Book 4 Chapter 17

B4C17: The return of Qin Yu

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei feel a surge of relief in their hearts. They no longer run desperately as they were doing just now either. The 2 brothers, one man and one eagle, then fly through the clouds, heading directly for the princely mansion in Yan City. However, at the moment, the town of Xiyang is visited by 2 terrifying personages.

With his black robe fluttering, Xiang Yang stands in midair and looks down at the entire town of Xiyang. His eyes seem as if they are piercing through space. Wu De, his blue robe fluttering in the wind, is on one side of Xiang Yang.

Xiang Yang basically does not hide his real power. A huge aura expands from him then enfolds the entire town. The pressure it gives off is felt by almost all of the people in the town.

At Qin De’s residence in the town of Xiyang,

Creak ~~

Qin De pushes open the door of his room and walks into the courtyard directly from the room. He raises his head looking into the sky. There is unexpectedly a faint calm smile on the corners of his mouth at the moment.

“Oh? Xiang Yang has finally arrived,” murmurs Qin De. At the same time, Xu Yuan also walks out from his room, having also felt that terrifying pressure. He looks up and immediately sees the 2 people who are standing in midair.

“Your Highness, they are …” Xu Yuan is shocked.

Qin De turns his head and looks at Xu Yuan, saying: “Xu Yuan, do you still remember the brocade purse that I gave you at that time? Wait for a while then return and open it. Later you’ll have to follow the steps that I mapped out in that brocade purse.”

“Qin clan brat, quickly come to meet me!”

A voice that sounds like thunder shakes the entire town of Xiyang. The terrifying force contained in that voice causes all the soldiers in the town to go pale. Weak people even pass out directly because of it.

“Remember, go back and open that brocade purse!” Qin De says to Xu Yuan seriously. Because the latter is also a very intelligent man, seeing Qin De’s expression, he can somewhat guess what is going to happen. But he still says with a nod: “Don’t worry, Your Highness. Xu Yuan definitely won’t let you down!”

Qin De gives a faint smile. A flying sword then appears under his feet.

Standing on the flying sword, Qin De soars into the sky.

Flying on his sword, Qin De meets Xiang Yang in midair in a just short while. Xiang Yang’s black hair is flowing naturally and his black robe is fluttering, but the most frightening thing about him is his ice-cold eyes, which seem as if they can see through other people’s hearts.

“Xiang Yang deserves to be called the most outstanding member of the Xiang clan.”

Qin De even has some admiration for this Xiang Yang. In the past, the West Chu Conqueror was extremely overbearing so when contending for the control of the lands he offended very many influential people. After his death, the Xiang clan became everyone’s target. Luckily, young Xiang Yang made an impressive entrance, befriending distant states while attacking the nearby ones. Eventually he and the other 2 great powers divided all the lands into 3.

Afterwards, Xiang Yang managed the Chu kingdom for several decades and even turned it into the strongest of the 3 kingdoms. Not only did Xiang Yang excel at governing the country, according to legend, he was even at least not inferior to his father Xiang Yu when it comes to martial arts. Despite having to pay attention to the running of the country, he was finally still able to reach the Jindan stage.

Xiang Yu was ruthless and totally overbearing but was not benevolent enough. However Xiang Yang seemed to be perfect. Depending on the situation, he could be either benevolent, or ruthless, or fair, or deceitful. He could use all kinds of tricks proficiently and was absolutely a born emperor.

“Hello, Senior Xiang Yang.” Qin De slightly folds his hands and says with a smile, showing neither humbleness nor arrogance.

Xiang Yang takes a look at Qin De. Judging by the fact that his opponent is not nervous at all after seeing him, he knows that there is a huge difference between his descendant Xiang Guang and Qin De. However, no matter what happens, Xiang Yang is a member of the Xiang clan. A faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth.

“Qin De!” Xiang Yang looks carefully at Qin De then says laughingly: “You’re really something. No wonder you have been able to take half of the Chu kingdom’s territory in only a short time. I admire you a lot … but I’m a Xiang clan’s man. You’re smart so you should be able to guess why I’ve come here, right?”

Qin De takes a glance at Xiang Yang and Wu De. As soon as he sees Wu De, his eyes flash with fierceness.

“Wu De,” he immediately remembers how his son Qin Yu perished together with Wu Xing. Wu De looks at Qin De, his eyes flashing with killing intent as well. He has never forgotten how his martial younger brother died.

Xiang Yang’s voice becomes serious: “Qin De, didn’t you hear my question?”

Qin De looks at Xiang Yang, saying: “Senior Xiang Yang, I really don’t know why you’ve come here in such a grandiose manner. What have you actually come here for?” Qin De pretends not to know anything.

Xiang Yang slightly frowns. The cold light in his eyes immediately intensifies: “Oh, a smart person like you can’t figure it out? Then I’ll tell you. I want the Qin clan’s army to retreat now. In this way, the 3 Eastern region counties will still be yours and the Qin clan will still be a vassal of my Xiang clan. The Xiang clan won’t even meddle in the 3 Eastern region counties’ affairs so they’ll be like a country within a country. What do you think?”

