Book 3 Chapter 5

B3C5: A bolt from the blue (3)

Lian Yan takes a look at Yi Qing Yu. His eyes glitter like never before. If Qin Yu were here, he would definitely find this strange because Lian Yan is generally very calm and, when he was staying at Misty Villa, he spent most of his time sitting quietly and rarely got excited, especially excited as he is at the moment.

“Qing Yu, do you still remember what happened 160 years ago?” asks Lian Yan with a smile.

Yi Qing Yu ponders for a while then bursts out laughing: “Lian Yan, you still remember that battle 160 years ago? But at that time your power was too weak to even protect your daughter and wife. Luckily for you, East Vanquishing Prince’s men came and saved your life. This time you won’t escape.”

Upon reaching the Xiantian level, a practitioner’s lifespan will increase to 500 years. This Yi Qing Yu and Lian Yan both have been living for several hundred years and have achieved the completion of the Xiantian level. However, they have yet to undergo the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. There have been people who had to face the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation the very days they reached the peak of the Xiantian level, but there have also been people who lived out their lives at the peak of the Xiantian level waiting for the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. The visitation of the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation depends on a practitioner’s intuitive enlightenment and has nothing to do with his desire at all.

“Escape? Why should I escape? I’ve been wating for over 100 years for this one day.” Lian Yan’s eyes suddenly flash with fierceness. “You two kill all the other people. Let me handle Yi Qing Yu.”

“Yes!” The 2 black-clad old men bow and say at once.

Lian Yan then stares at Yi Qing Yu. A fierce aura expands swiftly and ruthlessly toward Yi Qing Yu. The knife on Lian Yan’s waist also starts to tremble. Yi Qing Yu slightly wrinkles his eyebrows then, adopting a hand posture in which the thumb and the middle finger are squeezed together, he confronts Lian Yan with a smile.

The 2 of them are facing each other but neither one rushes into attacking.

The peak of the Xiantian level, if a practitioner cannot obtain some natural treasure or top-class superb technique, it will take him at least over 100 years to reach that point. Only if he practices a top-class technique such as the Ancestral Dragon Art or comes into possession of some treasure from the Wilderness can he reach that point within several tens years.


A miserable cry rises but the noises of the fighting do not stop. The 2 black-clad old men are carrying out an onslaught against the other 7 people including Yi Feng. Severed limbs fly up in the air and blood splatters over the ground. The 2 black-clad old men have suffered some injuries but, even under the joint attack of 7 people, they have killed one opponent and wounded another.

Yi Qing Yu and Lian Yan, however, simply do not look at those people.


The knife on Lian Yan’s waist suddenly comes out of its sheath. A vertical shaft of light expands forth. In the blink of an eye it has already arrived at Yi Qing Yu’s face and slashes at his torso. Lian Yan then extends his hand and takes the knife in a grasp. Following the shaft of light, he also charges at Yi Qing Yu like a flash.

After the shaft of light flashes by, the body vanishes into thin air.

The shaft of light created by the knife went through Yi Qing Yu’s body like that but his body just turned into nothingness.

“Ah!” A black-clad old man suddenly utters a miserable cry. A small hole has already appeared at the midpoint between his eyebrows. He is immediately cut into pieces by Yi Feng and his comrades. Yi Qing Yu’s body then appears on the other side of the battlefield. He is gently twiddling an embroidery needle between his middle finger and thumb.

“Lian Yan, you should know I have the fastest speed, right? Why used a strike like that?” says Yi Qing Yu with a slight wave of his sleeve. Suddenly his face changes color because he discovers Lian Yan has disappeared. Yi Qing Yu immediately shuts his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, his body suddenly disappears as well. At the same time, a series of metallic clangs rises. The 2 of them then appear before other people but they disappear again in an instant …

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! .....

Only many series of clashes can be heard because they have reached their highest speeds, which are basically beyond the visual capability of the human eye.

“Ha-ha-ha … thrilling, this is thirlling!” Lian Yan suddenly laughs out loud. His laughter is filled with lordliness and heroism.

“Lian Yan, I didn’t think you’d really have some skills.” Yi Qing Yu’s slightly sinister soft voice rises. Droplets of blood are drifting in the air but they are still moving extremely fast. The other people basically cannot see them clearly. Suddenly --

The 2 bodies appear and stand facing each other.

A small hole has appeared on Lian Yan’s chest and blood is trickling out from it. Yi Qing Yu no longer looks free and easy either. At the moment, his hair is messy and his stomach has a clear cut caused by the knife, from which blood is also dribbling out.

“Ha-ha …” Lian Yan suddenly turns his face upward and gives a long laugh. “Flowers bloom and wither. Seasons come and go. After waiting for so many years, I’ve finally had this day. When Li died in my bosom, I already lost interest in life. Without affections in life, what have I been living for? Money, power, I don’t care about them in the slightest. Since Li died, I’ve been living in this world only to cherish my memories and … to kill you. But you’ve always been hiding in the den of the Dominant Dragon Corps for so many years. This time …”

Lian Yan’s eyes totally focus on Yi Qing Yu: “Heaven has helped me. I’ve finally found you. Ha-ha, Yi Qing Yu, come, let’s have a thrilling fight!”

