Book 3 Chapter 23

B3C23: Death (1)

Even though the 4th thunderbolt is about to strike down, Qin Yu can see that Qin De has not even wiped the blood off his mouth yet. Seeing his father’s pale face, the blood in his entire body starts to boil and his eyes gradually redden.

A violent killing intent continuously whirls about in the bottom of his heart.

After accepting this mission, when he discovered that the object of the mission was to protect his father just as he had guessed, he was so delighted and made a resolution to protect his father from any troubles no matter what from the bottom of his heart.

However, at the moment …

“Father is seriously injured but the most formidable, the 4th thunderbolt is about to strike down. What should I do? What should I do?!!!” Qin Yu is extremely anxious in his heart. He is racked with guilt. A person’s chance of overcoming the 4th thunderbolt right after getting badly injured is too low, but he cannot receive any help. “It’s my fault. If I had killed North Xiang a bit earlier, Ge Min would’ve had no chance to approach father with a fake serious injury!”

Even though it is not Qin Yu’s fault, he blames himself a lot in his heart. He made a resolution to defend his father from troubles but now his father has been badly wounded by an enemy.

“They must die, all of them!!!” Qin Yu’s eyes glance at North Xiang and Ge Min, flashing with killing intent.

He clenches his fists. The purple Xiantian energy in his body starts to surge and continuously fuse with his entire body. After absorbing this Xiantian energy, his vigorous body looks as if it is entirely made of purple jade. He then violently bursts forth the purple Xiantian energy to the utmost. His body is completely covered in a purple light at once.


An insanely sharp whistle rises. A purple silhouette charges directly at North Xiang. Even though North Xiang only sees a purple silhouette, upon feeling its aura, he finds out that this purple silhouette is none other than Qin Yu, the killer of his 3 brothers.

There is, however, madness in North Xiang’s eyes. He thinks the mission has been accomplished and does not believe a badly injured Qin De will be able to survive the 4th thunderbolt. His 3 brothers have died so even if he escapes alive he will have to live in agony.

“Let’s die together!”

Seeing Qin Yu coming at him, North Xiang utters a wild roar and utilizes the Xiantian energy in his body according to the last, suicide special skill of the Conqueror’s Heaven Opposing Art. In an instant, his raging Xiantian energy completely explodes. The entire energy inside peak Xiantian expert North Xiang explodes instantly like a bomb but Qin Yu still collides with North Xiang’s body fiercely like a meteor.

As easy as smashing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!


Qin Yu clenches his teeth. He simply does not use a punch or kick. Rather, he unleashes his power to the utmost. The purple Xiantian energy fuses with his body then forms a body-protecting layer of energy around him. Right afterwards, he smashes himself into North Xiang at his fastest speed like a meteor.

He wants to smash into North Xiang to the death.


The moment North Xiang collides with Qin Yu, his entire body explodes. His flesh and bone fragments scatter all over the place. His blood even splatters all over the sky. However, Qin Yu’s entire body instantly passes through North Xiang’s body like a purple meteor.

The other people freeze with stupefaction.

Killing can also be done via collision like this?

Everyone looks at the purple silhouette of Qin Yu. In their eyes, this mysterious assassin Liu Xing’s offense is a bit too terrifying. Moreover, he was able to kill a peak Xiantian expert with only a collision of their bodies.

“Self-explode, self-explode … too bad, my body’s strength is no longer something any of you can imagine.” A faint cold smile appears on the corners of his mouth. To be fair, North Xiang’s self-explosion in the end was really powerful. Any other Xiantian expert would definitely have been killed by it.

Unluckily for him, Qin Yu is the unprecedented Xiantian external expert, whose bodily toughness is far beyond other people’s imagination. Moreover, having continuously undergone the transformations caused by the technique of the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams, his body alone has come close to ordinary Xian-grade weapons in hardness. And when the miraculous purple Xiantian energy fuses with his body and forms a protective layer of energy around him, not even Xian-grade weapons will be able to break his defense.

“Ge Min, you are … unforgivable!” Qin Yu stares at Ge Min.

