Book 3 Chapter 24

B3C24: Death (2)

Wu Xing, who is under joint attack from 5 Heavenly Net experts and 5 Secret Arrow experts, suddenly becomes extremely arrogant and wild.

“10 insects, die!”

His eyes suddenly flash with coldness. Various streams of elemental energy as thick as an arm shoot out directly from his body and drift away in all directions like 10 wandering green dragons. Moreover, they simply do not attack the 10 people who are surrounding him, astounding them greatly.

The 10 streams of elemental energy spread out within 10 plus m of Wu Xing. The 10 experts are all in this area.

Suddenly Wu Xing’s expression becomes ferocious. He shouts madly: “Explode! Explode! Explode!!!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ……

Along with Wu Xing’s loud shouts, a series of explosions resounds continuously. Those streams of elemental energy have completely exploded. Even though the 10 late phase Xiantian experts are powerful, they cannot withstand such intense explosions of those elemental energy streams.

Miserable cries rise, severed limbs scatter, and blood splatters into the air …

In an instant, the 10 experts who were troubling Wu Xing just now have been killed just like that. Detonation of elemental energy -- Wu Xing has never used this method of attack because even though the explosion of elemental energy is rather powerful, its level of damage is basically insufficient to break the elemental-energy-based defense of a Xiuzhenist.

Xiuzhenists do not use this weak kind of attack. They all use flying swords and will concentrate their elemental energy in the swords to send forth their most powerful attacks through the formations on the swords.

Just now, when Wu Xing saw North Xiang’s self-explosion he had a sudden flash of inspiration, and then he also caused explosions using the elemental energy in his body. Elemental energy is superior to Xiantian energy by a whole level so the explosions caused by Wu Xing are absolutely much more destructive than North Xiang’s self-explosion. Even though these explosions would not be a threat to Xiuzhenists, they were enough for him to handle Xiantian experts.

Indeed, the 10 experts have been blown up to pieces, leaving not even one unimpaired body. The 5 middle-grade holy weapons, however, appear on the ground. 3 beams of light suddenly shoot toward them.

One is Qin Yu, another is Elder Blue-clad and the other is Fengyuzi. They all want to snatch these 5 middle-grade holy short knives.

“Martial younger brother, quick!” Wu De transfers his voice confidentially into Wu Xing’s ears. A flying sword then shoots at Fengyuzi extremely fast. Fengyuzi blocks it with his flying sword. The 2 top experts tangle with each other again, causing series after series of violent collisions.


Wu Xing shouts loudly and waves his sleeves nonstop. The 5 middle-grade holy weapons are sucked into his hands directly by his telekinesis then they are taken in by his storage bracelet. The 2 beams of light that are charging at the knives, however, are repulsed by his surging elemental energy.

Qin Yu’s body shakes continuously to neutralize that powerful force.

By contrast, Elder Blue-clad’s body flies backward. Blood trickles out of the corners of his mouth.

“Mortals like you also want to snatch middle-grade holy weapons? Only in your dreams!” Wu Xing looks at Qin Yu and Elder Blue-clad disdainfully. Xiuzhenists have surpassed ordinary mortals in many aspects so they generally view mortals with a sense of superiority and naturally look down on mortals.

“Good, martial younger brother, you did well. Ha-ha, middle-grade holy weapons!”

Wu De laughs out loud. At the same time, he fights Fengyuzi with even more excitement. “Fengyuzi, now only by relying on your middle-grade holy weapon to harass my low-grade one can you fight me evenly. Wait until I’ve familiarized myself with a middle-grade holy weapon, how are you going to fight me?!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! …… Rocks are shattered. Rocky cliffs collapse. Explosions are heard nonstop.

Wu De says to and fights Fengyuzi at the same time. By contrast, Fengyuzi has a cold expression and remains silent. The seizure of 5 middle-grade holy weapons by the enemies is really a huge loss for his side. The 2 are fighting so fiercely that even the sky and the ground are obscured.

“Senior, I’m a man of the Xiang clan. I hope you’ll kill 3 people Qin De, Liu Xing and Elder Blue-clad.” Ge Min bows and says.