A dazzling golden light bursts forth from inside Lian Yan’s body. Then his entire body becomes dazzling like the Sun. The outside of his body is now covered in a layer of body-protecting energy, which is much more vigorous than Zhen Xu’s body-protecting energy.

Feeling Lian Yan’s lordliness and indomitable spirit, Yi Qing Yu slightly frowns.

“You’re very troublesome, old geezer,” says Yi Qing Yu impatiently. His body starts to radiate various black rays of light. His hair also starts to flutter about in the air. An intense light is twinkling on every strand of his hair. That embroidery needle in Yi Qing Yu’s hand, however, becomes very indistinct.


The air suddenly explodes with a boom. Everything within a 10 m radius of Lian Yan and Yi Qing Yu has exploded.

The only black-clad old man left on Lian Yan’s side is being ganged up on by 4 opponents with Yi Feng being the leader. Just now, when killing one person on their side, he was seriously injured. These 4 people are all middle phase Xiantian experts so, even though he is a late phase Xiantian expert, it is difficult for him to kill any of them. After all, he is fighting against 4 after getting badly injured.

Suddenly --

There is a series of explosions. The entire surface of the courtyard has been blown up and dust is surging in the air. The raging force of the explosions causes Yi Feng, his 3 men and the black-clad old man to retreat to one side uncontrollably. For the moment, the fight has stopped. They all look at the center of the courtyard.

“Heart-Piercing Ten Thousand Arrows!”

Yi Qing Yu’s sharp voice rises. Every strand of his silver hair, which covers his entire head, is thrusted directly at Lian Yan before him like an arrow. There is a hint of superiority on Yi Qing Yu’s face. It is impossible for him to give every single strand of hair enough power to break Lian Yan’s body-protecting energy.

His real killing blow is … the embroidery needles hidden in the silver hair.


Lian Yan’s battle knife slashes down. Yi Qing Yu winds a long bundle of his hair around it and Lian Yan’s downward slash is stopped. At the same time his countless strands of silver hair are thrusted directly at Lian Yan’s entire body in every place like sharp arrows. Moreover, the 10 silver embroidery needles hidden among them also come at Lian Yan with a terrifying force while blending in with the strands of hair.

Lian Yan has detected those embroidery needles but he does not dodge them. He does not want to dodge them because after getting his revenge, even if he lives, he will be spiritually exhausted.

“Ha-ha-ha …”

Lian Yan suddenly turns his face skyward and gives a long laugh, which shakes the air.


With a miserable cry, Yi Qing Yu’s head shoots up in the air. Those wide opened eyes are filled with disbelief. His hair is also cut off. Yi Qing Yu’s head then tumbles on the ground and becomes covered with dust. The people who are watching the fight on one side such as Yi Feng are all dumbfounded.

10 holes have also appeared on Lian Yan’s chest. Those 10 embroidery needles have penetrated into his body but he is still laughing. At this moment, his hand is holding a dark red battle knife.

This battle knife is none other than a middle-grade holy weapon forged from In-rock Flaming iron that Lian Yan has always been keeping inside his body. In the beginning of the fight, he used his former weapon, but at the crucial moment, he suddenly took out the middle-grade holy weapon and, with a slash, cut off the silver hair and beheaded Yi Qing Yu.

Yi Qing Yu’s speed was extremely fast. Had he known early that Lian Yan had such a holy-class battle knife, perhaps he would have fled immediately.


Sitting on the back of the black eagle, Qin Yu is flying extremely fast on the 9th level of the sky.

“What a strong aura. Xiao Hei, stop!” Qin Yu feels clearly a terrifyingly strong aura on the ground below him. He is flying very high in the sky but this aura is really so strong that any Xiantian expert can feel it even at such a long distance, not to mention Qin Yu, whose senses are so extraordinary.

“It’s Granpa Lian’s aura.” Qin Yu analyzes the aura and instantly discovers whose it is.

“Xiao Hei, come down!” says Qin Yu immediately without thinking much. The black eagle dives down at once. In just a while, Qin Yu has arrived in the small courtyard from the sky. At this moment, Lian Yan beheads Yi Qing Yu with a slash of his battle knife.

“Ha-ha-ha …” Lian Yan turns his face skyward and laughs out loud. However, tears are streaming down from his eyes.

With a look, Qin Yu sees every hole in Lian Yan’s chest. Those are the holes pierced by the 10 embroidery needles. As someone proficient in the art of medicine, Qin Yu immediately judges that these holes have been pierced precisely in vital points of the human body. As Qin Yu looks at one hole after another, he seems as if he has been struck by a bolt from the blue. His entire body has been frozen with stupefaction.

End of b3c5.

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