Book 3 Chapter 4

B3C4: A bolt from the blue (2)

It is deep in the autumn at the moment. Autumn winds are blowing and dried leaves are falling. Today the tranquil town Baisha welcomes several special guests.

In an ancient house, subordiates of the Qian Long continent’s no. 1 magnate Zhu San and the group of experts sent by the Chu Emperor Xiang Guang are gathering. Both sides are very cautious. But they are basically on different levels in power. For some unknown reason, Zhu San sent a group including only one Xiantian expert and, moreover, this is only an early phase Xiantian expert.

By contrast, all of the people Xiang Guang sent are experts, quite a few of whom are Xiantian experts.

“I’m Yi Feng. We’ve brought our thing, how about you?” says directly a handsome man with an evil, strange smiling expression. This Yi Feng is none other than the younger brother of Yi Yan’s, the leader of the secret force the Dominant Dragon Corps. He is also the vice leader of the Dominant Dragon Corps.

Zhu San’s side is led by a fat old man, who says smilingly: “You don’t have to be worried, gentlemen. We only have so few people but we don’t dare to deceive you. The corpse of the demonic beast saber-toothed tiger is intact. Bring it out!”

This fat old man shouts loudly. 4 large men immediately carry out from a room the corpse of a dark red tiger which is 5 meters long. Those 16 sharp spikes identify this tiger as -- a demonic beast, a saber-toothed tiger.

“A demonic beast is really a demonic beast. Who would’ve thought its corpse wouldn’t stink after such a long time?” says Yi Feng with a smile.

The fat old man says with a shake of his head: “Mr. Yi, the body of a demonic beast is of course exceptional. It’ll only stink after a very long time. But only because we sprinkled this saber-toothed tiger’s corpse with some Billow Drying Powder hasn’t it rotted in the slightest.”

“Tut-tut, Billow Drying Powder, the no. 1 magnate is really worthy of his reputation.” Yi Feng clicks his tongue while praising highly. “Alright, we’ve seen your product. You can also see ours.” Yi Feng makes a wave of his hand and a person behind him immediately holds out a jade case with both hands.

After the case is opened, there is a square jade block which radiates a multicolored light inside.

The fat old man slightly narrows his eyes and takes a look at the square jade block and its multicolored light. In a moment he raises his head and says smilingly: “There’s no need to examine carefully. We believe in the royal clan’s reputation. Good, if everyone is happy to cooperate, in the future our boss will also work together with the Xiang royal clan in many business activities.”

Yi Feng nods with satisfaction.

“Go get that saber-toothed tiger’s corpse.” Yi Feng gives an order. 4 people come out from behind him at once and lift the huge corpse up with a grab. The fat old man has also received the Trans-Heaven diagram. Both sides are cooperating sincerely and very happily.

However, at this moment, various wisps of a light-colored, near invisible smoke drift by. Many of the people present fall down immediately. The 4 large men who are carrying the saber-toothed tiger’s coprse also fall down in an instant then blood flows out from their ears, eyes, mouths and nostrils. They die on the spot.

“No good. The smoke is poisoned.” The fat old man’s voice rises loudly at the same time.

In just a while, the people on the fat old man’s side have all died of poison except for the fat old man himself. As for Yi Feng’s side, despite most of its men have fallen down, 8 people are still standing. These 8 people are none other than the Xiantian experts of the group that came here this time.

These Xiantian experts can hold their breaths and execute the Xiantian Fetal Respiration technique therefore the poisonous mist naturally cannot affect them. Moreover, even if they inhale some poison, they can channel their Xiantian energy to quickly expel the poison from their bodies.

“It’s Qin De’s men.” Yi Feng says in an ice-cold voice. “Qin De, you even dare to meddle in His Majesty’s business. Could it be you want to rebel?!” says Yi Feng very loudly, sending his voice to the outside of the courtyard directly.

This place is on the 3 Eastern region counties’ soil, except for East Vanquishing Prince Qin De, nobody should know about this matter. Even if someone else knew, they would not have the nerve to meddle in this business.