Wu Xing says with a loud ha-ha laugh: “Alright, today I’m in a good mood. Initially, I only promised Xiang Guang that I’d kill Qin De, but now I’ll slaughter the other 2 insects as well!” At the moment Wu Xing is extremely relaxed and joyful because he has obtained middle-grade holy weapons and, moreover, the only tough adversary on Qin De’s side, Xiuzhenist Fengyuzi, has already been pinned down.

Wu Xing is not worried at all. Now he can kill whoever he wants.

“Let’s take out a short knife first. I’ll concentrate on familiarizing myself with it when I return.” Now Wu Xing is extremely relaxed. In his eyes, the lives of Qin De and the others are in the palm of his hand so killing them immediately is not the most urgent thing. Instead, the most important thing to him is the middle-grade holy weapons he just obtained.

Wu Xing takes out a middle-grade holy short knife and instantly personalizes it by blood. From now on the knife is his. Generally, if a Xiuzhenist is to have real control of a holy weapon, not only will he have to personalize it by blood, he will also have to use his internal flame to familiarize himself with it. Only when both of these steps are done can he totally control the holy weapon.

However, at the moment Wu Xing has no time to waste.

It is night-time now in the valley and cold gusts of wind are blowing.

“Die!” Ge Min suddenly hears a voice in his ears. He instantly becomes terrified. However, at that moment, his entire head feels a shock -- “Bang!” Ge Min’s head explodes like a watermelon. A silhouette then appears.

Qin Yu coldly looks at Ge Min’s body.

“You …” Just now, Wu Xing was personalizing a knife. Now, seeing this scene he cannot help getting furious. “Bastard brat, you even took advantage of the time when I was personalizing the weapon by blood to kill this geezer.” At the moment, Wu Xing is both ashamed and infuriated because, in any case, this Ge Min was a man on his side.

Qin Yu, however, talks to himself in his mind: “Be cool, be cool, Qin Yu, you must be cool!!!”

On the battlefield at the moment, Fengyuzi is being pinned down completely by Wu De. Therefore, it is really too hard for him and Elder Blue-clad to kill Wu Xing. Having obtained 5 middle-grade holy weapons, now Wu Xing has become even more powerful than he was just now.

As for Qin De, he just withstood 4 thunderbolts and is very seriously injured. He is sitting with legs crossed and eyes closed.

“There’s only 1 chance!” Qin Yu’s eyes flash with coldness.

His only choice is to use his middle-grade holy weapons -- the Flaming Sword and Flaming Gloves. The offensive forces of the middle-grade holy weapons will be enough to penetrate this Xiuzhenist’s defense, but he will have only one chance because once Wu Xing discovers that Qin Yu has middle-grade holy weapons, he will never let Qin Yu approach him.

This is also the reason why Qin Yu has not used the Flaming Sword and Flaming Gloves yet. Just now, without using any middle-grade holy weapons, his power was still sufficient to kill those several enemies.

His only trump card!

“Ha-ha ~~~ all of you die for me!” Wu Xing suddenly laughs out loud.

Qin Yu only sees a dark red beam of light shoot out. The radiance on Elder Blue-clad’s body then begins to dim. In an instant, Elder Blue-clad falls on the ground with a loud thud. He is already dead. When coming under attack from a Xiuzhenist, he, who did not have a holy weapon, was simply powerless to put up any resistance.

“I haven’t familiarized myself with this weapon but its speed alone is already a bit faster than my old flying sword. Once I’ve done familiarization, its power will …” Wu Xing wishes in his mind and the flying knife which was just shot out flies back into his hand again immediately.

Looking at the short knife in his hand, Wu Xing is extremely excited.

“This guy is too strong. One hit, I’ll have only one chance. I can only use the Flaming Sword and Flaming Gloves when I’m close to him.” Qin Yu clenches his teeth. Despite Elder Blue-clad’s death, he does not act on impulse. He must grab his only opportunity.

Once he fails, he will be done for and his father will die as well.

No failure is allowed!

“East Vanquishing Prince Qin De, your influence in the world is extremely great. Too bad, you’ll still die at my hands.” Wu Xing is very complacent at the moment. He gently waves his hand, wanting to shoot the short knife out to kill Qin De. However, at this moment --

There are no wind sounds.