Being given a stare by Qin Yu, Ge Min gets goose bumps a little. He then says smilingly: “Mister Liu Xing, you’re just an assassin. Why are you risking your life for Qin De? Your mission’s reward is only a high Xian-grade weapon, isn’t it? If you help me deal with them, His Majesty will reward you with even more.”


A terrifyingly thunderous noise is heard. The last, the 4th thunderbolt shoots out fiercely from the tribulation cloud like a huge purple dragon and strikes straight down. The other people including Qin Yu instantly stop fighting and look at Qin De.

Qin De utters a low shout. His face suddenly becomes very red.

All of a sudden, a resounding dragon cry rises from inside his body. A huge golden dragon which is made of energy and is almost materialized suddenly leaves Qin De’s body and fiercely soars into the sky on a collision course with the 4th thunderbolt.


The huge dragon-like purple thunderbolt and the huge golden energy dragon crash together violently. A raging shock wave expands and wrecks havoc in the vicinity of the collision. In only a short while, the huge goden energy dragon disappears. However, the huge dragon-like purple thunderbolt has also been weakened by more than 50%. But the remainder of the purple thunderbolt keeps striking down.


Qin De points the dark red long sword up into the sky and meets the purple thunderbolt with it. The thunderbolt strikes directly upon the dark red long sword, which then radiates a dazzling light. Qin De’s face suddenly goes pale. His body gets a violent shock. In just a short while, the energy of the thunderbolt unexpectedly dissipates.

Qin De then lies motionless on the ground because of weariness.

“Succeeded?” Qin Yu freezes with stupefaction. Seeing this scene, anyone can understand what it means.

Qin De has succeeded. Relying on the natural 8 Diagrams formation and his middle-grade holy long sword, Qin De has still overcome the tribulation despite his serious injury. However, because he is lying wearily on the ground at the moment, it is obvious that his injury is extremely serious.

In the sky, the tribulation cloud gradually dissipates. The dark red sky also changes back to the starry sky as before. A myriad of stars appear all over the sky before everyone’s eyes.

Qin Yu’s heart is filled with an extreme happiness. Even though his father is seriously injured, all that matters is that he has overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation. With the help of the Qin clan’s treasures, this injury will recover very fast. And Qin De will form his Jindan very fast to become a Xiuzhenist as well.

“Ge Min!” Qin Yu looks at Ge Min. His eyes are full of killing intent.

Ge Min, however, slightly frowns and looks at Qin De: “I never thought, never thought that he’d practice the Ancestral Dragon Art to the highest level like Shi Huang before. Even if he didn’t have the middle-grade holy weapon, I think he would still have been able to overcome the heavenly tribulation.”

Suddenly, Ge Min trembles because he feels someone’s killing intent not far from him. He immediately takes a look. It is none other than Qin Yu.

Thinking about how Qin Yu killed the Four Directions Death Gods just now, Ge Min of course knows that he himself is not a match for him. He resents secretly: “If I had a middle-grade holy weapon, how could I possibly fear this assassin Liu Xing? When Qin De used In-rock Flaming iron to forge middle-grade holy weapons at that time, because the material was limited, he forged a battle knife for Lian Yan and a long sword for himself. The remainder was used to forge 5 short knives, which were given to 5 Secret Arrow subordinates to organize a battle formation. Not even I, Blue-clad and the others have middle-grade holy weapons.”

There was only that much In-rock Flaming iron originally. At first, Fengyuzi used one fifth to forge a short sword and a pair of gloves for Qin Yu and a flying sword for himself. Qin De’s own long sword and Lian Yan’s battle knife each used another fifth. The 5 short knives used the last 2 fifths.

Blue-clad, Ge Min and the other people were not allocated any middle-grade holy weapons. Even though Lian Yan later died, the middle-grade holy weapon he left behind was eventually given to Qin Feng by Qin De.

“Ha-ha … I’m such a fool, I’m such a fool … Qin De, prepare to die. But I have to thank you for giving me middle-grade holy weapons!” Wu Xing, who is being jointly attacked by 5 Secret Arrow experts and 5 Heavenly Net experts, suddenly turns his face skyward and laughs out loud like crazy. He seems to have come up with a way to deal with these 10 audacious experts.

End of b3c23.

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