“Retreat? A country within a country?” Qin De suddenly laughs out loud.

His laughter is filled with sarcasm. Despite hearing Qin De’s laughter, Xiang Yang is still collected. He calmly waits for Qin De’s answer. Qin De’s face suddenly hardens. He says to Xiang Yang: “Senior Xiang Yang, I respect you for being a sage emperor of the Chu dynasty, but you’re dreaming. By now, when my Qin clan has occupied 10 out of the 12 counties of the Chu kingdom, do you think I’ll withdraw? How will that be possible?”

The cold air around Xiang Yang intensifies greatly: “Qin De, could it be you don’t understand your situation?”

“Situation, what situation?” Qin De looks at Xiang Yang in an unyielding manner. The 2 of them look each other in the eyes. Qin De however is not afraid at all. “Plus, you’re only one Xiuzhenist. Do you think you can compare with 2,000,000 troops?”

Qin De’s aura even rises.

Xiang Yang suddenly bursts out laughing then says: “Good, you’re quite something, Qin De. I only want to tell you that I’ve already reached the Yuanying stage. Though it’s only the early phase, I believe you should know what this means. Think it over, will you?”

“Think about what?” Qin De says without hesitation.

Xiang Yang’s face slightly changes color. Despite his great self-possession, he has become angry. This Qin De is playing the fool with him.

“You’ve reached the early phase of the Jindan stage, but I can kill you in one hit. As for the fella called Fengyuzi or something like that, I can kill him with ease too. I can even kill all of the Qin clan’s marshals and generals. Now do you understand what I mean?” Xiang Yang says continuously.

However, there is still a faint calm smile on Qin De’s face.

“Senior Xiang Yang, both Fengyuzi and I are Jindan stage Xiuzhenists. You can easily find us using your holy sense, but do you know the other generals of the Qin clan? Even if they were in front of you, you wouldn’t be able to know if they are the Qin clan’s generals.” Qin De says while staring at Xiang Yang.

When a Xiuzhenist searches for someone, at least he must know that person’s aura. Otherwise, he will not be able to be sure.

“In the army, marshals’ and generals’ tents are no different from soldiers’. You basically won’t find out who the generals are, so how will you kill them?” Qin De says emphatically while staring at Xiang Yang.

“Moreover, 600,000 troops have stormed Zhen Yang County from the 2 Northern region counties. Among the 200,000 troops of the Xiang clan in the county, 100,000 have already surrendered. The other 100,000 are merely on their last legs. The Black Water troops and the Mu clan troops, 600,000 in total, have almost occupied the entire Shang Que County as well.” Qin De reveals the information he received just now.

Xiang Yang’s face changes color.

He knew early on that Zhen Yang County’s 200,000 troops would definitely be unable to stop 600,000 enemy soldiers. But he never thought that 100,000 of them would unexpectedly surrender. However, there is nothing unusual about this. Anyone who is not a fool can see that the Xiang clan is nearing its end, so it is not difficult to tempt those soldiers into surrendering by offering them some money or rights.

“My Qin clan has 600,000 troops in Shang Que County in the south and Zhen Yang County in the north each. There are even some Xiang clan troops who have surrendered in these counties. In addition, there are almost 400,000 troops in Lei Xue County. They are ready to attack from 3 sides while your Xiang clan only has Ba Chu County left. If the Qin clan disregards everything to give an order, they will definitely be able to storm Ba Chu County within one day.” Qin De says very confidently.

If the only county that the Xiang clan has left is attacked from 3 sides, it will have to be defended on 3 sides. However, after the battles in Zhen Yang County, Shang Que County and Lei Xue County, the remaining troops of the Xiang clan only amount to 500,000 to 600,000. How can this small number of troops successfully defend the county from a massive 3-pronged attack?

There is no need for Qin De to say much because Xiang Yang certainly understands the situation.

Even though Xiang Yang is a formidable Xiuzhenist, if 2,000,000 enemy soldiers attack at once, how will he be able to stop them? A strike of his flying sword can only kill several troops so it will take him a very long time to kill just 100,000.

“Qin De, you still don’t get what I mean.” Xiang Yang says laughingly.

“Oh, I’m willing to hear your explanation.” Qin De says with an indifferent smile.

Xiang Yang says: “Your status is East Vanquishing Prince, the head of the Qin clan. If I kill you, the Qin clan will probably be plunged into chaos, right?”

Qin De bursts out laughing: “Let me tell you something. I’ve already made preparations. Once I die, the Qin clan is going to have a new head. At the same time, its army is going to attack desperately from 3 sides and trample the Xiang clan to pieces!”

Xiang Yang’s eyes flash with coldness.

If 2,000,000 troops really attack from 3 sides, despite his personal power, he will not be able to block such a huge number of troops. Even though they will not be able to kill him, there will be nothing he can do either.

After all, 2,000,000 troops are too many.

The destruction of the Xiang clan is what Xiang Yang does not want to see the most.

“But … I want to live too if possible. So, I can order these troops not to attack Ba Chu County, but you mustn’t harm anyone of the Qin clan either. What do you think? If you strike, the armies in Lei Xue County, Shang Que County and Zhen Yang County are going to storm Ba Chu County immediately!” Qin De says smilingly.

