Book 4 Chapter 21

B4C21: A full moon night on the River Wu

Qin De’s 2 hands, which are holding the letter, slightly tremble. In an instant, his facial expression changes several times.

“Father, how is Yu’er? What does this letter actually say?” Qin Zheng asks Qin De hurriedly, his face full of urgency. Qin Zheng has been having a bad feeling as well, especially after seeing Qin De’s expression.

Qin De’s facial muscles are slightly twitching. His eyes redden in a moment. Qin De takes a deep breath, trying to suppress the feelings surging inside him. His whole chest takes in fresh air like a pair of bellows. He must refrains himself.


Qin De, having become misty-eyed, passes the letter in his hands to Qin Zheng on one side.

“Yu’er, how am I going to have to treat you?” Qin De turns his face upwards, looking into the sky. His expression is totally unhappy. “I wronged you but you’ve helped me again and again. Last time, to save me you didn’t hesitate to die together with the enemy. Now, you again …”

He still remembers that sentence in the letter -- ‘I can only guarantee that, in this battle, Xiang Yang will definitely die no matter what happens.’

Qin De knows his 3rd son very well -- Once he promises to do something, he will definitely accomplish it, only that … in order to achieve his goal, he will disregard even his own life.

This is his son, Qin Yu!

He should take pride in having such a son, should he not? But at the moment Qin De’s heart is in a lot of pain. He knows that his son left for the sake of the Qin clan and that, once this battle is won, the Qin clan will benefit greatly from the victory.

However … Qin De after all is a father! The urge to be with his son caused by his fatherly feelings is not something that can be suppressed.

“Father, Xiao Yu … why is he so silly? We can wait, waiting for 10 to 20 years. But …” Qin Zheng has started to panic, but he can do nothing now. Chasing?

It will take even people like Fengyuzi a day’s worth of time to reach Ba Chu County from here, but Qin Yu only needs 2 to 4 hours to arrive in that county. They simply will not be able to catch up with him because Qin Yu’s speed is really too fast!

“Wait? 10 to 20 years is too long. Many things can happen during this period of time.” Qin De totally understands what his 3rd son was thinking. But, the more he understands his son’s intention, the more pain his heart is in.

“Xiao Yu, 3rd brother!” There is also a mournful expression on Qin Zheng’s face now because he has understood everything as well.

“2nd brother, where’s Xiao Yu? Why both of you are here?” Qin Feng has run up to them too.

Qin De suddenly looks at Qin Zheng, saying: “Zheng’er, this letter and these 3 secret books will be regarded as the Qin clan’s most important treasures. You must protect them. Remember, from now on, you’ll be in charge of every affair of the Qin clan. You’ll represent the entire Qin clan! So, you mustn’t act on impulse.”

Qin De puts the 3 secret books in Qin Zheng’s hands.

Qin Zheng cannot help getting startled. He looks at Qin De, saying doubtfully: “Father, what do you mean?”

“Before leaving this time Yu’er wrote that he would be able to kill Xiang Yang so I believe he’ll succeed. Xiang Yang will definitely die. But … we all know Yu’er’s temperament. He isn’t afraid of death. Because he’s determined to kill Xiang Yang in this battle, it’s hard to tell if he’ll be able to return.” Qin De says in a very low voice.

On one side, both Qin Feng and Qin Zheng hear what he says. As older brothers, they of course know Qin Yu’s temperament. When they think about this, their faces change color greatly at once.

“Ha-ha … whatever happens, let me act on impulse too for a while. If I can’t see Yu’er again, I won’t be able to live in peace for the rest of my life. Zheng’er, remember, I’ve given the entire Qin clan to you. Feng’er, remember, you must protect the Qin clan well.” Qin De entrusts the Qin clan to his 1st and 2nd sons.

“I’ve given the entire Qin clan to both of you.” Qin De looks at these 2 sons of his.

Qin Zheng and Qin Feng clench their teeth and their eyes slightly redden, but the 2 brothers still nod resolutely. Seeing his 2 sons’ reactions, Qin De gives a smile, a very relaxed smile.

“Ha-ha … I, Qin De, have been living for so long, and what I take the most pride in is my 3 good sons.” A flying sword appears under his feet. After taking a look back at his 2 sons, he soars into the sky directly on his flying sword.

“Father!” Qin Zheng and Qin Feng watch Qin De gradually leaving through the sky.

“Yu’er!” Qin De seems to see an illusion of Qin Yu. “I owe you too much. At this moment, how can I keep hiding behind your back, letting you fight to the death in front of me? Even if I have to die, I’ll die beside you.”

Qin De is riding his flying sword. His long hair is flapping wantonly, giving his entire body a wild, carefree air.

He knows that this time he is acting on impulse, but if a person is always too rational, living will be very tiring. Now, the emotions that have been repressed in Qin De’s heart for a long time have burst and he no longer cares about anything.

Since entrusting the Qin clan to his 2 sons, he has been totally at ease. At the moment he is acting impulsively and wildly … but he is enjoying this kind of feeling.

