Book 3 Chapter 15

B3C15: A glimpse of hope (2)

For the last half year, Qin Yu has been wondering about the purposes of his life. Can he possibly live out his life just like an ordinary man on the Qin Long continent, who will get married, have children then age? No, in his mind, going down this road is simply unacceptable. Since he was a little kid, Qin Yu has been aiming to become an expert so that he can help his father.

But now ……

“Perhaps I’ve been wrong since the beginning. A person can’t always live for other people. If I live like that, not only will I be tired, father will be put under great pressure as well.” Qin Yu slowly goes to the side of a tarn in the mountain forest. Despite looking at the jade waves before him, he continuously ponders in his mind. For the last half year, Qin Yu has been training and carrying out missions, but he has always been pondering.

“What should I live for?” This is what Qin Yu has been pondering over.

Qin Yu has a desire in the bottom of his heart, a secret desire. But he has never dared to let his desire burst forth completely. In his heart, he takes the greatest pleasure in fighting to the death and in breaking through his limits.

“Xiuzhenists, the Overseas Immortal Islands, and the Xiuzhen world!” -- These are the desire Qin Yu has been concealing in his heart. At that time, when he heard Fengyuzi’s description of the Xiuzhen world, he instantly became imbued with a desire for this Xiuzhen world. In the past his power was insufficient but the Trans-Heaven diagrams have given him an opportunity.

Qin Yu takes a deep breath.

He yearns for the life of a Xiuzhenist -- going up to the 9th level of the sky, going down to the depths of the ocean, battling demonic beasts, contending against Xiuzhenists for treasures, fighting Heaven and Hell, pursuing the limits of life! Qin Yu yearns for that blood-boiling, passion-packed kind of life. However, to live that kind of life, he must have, first, real power and, second, determination.

He must have the power of a Xiuzhenist and the determination of a loner.

Since his father and brothers cannot venture into the unknown and wander about with him, will Qin Yu be able to leave his father and brothers?

“Remember, just do whatever you think is right. The Qin clan’s sons flinch from nothing, not even death!”

Those words said by his father resound in Qin Yu’s ears again. He suddenly laughs: “Alright, living in the world, why do I have to be afraid of something? Moreover, I’ve been living the wrong way. I mustn’t live for other people. That kind of life has tired both me and father out. I must live for myself. Father, big brother, 2nd brother, I’ll pursue my own life!”

Qin Yu’s eyes glitter.

“Xiao Hei, after father has overcome his tribulation, I’m going to pursue my own life. Do you want to follow me?” says Qin Yu while stroking Xiao Hei’s head. Xiao Hei immediately spreads its wings and gently pats Qin Yu’s back with them while continuously nodding.

Qin Yu laughs as soon as he sees this.

It does not matter what is going to happen, at least Xiao Hei will always be his companion.

“Xiao Hei, let’s go. It’s a waste of time to live a boring life. Let’s go to see if the Heavenly Net has any challenging missions.” Qin Yu gets on Xiao Hei’s back at once with a jump. Xiao Hei immediately flaps its wings then disappears like a beam of light.


Qin De sits down. He is in the chair. 3 other people consisting of the blue-clad old man, Manager Ge Min and Fengyuzi also sit down one by one.

“The place has been selected. Everything is almost ready. We only need to wait 37 more days,” says Qin De indifferently. The closer it gets to the tribulation, the more clearly he feels its time of arrival. And he is going to undergo the tribulation in 37 days.

The blue-clad old man says with a nod: “There are a lot of demonic beasts in the Wilderness. Quite a few of them have even reached the Jindan stage. Even if Wu Xing and Wu De discover the appearance of the heavenly tribulation in the Wilderness, they will surely think that it is a demonic beast undergoing its tribulation. So, if Your Highness can overcome the tribulation, the Xiang clan instead won’t expect that we’ll even have such an expert as Your Highness on our side.”

“The location selected by Your Highness is really extremely ingenious,” says Manager Ge Min in agreement.

Qin De shakes his head and says with a laugh: “Let’s wait to see if I can go through the heavenly tribulation alive before saying something. All right, brother Feng and Manager Ge Min, the 2 of you please leave first. I and Blue-clad have to discuss some matters.”

“I take my leave, Your Highness.” Manager Ge Min bows and says. Fengyuzi, however, only folds his hands in salute. The 2 of them then leave.