Xiang Yang stares at Qin De for a long time then says with a slight nod: “All right, remember your words. You mustn’t attack Ba Chu County. Otherwise even if I’m the only one left I’ll exterminate the Qin clan!”

With his black robe flapping, Xiang Yang immediately pierces through the air, leaving. Wu De takes a look at Qin De but then also leaves on his flying sword.

Looking in the direction of Xiang Yang’s departure, Qin De begins to frown deeply: “The situation has been complicated a bit. I never expected Xiang Yang to have reached the Yuanying stage’s early phase. Originally I thought this genius of the Xiang clan was at the Jindan stage’s late phase at most, in which case I would still be able to manage to deal with him. But it’s the Yuanying stage’s early phase … even if the Qin clan gets the kingdom, Xiang Yang can and will exterminate my clan.”

Qin De ponders in midair for a long time but cannot come up with any solution. Xiang Yang reaching the early phase of the Yuanying stage has made it impossible for his plan to be completed.


Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are going through the clouds. At the moment Qin Yu’s mood is somewhat excited.

“Perhaps father and brothers still think that I’m dead.” Thinking about this, he becomes more eager to meet his father. Suddenly he sees the silhouette of Yan City down below. He tells Xiao Hei at once: “Xiao Hei, we’re about to reach the princely mansion. Let’s speed up!”

He then dives down towards the princely mansion like a beam of light. Xiao Hei also dives down after him.

“Big brother, I wonder how your father will react when he sees you.” Xiao Hei says to Qin Yu via his holy sense. Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile. With his current speed, he arrives in the airspace of the mansion in a short while.

His holy sense sweeps through the entire mansion.

“Oh? Big brother, 2nd brother and father all aren’t here.” Qin Yu flies to a place of the mansion directly.

Manager Li of the mansion is taking a walk very leisurely. Because he has received good news from the front lines, he is very relaxed. After Ge Min’s death, then Vice-Manager Li was promoted to manager and was also given a lot more power.

Suddenly, a blur appears before Manager Li then becomes clearer, showing the body of a man.


Manager Li cannot help crying out in shock. At any rate he is the manager of the princely mansion so ordinary matters will not be able to astound him like this. However, what appears before him at the moment is 3rd Prince Qin Yu, who should have died.

“3rd Prince?” Manager Li’s face is full of disbelief.

Because of 3rd Prince’s death, he was grieved for a long time. But now a living 3rd Prince has unexpectedly appeared in front of him. Seeing Qin Yu’s smile, Manager Li cannot help believing that this is the real 3rd Prince Qin Yu of the princely mansion.

“Uncle Li, now you’re already the manager. Right, where’s my father?” Qin Yu asks smilingly.

Manager Li’s face changes color. He then stares at Qin Yu and says: “Say! Who are you? Don’t think that I don’t know it’s easy for Xiantian experts to change their appearances. His Highness himself saw 3rd Prince die. You think you can fool me with this?”

“Uncle Li, you don’t even recognize me? Do you still remember the time you brought me 8 external experts for me to choose my master from? At that time I chose Master Zhao Yunxing.” Qin Yu has no choice but to say this.

In his heart Manager Li believes that this man is Qin Yu, but his Lord personally witnessed Qin Yu’s death. A dead person cannot be revived. This is an established law of nature.

“Many people know that I took 8 external experts to 3rd Prince for him to choose his master. This can’t confirm your identity.” His face looks very solemn. However he has not called the guards yet and is waiting for Qin Yu to mention some secrets.

Qin Yu shakes his head with a smile. He cannot help saying: “Right, once when I was 5, as Grandpa Lian was accompanying me, I peed on your face and into your mouth. Do you still remember that?”

Manager Li is immediately speechless.

Only he himself and Lian Yan know about that embarrassing incident. He has never talked about it. Qin Yu has never mentioned it since moving to Misty Villa either, and Lian Yan was no fool. But it has just unexpectedly come out from Qin Yu’s mouth.

“Also, when I left the mansion for Misty Villa, you even gave me a wooden horse you had carved by yourself. Plus, once when I was 10, I came to the mansion, you …” Qin Yu says smilingly, but Manager Li cannot help getting misty-eyed.

“3rd Prince!”

With a movement, he hugs Qin Yu tightly. His tears stream down from his eyes uncontrollably. Manager Li saw Qin Yu grow up. In the past, as the vice-manager of the mansion, he had a very deep affection for Qin Yu. Now Qin Yu has mentioned so many things he knows only Qin Yu knows about. Moreover, Qin Yu’s smile and expressions are exactly like those of the 3rd Prince in his heart.

“All right, Uncle Li.” Qin Yu can also feel Uncle Li’s excitement. “Uncle Li, where’s my father? Why are my big and 2nd brothers not in the mansion?”

After letting go of Qin Yu, Manager Li immediately says with a smile: “His Highness? Several months ago he went to war with the Xiang clan!”

“He already went to war with the Xiang clan?” Qin Yu is startled.

End of b4c17.

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