But Wu Xing’s holy sense has noticed that Qin Yu’s body is moving extremely fast and is only several tens meters away from him. In just an instant, Qin Yu comes up to his face.


Wu Xing makes a wave of a hand. A beam of elemental energy shoots out then explodes. However, the outside of Qin Yu’s body suddenly blazes with a purple light. His entire body’s skin now looks as if it is made of a lustrous purple kind of jade. And the explosion of elemental energy unexpectedly cannot harm him.

Qin Yu chokes back the excitement in his heart and throws a punch at Wu Xing.

As Wu Xing sees Qin Yu’s fist coming at him, an idea spring to his mind: “This guy is on Qin De’s side. Maybe he is a secret trump card and also has a middle-grade holy weapon. I mustn’t take a risk no matter what.” He thinks like lightning.


Qin Yu’s eyes flash with fierceness. The Flaming Sword suddenly appears in his hand --

However, before his Flaming Sword appears, Wu Xing has already started to move. And by the time the Flaming Sword appears in his hand, Wu Xing has already got away 10-odd meters. As Wu Xing looks at the Flaming Sword in Qin Yu’s hand, his eyes blaze with outrage.

“Brat, you even plotted against me!” He is extremely furious. Luckily for him, at the last moment he dodged away like a flash, otherwise … Thinking of that possibility, a retrospective fear rises in his heart. At the same time, he becomes even more furious. The elemental energy in his body suddenly streams into the middle-grade holy short knife.

A dark red beam of light then shoots at Qin Yu from Wu Xing.


Qin Yu has no choice but to promptly block it with the Flaming Sword. The color of his face suddenly changes. He feels an extremely terrifying stream of energy transfer to him from the short knife. That energy stream, which is sharp and also forcefully destructive, attacks his body directly.


Qin Yu is sent flying like a sandbag. Concurrently with that, blood spouts from his mouth. He then falls powerlessly on the ground with a bang.

Fengyuzi is fighting Wu De but his holy sense notices this scene. He is secretly shocked: “The Flaming Sword, it’s the Flaming Sword. This assassin Liu Xing … Could he be Xiao Yu? No, impossible. Doesn’t Xiao Yu practice external techniques? How can he possibly have internal energy? But this assassin Liu Xing’s aura is very similar to Xiao Yu’s. Could he really be …?”

At this moment, even though Fengyuzi is doubtful, he simply cannot get away because Wu De keeps tangling with him nonstop.

“I failed!” Qin Yu feels a pain in his heart.

He does not understand at all why at the last moment Wu Xing unexpectedly backed off just as he executed his killing blow. Could it be Wu Xing knew he was about to attack? Qin Yu simply does not understand why things turned out this way.

He feels something sweet in his throat. His blood seems to be about to gush out again. Just now, Wu Xing, who was extremely furious, obviously struck Qin Yu a fatal blow. He channeled his extremely powerful elemental energy into the short knife. Both the short knife and Qin Yu’s Flaming Sword are middle-grade holy weapons, but the short knife contained Wu Xing’s extremely powerful elemental energy. With so much elemental energy attacking via the middle-grade holy short knife, the power of the strike was, no doubt, exceedingly great. Even though they both used weapons of the same caliber, the difference in power between them was too big.

One clear stream after another comes out from the Meteoric Tear and starts to spread out through Qin Yu’s body. His injury is recovering at a terrifyingly fast speed. It is regrettable that Wu Xing already knew that he has a middle-grade holy weapon.

“Could it be Heaven wants to end my life and father’s?” Qin Yu, who is lying prone on the ground, takes a look at Qin De in the distance.

Qin De is still sitting calmly with legs crossed and eyes closed. He simply did not see what happened just now. In fact the current Qin De has no spare energy to pay attention to anything outside because a world-shaking transformation is taking place inside his body.

Having overcome the heavenly tribulation, even though he is extremely seriously injured, his entire body’s Xiantian energy has been undergoing a special transformation.