The blue-clad old man and the gray-clad old man are the 2 general managers of the Heavenly Net. Generally, Qin De only calls these 2 old men by their code names Blue-clad and Gray-clad. In fact, he has never called them by their real names. This time, Qin De has decided that the blue-clad old man is going to follow him when he leaves for a location in the Wilderness to undergo the tribulation whereas the gray-clad old man is going to continue to manage the Heavenly Net’s operation.

“Blue-clad, this time pick out 5 late phase Xiantian experts from the Secret Arrow, which was originally managed by Uncle Lian, and let Manager Ge lead them. At your Heavenly Net, find some late phase Xiantian experts in the 2 Nets. At the same time … invite assassin Liu Xing to come as well.” There is a faint smile on the corners of Qin De’s mouth.

The blue-clad old man also gives a smile.

The Heavenly Net is divided into the Inner Net and the Outer Net. However, it cannot directly control the members of the Outer Net and can only invite them. As for this assassin Liu Xing, Qin De, being the leader of the Heavenly Net, has been paying close attention to him for some time.

“That assassin Liu Xing is extremely powerful. According to my subordinates’ reports, he has been undertaking 9 successive missions recently and accomplished them with ease. There were even late phase Xiantian experts among the targets but, when facing this assassin Liu Xing, they had no choice but to get killed. His power should have reached the peak of the Xiantian level.” The blue-clad old man states his opinion.

At the moment, Qin De is in need of experts, absolute experts.

That day he told Qin Yu that peak Xiantian experts cannot put up any resistance against Xiuzhenists. What he said can be considered correct, but not totally correct. In a one-on-one, it is certainly correct. However, if 5 or 6 peak Xiantian experts join forces and use middle-grade holy weapons at the same time, then whether it is true will be quite another matter.

Peak Xiantian experts are all extremely fast, like lightning. If 5 or 6 peak Xiantian experts attack together, a Jindan stage Xiuzhenist will find it difficult to cope with them. If his body gets destroyed, the Xiuzhenist will be done for. Even though a Jindan stage Xiuzhenist’s elemental energy is profound, his body’s structure is almost no different from that of ordinary people’s bodies. So, once his internal organs are shattered into pieces, he will also die.

Qin De currently needs peak Xiantian experts, or late phase Xiantian experts at the minimum.

However, peak Xiantian experts are too hard to come by. Currently, according to Qin De’s judgement, this assassin Liu Xing is a peak Xiantian expert. Moreover, judging from the missions that assassin Liu Xing has undertaken, he is also trustworthy.

“Blue-clad, you are to invite him personally. If necessary, you can threaten him a bit by force. Of course, he must not be told about the location of the tribulation, and my identity as well. When the time comes, letting him follow us will be enough!” says Qin De.

He is not worried about the identity of this mysterious assassin Liu Xing. Even if Liu Xing is an enemy, will it make any difference? After all, Qin De cannot let him know anything.

“Yes, I’m going to invite him personally.” Blue-clad bows and says.


Qin Yu has found it very strange that the last time he took a mission the executive of that Heavenly Net branch told him the supreme elder of the Heavenly Net requested a discussion with him. As a top-class assassin of the Heavenly Net, he also knows it has 2 grand elders. He wonders why this grand elder invites himself to meet him today.

Following their agreement, Qin Yu goes to a teahouse. At the moment, there are no guests in the teahouse. He slightly frowns.

“You’ve arrived, Mister Liu Xing. Why don’t you come up here?” A series of laughs of a man comes to him from the 2nd floor.

Qin Yu’s feet make a movement. His entire body disappears into thin air at once then appears on where the staircase and the 2nd floor meet. His speed was extremely fast and simply reached a shocking level.

“So fast yet caused no wind sounds!” The blue-clad elder is startled in his heart. He knows even he himself cannot reach that speed. He looks toward the top landing of the staircase and sees a man standing there, who is about 1.75 m tall and looks very cold from head to toe.

The blue-clad elder, however, has an indescribable feeling that the man in front of him seems very familiar.

As soon as Qin Yu sees the man before him, his eyes pop out of his head because he unexpectedly recognizes this so-called Heavenly Net grand elder as the mysterious blue-clad elder who occasionally appears beside his father. The usual movements of the blue-clad elder and the gray-clad elder are extremely secret, only that these 2 elders appear in the princely mansion sometimes. In the entire mansion, only a few people such as Qin Yu know about the existence of this blue-clad elder and the gray-clad elder.

“Heavenly Net grand elder?” says Qin Yu while looking at the blue-clad elder. An unfathomable faint smile appears on the corners of his mouth.

End of b3c15.

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