Book 4 Chapter 14

B4C14: The Stellar Field

Shen Bao and Qin Yu turn into 2 black blurs and exchange blows extremely fast.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

Every time they clash, a sky-shaking noise is created. The 2 of them fight both on the ground and in the sky. Where their blurs flash through, various huge trees of the forest fall down with loud sounds.


Qin Yu throws a straight punch, which pierces the air, aiming directly for Shen Bao’s chest. Shen Bao’s eyes flash. His entire body makes a swaying movement very easily and several afterimages are unexpectedly created in an instant. Qin Yu’s punch then smashes into the huge tree behind Shen Bao.

The tree slightly shakes for a short time but it does not seem to be seriously damaged.

Suddenly --


Like a bomb, that huge tree, which is several tens meters high, unexpectedly shatters into countless fragments of wood in an instant, as if it was twisted so hard it broke into pieces completely. Each wood fragment is only about as large as a palm at most. Just like that, such a huge tree is reduced to countless wood fragments, which scatter in all directions.

Shen Bao’s body makes 2 swaying movements at once, getting away 100 meters. He then stands in the sky and stares at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu also stares motionlessly at Shen Bao.

“This fella hasn’t turned into a Black Wind leopard but he’s already as fast as me. Once he changes into his true form, his speed will increase again and I really won’t be able to keep up with him.” Qin Yu’s aura totally locks onto Shen Bao in front of him. His mind however is trying to think of a method to deal with this Black Wind leopard.

In terms of speed, Qin Yu is not better than Shen Bao. He is even at a disadvantage.

His eyes suddenly brighten. A faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth: “Right, Black Wind leopards are good at using speed. Their strength is not bad but it’s not as good as their speed either. Plus, with the fusion of my strength and stellar energy, my power will surpass his!”

Shen Bao takes a look at the fragments of the exploded tree and says with a cold laugh: “You’re pretty strong indeed. No wonder you were able to kill my 3rd brother. However … with this level of power you’re no match for me.” Despite saying so, Shen Bao is actually frightened by the power of the punch Qin Yu executed just now.

If that punch had connected with Shen Bao’s body, he would have either died or been severely wounded.

“Cut the crap. Let’s fight for real and see.” Qin Yu can guess what his opponent is thinking. Obviously this Shen Bao has noticed that Qin Yu is strong.

Because of this, he is trying to boast about his strength to hide the fact that he is weaker.

Qin Yu charges at Shen Bao again like a sharp arrow. At first sight he seems to be following a straight line but looking carefully one would see that, while flying, his body is fluttering very naturally and gently.

He is flying without making any wind sounds!

In almost an instant, Qin Yu has already come up to Shen Bao’s face.

“Wind? In terms of wind control, how can you possibly compare with us Black Wind leopards?” As Shen Bao is saying, he avoids Qin Yu’s strike with a gentle swaying movement of his body. His movements … do not cause any wind sounds either!


Qin Yu’s face changes color. He never thought that this Shen Bao could also make use of wind forces and neutralize wind resistance completely as he himself can.

Suddenly a high-pitched sharp eagle cry resounds through the sky.

“What’s happened to Xiao Hei?” Qin Yu quickly backs away. At the same time he expands his holy sense to the utmost and sees very clearly the situation of the fight between Xiao Hei and that Shen Yu. By now Shen Bao has already stopped fighting as well is paying attention to his 2nd brother’s situation.

“Roar ~~~”

Shen Yu turns into a Black Wind leopard. The stripes on his back even radiate a dull light. At the moment the hair on Shen Yu’s entire body is standing on end. He is staring at Xiao Hei while growling nonstop, but he has not attacked yet.

Hu-hu ~~~

Xiao Hei spreads his huge wings. His black feathers radiate an ice-cold light like cold iron. At the same time, various electric sparks are flickering on his entire plumage. Concurrently with that, many flames are emitted from his whole body. His aura has become so powerful that the others are startled.

The Black Wind leopard keeps growling lowly nonstop. His hair, which is standing upright, is vibrating.

“Oo ~~”

Xiao Hei utters an extremely sharp sound, which hurts the others’ ears. Even Qin Yu feels his heart tremble because of it. Seeing this scene, he knows that Xiao Hei has gone totally mad. With a shake of his wings, Xiao Hei unexpectedly flies straight into the sky.

Suddenly --

Various bolts of lightning shoot out from his entire body. In a short while, it looks like he has become the thunder god. The countless bolts of lightning then strike down at the Black Wind leopard with a boom.

The Black Wind leopard is moving extremely fast but the speeds of the lightning bolts are too fast and, moreover, there are too many of them. Various lightning bolts strike upon the Black Wind leopard’s body. That leopard gives a roar then immediately shoots up into the sky with a sudden leap.

