Book 4 Chapter 3

B4C3: The bloody battle of the tribulation

“Xiao Hei, guard me. Be careful -- some demonic beasts may come over here to cause trouble during my tribulation.” Qin Yu turns his head to Xiao Hei and shouts.

However, Xiao Hei flaps its huge wings and continuously cries. At the same time, it raises its head and stares at the purple tribulation cloud in the sky. Various faint flames unexpectedly emerge from the surface of its body. Xiao Hei is even giving off an unprecedented aura.

As Qin Yu hears Xiao Hei’s cries and sees the rolling purple tribulation cloud in the sky, his mind suddenly becomes clear. He stares at Xiao Hei and says in disbelief: “Could it be … you’re about to undergo the tribulation?”

Xiao Hei flaps its wings proudly while crying nonstop.

Qin Yu shouts angrily at once: “Xiao Hei, don’t stay here showing off. Quickly get ready to take on the heavenly tribulation. I’ll watch over you. I’m worried some demonic beasts will come to disturb you during your tribulation.” Qin Yu does not dare to be reckless. His internal energy starts to permeate through all of his body parts like bubbles. Qin Yu’s entire body’s skin now radiates an indistinct purple jade glow.

The heavenly tribulation is such a big event so the demonic beasts in their vicinity will surely notice it. If some formidable demonic beast comes here to attack when it is happening, this will be dangerous. Getting disturbed is the most undesirable thing during a tribulation.

Chi chi ~~~

The tribulation cloud keeps rolling nonstop. Serpentine electric sparks are barging about in the cloud. Suddenly, a huge pressure comes out from the cloud and affects the entire area of ground beneath it. In the blink of an eye, the atmospheric pressure below the cloud becomes so much higher that even Qin Yu finds it very hard to breathe.

“No good. This tribulation seems to be even more powerful than my father’s last time. Could it be different people or demonic beasts will experience 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulations that are different in power?” Qin Yu is frightened. He remembers clearly the pressure exerted by the tribulation cloud during his father’s tribulation last time. And compared to it, the pressure this time is much greater.

Anyone going against Heaven will naturally have to endure nature’s punishments, hence the existence of the heavenly tribulations. A person with more formidable power will be given mightier punishments by nature.


A great crash of thunder resounds. A large purple thunderbolt shoots out through the cloud like a sinuate aquatic dragon then strikes headlong directly downwards in an unstoppable, imposing manner, as if it will destroy any gods or devils who attempt to block it. Obviously its power is fairly great.

Qin Yu expands his holy sense to the utmost, covering the area within 1000 m of him. At this moment, what he fears the most is that some demonic beast will come to disturb Xiao Hei during its tribulation.

Xiao Hei spreads its wings. An eagle cry then resounds through the air. At the same time, it opens its mouth and unexpectedly … swallows that purple thunderbolt at one stroke. In an instant, the aquatic-dragon-like purple thunderbolt has been swallowed entirely by Xiao Hei. Concurrently with that, various electric sparks start to flicker on the surface of Xiao Hei’s body.

“This, this …” Seeing this, Qin Yu is shocked.

The 1st thunderbolt has unexpectedly been … eaten up by Xiao Hei just like this. Undergoing a tribulation is to resist its thunderbolts. Qin Yu has never heard that a thunderbolt can also be swallowed at one stroke. Xiao Hei is crying proudly. Judging by its appearance, the thunderbolt seemed to be a very delicious meal to it.

Thunder rolls once more. The purple tribulation cloud starts to billow even more madly. Electric sparks flash on and off rapidly again. In only a short while, it looks like the power of the cloud has become even greater. Obviously the 2nd thunderbolt is about to come down. Suddenly, a dragon-like sinuate thunderbolt shoots down extremely fast from the sky and strikes directly at Xiao Hei’s head.


Xiao Hei brings its wings together and forms an electric protective cover. Various electric sparks are flickering outside the wings.

The thunderbolt hits Xiao Hei’s wings with a boom. The electric sparks on that protective cover flicker extremely fast at once and unexpectedly nearly half of the thunderbolt’s energy is sent away along the protective cover. The remainder of the thunderbolt is blocked head-on boldly by Xiao Hei using its wings.

Even Qin Yu himself does not know how hard Xiao Hei’s wings actually are. At least they must be tougher than his physical body.

Qin Yu’s face suddenly changes color.

