Book 4 Chapter 13

B4C13: Bloody fight

When Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are on their journey, in the headquarters in the town of Xiyang, at the moment the moon is bright and the stars are few. Qin De is standing in the courtyard and looking at the moon in the sky with his hands behind his back.

“The general situation has been decided!”

Qin De’s eyes glitter. Obviously he is very excited in his heart. This time the move that was aimed at seizing complete control of the 2 Norther region counties has been carried out perfectly. From beginning to end, everything was in Qin De’s plan. In the past he met and negotiated with Shangguan Hong and said he wanted to form an alliance with him only for this day.

It did not matter if Shangguan Hong really allied himself with Qin De or not, when the plan was put into action, Shangguan Hong would have to claim openly that he was on his side. Except for some top-ranking people, all of the generals and soldiers would know nothing about the truth. Only in this situation could the plan to take control of the 2 Northern region counties completely be carried out.

In the current situation, the Qin clan will only need to use some slight maneuvers and the entire Northern region will belong to it and not to the Shangguan clan anymore.

“Jing Yi, Yu’er, you’ll see from Heaven that I’ll definitely avenge your deaths. The Xiang clan … is doomed to be trampled to pieces by me. Xiang Guang and Wu De will surely die too.” Qin De’s eyes suddenly become fierce. He also clenches his fists behind his back, causing all the fingers to turn white.


There is a deep-seated hatred in Qin De’s heart. Both the deaths of his wife, the person he loves the most, and of his youngest son have been tormenting his heart every night like ants. Until he destroys the Xiang clan and kill Xiang Guang and Wu De, he will not be able to have a peaceful night.

The darkness before dawn has gone away. Qin De has already seen the first light of victory.

“One month, within one month I’m going to unify the whole Chu kingdom, destroy the Xiang clan and kill Xiang Guang and Wu De.” Qin De thinks to himself. Even though at the moment his army and the Xiang clan’s are confronting each other, he is still totally confident.

The Xiang clan lost a county so it now has control over 6 counties, including the Mu clan’s 3 counties. With the addition of the Shangguan clan’s 2 counties, the Qin clan now also has 6 counties. The 2 sides are basically equal to each other in power. Even though the Qin clan has a slightly stronger army, it is the attacking side while the Xiang clan is the defending side. And in battles for fortified cities, the attacking side will generally lose more troops than the defending one.

In short, the 2 sides are fairly equally match and have started to confront each other. However, Qin De is still certain that he is going to unify the entire Chu kingdom within a month.


Qin Yu and Xiao Hei are going through the Wilderness extremely fast.

“Another wants to bite the dust.”

Qin Yu and Xiao Hei stop again.

“An early Jindan leopard, oh, it’s a Black Wind leopard. In the leopard clan, Black Wind leopards are a very special kind. It seems we’ll have a bit of a trouble.” Qin Yu says to Xiao Hei using his holy sense. He has already noticed that there is a man several thousand meters away from them.

The more formidable a demonic beast is, the harder for it to transform into a human. Take, for example, the kings of eagles – Golden Flame eagles. The one that Qin Yu and Xiao Hei encountered previously has already reached the Yuanying stage but it has not been able to transform into a human yet. When running into that Golden Flame eagle, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei basically had no intention of fighting it and fled immediately.

And the 3 foxes he killed several days ago were just fairly common demonic foxes in the fox family. As for Black Wind leopards, because they can turn into humans after going through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, they do not seem to be formidable at all, but in fact they are very special.

Black Wind leopards are very hard to handle because they are extremely fast!

The leopard clan is always famous for its speed. In terms of speed, among running animals, there are no other demonic beasts that can rival leopards. And Black Wind leopards are even the best speed users among leopards so it can be imagined how fast they are. Because they are too fast, it is difficult to kill them.

“Xiao Hei, he’s come.” Qin Yu’s holy sense totally locks onto the opponent.

His soul is always nurtured by the Meteoric Tear so his holy sense never stops improving as well. Now it is no longer matched by his power. This is the reason why Qin Yu was able to detect the Black Wind leopard earlier than Xiao Hei.

“Big brother, it seems this Black Wind leopard wants to attack us.” Xiao Hei says haughtily.

A black silhouette is charging towards them from the distance like a thunderbolt. Its target is Qin Yu. Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly glitter. At the same time, his whole body turns into several illusions. He forms 2 eagle claws with his hands and continuously exchanges several tens blows with this assailant like lightning.

“Know your place!”

A faint cold smile appears on the corners of Qin Yu’s mouth. This Black Wind leopard unexpectedly only uses killing blows so Qin Yu has also become ruthless. He suddenly turns an eagle claw into a finger sword. His indistinct light silvery stellar energy is shaped into a sword around it. With a finger sword strike, he pierces through a palm of the Black Wind leopard.