“Rebel? That lowlife Xiang Guang was helped by Zhen Xu, he must know about His Highness’s affairs. Even though things have reached this level, we still have to maintain a façade of unity so we won’t destroy the Xiang clan for a while. However … as long as all of you are eliminated, Xiang Guang won’t have enough evidence.” An aged voice rises.

With Lian Yan being the leader, 3 people then enter the courtyard. As they seem unafraid of the poison mist, they are obviously Xiantian experts. However, they only have 3 people whereas Yi Feng’s side has 8 people and that fat old man is also a Xiantian expert.

But even Yi Feng’s expression is very ugly at the moment.

“East Vanquishing Prince, our boss is …” The fat old man wants to say something, but …


A cold shaft of light flashes by and the fat old man dies instantly with eyes wide opened. A black-clad old man behind Lian Yan gives a grim laugh. He just killed a Xiantian expert directly with one strike, and that fat old man simply could not resist in the slightest.

East Vanquishing Prince’s side has 3 people altogether.

2 of them are late phase Xiantian experts and Lian Yan is even a super expert who has completed the Xiantian level. At the peak of its late phase, the Xiantian level is completed. Once an expert achieves the completion of the Xiantian level, he will undergo the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation soon.

“East Vanquishing Prince is really powerful. But by robbing us with only 3 people, he has looked down on us a bit too much,” says Yi Feng coldly.

There are 7 people at Yi Feng’s back, one of whom is a late phase Xiantian expert while the others are middle phase Xiantian experts and early phase Xiantian experts. Yi Feng himself is just a middle phase Xiantian expert as well. Therefore, in terms of overall power, the 3 people sent by Qin De, especially peak Xiantian-level Lian Yan, are much superior to them.

“Gentlemen, don’t waste time talking to them. Let’s get started,” says Lian Yan indifferently.

“Yes, Senior Lian!” The 2 black-clad old men bow and say. Among Qin De’s subordinates, Lian Yan has the highest status. Every expert will address him as Senior Lian upon seeing him. This is not only because Lian Yan is the most powerful among them, but also because he is a person of great character and experience.

Yi Feng’s eyes flash with coldness: “Let’s attack together. Kill the late phase Xiantian experts first.”

Immediately --

The 8 Xiantian experts including Yi Feng charge at Lian Yan and his 2 comrades. Lian Yan, however, stands still with a faint smile. The 2 black-clad old men behind him charge forward side by side like lightning.


With a dash, Lian Yan’s body disappears into thin air.

The only late phase Xiantian expert among the 8 people on Yi Feng’s side suddenly feels that there is something wrong. Prompted by the fear in his heart, he fiercely executes a backward diagonal slash of his knife without delay. “Bang!” With a loud noise, Lian Yan appears in front of him and slightly smiles: “Your reaction was pretty quick.”

Suddenly, an effulgent shaft of light of a knife expands vigorously.

This late phase Xiantian expert hurriedly raises his knife to block it. However, a sharp Xiantian energy stream goes through the knife, penetrates into his body and attacks his insides. Then, with a bang, the body of this Xiantian expert shatters violently.

Because the only late phase Xiantian expert has died, Lian Yan cannot help giving a faint smile.

However, before Lian Yan can withdraw the knife, his face changes color. His body instantly dashes away a long distance like a flash. But a sharp whistle still rises. A linear bloodstain has appeared on Lian Yan’s face. The brawl stops at once.

A pink-clad middle-aged man is looking at Lian Yan smilingly.

“Qing Yu, it’s you.” Lian Yan’s eyes radiate fierceness.

“Father.” Seeing this pink-clad middle-aged man, who is his adopted father, Yi Feng hurriedly bows and says. This middle-aged man is none other than the real leader of his group Elder Yi, who is also the father of the Dominant Dragon Corps’ current leader Yi Yan and is the previous leader of the Dominant Dragon Corps.

Yi Qing Yu is the real name of this Elder Yi.

“Lian Yan, you’re really as impressive as in the past. I got into action just a bit late but you had already killed a late phase Xiantian expert. However … you won’t escape this time.” Yi Qing Yu gives a faint smile, which is effulgent like glamorous peach blossoms.

A cold light is twinkling between those delicate fingers.

End of b3c4.

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