves jump up and come at Qin Yu from the sky. Those sharp teeth and ice-cold sharp claws are aimed directly at his body. Moreover, at the same time, several tens wolves also attack him together on the ground.

He is beset on all sides, but he cannot go into the sky, nor can he enter the ground.

“Hah!” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with fierceness. The movements of his 2 Flaming-Glove-wearing fists have unknowingly completely surpassed the speed thought to be his fastest. In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu’s 2 hands seem to have turned into several tens hands, eagle claws, sword fingers …

With a ‘bang’ noise, a hole appears in the throat of a Blue Flame wolf that has jumped high in the air. It immediately spouts blood in all directions like a geyser. At the moment, the entire battlefield is filled with the smell of blood.

Qin Yu unexpectedly catches a leg of a Blue Flame wolf with a grab. He utters a low shout and, like brandishing a whip, waves the wolf violently several times while gripping the leg. Then the purple energy in his body flows into his hand entirely. The over-10,000-jin strength of a peak Xiantian external expert is now totally unleashed.

Using that half-dead Blue Flame wolf as a weapon, Qin Yu throws it away violently.


The purple energy and the 10,000-jin strength explode. That Blue Flame wolf’s body is blown up. The fragments of its flesh and bones shoot out in all directions like hidden projectiles. A batch of Blue Flame wolves cries and is knocked down at the same time.

However, the Blue Flame wolves that replace them claw and bite at him even more madly, inflicting more injuries on Qin Yu’s body nonstop. Luckily he has the Meteoric Tear so the small wounds close very quickly, but the large wounds will take some time to heal.

Even though the Meteoric Tear is formidable, it cannot catch up with the continuous attack of so many Blue Flame wolves.

In mid-air, seeing that Qin Yu is being attacked by several hundred Blue Flame wolves together, that his body is covered in blood and that there are shocking wounds on his stomach, Xiao Hei cannot help crying sadly and shrilly. However, with the tribulation cloud rolling so madly and exerting such an astonishing pressure, it is obvious that the 4th thunderbolt is about to strike down.


A purple thunderbolt shoots down from the tribulation cloud in the sky like a wandering sinuous dragon carrying a world-shattering force and violently strikes at Xiao Hei with a boom.

Suddenly –

An eagle cry resounds through the sky. It is extremely sharp but also has an air of absolute aloofness and lordliness, which, when expanding, unexpectedly stops the 600 to 700 Blue Flame wolves that are attacking for a while. Qin Yu has always been observing Xiao Hei with his holy sense.

Facing the 4th thunderbolt, Xiao Hei emits various flaming flashes from the steely feathers which cover its entire body. They are called flaming flashes not because they are separate flames and lightning flashes that are joined together, but rather because they are lightning flashes that flame on the outside.

Hu …

The dazzling flaming flashes come out from Xiao Hei’s entire body and merge into a long narrow mass of energy, which then soars into the sky on a collision course with the 4th thunderbolt like an aquatic dragon.


The mass of flaming flashes falls apart but the 4th thunderbolt’s power is also reduced a lot. At this moment, Xiao Hei unexpectedly shakes its wings extremely fast. Qin Yu’s holy sense notices clearly that each of the wings instantly creates 9 afterimages.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

9 continual crashes are heard. Xiao Hei has shaken its wings with such a high frequency that even Qin Yu is greatly shocked. After these 9 collisions, the electricity of the already fairly weakened 4th thunderbolt has almost been canceled out. The remainder of the thunderbolt is then swallowed directly by Xiao Hei at one stroke.

Xiao Hei has overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

“Since when did Xiao Hei become so strong?” Qin Yu is indescribably shocked.

Xiao Hei has always been following him so he knows very clearly that it did not have any special skills. But just now, Xiao Hei sent out flaming flashes and even used a very brilliant skill, shaking its wings 9 times in an instant, which, one should know, was an extremely short amount of time.

Pu pu …

Qin Yu feels an acute pain on his back again. Just now he lost his concentration a bit and therefore was unexpectedly hit by another attack.