Xiao Hei opens his mouth --

A huge mass of flaming lightning shoots out extremely fast. There is a bolt of lightning in the center of it. This bolt of lightning contains a shockingly powerful amount of electricity. This lightning bolt is enveloped in blazing flames. The strangest thing is that the lightning and fire seem to make a whole.

“My goodness, how powerful is this mass of energy actually? If hit by it, even I would be seriously injured.” Qin Yu is secretly shocked. At the same time, in his eyes Xiao Hei becomes even more fathomless. “Xiao Hei is really too formidable already.”

That mass of flaming lightning strikes down at the Black Wind leopard.

The Black Wind leopard’s body, which is in midair, unexpectedly turns into a blur and easily avoids the incoming mass of flaming lightning. He then takes a bite at Xiao Hei.


That avoided mass of flaming lightning suddenly turns around and hits the body of the Black Wind leopard in an instant. It seems to have been controlled remotely. An extremely deafening explosion is heard. At the same time, there is a miserable wail. Qin Yu also notices the smell of burnt hair.

“2nd brother!”

Seeing Shen Yu seriously injured, Shen Bao immediately becomes anxious. He charges directly at Xiao Hei. While flying, he unexpectedly turns into a Black Wind leopard. Xiao Hei’s voice suddenly rises in Qin Yu’s mind.

“Big brother, quickly stop him. Most of my energy has been spent.”

“No good!”

Only now does Qin Yu know that Xiao Hei had to pay a high price for the projection of that frightening mass of energy. And he decides to throw caution to the winds too!

In the blink of an eye, his indistinct stellar energy has spread through his entire vicinity, forming a nebular cloud, which has started to spin extremely fast. He seems to have been linked up with nature completely at once. His speed suddenly increases --


Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with fierceness.

“Roar ~~~” Shen Bao, having transformed into a Black Wind leopard, gives a roar and immediately attacks Xiao Hei. However, before this, Xiao Hei has already begun to charge towards Qin Yu with a shake of his wings. The Black Wind leopard turns into a blur in midard and continues to aim for him.

“Big brother, I leave him to you!”

Xiao Hei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. A faint smile then appears on Qin Yu’s face.

“In the past, when Master just reached the Dujie stage, he was already able to kill a Dacheng expert in addition to some loose immortals and several tens Dujie and Kongming experts. As his disciple, if I couldn’t even kill this late Jindan demonic beast, I should kill myself!”

His stellar energy has filled his vicinity. The area covered by it is where Qin Yu’s offense is most powerful. His speed also increases within this area.

“Roar ~~”

The Black Wind leopard bares his teeth and takes a bite at Qin Yu. At the same time, he slashes his 2 claws at Qin Yu as well. Qin Yu’s hands, which are wearing the Flaming Gloves, also form 2 claws and come at the leopard’s 2 claws head-on.


Qin Yu’s right hand boldly grabs a leopard claw. His stellar energy and powerful physical power are immediately unleashed. With a series of ‘clack’ noises of bones getting shattered, this claw of Shen Bao’s is destroyed by Qin Yu directly.

Shen Bao has become anxious!

“Roar ~~” He violently gives a mad roar. All of a sudden, the bone spines on his 4 sharp claws shoot out like sharp arrows. Qin Yu simply never expected these bone spines to be capable of leaving the Black Wind leopard’s body to attack.

“No good!”

His face changes color greatly. Because he is grabbing a claw of the Black Wind leopard’s with a hand, at the moment they are very close to each other. At such a close distance, even though Qin Yu has noticed the spines, he basically has no time to dodge them.

Pu! Pu!

Qin Yu unleashes all of the stellar energy inside him. His entire body shoots to one side like a sharp arrow. Even though he dodges very quickly, 2 of the spines still penetrate his body. One spine pierces his left arm while the other is stuck in his breastbone.


Qin Yu spits out a mouthful of blood. His body can match holy weapons in hardness, but these spines were the Black Wind leopard’s ultimate attack and were too powerful for it to withstand! Black Wind leopards can naturally produce bone spines on their bodies. Once the spines are disconnected from the bodies in an attack, it will take the new ones several tens to 100 years to become fully developed.

That Black Wind leopard suddenly switches to his human form.

Shen Bao stares fiercely at Qin Yu, saying: “You broke one of my claws and forced me to shoot out 4 spines. If I don’t kill you and swallow your jindan, how will I be able to release my fury?” Shen Bao had no choice. Because one of his claws was broken, even if he had maintained his Black Wind leopard form, he would not have been able to keep his speed.