Standing on the flying sword, Qin De disappears on the western horizon in an instant like a beam of light.


Qin Yu and Xiao Hei have already come into Ba Chu County. They are currently just a short distance away from the capital.

“Xiao Hei, this battle will be very dangerous.” Qin Yu says to Xiao Hei on one side via his holy sense.

“Big brother, don’t say those useless words. You and I have never been away from each other for so many years. We even dared to face divine beasts, what’s there to be afraid of? Isn’t he just an early Yuanying Xiuzhenist? Big brother, later don’t say those standoffish words to me.” Xiao Hei looks at Qin Yu with his sharp eyes, which are radiating an indomitable perseverance.

Qin Yu bursts out laughing.

“Ha-ha, Xiao Hei, with a brother who sticks by me through life and death like you, I have no regrets in this life.” Qin Yu feels a coziness surging in his heart.

“That’s good, big brother. But we’re not going to throw our lives away. We should plan carefully how to deal with Xiang Yang, no matter what.” Xiao Hei uses holy sense communication. His intelligence is really not lower than that of any normal human.

Qin Yu nods. His mind starts to consider.

Xiao Hei suddenly says using his holy sense: “Big brother, there’ll be a full moon tomorrow night. In my hereditary memories, there is a special skill that is even much more powerful than my Flaming Lightning if executed in a full moon night. Humph, isn’t it just Xiang Yang? … This special skill of mine will injure him badly at least.”

Xiao Hei is very proud but he only says that he will injure Xiang Yang badly at least. Qin Yu thus understands that he is also somewhat afraid of an early Yuanying Xiang Yang.

“Good, but … should we go check out Xiang Yang’s power a bit right now?” Qin Yu gives a faint smile.

Xiao Hei immediately utters an eagle cry.

A person can always win only if he knows his situation and that of his enemy. Qin Yu’s and Xiao Hei’s speeds are even faster than that of a Yuanying stage Golden Flame eagle. In general, a human when flying on a sword is slower than a bird of the same power level which excels at flying. Qin Yu and Xiao Hei, therefore, believe that Xiang Yang’s speed is inferior to theirs.

They turn into 2 blurs and fly into the airspace of the Imperial Palace in Ba Chu County in just a short while.

Both of them, a man and an eagle, stand side by side in midair. Qin Yu is being engulfed in his indistinct light silvery stellar energy. His entire body is a blur through the stellar energy, which looks like a thick fog. Xiao Hei spreads his huge wings. Various electric sparks begin to cover them.

Their powerful auras sweep across the whole Imperial Palace like a storm.

“Xiang Yang, quickly come out.”

Qin Yu says in a clear voice. Transmitted by the stellar energy, his voice is like ripples, spreading out downwards from him. It resounds through the entire capital and at the same time causes the air right above the capital to vibrate continuously.

In a short while, the people in the whole capital are astonished. All of them look into the sky. Those who are slightly powerful can see an indistinct silhouette and a black eagle as well in the sky.

“Xiang Yang, quickly come out!”

Qin Yu’s voice resounds nonstop through the air and pierces the walls so all of the people in the Imperial Palace, including the Xiang clan’s members, can hear it.

At the same time, a sharp eagle cry resounds through the sky.

Seemingly wanting to compete with Qin Yu, Xiao Hei cries very loudly. His cry resounds continuously and resonates with Qin Yu’s voice. The people in the entire capital all freeze with shock because of these sounds.


“Standing in midair, oh my, it’s a Shangxian, Shangxian!!!” After looking into the sky and seeing Qin Yu’s indistinct silhouette, an internal expert on a street of the capital cannot help getting horrified. “That Shangxian mentioned Xiang Yang. Ah, Xiang Yang, could he be the 1st emperor of our Chu dynasty? Are they 2 peope with the same name or are they the same person?”

The people in the capital are discussing with each other. All of them have great reverence for that man in the sky.

Only Shangxian can stand in midair. And Shangxian, of course, are not the same as mortals.


In Wu De’s place of residence, hearing that loud and clear voice, Wu De immediately throws open the door of his room and walks out. As he looks into the sky and sees that vague silhouette, his heart is filled with shock.

“Xiang Yang, this man has unexpectedly issued a challenge to Xiang Yang. It looks like he’s extremely strong as well.” He quickly rejects the idea of fighting that vague silhouette because an expert who dares to fight early Yuanying stage Xiang Yang is basically not someone he can compare with.



In Xiang Guang’s resting place, Xiang Guang suddenly pushes open his room’s door and rushes out. Dressed in only a yellow pair of pyjamas, he stands outside his house and looks up at the indistinct silhouette in the sky. He is scared stiff all over instantly.

“Shangxian, does this Shangxian want to fight Great Ancestor?”

Xiang Guang starts to panic at once. At the moment, the Great Ancestor is the only thing that the Xiang clan can rely on. If Xiang Yang is killed by this Shangxian, who has appeared all of a sudden, that will be terrible.

Suddenly --

“Who are you, petty thief? You even dared to shout in the sky above the Imperial Palace.”