“This bunch of doggies!” Qin Yu curses angrily inside. Xiao Hei has overcome the tribulation so he is no longer worried. Now he can focus his entire mind and energy on fighting. His speed even increases a little again thanks to that. Afterwards, blood continues to splatter everywhere and severed limbs keep flying all over the place among this group of several hundred Blue Flame wolves.

Suddenly –

An eagle cry rises through the sky. Xiao Hei, which has just gone through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, spreads its wings and dives down extremely fast. When it is about to come near the group of Blue Flame wolves again, its wings make exceedingly subtle vibrations.

Zigzagging like a bolt of lightning!

Whizz …

Even Qin Yu only sees a black shaft of light flash on and off continuously. Following that, the bodies of several tens Blue Flame wolves split into 2 or 3 parts. These wolves seem to have been cut by a sharp blade. All of the wolves immediately stop.

“Xiao Hei!” Qin Yu is astonished.

Xiao Hei, which is flying high in the air, utters another cry and executes the special skill it used just now again. This time Qin Yu observes it very carefully using his holy sense. He sees clearly that Xiao Hei shakes its wings quickly according to a fantastic path of movement and flashes directly through the pack of Blue Flame wolves like a black flash of lightning.

Xiao Hei’s wings are extremely hard. Now they have even caught up with holy weapons in hardness and are sharp like knives. Every time Xiao Hei flashes through the wolves, it cuts many of them into several pieces.

“Roar roar …”

The leading wolf roars urgently at once. This wolf’s intelligence is not low therefore it can see that the black eagle, which originally was not a serious threat, has transformed after going through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. The eagle can fly whereas they, as Blue Flame wolves, cannot. The black eagle only needs to dive down 10-odd times to exterminate several hundred Blue Flame wolves.

Following the roar of the leading wolf, several hundred Blue Flame wolves immediately retreat at a very fast speed, running directly toward the mountain forest where they came from.



Like a glider, Xiao Hei flashes extremely fast through the Blue Flame wolves 2 more times in quick succession, killing nearly 100 of them again. Afterwards, all the other wolves run into the mountain forest, leaving behind 400 to 500 corpses of wolves on the former battlefield.

Xiao Hei lets out another cry, seemingly wanting to charge into the mountain forest.

“Xiao Hei, no need to chase.” Qin Yu’s facial muscles slightly twitch. At the moment, there are over 100 wounds on Qin Yu’s entire body. However, most of them are just skin-deep and only 4 or 5 of them are really severe. Luckily for him, the Meteoric Tear is healing the wounds nonstop by sending out many clear streams.

With a wave of the wings, Xiao Hei flies across the lake then lands beside Qin Yu. It stares at the wounds on his body. Apparently it is somewhat worried by them.

“Don't worry, they’re just skin-deep. I didn’t die even when my heart was penetrated. These small wounds don’t matter. Let’s go. We’ll return for a rest.” Qin Yu gives a ha-ha laugh, which has a distinctive heroic flavor. Then he and Xiao Hei go back to Lei Mountain House at once, leaving behind a field of Blue Flame wolves’ corpses.

In this battle, Qin Yu killed from 300 to 400 Blue Flame wolves.

He is a peak Xiantian external expert and has practiced the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams to perfection so his body is even comparable to diamond in hardness. Added to that the purple energy formed a protective energy cover around his body, and early-phase and middle-phase Xiantian Blue Flame wolves could only leave shallow wounds on his body and hold him down.

Only late-phase and peak Xiantian Blue Flame wolves could really cause him serious wounds. However, fighting multiple opponents is what Qin Yu is best at. In addition to that, he has 2 middle-class holy weapons and the Meteoric Tear continuously healed his injuries from inside his body, therefore this feat is nothing unusual for him.


In the Training Hall of Lei Mountain House, Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed on the floor practicing meditation. Xiao Hei is also standing on one side of him. The black feathers on its body are radiating various rays of light. Obviously it is practicing.

After an hour, the various wounds which originally covered his body have all but disappeared. Even the several wounds on his stomach, which at the beginning were shockingly large ones, have become faint scars by now. The Meteoric Tear is indeed incomparably miraculous.