A grain of sand is a world and therefore when Qin De looks inside he finds his dantian similar to a boundless space. At the moment, various ‘water streams’ are flowing in the boundless space of the dantian. These water streams flow continuously for some time then start to merge into a sphere.

In the past, after Shi Huang overcame his heavenly tribulation, he succeeded in forming a jindan. And Qin De also knows his method of forming a jindan. Qin De immediately starts to execute that secret technique. The relatively large ‘water sphere’ formed by those ‘water streams’ suddenly decreases in volume by 50% then it becomes a bit larger again.

It shrinks then slightly enlarges.

Alternating between shrinking and enlarging like this, the water sphere continuously becomes smaller, and its color also continuously changes, slowly turning golden. After this transformation process has happened 81 times, a light golden sphere about the size of a pigeon egg appears. It is none other than a jindan.

There are also various streams of energy moving around the jindan.

“I’ve finally succeeded.” Qin De’s heart relaxes with relief. Various streams of elemental energy flow out from the energy surrounding the jindan at once and start to spread out through his entire body. Even though he has successfully formed the jindan, his internal organs were injured extremely badly just now. And it is very hard even for elemental energy to heal bodily injuries. Only now does Qin De slowly open his eyes.

As soon as his eyes are opened, he sees a shocking scene -- a dark red beam of light.


In a merely conditional reaction, Qin De channels his elemental energy and directly controls his long sword to fiercely block this dark red beam of light. At the same time, he makes a movement with his body and gets away a long distance.

“You’ve even formed the jindan. That was very quick. Too bad, you just formed the jindan so your power is still very weak. Plus your body is seriously injured. Alas … perhaps you’ll be the most short-lived Xiuzhenist, who is killed right after becoming a Xiuzhenist.”

Wu Xing flies into the air. He is standing on his flying sword with a face full of arrogance.

“Phew.” Qin Yu heaves a sigh. Just now, seeing Wu Xing trying to kill his father, Qin Yu was very worried but unfortunately, firstly, he was seriously injured, and secondly, his speed was much slower than the flying speed of that short knife. Luckily for him, at the last moment Qin De succeeded in forming the jindan.

Qin De is now at the early phase of the Jindan stage but his body is seriously injured. He uses a middle-grade holy long sword.

Wu Xing is currently at the middle phase of the Jindan stage with a body undamaged in any way. He uses a middle-grade holy short knife in addition to a low-grade holy flying sword.

Wu Xing also has much better control of elemental energy than Qin De does. In this fight, the 2 of them are basically not on the same level. As soon as Qin Yu thinks about this, he becomes anxious. However, his power is even weaker than his father’s.

“Want to kill me?” Qin De gives a cold laugh. By now he has already seen the situation on the battlefield.

Fengyuzi is being pinned down by Wu De, that assassin Liu Xing is badly injured and his other subordinates have all died so he can only rely on himself.

“Humph, brat, you sure are smug for a newbie Xiuzhenist. I’ll do you a favor by seeing you off!” Wu Xing gives a cold laugh then, without blabbering anymore, attacks extremely fast nonstop with his middle-grade holy short knife, making it look like a beam of light.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! ……

In a moment, Qin Yu has only breathed twice but the 2 of them have already exchanged several tens blows. The intensity of their fight is even close to that of the fight between Fengyuzi and Wu De. However, Qin Yu’s face gradually changes color, since he sees clearly that blood is flowing out from the corners of his father’s mouth.

Every time they exchange a blow, Qin De’s internal injury becomes even more serious.

“Ha-ha ~~~”

Wu Xing laughs out loud savagely and attacks with even fiercerness. He can totally notice that the injury in Qin De’s body is very serious. It is very hard to recover from a serious bodily injury. As they keep fighting fiercely this way, blood flows out of Qin De’s mouth nonstop.

“Scram!” Fengyuzi has become very worried. He suddenly intensifies the strikes of his flying sword, wanting to get away to save Qin De.

“In your dreams!” Wu De laughs out loud. He channels the elemental energy in his body into his flying sword like crazy. He keeps pinning Fengyuzi down thanks to his profound elemental energy.

