Book 4 Chapter 22

B4C22: The death of Wu De

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei fly side by side through the air.

“The River Wu, 2000 km long and sinuous, is the largest river of Ba Chu County. It runs through several tens cities of the county. The place where the West Chu Conqueror died in battle is not far from the capital either.” Qin Yu tells Xiao Hei using holy sense communication.

“Big brother, the River Wu is so long but you only told Xiang Yang to fight it out on this river, who can know where you mean to fight him? You haven’t told Xiang Yang the exact location of the battle.” Xiao Hei says doubtfully. He was also doubtful just now, but because both Xiang Yang and Qin Yu are not careless people, he guessed that both of them must have understood each other and therefore did not ask. Only now does he ask Qin Yu.

Qin Yu gives a smile: “Do you still remember what I said just now?”

After Xiao Hei recalls what Qin Yu said just now and thinks about it for a while, he also understands: “Ha-ha, big brother, you’re really cunning. No wonder when Xiang Yang heard your words his face immediately changed color.” Xiao Hei is very intelligent too so he only needed to ponder a little to understand.

While talking to Xiang Yang, Qin Yu suddenly asked: “Xiang Yang, your father, the West Chu Conqueror, died on the River Wu, right?” Then he challenged Xiang Yang to a fight. Xiang Yang is no ordinary person so he understood at once that the fight was going to take place at the location of the West Chu Conqueror’s death.

Qin Yu’s meaning was very clear, that is, your old man, the West Chu Conqueror, died at this place and this time you are going to be killed by me at this place as well.

“Humph, 1000 years ago my Qin clan’s Shangxian killed a Jindan stage Xiang Yu on the River Wu. Now both of us are going to kill the even more formidable Xiang Yang at the same place.” Qin Yu says laughingly.

Xiao Hei says with a cold laugh using his holy sense: “Since we’re going to let them die at the same place, Xiang Yang should be satisfied with this.”

Except for Qin Yu, Xiao Hei is unwilling to interact with humans. He is somewhat friendly to the Qin clan’s members mostly because of their relationships with Qin Yu. And he simply does not care about the other people. As for the Xiang clan’s members, because there is a feud between them and Qin Yu, he is also extremely hostile to them.

“Xiao Hei, tonight I’ll still have to handle a business. Can you guess what it is going to be?” Qin Yu says laughingly.

“There’s still another business?” Xiao Hei considers for a while. “Big brother, according to what you told your family, in theory there should be no other problems. Oh, I know already.” Xiao Hei’s sharp eyes glitter. “It’s Wu De, right?”

Qin Yu says using his holy sense: “You’re smart. There must be no mistakes during the fight between us and Xiang Yang on the River Wu in tomorrow’s full moon night. This fight is not only going to decide our fate, but also the fate of the Qin clan. Therefore … if a late Jindan expert like Wu De lives, I won’t be able to fight unworried.”

Qin Yu’s intention is very clear.

If Wu De uses a sneak attack at a crucial moment in Qin Yu and Xiao Hei’s battle against Xiang Yang, perhaps the situation of the battle will change. This is one possibility. Another possibility is, if they perish together with Xiang Yang, leaving Wu De, who holds a grudge against the Qin clan, alive, he will become a serious menace to the Qin clan.

No matter what happens, Wu De must die first.

“Good, Wu De, his martial younger brother almost killed you, just let me burn this bastard up directly.” Xiao Hei says with hatred.

“Xiao Hei, you don’t have to get into action. I’m going to be the one who’s going to send both him and his martial younger brother off to Hell.” Qin Yu’s eyes radiate a hint of coldness. He already killed Wu Xing so there is an irreconcilable blood feud between him and Wu De. Even though Qin Yu treats other people sincerely, he has absolutely no mercy for enemies.

Xiao Hei says in agreement: “All right, then let me see your abilities, big brother.”

“Tonight, Wu De is going to get killed in the capital. Xiao Hei, let’s find a place to rest and wait until tonight before getting into action.” They immediately dive down. Both of them, one man and one eagle, then casually choose a mountain peak and rest quietly on it.

The capital was the Chu dynasty’s center in the past. Because it was well lit at night by the lamplight of tens of thousands of families, it was called the Nightless City. The capital was lively and extremely flourishing and bustling, but since the Qin clan went to war, its luxurious and corrupted atmosphere has grown weaker and weaker.

However, after that Shangxian issued a challenge to battle in broad daylight that resounded through the capital, tonight the capital is even under martial law. Due to this, nobody dares to roam the streets late at night.

