Book 4 Chapter 2

B4C2: Early heavenly tribulation?

“What a large storeroom.” Qin Yu opens the entrance of the storeroom on the 1st floor of Lei Mountain House. He is astonished to see that it is about the same size as the Training Hall. However, what shocks him the most is that it is unexpectedly filled with various ores.

They have different colors such as crimson, green, golden, silvery, black, and white …

The ores emit all kinds of glows, looking like a collection of attractive treasures. Qin Yu’s first impression is that all of the ores are extremely precious crystals and, moreover, none of them is inferior to In-rock Flaming iron.

“Master, when Master Lei Wei was wandering the universe at that time, he visited an unusual planet. That planet had extremely strong gravity and, moreover, it was covered with various precious crystals of different kinds. Master then dug up quite a few of the better crystals among them. From the viewpoint of the Xiuzhen world, these crystals are all top-class and can be used to forge top-class holy weapons.” A kitten appears out of thin air and floats on one side of Qin Yu.

Qin Yu cannot help becoming astonished.

They are ores that can be used to forge top-class holy weapons, no less! He remembers Fengyuzi once said that, even in the Overseas Immortal Islands a high-class holy weapon is extremely rare, not to mention these top-class crystals before him that fill more than half of the storeroom.

He cannot help reaching out his hand, wishing to get a chunk to examine. However --


Before he can touch these crystals, a repulsive force comes through his hand. Qin Yu makes a shake with his body to neutralize the repulsive force. Starlet on one side hurriedly says: “Master, First Master Lei Wei once told Starlet that an innocent man can run into trouble because of his wealth. Until you have reached the Core stage in power, you definitely won’t be able to use these top-class ores.”

“Oh … Master was really thoughtful. Xiuzhenists can fight each other for a chunk of a pretty good ore, not to mention top-class ores.” Qin Yu gives a smile then says with an unhappy expression: “But it’s really unbearable to just look at a mountain of treasures that has just appeared out of the blue.”

Starlet wags its tail proudly and says: “Meow ~~~ Master Lei Wei already prepared everything for you. See, that counter on the edge of the room, there is a ring on it. That ring is none other than a spatial ring, which is much more advanced than your storage bracelet, Master. It also has a very large space inside.”

As Starlet finishes saying, Qin Yu immediately goes up to that ring and gets it.

He personalizes it by blood at once and puts it on. As soon as he wears this ring, he feels how wonderful it is. Inside it, there is a simply shockingly large space.

“How great is the space of this spatial ring actually?” In a glance, Qin Yu jumps out of his skin. His storage bracelet’s space is only about the size of a room, but this spatial ring’s space is both longer and wider than 10,000 m and is 10,000 m high. They are basically not on the same level.

Even a big mountain can be put into this ring easily.

Starlet continuously wags its tail and says proudly: “When it comes to forging, in the Xiuzhen world, if Master Lei Wei had said he was the number 2, there would’ve been absolutely no one who dared to say they were the number 1! This Menghuan ring is the best spatial ring. Master Lei Wei forged it to commemorate his home planet. He said its space is much larger than even that of the Mingxu ring, the so-called number 1 spatial ring in the Xiuzhen world.”

As soon as Qin Yu gives this Menghuan ring a thought, it disappears into concealment. He must not take it out carelessly because after all his power is still really too weak. Of course, other people are not necessarily shrewd enough to notice that this is a formidable ring.

“Later I better use a common storage bracelet as a disguise for this Menghuan ring. Otherwise I’ll get robbed because of it, which will be terrible.” Qin Yu understands that he should not show his wealth, especially when his power is still considered weak in the Xiuzhen world.

Even though the Menghuan ring has been hidden inside his body, this does not affect his use of it at all.

“Oh, there are even some things inside it.” With a thought, Qin Yu discovers that some things are stored in the Menghuan ring. Taking a careful look, he sees that they are none other than some crystals. However, it looks like these crystals are not nearly as precious as the top-class crystals he saw just now in the storeroom.

Starlet says proudly: “Master, those are middle-class crystals and some high-class crystals. Master Lei Wei left them for you so that you can forge weapons. There is even a bottle of holy pills -- Vermillion Jade Pills -- in it. You can use them to heal your injuries.”

As soon as Qin Yu hears this, he gives a smile. Injuries?

At least he feels that, even though these Vermillion Jade Pills can also be considered top-class holy pills, they are definitely inferior his Meteoric Tear in effectiveness. As for the life-saving Meteoric Tear, he has an indescribable feeling about it.

