Book 3 Chapter 8

B3C8: One man, alone (1)

At this moment, hurried footsteps suddenly rise outside the courtyard. Along with wind sounds, a blue-clad old man leads a group of people into the courtyard. As this blue-clad old man looks at the scene in the courtyard, his face changes color. Qin Yu slightly raises his head and gives this blue-clad old man a cold look. Seeing Qin Yu’s face, the blue-clad old man instantly kneels and says: “Third Prince, your subordinate has come late.”

“Come late?” Qin Yu repeats in a low voice, but his heart is full of indignation.

If they had come a bit earlier, perhaps his Grandpa Lian would not have died. However, the fact that they are late cannot be changed. Moreover, Qin Yu has seen this blue-clad old man beside his father before so he knows this old man is one of his father’s trusted subordinates.

“All of you take everything here back to the princely mansion. As for Grandpa Lian, I’m taking him back myself.” Qin Yu says coldly without any emotion.

After putting on the black iron arm guards and leg guards, he embraces Lian Yan to his bosom. Following a long whistle by him, the black eagle dives down like a black beam of light. With a shake of his body, Qin Yu gets on the eagle’s back.

“Xiao Hei, let’s return to the mansion,” says Qin Yu softly.

The black eagle seems to feel that Qin Yu is sorrowful and not playful as usual so, with a shake of the wings, it rushes to Yan City with its fastest speed.

After watching Qin Yu disappear together with the black eagle on the horizon, the blue-clad old man slightly frowns then orders his subordinates: “Quickly lift the saber-toothed tiger up and hurry it to the princely mansion immediately.” The blue-clad old man however gets the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram himself.

“Lian Yan is already dead but Yi Qing Yu is also dead so it’s not too bad. But His Highness has a deep affection for Lian Yan …” The blue-clad old man frowns deeply. He obviously feels that things are not too encouraging.


In the princely mansion in Yan City,

Qin De and Xu Yuan are sitting facing each other under an old tree, quietly playing the game of Go.

“Your Highness, you’ve lost.” Xu Yuan lightly puts a chess piece down and says smilingly.

Qin De looks for a long time then shakes his head and says with a smile: “Xu Yuan, your chess skill has become more and more profound. Even I am no match for you.” Xu Yuan looks at Qin De then says with a shake of his head: “It’s not that my chess skill has improved but that today Your Highness can’t calm your mind down.”

Qin De says with a sigh: “That’s right. Today my heart is beating very fast and can’t calm down. I’ve been worried by the matter Uncle Lian handles this time. In theory, with Uncle Lian’s current power in addition to 2 late-phase Xiantian experts, he should have no problem resolving this matter.”

“Don’t worry, Your Highness. Senior Lian is extremely powerful. There’s no one on Xiang Guang’s side who can harm him,” says Xu Yuan with a smile.

Suddenly, Qin De stands up and looks up into the sky.

A black eagles dives down, heading for Qin De’s place extremely fast. Qin Yu is sitting with legs crossed on the back of the black eagle. Qin De immediately bursts out laughing. He has been waiting for Qin Yu’s return. Qin Yu left him so much In-rock Flaming iron, which is really a huge treasure to him, so he naturally wants to reward Qin Yu.

However … Qin De’s smiling expression freezes because he sees the person Qin Yu is carrying in his bosom.

“Thud!” Qin Yu jumps down on the ground directly from the back of the black eagle.

Carrying Lian Yan, Qin Yu stands still and looks Qin De in the eye. As Qin De looks at Lian Yan in Qin Yu’s bosom, his face goes pale instantly. He tries to control himself to come to Lian Yan step by step. Lian Yan’s pale smiling face then comes into his sight.

“Father, Grandpa Lian is already dead.” Qin Yu’s calm voice has a note of extreme sorrow.

“How is this possible? Uncle Lian got a holy weapon, didn’t he?” Qin De’s eyes become moist in an instant. After a while, Qin De suddenly asks Qin Yu: “Yu’er, I ask you, there was a man called Yi Qing Yu on Xiang Guang’s side, right?”

Qin Yu says with a shake of his head: “I don’t know. I don’t know those people’s identities.”

Qin De looks at the holes on Lian Yan’s chest successively and says with a sigh: “These are embroidery needle wounds. The only person on Xiang Guang’s side who can use embroidery needles and injure Uncle Lian with them is Yi Qing Yu. Uncle Lian has finally been liberated.”

Qin De has experienced a lot of things in his life so naturally he can understand Lian Yan’s feelings.

“The murderer of Grandpa Lian was already killed by him with a knife slash,” says Qin Yu directly. When flying on the back of the black eagle he was attracted by the aura of the great fight between the 2 of them, and he came down just in time to see Lian Yan kill his opponent then turn his face skyward and give a long laugh.

Qin De takes a deep breath and slightly nods: “Uncle Lian has been freed. Yu’er, you don’t have to be too grieved. Instead, you should feel happy for your Grandpa Lian.”

Qin Yu, however, does not say anything and only looks at Lian Yan in his bosom. After a while, servants of the princely mansion come and take Lian Yan’s body. Qin Yu watches them carry Lian Yan’s body away but he remains silent for a long time. Afterwards he says indifferently: “Father, I’m not in a good mood. I’ll take a break first. Don’t let anyone disturb me.”

As he finishes saying, he turns around and goes directly toward the courtyard house which belongs exclusively to him.

In the courtyard house,

Qin Yu sits quietly on a stone bench and looks at the willow in front of him. As the willow’s branches flutter, Qin Yu seems to see the scene of him larking about with Lian Yan here in his childhood.


With a movement of his body, Qin Yu unexpectedly starts to dance about in the courtyard. He is totally using the 36 movements of the pictures on the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram. He simply does not think about anything and just performs those movements extremely fast nonstop.

The 36 arm-sized streams of holy energy twine around each other and form a circle around him, which looks like a suit of armor covering Qin Yu. Then these holy energy streams permeate into his body.

Qin Yu is weeping silently.

His speed becomes faster and faster. He is basically giving vent to his feelings rather than practicing so naturally his movements become faster with time. Qin Yu performs the 36 movements increasingly faster. Eventually his entire body seems to turn into a gust of wind flashing about in the courtyard house.

The holy energy around Qin Yu becomes more and more vigorous. The faster he moves, the more vigorous the holy energy becomes. Finally, when Qin Yu starts to waft around like a clear wind, the 36 holy energy streams unexpectedly start to radiate a dull silvery light. When the energy streams which contain the silvery light fuses with Qin Yu’s body, the muscles of his entire body suddenly quiver.

“Ah ~~~”

Feeling a stabbing pain inside his body, Qin Yu stops abruptly. His facial muscles tremble and tears stream down from his eyes. Without any restraint, he turns his face skyward and gives a long roar. Nobody can know if he is roaring because of the tearing pain inside or because of his heartache. Qin Yu keeps roaring like this. Only when he has no breath left does he stop. Then he gasps for breath loudly.

“Yu’er …” Qin De’s voice rises outside.

Qin Yu takes a deep breath, tries to calm down and says: “Father, give me some time to calm down. During this time don’t let anyone disturb me. Just give me some time, all right?” The outside of the courtyard house falls silent for a long time then the footsteps of someone slowly leaving can be heard.

End of b3c8.

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