Book 3 Chapter 6

B3C6: Buried with the dead (1)

Qin Yu’s mind has gone blank completely. A suffocated feeling surges up, causing his head to start spinning. Only after a while, which in Qin Yu’s mind seems to have been an extremely long time, does he fully come to his senses.

“Grandpa Lian!” Qin Yu suddenly says in a hoarse voice. At the same time, he jumps down directly from the back of the black eagle. In an instant, he has arrived at Lian Yan’s side.

Lian Yan raises his head and sees Qin Yu jump down. There is a hint of a kind smile on his face: “Xiao Yu, even you have come here. It’s great I can see you before I die. Heaven really isn’t mean to me.” Even though he has been mortally injured, judging by how he is talking alone, no one would see any signs of his serious injuries.

“Granpa Lian …” Qin Yu does not know what he should say. Seeing those terrifying injuries, tears stream down from his eyes.

“Xiao Yu, don’t cry. Birth, aging, sickness and death are very normal things. I’ve been living long enough so it doesn’t matter if I die now.” Lian Yan wipes the tears from Qin Yu’s face and advises him. Suddenly Lian Yan slightly frowns and plunks himself down on the ground.

“Grandpa Lian, let’s go, I’ll take you to a doctor,” says Qin Yu while trying to carry Lian Yan onto the black eagle’s back.

“Don’t worry yourself, Xiao Yu. I know you’re very good at the art of medicine. Seeing my injuries how can’t you know that I’m dying? Your Grandpa Lian’s current internal injuries are extremely serious. I have to rely completely on my vigorous Xiantian energy only to say some words to you,” says Lian Yan with a smile.

Qin Yu nips his lips. Even though he does not want to accept it, he also knows that his Grandpa Lian is right. The only thing which is keeping Lian Yan alive is the Xiantian energy inside his body.

“Ah ah ~~~ Father … All of you come forward for me. Let’s kill this black-clad geezer first then finish that damned geezer off later.” Yi Feng’s voice rises loudly with hatred. Yi Feng has also noticed that Lian Yan has been mortally wounded and basically has no power left to resist.

Qin Yu’s eyes flash with coldness.

“Xiao Yu, don’t act on impulse. Run immediately. The 4 of them are all Xiantian experts. That black-clad old man is your father subordinate but today he has already suffered so many injuries,” says Lian Yan hurriedly to Qin Yu. Even though Qin Yu has reached the Xiantian level, Lian Yan simply cannot notice that.

Every expert on the Qian Long continent judges their opponent’s overall power based on the opponent’s internal energy. If the opponent has reached the Xiantian level then there will be Xiantian energy inside their body. It is this simple. However, Qin Yu is different from the other Xiantian experts because there is no Xiantian energy inside his body.

His strong points are his body, his strength and his agility. Therefore, even Lian Yan cannot tell how powerful Qin Yu really is. After all, it is difficult to judge precisely how much muscle power a person has.

“Don’t’ worry, Grandpa Lian. I’m confident I can deal with them. I’ll tell you a secret, Grandpa Lian. I’ve already reached the Xiantian level through external practice. The Xiantian level of external practice is totally different from the Xiantian level of internal practice. It’s much more powerful.” At this moment Qin Yu only wants to make Lian Yan feel a bit happier.

Lian Yan’s eyes brighten: “Reaching the Xiantian level through external practice?” There has never been anyone who could reach the Xiantian level via external practice but, seeing Qin Yu’s eyes, Lian Yan knows Qin Yu does not deceive him. As a dying person, this news is also a consolation to him, and he calms down very fast.


A miserable cry is heard. The black-clad old man, who was badly injured earlier, has been killed by 4 Xiantian experts.

“Ha-ha, old geezer, who could’ve thought you’d kill my father? I’ll definitely cut you into pieces alive. I won’t let you die a nice death,” says Yi Feng to Lian Yan with extreme hatred. His entire handsome face becomes ferocious.

At the moment, Lian Yan’s face starts to go pale. Qin Yu’s face changes color. He knows Lian Yan can no longer hang on so he embraces Lian Yan.