“It’s time I started training. Unless I reach the Nebula stage, which is equivalent to the Jindan stage, I simply won’t be able to come back through the Wilderness alive.” Qin Yu immediately leaves this room and starts to practice seriously.

He practices the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams. Even though he has already reached the level where the 108 energy streams surround him at the same time and form a tricolor suit of armor, he has not felt the arrival of his heavenly tribulation yet. He knows he must gain some intuitive understanding of the Way of Heaven. In the blink of an eye, 7 days have passed. In the last 7 days, Qin Yu has flicked through many Xiuzhen books, which have also explained to him how he should practice at the peak of the Xiantian level in order to feel the arrival of the heavenly tribulation.

He has been practicing according to some of their methods.

Outside Lei Mountain House, Qin Yu is standing quietly on the center of the blue lake. His feet unexpectedly are staying still on the surface of the water. At the same time, 108 energy streams are moving around his body.

In the past, only when he performed the movements of the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams could the silvery, golden and purple energy streams be formed. However, when Qin Yu eventually exploded during that great battle in the Green Lotus mountain range, he made a breakthrough. And now he can make the tricolor suit of armor appear even without moving.

Walking on water without sinking a bit is a skill that Qin Yu has acquired only recently.

With his mind entering a state of vagueness and haziness, he naturally merges into nature. Now he can feel clearly the energy and life force of any plant or animal within several li of him. The progress he has made in 7 days is really astonishing.


Qin Yu’s mind suddenly gets a shock. His body can no longer maintain the state of a moment ago and falls directly ino the water. He wakes up at once. Throwing a palm strike at the water’s surface, he stands on it again. At this moment, his face is full of excitement.

“5 months, my 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation will come in 5 months. Good, this is really good.” Qin Yu’s eyes are filled with excitement. Just now an enormous stream of energy entered the depths of his mind and right afterwards he knew when he was going to undergo the tribulation. This kind of feeling was really very mysterious.

At this moment, a series of eagle cries rise on the horizon. The black eagle then dives down directly from the sky. This period of time, it has often preyed on the wild beasts in the surroundings. Ordinary Xiantian level wild beasts are basically no match for the black eagle.


Qin Yu is practicing quietly in the Wilderness without being disturbed by anyone. However, at the moment, undercurrents are surging in the Chu kingdom. The movements of the Qin clan’s forces and the mobilization of its several hundred thousand troops undoubtedly cannot escape the detection of the Xiang clan’s spies. The Qin clan is about to rebel!

The Xiang clan receives this information all of a sudden and cannot help being caught off guard by it.

“What’s going on? Argh, Shangguan Hong said there were still some years to go and Hidden Chessman’s secret letter also said the Qin clan would only rebel 2 years later. Now why is it moving its forces all of a sudden directly to the borderlines?” Xiang Guang is in a rage at the moment.

On one side, the hook-nosed man simply does not dare to make any noises because Xiang Guang is currently furious.

How can Xiang Guang possibly not get angry? At first he thought the Qin clan would rebel 2 years later so the Xiang clan has naturally worked out a series of steps to deal with that. However, now that the Qin clan has sped up its rebellion so much, Xiang Guang is certainly caught unprepared.

“Then have the bandits in the Black Water mountain range made up their minds? These bandits have been occupying the Black Water mountain range for several hundred years. They have become more and more powerful and now there’s no way to exterminate them. However … it’s a good thing for the moment. We’ll let them hinder the Qin clan’s hind legs.” Xiang Guang says with a cold smile.

The hook-nosed man hurriedly says: “Your Majesty, I was just about to report on this matter. Those Black Water mountain range’s bandits are particularly greedy. I don’t dare to make a decision without your permission …” The hook-nosed man takes out from his bosom a letter and hands it over to Xiang Guang.

“Don’t say that it’s too much. At this moment you still have misgivings about this much?” Xiang Guang reprimands him but still receives the letter.

As soon as he opens the letter and takes a look, even though he is prepared, his face still changes color: “Screw these bastards. They are merely a bunch of bandits but they’ve laid down to me so many conditions and asked for so much military materials. This really … this really …”

Xiang Guang is so angry that his hands tremble. Then he heaves a sigh and says with a cold smile: “Alright, accept their demands. They’ve dared to ask so I’ll give them what they want, but when the Qin clan has been destroyed, I’ll make these bandits cough everything up, and pay the interest as well!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the hook-nosed man hurriedly bows and says.

