Book 3 Chapter 18

B3C18: The Green Lotus mountain range (1)

Riding their flying animals, the group of 15 people including Qin De flies extremely fast eastward.

“In the end I’m still following father. This turn of events is really wonderful. When I couldn’t succeed despite trying hard, who could’ve thought that I would get my wish as assassin Liu Xing? This is just like how watched flowers never bloom but an unattended willow grows.” Looking at his father on the sky-flying white tiger ahead of him, Qin Yu cannot help giving a faint smile.

Qin Yu basically does not know the location selected for the tribulation this time. His current role is merely a bodyguard.

After flying for nearly 3 days and nights, during which time they took a break once for a meal, they finally arrives in the first destination -- a small city on the border of the Wilderness called Qingshi City.

“Come down!”

After shouting his order, Qin De takes the lead in diving down. The small airborne group at his back also dives down closely after him. They land directly on a place on the eastern side of Qingshi City. Qin Yu, however, feels that at this moment Xiao Hei is flying at a height of several thousand meters above them.

At age 7, Qin Yu took Xiao Hei in when it was still a chick. He will turn 19 in the new year so it has been almost 12 years ever since. One person and an eagle seem not to have been separated from each other for the last 12 years. A basically indescribable mysterious telepathy has even developed between them.

“Mister Ying, we’re going to stay the night here, aren’t we?” Elder Blue-clad asks Qin De.

The 5 Heavenly Net experts that Elder Blue-clad brings along are only loyal to the Heavenly Net’s leader, but even they do not know that the leader is a person of the Qin clan. To prevent accidents this time, Qin De has told Elder Blue-clad and Ge Min to call him Mister Ying.

“We’re staying the night here. Tomorrow morning everybody is going into the Wilderness so let’s have a good rest tonight.” Qin De gives a smile then turns to Ge Min and says: “Old man Ge, quickly prepare board and lodging for everyone.”

Ge Min says respectfully at once: “Yes, Mister Ying.”

In the evening, everyone has a meal in this considerably large house then most of them start to rest or go to sleep because, after all, they are going into the Wilderness tomorrow. No one, whether from the Heavenly Net or the Secret Arrow, has any complaints about their entry into the Wilderness.

Even if they are asked to die they will not be afraid of that, because they were already brainwashed when they started to be trained. However, there is a stranger going with them this time, namely peak Xiantian assassin Liu Xing.

Tonight has a bright moon but only a few stars. The bright Moon is hanging in a corner of the sky. Qin Yu has not gone to bed yet and is watching the Moon above from the courtyard.

“The Wilderness, I never thought that father would choose a location in the Wilderness to undergo his tribulation.” Qin Yu secretly groans. “One will encounter stronger demonic beasts as he goes deeper into the Wilderness. But I believe father won’t choose a place deep in the Wilderness to go through his tribulation.”

Suddenly, Qin Yu frowns and stops thinking because someone is approaching.

“Mister Liu Xing, you’re staying up so late. Could you be worrying about something?” Qin De says with a warm smile as he walks up to Qin Yu.

Immediately afterwards, another voice rises: “Mister Ying, there are demonic beasts in the Wilderness after all. Even though we aren’t going deep into the Wilderness this time, if we encounter any demonic beasts, it will still be very dangerous. Perhaps Mister Liu Xing can also feel that this journey is risky.” Fengyuzi also walks up to him.

Qin De says in an unconcerned manner: “Mister Liu Xing, if you find this mission risky, you can also give it up. We definitely won’t blame or laugh at you. After all, the Wilderness is a dangerous place.”

Qin De does not tell Qin Yu anything about the location he has selected this time. The Green Lotus mountain range is merely on the border of the Wilderness. The deeper a place is in the Wilderness, the more dangerous it becomes. The Green Lotus mountain range is no more than a huge mountain range on the border of the Wilderness so, even if it has wild beasts, Qin De and his entourage will still be able to handle them easily.