His holy sense has discovered that in a nearby mountain forest various Blue Flame wolves are running extremely fast to the location of the tribulation. When he takes a look, several tens leading Blue Flame wolves have already come out of the mountain forest and are charging directly at him and Xiao Hei.

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei naturally have killed quite a few Blue Flame wolves since they came to this place in the Wilderness. These Blue Flame wolves are also very cunning. Only now do they rise in revolt.

“Roar ~~~”

Great roars of wolves resound continuously. Various Blue Flame wolves rush out from the mountain forest unceasingly. In only a short while, Qin Yu already notices that over 100 of them are charging at him, but new Blue Flame wolves keep rushing out from the mountain forest.

“My goodness, it couldn’t be all the Blue Flame wolves are coming, right?” Staring at those Blue Flame wolves that are coming at him in the distance, Qin Yu feels very anxious in his heart.

That mountain forest has from several hundred to over 1000 Blue Flame wolves. Moreover, even the weakest among them is at the Xiantian level while the strongest Blue Flame wolves have all reached the peak of the Xiantian level. Once Blue Flame wolves of this pack attack together, even just nearly 100 of them will be enough to seriously injure Qin Yu. And if several hundred of them jointly attack, it will be a disaster for him.

“I won’t be able to stop so many Blue Flame wolves for a while. If Xiao Hei is disturbed during the tribulation then …” Qin Yu becomes worried.

Once several tens Blue Flame wolves charge, Qin Yu will only be able to hold back some of them simultaneously at best. But Xiao Hei has to undergo the tribulation. Just now, it was only the 1st and 2nd thunderbolts, which were not very powerful. The really formidable ones, the 3rd and the 4th, have not appeared yet. If Xiao Hei is attacked by Blue Flame wolves, that will be terrible.

“This disgusting bunch of wolves wants to kick someone when they are down!”

Qin Yu utters a loud shout. The 108 energy streams start to move around him at the same time, forming a tricolor suit of armor. With a movement of his body, he instantly uses the Seven North Stars Moonlight Dance. His entire body now looks indistinct and unreal as if it is moonlight. In just a moment, he has already come into the pack of wolves.

Qin Yu’s entire body is radiating a purple jade light. The Flaming Gloves have appeared completely. Now is simply not the time for him to hide his power.


Qin Yu’s left hand directly grabs and smashes the throat of a Blue Flame wolf. Then, like an aquatic dragon coming out of its cave, his right hand executes a spear hand strike, which has the strongest penetrating force. The force of the strike goes through the Flaming Glove and penetrates into the head of a Blue Flame wolf immediately. With a ‘bang’ noise, a large hole appears in that Blue Flame wolf’s head. Everything inside the head has even been shattered by the shock of the strike.

The over 100 Blue Flame wolves that appeared first have surrounded Qin Yu completely and are attacking him like crazy.

“Roar ~~~”

The strongest, leading wolf of the over 100 wolves surrounding Qin Yu gives a roar. Immediately, the other wolves stop attacking. In just an instant, Qin Yu has already killed more than 10 Blue Flame wolves but there are also some small bloodstains on his body. Those Blue Flame wolves’ claw attacks are really too powerful.

“What is this bunch of wolves doing?” Qin Yu looks at the Blue Flame wolves around him. This group of over 100 Blue Flame wolves is surrounding him with 6 layers altogether but they are not attacking him.

However, other Blue Flame wolves still keep rushing out nonstop from the mountain forest. In just a while, including the ones surrounding Qin Yu, the total number of Blue Flame wolves has already reached 300. This time, it is clear that the Blue Flame wolves are prepared to destroy Qin Yu and the black eagle once and for all.

Over 100 Blue Flame wolves are surrounding Qin Yu. The other wolves, however, disregard him and charge directly at Xiao Hei.

“This is bad.” Qin Yu knows they have a problem. At the moment, he is totally surrounded by Blue Flame wolves and simply cannot protect Xiao Hei, but Xiao Hei is undergoing its tribulation. Under the attack of over 100 Blue Flame wolves, how can Xiao Hei possibly set its own mind at rest to take on the tribulation? Even in a normal situation, it will be very dangerous for Xiao Hei to face over 100 Blue Flame wolves simultaneously, not to mention in this situation.

“Go to hell!” Qin Yu clenches his teeth. The energy inside his body is totally unleashed. With a loud shout, he charges directly toward Xiao Hei like lightning.