“Go!” Xiang Guang says with a casual wave of a hand. The hook-nosed man immediately bows and leaves.


In Qin Yu’s former courtyard house in the East Vanquishing Prince mansion,

Qin De is standing motionlessly beside the willow and looks up at it. Since he returned, he has often come into Qin Yu’s former courtyard house. He has been standing like this for a whole day but no one dares to disturb him.

He closes his eyes. The scenes of the battle surrounding his tribulation appear in his mind.


“Ah ~~~”

Qin Yu abruptly turns his face skyward and gives a long roar. His expression has become ferocious. His hands suddenly form 2 dragon talons and pierce through the air with a sharp whistle. “Chi ~~” Concurrently with a noise of flesh being penetrated, Qin Yu’s claws are stuck into Wu Xing’s chest. His eyes flash with fierceness. He violently makes a grab with his right hand and immediately smashes Wu Xing’s heart with it.


In that battle, Qin Yu was fierce and unafraid of death. The Four Directions Death Gods, the traitor Ge Min and Wu Xing all died at his hands one after another. Even when facing Xiuzhenist Wu Xing, Qin Yu, who was at an absolute disadvantage, still put his neck on the line and disregarded everything to kill his opponent.

What did he do everything for?

All of those scenes emerge in Qin De’s mind continuously. He becomes even more mournful. Naturally he knows why Qin Yu went insane like that. He will always remember everything his son did for him, his son’s every strike and movement, his son’s fierce expression while fighting the enemies and his son’s ruthlessness when perishing together with Wu Xing.

These things, he will never forget any of them!

“Yu’er, I’m sorry. Now I can do nothing for you, nothing to compensate you. I can only trample the Xiang clan to pieces and kill Xiang Guang and Wu De to bury them with you. If you’re watching from the underworld, you’ll see that, soon, in only a half year, we’ll go to war with them.” Qin De’s eyes glitter with coldness.

However … he does not know at all that at the moment Qin Yu is practicing nonstop in the legendary Wilderness, where dangers lurk everywhere.

In the Wilderness,

In a mountain forest, a huge blue wolf the size of a tiger is slowly advancing. Its bloodthirsty eyes are looking around. Suddenly, the huge blue wolf’s entire hair stands up. At the same time, various flames rise from its body.


The huge blue wolf utters a miserable wail and is sent flying like a sandbag by a kick at the same time. It then smashes into an old tree. With a clack noise the old tree is broken apart, and its pieces smash directly into other trees.

“Copper head, iron bone, tofu waist -- sure enough, it’s true.” Qin Yu’s body appears beside the huge blue wolf in an instant. At the moment he is wrapped in hide, completely revealing some near perfect muscles. There is an air of vigor around him.

That huge blue wolf’s waist is now totally distorted. Obviously Qin Yu’s kick has broken the bones of the waist. However, wolves are unusually ferocious wild beasts, especially Blue Flame wolves like this one.

“Roar ~~~” The Blue Flame wolf suddenly turns its face upwards and roars.

“Calling your comrades? Too bad, under my holy sense, you guys basically won’t be able to gang up on me.” By now Qin Yu’s holy sense has already reached nearly 1000 m in range. However, because this mountain forest is too large, it will take those Blue Flame wolves some time to rush to this place.

“Hiss ~~” This Blue Flame wolf slightly bends its forelegs. Its eyes glitter with ferocity. Flames rise from its whole body. However, this wolf is merely at the Xiantian level therefore these flames cannot harm Qin Yu’s body at all. The wolf suddenly takes a leap. As if tearing the air, its 2 claws slash at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s body creates several illusions then returns to his original place, looking as if he has never moved.

That Blue Flame wolf has been sent flying back. Now its claws have been broken off and its entire head has been deformed, looking bizarre. In an instant just now, using his fast body-maneuvering skill and 2 hands, Qin Yu severed its claws and broke its head.

“Blue Flame wolves are so fast!” Qin Yu’s holy sense has already discovered the appearance of 3 Blue Flame wolves within a 1000 m radius of him. These 3 Blue Flame wolves are rushing toward him at a speed of almost 100 m per second. Qin Yu stands still at where he is.

In a while, the 3 Blue Flame wolves appear in his line of sight. Seeing a dead wolf, the 3 wolves overflow with their instincts. After several howls, they unexpectedly charge forward with a roar and attack Qin Yu at the same time.