“Give up? Of course I won’t. I’m just wondering if we’ll encounter demonic beasts after coming into the Wilderness this time. Some demonic beasts are on the same level as Xiantian experts while some others are on a par with Shangxian. Some are even more formidable than Shangxian. If we encounter a demonic beast which is near a Shangxian’s caliber, I’m wondering whether I or it will eventually survive the fight to the death between us!” says Qin Yu indifferently.

“Gentlemen, I’m going back to rest first.” Qin Yu folds his hands and says.

“You’re going back to rest? Then we won’t trouble you anymore, Mister Liu Xing.” Qin De and Fengyuzi motion to him to proceed. Qin Yu then returns to his room directly, leaving only 2 people, Qin De and Fengyuzi, in the courtyard.

Fengyuzi makes a wave of his hand. A simple restrictive spell is immediately set up, isolating their voices completely from the outside of the spell.

“Brother Feng, what do you think about this assassin Liu Xing? I can feel Yu’er’s aura on his body.” Qin De slightly frowns and says.

At Qin De’s current level in power, he has developed a sense which is rather similar to the holy sense. No one will be able to fool people like him using only the Appearance and Bone Changing art. After all, any Xiantian expert can use the Appearance and Bone Changing art to the fullest and, moreover, Fengyuzi beside Qin De is a Xiuzhenist with an even more powerful holy sense.

Fengyuzi says with a slight frown: “When I used my holy sense to examine this Mister Liu Xing, I noticed that his aura is very similar to Xiao Yu’s and even thought that he was Xiao Yu. But later I discovered an extraordinary Xiantian energy inside Mister Liu Xing’s body. That kind of Xiantian energy is extremely terrifyingly destructive. Xiao Yu is a Xiantian external expert so he doesn’t have any internal energy. Mister Liu Xing, however, has Xiantian energy so he can’t be Xiao Yu.”

Qin De also says with a nod: “I felt it carefully too. This Mister Liu Xing’s aura is very profound and there are some differences between it and Xiao Yu’s.”

A person’s aura is dependent on his soul. After the Meteoric Tear fused with Qin Yu’s body, without his knowledge, some faint amounts of a mysterious energy from the Meteoric Tear have fused with his soul, slowly enhancing it unnoticed. Therefore, Qin Yu has undergone huge transformations during such a short time as the last half year.

This is the reason why, since Qin Yu and Qin De met each other again after a half year of separation, Qin De and Fengyuzi has not dared to confirm that this Mister Liu Xing is Qin Yu. Moreover, in the past Qin Yu told them that a Xiantian external expert only used physical power whereas this Mister Liu Xing has Xiantian energy.

Qin De does not know that Qin Yu acquired this purple Xiantian energy thanks to practicing the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram.

“However … I have a feeling that this Mister Liu Xing is worth trusting.” Qin De gives a smile then looks up at the bright moon in the night sky. At this moment he is thinking of his 3rd son, who has not returned home for a long time. “Yu’er, I owe you too much, but will I still have a chance to meet you again?”

Even though Qin De is fully prepared, he is not certain that he will overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

In the early morning of the next day, the 15 people start off with light luggage. They only enter the Wilderness on foot. Even the weakest among them is a late phase Xiantian expert so they have no problem using their lightness skills to go along mountain tracks, which are rough and steep.

On the way, Qin De often chats to Qin Yu. It seems he has a very good opinion of this mysterious Mister Liu Xing. The journey is long and winding. After going for 3 days, they finally set foot in the Wilderness. However, the Wilderness is immense. Its surface area is even much larger than the total area of all the countries on the Qian Long continent.

After entering the Wilderness, Qin De and his entourage go extremely fast along some safe tracks according to a prearranged road map. Every demonic beast in the Wilderness has its own territory. Qin De’s road map shows the gaps between the territories of some demonic beasts.

Of course, with Qin De’s and his entourage’s power, they are unafraid of the demonic beasts on the edge of the Wilderness. However, they do not want to waste their power for no reason.

After going along winding tracks for 5 days, they finally reach their destination -- the Green Lotus mountain range. It is a huge mountain range which runs continuously for several hundred li. Of course, a several-hundred-li long mountain range is totally insignificant in the Wilderness.

End of b3c18.

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