Whenever a clear stream flows to a wound, Qin Yu feels a continual numbing sensation in the wound. He enjoys that kind of sensation. After going through this crazy battle, Qin Yu feels that his own purple energy seems to have even become a bit more refined.

“He -- hello.” A slightly stuttering voice which is cold as ice suddenly rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

Qin Yu is startled: “There’s someone!” He immediately opens his eyes and looks around. Suddenly he notices that Xiao Hei is staring at him with its eyes full of excitement. An idea springs to his mind. He thinks of one possibility but finds it somewhat hard to believe.

“Xiao Hei, is it you?” Qin Yu stands up and looks at Xiao Hei in disbelief.

“Yes, it’s me. I’ve given myself a name, Hei Yu …” Xiao Hei is using holy sense communication for the 1st time therefore he was fairly nervous in the beginning but then calmed down. He has named himself Hei Yu because Yu is Qin Yu’s given name.

“Ha-ha, very good, very good!!!” Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with excitement. He then hugs Xiao Hei, saying: “From now on we can communicate at will. This is really very good. Ha-ha, Xiao Hei, I’m 7 years older so you call me big brother. Ha-ha, quickly say it.” Qin Yu says with excitement.

Xiao Hei has become slightly excited as well. After quite a while, he finally says via holy sense communication: “Big, big brother!”

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are excited about each other for a long time. Then Qin Yu begins to ask some doubts he is having in his heart.

“Xiao Hei, how does your voice rise in my mind? Also, during the tribulation just now, how did you become formidable all of a sudden? I remember you weren’t so formidable in the past.” Qin Yu is very curious. “Right, I remember many demonic beasts can transform into a human after overcoming the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, why haven’t you done that?”

Xiao Hei is stupefied. Qin Yu knows he has asked too many questions so he immediately says: “Take your time, talk about them one by one.”

Xiao Hei thinks for a while then says: “When I just reached the Jindan stage, I automatically gained the ability to use holy sense communication. Too bad, to transform into a human I have to overcome the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation first. Also, during the tribulation, many demonic beast techniques suitable for me to practice suddenly appeared in my mind. There are some basic techniques so naturally I was able to use them.”

“You can only turn into a human after going through the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation?” Qin Yu is astonished. He has read some Xiuzhen books so he knows that it is harder for a more formidable beast to transform into a human. By contrast, some weak demonic beasts can turn into humans very easily.

It looks like Xiao Hei is a relatively formidable demonic beast.

It is regrettable that Qin Yu does not know the real significance of the sentence “many demonic beast techniques suitable for me to practice suddenly appeared in my mind” said by Xiao Hei. If he were a knowledgeable Xiuzhenist, he would probably know that it means Xiao Hei has ‘hereditary memories.’

“You are capable of holy sense communication but not speech?” Qin Yu asks.

Xiao Hei shakes his head powerlessly, saying: “No, my throat is different from a human’s so it’s very hard for me to speak human. I can only use holy sense communication. But isn’t holy sense communication very good? I can express what I want to say with just a thought. It’s much faster than speaking.”

Qin Yu can only nod.

“Alright, Xiao Hei, first you stay in this Lei Mountain House and practice more. There’re only 2 months before I undergo my tribulation. During this period I must practice seriously.” Qin Yu says to Xiao Hei, who nods repeatedly and says through his holy sense: “Big brother, you can practice without worries. I’ve just reached the Jindan stage so I have many things to do as well.”

Quite a few secret Xiuzhen techniques have appeared in Xiao Hei’s mind so naturally he wants to have a good try at learning them. Qin Yu will also stay in Lei Mountain House and train in peace while waiting for the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation 2 months later.

As the days go by, Xiao Hei and Qin Yu pay no attention to what happens outside and practice hard wholeheartedly. The surroundings of Lei Mountain House are also quiet because the Blue Flame wolves no longer dare to come to this place. By contrast, in the Chu kingdom on the Qian Long continent, undercurrents are surging at the moment.

End of b4c4.

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