“Shut up!” All of a sudden, Qin Yu coldly shouts at Yi Feng and his men. The coldness in his eyes is focused on Yi Feng like a sharp knife. He does not want Lian Yan to be disturbed in his dying moments. Yi Feng is startled by Qin Yu’s shout, and that look in Qin Yu’s eyes even makes him freeze with stupefaction.

Qin Yu looks at his Grandpa Lian. At this moment, all he can do is let Grandpa Lian leave this world in peace.

Lian Yan looks into the sky but his eyes see hallucinations. He remembers the 1st time he and his beloved met each other at Lake Jinfeng.

When Lian Yan dies, there is even a smiling expression on his face.

Qin Yu is still young and inexperienced so he does not understand Lian Yan’s feelings. But he can feel that his Grandpa Lian was calm and relaxed at the moment of his death and was not grieved at all.

“Grandpa Lian,” says Qin Yu in a shaky low voice.

Since he was little, the person Qin Yu has actually spent the most time with was Lian Yan. When he was still living in the princely mansion, Lian Yan looked after him. After he moved to Misty Villa, Lian Yan looked after him as well. It can be said that Lian Yan even spent much more time with him than his father Qin De has.

“Brat, are you done with mourning?” says Yi Feng with a cold laugh.

Qin Yu simply cannot bear looking at this Yi Feng. However, Yi Feng is extremely furious. Just now he was unexpectedly stupefied by Qin Yu’s thunderous shout so naturally he has become furious out of embarrassment. But he is not a useless profligate son and, moreover, the person he currently hates the most is Lian Yan.

This is because Lian Yan killed his father!

“Father, I’m an undutiful son. Now I’m avenging your death!” says Yi Feng while kneeling in front of Yi Qing Yu’s body. He then stands up and coldly orders: “Kill that brat. That geezer killed my father so I must cut him into pieces and torture his corpse to the utmost to avenge my father’s death!!!”

“Yes!” The 3 middle-phase Xiantian experts immediately bow and say. In their eyes, Qin Yu is no more than a brat who is unworthy of their attention.

“What did you just say?” Qin Yu gently puts Lian Yan’s body down and slowly stands up. He fixes Yi Feng with an ice-cold fierce look.

Yi Feng slightly narrows his eyes: “Cutting that geezer into pieces, so what?” There is a hint of an evil, strange smile on his face. He then stares at his 3 subordinates: “The 3 of you let that brat know the consequences of messing with other people’s business!”

“My 2 brothers, there’s only one bloke, I alone can handle him,” says a short man with a ha-ha laugh.

Qin Yu slightly narrows his eyes, which then glitter with coldness.

“Die, brat!” With a shake of his body, the short man slashes the long knife in his hands at Qin Yu. He is much faster than the Nalan brother and sister. Too bad, Qin Yu has improved a lot since the day he killed Zhen Xu.

A dark red pair of gloves suddenly appears on Qin Yu’s fists. They are middle-grade holy weapons -- the Flaming Gloves!

Qin Yu makes a movement with his body. 3 afterimages appear instantly. At the same time, a metallic bang rises and that Xian-grade battle knife is unexpectedly shattered. The fist which has just shattered that battle knife is then thrusted directly at the short man’s throat like a beam of light.

Piercing spear hand strike!

The short man, who is still shocked by the disintegration of his battle knife, simply has no reaction. Qin Yu’s spear hand strike concentrates the force equivalent to the weight of several thousand jin completely in one point. “Bang!” With a bang, a hole appears instantly on the short man’s throat.

“Thud!” With a loud sound and eyes protruding, the short man falls on the ground for good. His wide opened eyes show that he still cannot seem to believe what happened is real.

Yi Feng’s and the other 2 middle-phase Xiantian experts’ jaws drop for the present. They look at Qin Yu in shock then look at the middle phase Xiantian expert on the ground, who is already dead. In their minds, they are replaying Qin Yu’s shocking speed and his great might when he shattered the Xian grade battle knife just now.

“The 3 of you prepare to be buried with my Grandpa Lian!” Qin Yu unleashes the entire power of his body. Even the power in the depths of his cells starts to surge forth. As he is a Xiantian external expert, how devastating his most powerful attack will actually be?

End of b3c6.

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