At the same time –

“Roar ~~~” The leading wolf gives a roar. The over 100 Blue Flame wolves that have been surrounding Qin Yu without attacking immediately go on the offensive madly. More than 100 Blue Flame wolves recklessly attack Qin Yu from all directions.

Clawing, biting, tearing, they resort to every possible means. For a while, Qin Yu only feels that there are wolf silhouettes all around him. Countless wolf claws are slashing at his body.


The 108 tricolor energy streams are moving around his body. Within the boundary formed by the energy streams, Qin Yu’s entire body suddenly creates various illusions. His 2 hands now look like the hands of the 1000 Armed Kannon, some of them executing finger strikes, some performing spear hand strikes, some turning into sharp claws, some throwing punches, and some using knife hand strikes.


The 10-odd Blue Flame wolves nearest Qin Yu are sent flying in all directions with a boom, obstructing the other wolves at the same time. With his eyes blazing with killing intent, Qin Yu is looking at the wolves surrounding him while observing everything around using his holy sense.

The surrounding Blue Flame wolves begin to attack Qin Yu even more madly. His close-quarters combat techniques are utilized to the utmost. The Flaming Gloves make their already powerful offensive forces even more powerful. With just a punch he can shatter a Blue Flame wolf’s head.

A sound of bones getting broken is heard. A Blue Flame wolf falls on the ground for good with a ruptured throat. It even wails for a while before dying.

Qin Yu slashes his legs like blades. With a slash of a leg, he directly breaks up the backbone of a wolf, which falls on the ground without being able to ever get up.


Within 3 steps of his body, Qin Yu creates various illusions using his movements. Even though this range is short, he can cause those Blue Flame wolves to often make mistakes. After Qin Yu kills a good several tens Blue Flame wolves continuously, his clothes have been clawed to pieces. There is even a long wound on his chest, from which blood is slowly flowing out.

The Blue Flame wolves are also divided into the strong ones and the weak ones. The strong wolves have reached the peak of the Xiantian level and not even Qin Yu dares to block a claw attack by any of them. The wound on his chest was inflicted by a Blue Flame wolf that was around the late phase of the Xiantian level. Of course, one needs hardly ask about the fate of this wolf. Its head was cut off directly by Qin Yu.


Qin Yu unleashes the purple energy inside his body again. His speed increases instantly and at the same time he kills or cripples the several tens Blue Flame wolves which are nearest around him. For a while, those Blue Flame wolves slightly halt and unexpectedly stop their attack.

“Xiao Hei!” As soon as Qin Yu pays attention to Xiao Hei’s situation, he becomes anxious in his heart.

Over 100 Blue Flame wolves all are trying to pounce on Xiao Hei as if they do not care about their lives.

“Boom ~~~” The purple tribulation cloud are rolling hurriedly, exerting a pressure which seems to be a real substance downwards. Qin Yu knows the 3rd thunderbolt is about to strike down. However, at the moment, over 100 Blue Flame wolves unexpectedly are taking advantage of the situation to attack Xiao Hei recklessly.

Xiao Hei raises its head giving a cry and suddenly flaps its huge wings once. A strong whirlwind is unexpectedly created, sending those Blue Flame wolves, which have jumped up, flying backward. However, these Blue Flame wolves are no ordinary wolves. Any of them is a Xiantian level demonic beast in the Wilderness. After falling on the ground, they come at Xiao Hei again with a jump, trying to claw or bite it while growling.

With a wave of the wings, Xiao Hei shoots up in the air to a height of several tens meters. Those Blue Flame wolves also jump up but, despite their formidable capabilities, they can only leap 7 to 8 meters and are still very far from being able to reach Xiao Hei’s level.


A huge purple thunderbolt shoots out from the tribulation cloud and strikes down directly at Xiao Hei.

“No good.” Qin Yu’s face changes color. He has read about some important points of tribulation taking in some Xiuzhen secret books collected by Lei Wei and, according to them, taking on a tribulation in mid-air is more dangerous than on the ground. However, the black eagle is a bird and not a human so maybe this is not too bad, but Qin Yu is unsure about that either.

Xiao Hei utters an unhappy and shrill cry. Various electric sparks start to flicker on its wings, looking extremely dazzling. It brings the wings together and forms a protective cover to resist the thunderbolt directly.


Like the hammer of the thunder god, the purple thunderbolt strikes upon Xiao Hei’s wings. With a ‘bang’ noise, Xiao Hei is smashed directly down on the ground, causing a shock. The 3rd thunderbolt was much more powerful than the 2nd one so Xiao Hei was only able to neutralize a small part of it and still had to endure most of its energy.

