Book 3 Chapter 9

B3C9: One man, alone (2)

Qin Yu is sitting stock-still at the stone table in the courtyard house.

He has been sitting like this for a whole day and night. During this time he has smiled and sorrowed alternately. However, at the moment, Qin Yu suddenly gives a faint smile which, like a breeze, blows away all his grief and sorrow. He slowly stands up and looks up at the sky.

“He’s already dead. It’s pointless to keep grieving. Grandpa Lian, you must be watching from the sky, I definitely won’t disappoint you.” Qin Yu thinks to himself calmly. Then he smiles as he hears a ‘gu-gu’ rumbling. “I forgot I haven’t eaten for a day and night. My stomach is pretty hungry.”

As he finishes saying, he immediately tells servants to bring him some food.


Qin De is staring at the military map on the wall inside his room.

“Your Highness, Xiao Yu just told servants to bring him some food. Judging by Third Prince’s tone and expression, he should have almost recovered.” Xu Yuan comes to Qin De’s side and says smilingly.

“Oh?” Qin De relaxes his deeply furrowed brows. A smiling expression appears on his face. “Yu’er is tough-minded. He won’t immerse himself in grief like a worthless person.” Hearing this news, Qin De also feels like a rock has been taken off his mind.

“All right, now we don’t have to be worried about Yu’er. Xu Yuan, you see, here, if we send 30,000 Fierce Tiger troops to here …” Qin De immediately starts to discuss with Xu Yuan.


As Qin Yu eats his sumptuous precious meal, his mind thinks about other matters.

“I’ll definitely take part in father’s great undertaking. In the past he turned me down for the reason that I wasn’t a Xiantian expert. Now I’ve become a Xiantian expert and, moreover, I’m even the unprecedented Xiantian external expert. If father knows about this …” Qin Yu’s eyes flash.

He has been trying hard for so many years only to wait for his father’s approval.

Being a Xiantian external expert should be enough for Qin Yu to astonish his father and be praised by him, should it not?

“Right, when I just returned to the courtyard house that day, it seemed while executing the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram’s 36 movements, when I reached an extremely high speed the holy energy streams unexpectedly radiated a silvery light. That silvery light was even acutely painful.” Qin Yu remembers that scene.

Even though Qin Yu noticed this occurrence at that time, he has been too immersed in his sorrow over Lian Yan’s death to consider it carefully.

“Moreover, it seemed that during practice, the faster my speed was, the more vigorous the holy energy I absorbed was. Well, let’s try again and see!” Qin Yu immediately makes a decision. He quickly finishes his meal and casts the chopsticks aside. Then his body starts to flash around in the courtyard house like a gust of clear wind.


As Qin Yu executes those movements faster and faster, the 36 holy energy streams intertwine with each other and become a suit of armor engulfing Qin Yu. As his speed increases, those energy streams become more and more concentrated and materialized.

Eventually, some points of a silvery light are produced. There are very few of them and they are scattered in the energy streams.

“It’s this speed!”

Qin Yu’s eyes brighten. He stops increasing his speed at once. He feels clearly that, when the holy energy which contains those silvery points of light fuses with his body, it causes his flesh and even his cells to transform hurriedly. His cells start to be torn apart, but they are then restored once again.

A sharp pain coming from the depths of his cells makes Qin Yu’s face go pale uncontrollably.

Luckily Qin Yu did not increase his speed again. The current level of the silvery light is very good because it causes such a pain in only a few places, which Qin Yu can still endure. If there were too much of the silvery light, his entire body would suffer from such a pain. Perhaps not even Qin Yu would be able to survive that kind of agony.

Qin Yu’s whole body continuously absorbs one silvery light point after another. He discovers that those silvery light points seem to be a kind of energy which is much more refined than holy energy. As the training and transformation of his body progress at a noticeable rate, the energy streams replenish themselves with holy energy and fuse with Qin Yu’s body nonstop.

“Very good, this Trans-Heaven diagram really isn’t simple. How can it possibly absorb just a little holy energy? But what secrets do the 2nd and the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagrams have, I wonder?” Qin Yu thinks to himself. However, the speed of his movements is slightly increased again.

Instantly, the number of light points floating and twinkling in the energy streams goes up. The pain in Qin Yu’s body also intensifies. He slightly frowns, but there is a hint of a smile on his face.

Time goes by. After 2 days, by now those silvery light points seem to have flowed through Qin Yu’s entire body. When the silvery light goes through the places it has gone through before, he only feels a slightly tingling sensation rather than pain. However, his muscles are also no longer improved as fast as in the beginning.

After practicing for only 2 days, the power of Qin Yu’s muscles has definitely increased by over 100%.

“Speed, let’s increase it again!” Qin Yu continues to exercise. He has been exercising nonstop for 2 whole days but he does not feel hungry at all because absorbing so much holy energy like this has been sufficiently making up for his bodily energy consumption. Following Qin Yu’s acceleration, the energy streams’ silvery light increases once again.

Hu hu ~~

After an energy stream which contains the silvery light goes through his skin, it will move quickly from one muscle to another until it is completely absorbed.

However, is it true that the faster he moves, the more that special silvery light is generated?

“What’s going on? My current speed is faster than before, why is there less of the silvery light instead?” Qin Yu has finally discovered this problem. His current speed is simply not his limit. One should know that at this moment he is still carrying weights.

“All right, let’s keep this speed.” Qin Yu no longer accelerates. He continuously performs the movements at the optimum speed.

Following Qin Yu’s movements, the 36 energy streams which contain the silvery light continuously permeate into his body, causing many bursts of a wonderfully numbing sensation. The muscle power of his entire body is also improved little by little. When Qin Yu is immersing himself in this kind of wonderful feeling --

“Xiao Yu, it’s been 3 whole days. Why haven’t you eaten anything?” Xu Yuan’s voice rises outside the courtyard house.

As soon as Qin Yu hears that, his attention cannot help getting distracted and his movements’ speed naturally decreases. However, the moment he slows down, the silvery light in the 36 energy streams engulfing him suddenly intensifies greatly. Its density even increases by 100%.

“Uncle Xu …” When Qin Yu has just said this much, he discovers that the numbing sensation inside his body has heightened greatly and also discovers the shocking change just now.

“What’s going on? Just now wasn’t I using the optimum speed? How did the silvery light increase so much the moment I slowed down?” Qin Yu’s eyes suddenly brighten like a torch in the night. His heart suddenly has a surge of excitement.

Apparently the movements of those 36 pictures are not so simple at all.

“Xiao Yu.” Xu Yuan’s voice rises again. Qin Yu hurriedly says: “Uncle Xu, I’m focusing on practice. Please don’t worry. I still have some food and water in here. Uncle Xu, I’m not leaving this courtyard house. Please don’t let anyone disturb me. I must focus on practice … I’m doing closed-door training now!”

Regarding closed-door training, to avoid being disturbed, generally experts will prepare some food and water, but they will find a secluded place before starting to focus on training.

“Closed-door training?” Xu Yuan is somewhat stupefied. However, he is not an ordinary man so he says smilingly: “All right, Xiao Yu. I’ll order the servants to prepare some food and water for you. Don’t worry about training here. No one will disturb you.”

“Thank you, Uncle Xu.” After saying, Qin Yu waits for the servants to bring him food and water. Then he starts to undergo closed-door training alone to research carefully into the secret of the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram’s 36 pictures.

End of b3c9.

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