Qin Yu suddenly pulls out the bone spines that is stuck in his breastbone and left arm. Luckily for him, his body was strong enough so the spines did not penetrate deeply. If one of the spines had gone in several centimeters more, it would have punctured his vital internal organs.

Qin Yu pokes at some acupoints at once to stop the bleeding.

“Big brother.” Xiao Hei’s voice rises.

Qin Yu reaches out a hand to interrupt him, saying: “Don’t worry. It would be a waste of my training if I couldn’t kill this animal. It’s time to go all-out!!!” His eyes suddenly become light red and his entire body is now engulfed a madly fierce aura. He is just like a lone wolf, which goes crazier after getting injured.

Feeling clear streams from the Meteoric Tear flowing to the wounds, Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile.

“Are you Shen Bao?” He focuses his eyes on Shen Bao. At the moment Qin Yu left arm’s wound is recovering at a noticeably fast speed. In general, as long as his vital parts are not injured, he does not have to worry about flesh wounds because the Meteoric Tear will heal them extremely fast.

“I’ll let you taste … the power of the Stellar Field!” The light silvery stellar energy around Qin Yu’s body suddenly starts to rotate extremely fast. At the same time, the nebula in his dantian also starts to spin at its top speed. All of the silvery grains begin to shine brilliantly.

In the blink of an eye, his stellar energy rises to its maximum level and fills every place of Qin Yu’s body.


Before Shen Bao can understand the meaning of Qin Yu’s words, Qin Yu has already started to charge him at his fastest speed. Shen Bao however looks at Qin Yu with a cold smile. Just now he saw a spine penetrate Qin Yu’s breastbone so he thinks that Qin Yu is seriously injured.


Qin Yu suddenly roars. In an instant, his entire body turns into 6 or 7 illusions.

Within the nebular maelstrom formed by the light silvery stellar energy, 6 or 7 Qin Yu’s appear around Shen Bao. They launch various types of attack at Shen Bao such as punch, knife hand strike, claw strike and finger sword strike.

“Bang!” As if piercing through the fabric of time, a spear hand strike hits Shen Bao’s chest squarely. With a loud explosion, a hole immediately appears on his chest.

“Pu!” A finger sword strike penetrates Shen Bao’s right palm.

“Clack!” A claw attack snaps Shen Bao’s backbone.


The silhouettes unify.

Qin Yu, looking as if he has never moved, now stares at Shen Bao. With his eyes wide open, Shen Bao also stares at Qin Yu: “This … what kind of speed … is this?” Just now, the speed that he has been proud of was simply unable to help him put up any resistance against Qin Yu’s attack.

“Dying from my Stellar Field, you can take pride in this.”

Qin Yu then basically stops looking at Shen Bao. Immediately afterwards, with a series of clack noises, all of Shen Bao’s bones shatter completely. He falls on the ground powerlessly at once and begins to convulse nonstop. Blood starts to flow out from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. He even mumbles in a low voice: “Stel … lar … Field …”

Then there are no more sounds. As for Shen Yu, Xiao Hei has already killed him.

Qin Yu’s face suddenly turns very red. He feels as if his internal organs are rebelling. A mouthful of blood rushes up his throat from inside his body. Qin Yu is simply unable to control it so he spits it out then sits down with legs crossed immediately.

“Big brother!”

With a shake of his wings, Xiao Hei rushes to his side.

“Never mind. I’m only at the early Nebula stage so I’m still not good enough to use the Stellar Field to the fullest. After resting for an hour I’m going to be all right.” Qin Yu tells him via the holy sense then quietly starts to regain control of his energy, which is running wild in his body.

The Stellar Field is an advanced technique developed from the highest level of the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams technique. In the past, when Qin Yu was enfolded by the tricolor suit of armor of the Trans-Heaven 3 Diagrams technique, his speed increased by several times. The Stellar Field uses the same principle.

The only difference is that it makes him even faster and more powerful.

After an hour,

“Big brother, here are the 2 jindans.” Xiao Hei puts 2 jindans before Qin Yu, who opens his eyes, immediately takes one of them and says: “Xiao Hei, a late jindan has 8 or 9 times more energy than an early jindan. One for me, one for you.”

Xiao Hei looks at the remaining jindan and says using his holy sense at once: “Big brother, I already ate that Shen Yi’s jindan. I said the others’ would be yours.”

“I only refine 1 jindan. Compared to a late jindan, an early one is negligible. If you don’t want it then just throw it away.” After saying, Qin Yu simply pays no attention to Xiao Hei and instantly starts to refine his jindan.

Xiao Hei stares at Qin Yu for a long time before finally taking the remaining jindan.

End of b4c14.

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