Qin Yu remains motionless. When the 3 Blue Flame wolves have already come near him,


Qin Yu suddenly utters a low shout. His eyes glitter intensely. At the same time, 108 energy streams appear around his body. At this moment, Qin Yu seems to turn into 3 people, who uniformly smash a straight punch into the heads of the 3 wolves.

“Bang!” The 3 Blue Flame wolves fall powerlessly on the ground. Even though from the outside their heads are still unblemished, everything inside has been pulverized by the shocks generated by Qin Yu’s hidden force.

1 strike, 3 wolves died.

“When the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams is practiced to perfection, it should be considered the most powerful close-quarters combat technique.” Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with excitement. During the battle on the day his father underwent his tribulation, in order to save his father, Qin Yu was eventually able to grasp how to make the 108 energy streams surround him at the same time. In that state, his speed was increased by several times.

However, having fought in the Wilderness for the last 2 months, he has discovered many other advantages of being surrounded by the 108 energy streams at the same time.

“Phew, after I killed 1, 3 appeared. After I killed 3, several tens are coming. Ho-ho, I’m not going to play with you anymore ~~~” Qin Yu gives a loud laugh then with a movement of his body he turns into a flickering blur in the forest. After flickering several times, the blur disappears.

If Qin Yu went all out to fight those several tens Blue Flame wolves, he would be able to kill them all while only suffering injuries at worst. However, their deaths would be followed up by the coming of several hundred to 1,000 Blue Flame wolves. In this mountain forest, which is near Qin Yu’s Lei Mountain House, there are at least 1,000 Blue Flame wolves. Even Qin Yu does not dare to fight so many of them.

After coming out of this forest, Qin Yu goes into another forest on a mountain range near Lei Mountain House.

“Roar ~~” A black striped tiger stares at him while roaring nonstop. However, seeming to have a feeling that Qin Yu is formidable, for the present it does not dare to attack him.

Suddenly, a sharp eagle cry resounds. A silhouette shoots down from the sky extremely fast like a black thunderbolt. Its 2 sharp claws directly grab the spine of the black striped tiger and tear it apart with ease. Then, with a ‘phut’ noise, a hole is pecked in the head of the tiger.

“Xiao Hei, what’s happened to you recently? You’ve been killing so many wild beasts already and even been focusing on killing formidable ones. It was so hard for me to encounter a near peak Xiantian black striped tiger, but you killed it too.” Qin Yu says resentfully.

Xiao Hei spreads its huge wings and flaps them continuously while chirping. Seeing this scene, Qin Yu cannot help giving a smile.

Time flies. It has been 3 months since he came into the Wilderness.

Today Qin Yu is sitting quietly with legs crossed on the side of the lake. In practice, not only does he have to fight, he also has to do spiritual training. When facing an enemy, a person with weak spirit will become nervous and will not be able to use his power properly; a person with average spirit will be able to fight normally but sometimes he will go mad; and a person with really strong spirit, whose face will not change color even if a great mountain is collapsing before him, will analyze the enemy’s weaknesses with absolute calmness in his mind.

Suddenly –

Hu ~~~

Fierce winds suddenly blow. Those sky-high large trees in the nearby forests start to shake continuously. Every wild beast quiets down as if it has felt something terrifying. The clouds floating in the sky are swept away in an instant. Just now the sky was still white, but now it is turning dark red all of a sudden.

Qin Yu suddenly opens his eyes and stares up at the sky. This scene is so familiar to him. It is exactly like when his father underwent his tribulation.

“The 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation?” Qin Yu is astonished. “Could it be some formidable demonic beast is undergoing its tribulation around here? But I’ve been here for so long. There doesn’t seem to be such strong demonic beasts within several tens li of this place.”

The dark red sky then creates a huge maelstrom. Various serpentine electrical sparks also appear all over this sky out of thin air. Being sucked by the maelstrom, the electrical sparks come together in it. In only a short while, that maelstrom has become a purple tribulation cloud.

The strangest thing is … this purple tribulation cloud is right above Qin Yu’s head.

“What …? My, my heavenly tribulation?” Qin Yu is somewhat stupefied. He remembers clearly that his tribulation should come 2 months later, so, why has this heavenly tribulation suddenly appeared? Moreover, that purple tribulation cloud has been formed directly above his head.

Has his heavenly tribulation come early?

End of b4c2.

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