The Black Wind leopard flies backward several hundred meters and stands in midair. However a hole has appeared in his right palm and blood is flowing out from it.

In his human form, this Jindan stage Black Wind leopard has an air of vigor around his entire body. All of his muscles are streamlined and look very similar to Qin Yu’s. To be accurate, this Black Wind leopard’s body is almost the same as Qin Yu’s, only that Qin Yu has an even more vigorous air about him.

“Did the 2 of you kill the 3 Yan sisters? Answer me!” That Black Wind leopard seems not to understand how big the gap between them. He even shouts at them.

Qin Yu folds his arms before his chest and slightly raises his chin, saying smilingly: “Oh? So what if I killed them? And what if I didn’t? Could it be you want to seek revenge for their deaths? What’s the relationship between you and them? Were they your mistresses?” says Qin Yu jokingly.

This Black Wind leopard is fast but he is merely at the early phase of the Jindan stage and therefore compared to Qin Yu, who is also good at using speed, he is a little slower. If he were a middle Jindan Black Wind leopard, Qin Yu would have had to expend a good amount of energy. And if he were a late Jindan Black Wind leopard, Qin Yu would probably not have been able to catch up with him and win so easily.

Unluckily for this leopard, he is only at the early phase of the Jindan stage.

“Humph, where did you 2 come from? Could it be you don’t know that within 3000 li of this place is the territory of the Shen brothers? I’m none other than Shen Yi. The Yan sisters were our partners but you even dared to kill them!” Shen Yi’s eyes continuously glitter with hatred.

He is dressed in hide. His body’s muscles are like metal, looking very powerful. It is too bad Qin Yu does not care about his anger at all.

“Oh, looks like you guys have been trying to find me for a long time, right?” Qin Yu says with an indifferent smile.

Shen Yi’s face darkens. Indeed, right after discovering the deaths of the 3 Yan sisters, they started to search for the killer. They were totally certain that no demonic beasts in their territory dared to harm the Yan sisters, and even if some wanted to, none would have been powerful enough to do so.

Therefore, they thought only a foreign demonic beast could have done this. The Shen brothers then started to search and Shen Yi has finally found Qin Yu and Xiao Hei.

“Are you a match for me?” Qin Yu says smilingly.

“No!” Shen Yi says with no shame. He stares at Qin Yu with flashing fierce eyes: “You two, one human and one eagle, are pretty strong, too bad … I’m not alone! Roar ~~~” Shen Yi suddenly raises his head and gives a roar. The sound he makes resounds through the area within several hundred li of him.

Qin Yu’s face slightly changes color.

“Big brother, leave this one to me. Let’s kill him first then go a bit easy on his brother!” When Xiao Hei’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind, he is already charging at Shen Yi like a beam of light. Seeing a huge black eagle flying at him extremely fast with wings spread, Shen Yi flies backward at once.

Xiao Hei takes a swipe with his ice-cold sharp claws, unexpectedly cutting the air. Shen Yi’s face changes color with surprise. Using all of his limbs, he avoids the attack in an instant.

“Roar roar roar ~~”

This time Shen Yi’s roars are more urgent. At the same time, his body unexpectedly starts to change. In almost a moment, he has already turned into a Black Wind leopard from a vigorous man. Black Wind leopards are about the same size as ordinary leopards.

However, this Black Wind leopard has a blue striped pattern on his back. The most surprising thing is now there are unexpectedly spines on his 4 sharp claws.

“Xiao Hei, why are you taking so long to handle an early Jindan Black Wind leopard? What did you say last time? It seems you said you were even stronger than a Golden Flame eagle of the same level. Golden Flame eagles are much more formidable than Black Wind leopards, you …” Qin Yu says jokingly on one side.

Xiao Hei gives Qin Yu an annoyed look. He then stares at the Black Wind leopard, saying using the holy sense: “Little leopard, I’m sorry but you’re going to die soon. Quickly enjoy the last moments of your life.”

Hearing that, the Black Wind leopard immediately becomes furious. He takes a leap. In an instant he has already covered several tens meters.


Xiao Hei’s eyes flash. 2 purple thunderbolts unexpectedly shoot out from his eyes and hit the body of the Black Wind leopard Shen Yi squarely before he can react. A wail is heard. At the same time, lightning flickers on the body of the Black Wind leopard. He falls on the ground convulsively. Xiao Hei then shakes his wings. In the blink of an eye he shakes them extremely fast several times. He quickly disappears as if he has used teleportation.


Xiao Hei’s eagle claws crush the Black Wind leopard’s head directly. The leopard immediately dies. Xiao Hei swallows this Black Wind leopard’s jindan in an instant.

“Big brother, this Black Wind leopard has a brother. His jindan will be yours, alright?” Xiao Hei immediately uses holy sense communication.