“Xiao Hei!” Qin Yu jumps out of his skin.

“Roar ~~” Standing haughtily on a huge rock beside the lake, the leading wolf continuously roars.

Blue Flame wolves keep dashing out from the mountain forest unceasingly as if their number is unlimited. By now 600 to 700 Blue Flame wolves have come out. Following a roar of the leading wolf, nearly 400 of them surround Qin Yu while the other 200 to 300 attack Xiao Hei.

Several hundred Blue Flame wolves jump toward the black eagle, which has fallen on the ground, while growling. In an instant, several tens wolves have already pounced on the eagle. They bare their sharp teeth and start to bite and tear it.

A good several hundred Blue Flame wolves are surrounding Qin Yu completely and tightly with 6 layers and he simply has no way to get out of this blockade. The strangest thing is that these several hundred wolves are unexpectedly surrounding him without attacking.

“Xiao Hei!”

Seeing countless Blue Flame wolves jumping towards Xiao Hei, Qin Yu feels as if his heart is being cut with a blade. Xiao Hei has been his best friend since childhood and he has even spent the greater part of his time with it. He takes a glance at the several hundred wolves. At the same time, killing intent surges inside him.

Suddenly, a sharp eagle cry resounds through the air. Many purple electric sparks unexpectedly burst forth and run through the bodies of all the Blue Flame wolves on Xiao Hei. Those wolves start to convulse while wailing. Then, with a bang, Xiao Hei sends those several tens wolves flying with a wave of its huge wings.

Xiao Hei looks at Qin Yu. Its eyes are radiating human-like feelings.

Qin Yu obviously can understand Xiao Hei’s feelings.

“Ha-ha ~~~ Xiao Hei, don’t worry. These are merely several hundred doggies. You can take on the tribulation without worries. I’m going to kill them all.” Qin Yu’s heroism has risen to the skies. “For so long, I haven’t had this feeling of blood boiling for so long …” His energy starts to surge inside his whole body.

Seeming to feel that this is not a good thing, the leading wolf immediately roars. The several hundred Blue Flame wolves charge at Qin Yu desperately at once.

“Meteoric Tear, I’m counting on you!” says Qin Yu inwardly.

The wound Qin Yu suffered just now on his chest has unexpectedly fully recovered in only a short while, leaving just a faint scar. The Meteoric Tear’s powerful ability to heal injuries is Qin Yu’s strongest weapon. His entire body starts to move.

Afterimages and the blurs of his fists, legs and sword!

One Blue Flame wolf after another falls on the ground while wailing wherever the blurs go to. They then either die or writhe in agony. Encircled by the 108 energy streams, Qin Yu is combining his speed with his body-maneuvering skill. His offense has certainly reached a shocking level. He is executing killing blows with ease. With a gentle poke of a finger or a casual slash of the Flaming Sword, he can already kill a wolf.

“Roar roar roar ~~” The leading wolf roars even more urgently.

The several hundred Blue Flame wolves immediately accelerate. They come at Qin Yu in waves, trying to tear or bite him. The deaths and blood of their comrades only make them even madder. Disregarding their lives, these Blue Flame wolves have left many wounds on his body. Using the Flaming Gloves and the Flaming Sword to the full, Qin Yu has unleashed his strongest offensive power.

Pooch ~~

A Blue Flame wolf tears his stomach with a claw attack. His blood immediately streams down with gurgling noises from the wound.


A blur of his sword flashes by and the head of that wolf falls on the ground.

“I didn’t expect it to be a peak Xiantian Blue Flame wolf. Its offense was almost equal to that leading wolf’s.” Qin Yu pokes at some acupoints continuously at once, trying to slow his bleeding down a bit. Even though the wound on his stomach is very large, because too many Blue Flame wolves are attacking him recklessly, he basically has no time to treat it properly.

Xiao Hei is crying unhappily and shrilly. It is also being surrounded by 200 to 300 Blue Flame wolves.

“Boom ~~~” With rolls of thunder, a pressure comes down from the sky again. Even the Blue Flame wolves are somewhat slowed down by it. Obviously the most formidable, the 4th thunderbolt is about to strike down. Unable to care about anything else, Xiao Hei can only fly into the sky to take on the 4th thunderbolt.

End of b4c3.

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