“Father!” Seeing that Qin De’s face has turned even paler and his injury has become even more serious, Qin Yu feels as if his heart is being bitten by 10,000 ants. He is so worried and distressed that he is short of breath. He is worried, so worried that his heart hurts and his head is even spinning.

Qin De suddenly utters a loud shout. His face becomes very red. His long sword and Wu Xing’s short knife crash into one another in the most violent collision since the beginning of the fight.

“Pu ~~”

Qin De’s blood spouts a long distance from his mouth. His body’s injury has worsened again and he falls on the ground directly. Wu Xing’s face, however, is only slightly pale. He withdraws the short knife. With his eyes full of disdain, he sneers: “Poor brat, it’s a pity you’ve just entered the Xiuzhen world!”

As he finishes saying, the short knife in his hand brightens again. Various streams of elemental energy are being channeled into it.

“Stop!” Fengyuzi also knows that the situation is not good. He shouts madly but Wu De has gone mad too and keeps holding him down.

Seeing his father fall on the ground due to his serious injury and seeing the light on the short knife becoming even more incandescent, Qin Yu’s heart gets a violent shock. It seems in that moment all the memories of the last 10 years flash through his mind like lightning. Why has he been training hard for 10 years?

To show his own value, to do his father pround and to let his father know that he is as useful as his big and 2nd brothers,

“Die!” Wu Xing says softly. His hand slightly makes a movement. The short knife in his hand, which has been charged with the maximum amount of energy he is capable of, shoots directly at badly injured Qin De like a dark red beam of light. Wu Xing’s eyelids slightly droop and a faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth. He is ready to watch Qin De die.

When Wu Xing reached out his hand, Qin Yu started to rush toward Qin De extremely fast. And when Wu Xing shot the short knife out, Qin Yu was already moving at his fastest speed.

The distance between Wu Xing and Wu De is over 100 m. By contrast, Qin Yu is on a side of Qin De and was only several tens meters away from him. Even though it was only several tens meters, because the short knife’s speed is too fast, Qin Yu simply cannot catch up with it.

Seeing the short knife that is moving extremely fast, Qin Yu has only one conviction -- he must grab the short knife.

“Grab it!” Qin Yu suddenly screams hoarsely in his heart. He has reached his fastest speed but it is still not fast enough. His heart hurts as if it is being bitten by countless ants. He is so worried that his head feels as if it is about to explode. By now, Qin Yu’s eyes have turned totally crimson.

Suddenly, an ice-cold clear stream flows into his brain. His mind becomes clear in an instant. At this moment, to him, the entire world seems to fall silent and time seems to stop completely. The 36 pictures of each of the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams suddenly appear in his mind.

There are 108 pictures altogether from the 1st one to the last one. Qin Yu instantly has a feeling of enlightenment.

Boom ~~~

36 silvery energy streams, 36 golden energy streams and 36 purple energy streams continuously appear around Qin Yu’s body. 108 energy streams in total intertwine with each other and form a perfectly and naturally shaped tricolor suit of armor.

At the same time, that feeling of time stopping just now disappears and he sees the short knife flying extremely fast as before.

“I just lack a little speed!” Based on his own speed, Qin Yu instantly figures out how much speed he lacks in his mind. However --


Qin Yu, encircled by 108 energy streams, suddenly moves twice as fast like an arrow leaving a bow and appears before Qin De in an instant. He fiercely reaches out his hands. The Flaming Gloves naturally appear on his hands. Like eagle claws, Qin Yu’s hands make a grab at the short knife, which is moving like a beam of light.

This time Wu Xing used a killing blow so the short knife is carrying a terrifying amount of energy.

“Bang!” Even though Qin Yu intercepts the short knife using the Flaming Gloves on his hands, various energy streams still shoot out from the knife and hit Qin Yu’s body. That tricolor suit of armor looks very mighty but in fact it is merely gaseous and basically has no defense.

Several tens energy streams from the knife continuously hit Qin Yu’s body. Even though his body is very strong, his stomach is still penetrated. A horrifying hole appears in his stomach, from which blood streams out with gurgling noises. The heavy bleeding causes him to sway once.