Qin Yu gives a smile. He understands Xiao Hei’s good intention. This Shen Yi is only an early Jindan demonic beast. His brother therefore will be at the early phase of the Jindan stage at worst. He may even be a middle Jindan demonic beast. Thinking about how Xiao Hei killed the Black Wind leopard just now, Qin Yu says doubtfully: “Xiao Hei, when did you start to be able to shoot lightning from your eyes too?”

To Qin Yu’s knowledge, Xiao Hei can emit lightning from his body and from his mouth. But this is his eyes. Can such fragile parts as the eyes send out lightning as well?

“Big brother, this is my secret. The eyes are an advantage that the eagle family has. My eyes can send out lightning even faster than my mouth, and there’s not much difference in power.” Xiao Hei gently flaps his wings and explains the reason to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu cannot help praising him secretly. Xiao Hei is really too mysterious.

At least Qin Yu is not confident that he will beat Xiao Hei if they fight. Xiao Hei has countless mysterious attacking techniques and, more importantly, in the past he asked Qin Yu for a chunk of high-class crystal to forge a weapon, but Qin Yu has never seen him use it.

“Xiao Hei … you said his brother’s jindan would be mine? Do you regret this?” Qin Yu suddenly says laughingly.

Xiao Hei shakes his head, saying: “Why would I regret? I …” But before he can finish his sentence, he is speechless. “There are 2 Black Wind demonic leopards. Moreover, they are …” At the moment Xiao Hei has become serious. He is no longer as relaxed as he was just now.

Qin Yu nods and looks westwards, saying: “Right, these 2 Black Wind leopards both are late Jindan demonic beasts. In terms of speed, they can even be a bit faster than me.”

“Who would’ve thought an early Jindan brat like him would have 2 brothers? And they are even 2 late Jindan Black Wind leopards. Big brother, things seem to be a bit troublesome. It’s late Jindan stage, and there are 2 of them. Even worse, they are Black Wind leopards, the fastest kind of leopard. These really are the most formidable enemies we’ve met for a long time,” says Xiao Hei.

In the past they encountered a Golden Flame eagle which was even more formidable, but that eagle had reached the Yuanying stage so Qin Yu and Xiao Hei did not have the slightest intention of fighting it.

However, he and Xiao Hei consider these 2 Black Wind leopards their opponents.

“3rd brother!”

2 men who are almost identical to Shen Yi and dressed in hide appear beside his corpse. These 2 men’s bodies are near perfect. Judging by their bodies alone, one can see that they are best at using speed. Moreover, given how powerful their muscles look, they should be very strong too.

“I’m Shen Bao!” The blue-browed man says while staring at Qin Yu and Xiao Hei.

“I’m Shen Yu!” The other man also says.

“Having killed my 3rd brother, you 2 should prepare to die.” The blue-browed man on the left says coldly.

These 2 Jindan experts of the Black Wind leopard clan are radiating 2 fearsome auras. As 2 late Jindan stage experts, they no doubt have been infuriated like crazy by the death of their youngest brother. Within 3000 li of this place, no one has ever dared to challenge them and their youngest brother.

Even though the 3rd brother Shen Yi was only at the early phase of the Jindan stage, thanks to his 2 late Jindan brothers’ protection, no one dared to threaten him. This Shen Bao and Shen Yu considered their 3rd brother a treasure and did not let anyone bully him. However … now their 3rd brother is already dead!

Shen Bao and Shen Yu continuously build up their energy. They both are preparing to unleash their power in an instant.

“Xiao Hei, we haven’t fought as much as we like even once on this journey.” Qin Yu says using his holy sense.

Xiao Hei’s eyes also glitter with an intense fighting spirit: “Big brother, that Golden Flame eagle was way beyond our league while the strongest among the other demonic beasts was only a middle Jindan one, and that was even an ordinary demonic beast. They were either too weak or too strong so we couldn’t unleash our true fighting ability. Now that we’ve met these 2 late Jindan Black Wind leopards, we can finally have a good fight against them.”

Qin Yu can feel his blood starting to boil again inside him. It is a feeling very similar to the feeling of surpassing a physical limit during a limit training session when he was little.

“The one on the left is mine. The right one is yours.” Qin Yu says via his holy sense.

Shen Bao’s eyes look as if they are shooting out lighning. All of a sudden, he shouts violently: “Kill!” On one side of him, Shen Yu’s aura also suddenly becomes fierce. Using their fastest speeds, the 2 Black Wind brother leopards then charge at Qin Yu and Xiao Hei like 2 black thunderbolts.


Qin Yu’s and Xiao Hei’s auras also suddenly rise to their utmost limits. Following an eagle cry, the 2 of them unleash their most powerful fighting ability as well and charge at their respective opponents like 2 bolts of lightning!

End of b4c13.

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