Similarly, a powerful voice comes out from Eternal House. It is not less resonant than Qin Yu’s voice and is even somewhat superior to his. As the voice resounds, a black-robed silhouette soars directly into the sky from Eternal House.

With his black robe fluttering and his long black hair flowing freely, Xiang Yang focuses his extremely sharp and ice-cold eyes on Qin Yu and Xiao Hei. At the moment his aura is frenzied like a storm. It sweeps across the sky, coming at them.

In an instant, all of the people in the capital, the Xiang clan’s members in the Imperial Palace and even Shangxian Wu De look up into the sky.

Because of the indistinct stellar energy which is wafting around Qin Yu’s body like mist, that aura cannot touch him at all. As for Xiao Hei, flashes of lightning are flickering and flames are blazing on his body. His fierce aura is rising nonstop.

“A man and an eagle who haven’t even reached the Yuanying stage like you dare to mess with me? Why don’t you ask yourself if you’re qualified to do this?” Xiang Yang says coldly. His heart is filled with anger. Just now Qin Yu shouting ‘Xiang Yang, quickly come out!’ has made he feel like he has been ordered around at will.

Qin Yu looks at Xiang Yang in front of him. His holy sense is expanded to the utmost.

His holy sense is very strong. The Meteoric Tear is not very useful for improving his raw power and can only heal his injuries but it has been nourishing his soul nonstop with its warm streams, resulting in Qin Yu’s very powerful and tough holy sense.

“Early Yuanying stage, Xiang Yang, you’re pretty good, too bad … you must’ve been practicing all by yourself, right?” Qin Yu says indifferently.

“I’ve been practicing hard for nearly 1000 years. I broke through the Jindan stage to reach the Yuanying stage all by myself, using my own enlightenment. This is the reason the Xiang clan’s technique now also has the method for reaching the Yuanying stage.” Xiang Yang however says very haughtily.

The Xiang clan has an heirloom technique as well, which is similar to the Qin clan’s Ancestral Dragon Art. In the past Xiang Yu created the method for reaching the Jindan stage and now Xiang Yang has created the method for reaching the Yuanying stage.

However, Qin Yu bursts out laughing.

“Xiang Yang, your talent is not bad. Pity … you’ve learned only from your experience. I ask you, how many flying sword techniques do you know? How many restrictive spells do you know? And do you know the secret, mysterious art of forging?” Qin Yu says with a cold laugh.

Xiang Yang’s face slightly changes color.

A person who practices alone has limited energy. It is already exceptional that he was able to reach the Yuanying stage. Those so-called flying sword techniques, secret restrictive spells and forging secrets were only able to come into existence thanks to the efforts of countless genius disciples of some Xiuzhen schools for nobody knows how many tens of thousands of years.

So, how can Xiang Yang possibly create them by himself?

Qin Yu suddenly makes a movement with his body, turning into a blur. He comes up to Xiang Yang’s face in an instant and forms a finger sword with the forefinger and middle finger of a hand. Several indistinct beams of stellar energy are shot out from the finger sword. Concurrently with that, he clenches a fist with the other hand and throws a punch at Xiang Yang.


Xiang Yang utters a cold humph. His overwhelming elemental energy forms a seemingly real suit of armor around him. When the sword beams of stellar energy hit the suit of armor, it shakes for a while.


Qin Yu’s fist smashes into Xiang Yang’s body. That suit of armor shakes violently again, but it is not damaged in the slightest. With a movement of his body, Qin Yu returns to his original position.

“So that’s all you’ve got?” Xiang Yang says disdainfully in a cold voice. However, he is secretly amazed by Qin Yu’s speed. Qin Yu gives a laugh. Just now he did not even use the Flaming Gloves and only relied on his fist’s own offensive power. Now he has gained some understanding of Xiang Yang’s power.

“Xiang Yang, your father, the West Chu Conqueror, died on the River Wu, right?” He suddenly says.

Xiang Yang’s eyes flash with coldness. What he hates the most is other people mentioning his father’s death. In his heart, his father Xiang Yu was an invincible conqueror. However, his father was ganged up on by the Qin clan’s Shangxian and was killed on the River Wu.

“Tomorrow, in a full moon night on the River Wu, I and my brother here will be respectfully awaiting your arrival. But if you don’t dare to come, then let’s forget about it … Ha-ha …”

Qin Yu laughs out loud then steps on his flying sword. In an instant, his entire body disappears from Xiang Yang’s vision like a bolt of lightning or a meteor. Xiao Hei also slightly shakes his wings. Using the Passing Lightning Flashing Nine Times technique, he disappears in a short while.

Xiang Yang’s face changes color. He is frightened again by the speeds of this mysterious man and this mysterious eagle.

“Tomorrow, in a full moon night on the River Wu … Xiang Yang, let’s see if you’ll dare to come …” That loud and clear voice comes again from the horizon and continuously resounds through the air. The look in Xiang Yang’s eyes becomes even more ice-cold.

End of b4c21.

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