In a quiet courtyard house, there are a stone table and nothing but 2 stone stools beside it. In the past Wu De and Wu Xing often sat on these stone stools but now Wu Xing is already dead so one of the stools is no longer used.

On the jade bed in the house, there is a tea table in the center of the jade bed. Wu De is sitting with eyes closed and legs crossed on the left hand side of the tea table, his long hair hanging about his shoulders.

“Alas …” Wu De opens his eyes, looking at the right side of the jade bed. The tea table divides the jade bed into two and in the past he and Wu Xing would sit on either side, practicing calmly. They lived together for nearly 1000 years but now Wu Xing is already dead so Wu De cannot help feeling somewhat unaccustomed to this.

“Don’t worry, martial younger brother. Xiang Yang will cause trouble to the Qin clan very quickly. When the time comes I’ll definitely exterminate that clan to avenge your death.” Wu De’s eyes flash with coldness. He has never forgotten that he has to seek revenge for his martial younger brother’s death.

Suddenly the door of his room automatically opens. Cold winds of the late night rush into the room, causing Wu De’s long hair to flutter. He however narrows his eyes. His entire body’s aura starts to become fierce.

“Who?” When Wu De has just finished saying, his face suddenly changes color.


Wu De’s jade bed is put against a stone wall of the room. That wall unexpectedly shatters as if blown up, shooting stone fragments in all directions. A fist strikes out directly from the middle of the stone fragments like a glittering iron sledgehammer.

Wu De turns into a blur and moves forwards, but that fist is even faster than he is!


That fist smashes directly on Wu De’s back. A dazzling light immediately brightens on his back. At the same time, his entire body unexpectedly accelerates again and flies out of the room like a bow-leaving arrow. However, a silhouette has appeared in the room.

Wu De is standing outside the room staring inside. At the moment, blood is trickling down from a corner of his mouth.

“Who? Come out!” He shouts coldly.

However, trickles of cold sweat continuously appear on his forehead. Just now he was able to feel how fast the opponent was. Even though he detected his killing intent in advance, he was still hit in the back with a punch. The power of the opponent’s punch unexpectedly penetrated his body-protecting elemental energy and injured him directly.


The elemental energy in Wu De’s body has been activated completely. He focuses his entire eyes on the silhouette inside the room.

When that silhouette comes out of the room, Wu De’s face suddenly changes color greatly.

“It’s you!” His eyes are filled with disbelief. “How is this possible? Didn’t you die already? I saw you die with my own eyes. Didn’t you perish together with my martial younger brother? How can you still be alive? This’s impossible, absolutely impossible.”

The person in front of him is unexpectedly ‘Mister Liu Xing,’ who is also Qin Yu.

“Why impossible? Aren’t I living very well in front of you, Mister Wu De?” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Wu De’s face changes color several times then he becomes frighteningly sullen. Staring at Qin Yu, he says: “Qin Yu, it doesn’t matter how you was able to survive, but … do you really think you can handle me with your power? I remember last time you hadn’t even undergone the tribulation so now you’re at the early Jindan stage at most. You’re no match for me.”

Wu De’s tone is very certain. Perhaps he wants to convince himself.

Judging from the single punch a moment ago, he has already noticed that his opponent is formidable.

“Wu De, your life … has 5 seconds left.” Qin Yu does not say much. Afterwards he stretches smilingly, creating a series of clack noises from his whole body. At the same time he mumbles: “5, 4, 3 …”

He counts while stretching gently.

“In your dreams.” Wu De says disdainfully in an ice-cold voice. He does not believe Qin Yu at all but his heart has become totally anxious. He channels the entire elemental energy inside him outside. At the same time, his flying sword flies to the top of his head, floating while preparing to attack at any moment.

A faint smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth: “1.”

As Qin Yu finishes saying, his entire body is engulfed by the indistinct stellar energy. Concurrently with this, his body charges at Wu De like a beam of light. The distance between them is only 10-odd meters so Qin Yu comes up to Wu De’s face in the blink of an eye.

Wu De suddenly opens his eyes. According to his thought, his flying sword shoots directly at Qin Yu.


Qin Yu suddenly throws a punch. The Flaming Gloves, which is covered in a moving dark golden light, boldly smash into the flying sword. In seemingly a moment, that flying sword is shattered, turning into various fragments. Having destroyed the sword, Qin Yu seems not to stop.


After his flying sword is shattered, Wu De cannot help spitting out a mouthful of blood. However, Qin Yu, charged with killing intent, has already attacked using 2 hands.