“Flaming Gloves!” At this moment, Qin De, who is trying hard to stand up, sees the gloves on Qin Yu’s hands. He is immediately stupefied. “How does this assassin Liu Xing have the Flaming Gloves? Isn’t it Yu’er who has them?” Qin De thinks about how he and Fengyuzi guessed at the identity of assassin Liu Xing that day.

“Could it be …?” Qin De’s heart gets a shock. “But Yu’er doesn’t have internal energy.”

“Ah ah ~~~” Wu Xing is furious. With a swaying movement of his body, he charges forward. At the same time, he points with a hand. His original flying sword immediately shoots at Qin Yu. Due to his stomach being penetrated by the energy of the knife, Qin Yu has been badly injured and he basically has no time to dodge the sword.

Pu ~~

In almost a while after Qin Yu grabbed the short knife, the flying sword pierces his chest and punctures his heart. At the same time the Meteoric Tear sends out various clear streams nonstop to mend the wounds. Unfortunately, the heart is a vital part of the human body.

“Father!” Qin Yu looks at Qin De and tries to force a faint smile. At this moment, his voice has changed back to his real voice.

“What?!” Qin De’s face finally changes color, because assassin Liu Xing is really his own son!

“Goodbye … Now it seems I’m still a bit useful …” With a lot of effort, Qin Yu forces a smile. However, the fatal injury in his chest causes his facial muscles to slightly twitch. Suddenly, a hint of ruthlessness and fierceness flashes through his eyes!

“You two will die together.” Wu Xing has already come close.

“Ah ~~~”

Qin Yu abruptly turns his face skyward and gives a long roar. His expression has become ferocious. His hands, which have been grabbing the short knife, reach their maximum speed, creating continuous indistinct silhouettes of dragon talons. The 108 energy streams around Qin Yu’s body all flow hurriedly with a sudden burst of speed.

Chi ~~

At a very fast speed, even faster than the extremely fast flying speed of the short knife just now, Qin Yu’s claws directly penetrate Wu Xing’s chest. He violently makes a grab with his right hand and immediately smashes Wu Xing’s heart with it.

“How is this possible …?” Wu Xing’s eyes pop out of his head. Looking at the hands that have just pierced his chest, his face is full of disbelief. Just now his flying sword already penetrated Qin Yu’s chest and directly punctured his heart. Even a low-level Xiuzhenist would have died in that situation, but how has Qin Yu been able to carry on for so long?

Wu Xing simply does not know that as soon as Qin Yu was injured, the Meteoric Tear began to hurriedly send out various clear streams, which have continuously fused with his heart. Only thanks to this has Qin Yu been able to persevere for a longer period than he would have without the Meteoric Tear and strike his final blow.

“Martial younger brother!” Wu De utters a wild yowl.

Suddenly --

A sad and shrill eagle cry resounds. A beam of light is shooting down from 10,000 m on the 9th level of the sky. It is none other than Xiao Hei. It was flying too high and therefore when it noticed that Qin Yu’s life was in danger, it could not dive down in time. Xiao Hei is diving down extremely fast while wailing like crazy.

Qin Yu’s heart has been punctured. Not even the Meteoric Tear can heal him back to normal in a short time. He can only feel his vision starts to blacken and cannot breathe. He knows that … he is dying. Qin Yu’s eyes gradually become dimmer and dimmer.

He is already near his end.

At the same time, Qin Yu’s body starts to change. It is switching back to his original appearance. At the moment, he can no longer maintain the appearance created by the Appearance and Bone Changing Art.

Seeing the change in Qin Yu’s appearance, Qin De only feels that his heart hurts so much as if he is having a cardiac seizure. His tears simply stream down uncontrollably. Qin Yu is looking at Qin De. There is unexpectedly a faint smile on his face at the moment. The look in his eyes then becomes totally lifeless.

“Yu’er is dead!”

Qin De’s entire body shakes once as if he has been struck by a bolt of lightning.


“But … you give me no chance, absolutely no chance. You only said it’s pointless for me to get involved in this. Father, you don’t even give me a chance. How can you be sure that I’m useless? How? How?!”


“Ha-ha … I’m just a useless, the most useless person. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much progress I make in practice, I’ll always be the most useless. This is laughable. What have I been training for? What have I been training for? What’s the use of my training?”