Stellar Field!

He turns into a good few versions of himself, surrounding Wu De completely. At the same time, all Qin Yu’s attack Wu De using a different kind of attack each such as finger sword, claw strike, punch and knife hand strike … In almost an instant, the claw, punch, palm, finger sword, spear hand hit Wu De’s body.

The face of Wu De, whose elemental energy has surged out of his body, suddenly hardens. His elemental energy has also weakened.


Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile after his copies have become one with him. He then steps into the air directly. At the same time, a bang is heard. The motionless body of Wu De has exploded as if self-destructing. His blood splatters all over the sky.

Qin Yu, with his back facing Wu De’s exploded corpse, casually executed an easy move towards his back with his right hand. A stream of the indistinct stellar energy that looks like a blue ribbon flies out, quickly wraps around a jindan and brings it back to him.

“Big brother, this is really so simple since you used the stellar field from the get-go.” Xiao Hei says to Qin Yu while flying in the sky.

Qin Yu says smilingly with a shake of his head: “It was not simple. I let him lived 4 more seconds.”

Just now Qin Yu said 5 seconds but he only needed 1 second to start and finish his attack. Even though his movements sound slow when expressed in words, he was extremely fast. Activating the stellar field, shattering the flying sword and killing Wu De took him just 1 second altogether.

“This Wu De is even weaker than Black Wind leopards.” Xiao Hei says disdainfully.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “No, their power levels are about the same, only that when I killed that Black Wind leopard I was only at the early Nebula stage. Now I’ve already reached the middle Nebula stage so naturally my offense has improved by several times and killing an expert of this level has become much easier.”

“All right, Xiao Hei, now we can meditate with no worries. Tomorrow’s full moon night we’re going to go to the River Wu to fight that Xiang Yang.” At the moment Qin Yu’s mind is very calm.

Having killed Wu De, his only remaining target is Xiang Yang.


The morning sun is spreading its warm beams freely. At noon, the whole capital is still as bustling and flourishing as before.

A blue-clad middle-aged man is walking on West Street of the capital. He is none other than Qin De, who was only able to reach the Chu dynasty’s capital from the town of Xiyang after going nonstop for nearly a day. He knows that his identity cannot be revealed so used the Appearance and Bone Changing art to change his appearance.

Qin De enters a teahouse, sits down and casually gives the waiter a chunk of silver: “Waiter, did anything interesting happen yesterday in the capital?”

Seeing the chunk of silver, the waiter’s eyes brighten. He grabs it at once and says politely: “Sir, something did happen yesterday in the capital. A Shangxian stood in midair and shouted directly at a man named Xiang Yang. That Shangxian already left, but at the end of the talk he said one sentence that was heard by the entire capital.”

Qin De feels a surge of relief in his heart. Obviously Qin Yu has not fought Xiang Yang yet.

“What did he say?”

Qin De immediately asks.

“‘Tomorrow, in a full moon night on the River Wu … Xiang Yang, let’s see if you’ll dare to come …’ Sir, that Shangxian’s voice was so loud that it resounded through the sky. No one in the capital failed to hear it. Since yesterday, there have been swarms of experts, even Xiantian experts, who hurried to the River Wu. Someone said it was going to be the place where the West Chu Conqueror died.” The waiter says affirmatively.

Qin De gives a faint smile. He secretly agrees in his heart.

On the River Wu?

The River Wu is so long, who knows where the battle is going to take place? But where the West Chu Conqueror died is the most famous place on the River Wu, so, if someone draws a connection between it and this Xiang Yang person, he will be able to guess where it is going to be with good accuracy.

After drinking the tea, Qin De leaves the capital directly, heading for the River Wu.


In Eternal House,

The gate of the house automatically opens. Black-robed Xiang Yang goes out of the house. Tonight is the time of the battle. It is still daylight but he has decided to go to the battlefield in advance. He is really not a rash person.

Before the battle he must examine the battlefield once. Otherwise, if the opponents have set up some restrictive spells or formations beforehand that he is unaware of, it will be terrible for him during battle.

“Master, this is bad. Wu De is dead.” Lan Xuemou runs up to him from the distance and immediately says.

Xiang Yang raises his eyebrows. “I know already.” He does not say much and only smiles coldly in his heart: “Humph, you wanted to put some fear in me, right? But … a late Jindan Wu De was totally expendable to me.”

With his robe fluttering, Xiang Yang soars into the sky, heading for the location of the battle on the River Wu.

End of b4c22.

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