What Qin Yu said in the past seems to rise in Qin De’s ears again. His entire body starts to quiver. He remembers clearly the last words his son said to him: “Goodbye … Now it seems I’m still a bit useful …”

“Ah ~~~”

Qin De turns his face upwards and gives a long roar, sounding extremely sorrowful.

At this moment, a dark red sky suddenly appears, as if a heavenly tribulation is starting. However, this time the dark red sky covers an even greater area. At first sight, it seems the entire sky has become dark red. There are various flaming red clouds in the center of the dark red sky, which look like tribulation clouds.

“Pa!” Xiao Hei spreads its wings and, with a wave of the wings, pushes Qin De to one side. It is wailing nonstop and pearl-like tears are streaming down from its eyes, but Qin Yu has already become motionless.

After being pushed away by Xiao Hei, Qin De, however, sits stock-still on the ground.


There is a sudden crash of thunder in the flaming red tribulation clouds in the sky. An extremely thick beam of light that, perhaps, can only be encircled by 3 or 4 adults comes down from the sky. That huge flaming red beam of light strikes down as if it is a thunderbolt.

Its target is -- Qin Yu.

At this moment Qin Yu’s hands are still stuck in the chest of a dead Wu Xing. And Xiao Hei is hugging Qin Yu tightly with its wings. Even though that terrifying beam of light is striking down from the sky, it still remains motionless.


The beam of light hits Qin Yu’s body. Because that beam of light is so thick, naturally, apart from Qin Yu, it enfolds both Wu Xing and Xiao Hei as well.

“Yu’er!” Only now does Qin De wake up with a start. Even though his son is dead, his body must not be damaged no matter what! However, when the beam of light disappears, there is nothing left on the area hit by it, not even the weapons used by Qin Yu and Wu Xing in their fight.

There is absolutely nothing.

“Yu’er!” Qin De clenches his teeth. His whole body starts to tremble. All of the scenes of the past appear in his mind one by one. The scene in which his son called him to account is continuously replayed: “Ha-ha … I’m just a useless, the most useless person. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much progress I make in practice, I’ll always be the most useless. This is laughable. What have I been training for? What have I been training for? What’s the use of my training?”

Qin De’s heart is in endless pain. He simply cannot stop his tears from streaming down.

A man does not shed tears easily, only that the heartache Qin De is suffering is too great.

“Xiang Guang! Wu De!” Qin De suddenly looks at Wu De. At this moment his heart is full of hatred. If it had not been for Xiang Guang and those 2 Xiuzhenists, with his son’s power, how could he possibly have died?

Disregarding his body’s injuries, Qin De channels his elemental energy very quickly and charges at Wu De while grasping his long sword.

Seeing Qin De coming at him in such a crazy manner, Wu De, who has been fighting evenly with Fengyuzi, is greatly frightened at once because, at any rate, Qin De is an early phase Jindan stage Xiuzhenist and, moreover, he even has a middle-grade holy weapon. Also, by now Fengyuzi has gone mad too.

Wu De immediately disregards everything and soars into the sky directly on his flying sword at his fastest speed like a wisp of smoke. His offense is extremely powerful and his flying speed is also not something Qin De and Fengyuzi can keep up with.

Seeing Wu De fleeing, Qin De is so furious that he suddenly spits out a mouthful of blood. His internal organs have suffered excessively severe injuries.

“Calm down, Your Highness, please calm down a bit!” Fengyuzi hurriedly restrains Qin De. He knows how seriously Qin De is injured at the moment. However, Qin De’s eyes are filled with an extreme hatred: “Wu De, Xiang Guang, my wife died, and today my son died too! Ah ~~~ Xiang Guang, Wu De! I swear here if I don’t kill you I’ll die unburied!!!”

“Brother Feng, please take me back. Every plan must be shifted to an earlier date and accelerated. Everything must be ready in a half year. I want to lead 1,000,000 troops to trample the Xiang clan to pieces. I’ll exterminate the Xiang clan then destroy Wu De’s soul!”

Qin De clenches his teeth. His crimson crazed eyes look very frightening.

End of b3c24.

End of book 3.

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