Book 3 Chapter 14

B3C14: A glimpse of hope (1)

On the top of Mount Donglan, a golden silhouette is moving extremely fast. The silhouette is indistinct and ethereal like mist. On one side, a huge black male eagle is flapping its wings. Its sharp eyes are being fixed on the golden silhouette. This golden silhouette and this eagle are Qin Yu and Xiao Hei.

Qin Yu has been training like this for over 20 whole days. During this period of time, he has not taken a break, eaten and drunk but his mind has been getting better and better. Compared to when he just left the princely mansion, Qin Yu’s entire body is currently much swifter and fiercer.

Suddenly the golden silhouette stops. Those 36 golden energy streams then vanish away completely, revealing Qin Yu’s lonely figure.

“The 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram’s 36 pictures have been totally mastered.” Qin Yu looks at his entire body’s skin. As soon as he slightly exerts his strength, very incredibly, a vague golden light starts to move under his skin. Moreover, Qin Yu discovers that his body has reached a whole new level.

Strength? He can no longer use strength to accurately assess his current body.

“Xiao Hei, let’s go.” Qin Yu calls Xiao Hei, which instantly utters several cries of excitement. Then, after he sits on Xiao Hei’s back, with a shake of its wings, Xiao Hei leaves Mount Donglan at once and starts to go on another journey.


It is already deep in the winter at the moment and white snow is falling from all over the sky. In a Heavenly Net branch, the courtyard of this branch is covered with a thick blanket of snow. Qin Yu treads on the snow blanket directly and only leaves a line of faint footprints. As snow keeps falling down, those footprints also disappear in a short while.

“Please sit down, Mister Liu Xing.” A flirty woman puts a mission list before Qin Yu.

He turns directly to the Gold Card Missions section and skims through the resumes of these missions’ targets. When he chooses a mission, he does not care about the opponent’s overall power and only pays attention to what kind of person the opponent is. If it is an evildoer he will undertake the mission, but if it is a good person he will pass on the mission. Of course, he is not so bored that he would protect that good person yet.

“Gold card mission no. 6,” says Qin Yu coldly.

That flirty woman immediately assigns him the mission then gives him a subtle blink and says flirtatiously: “Mister Liu Xing, it’s snowing heavily outside. Please stay the night here. It won’t be late to wait until it stops snowing tomorrow before going.”

As she is saying, she reaches out her delicate right hand and holds Qin Yu’s hand.

“Let go.” Qin Yu says calmly.

The flirty woman covers her mouth and says with a smile: “Mister Liu Xing is really …” When she is about to say something, she feels a shock transferring to her from Qin Yu’s hand and cannot help loosening her hold with a tingling sensation. Qin Yu immediately turns around and steps into the boundless, heavy snow.

The flirty woman follows the silhouette in the heavy snow with her eyes. She suddenly sees that silhouette turn into several afterimages and disappear.


“Anyone who dares come to kill me simply has a death wish. Demonic Flaming Hand, kill him for me,” says a fat man loftily.

A faint cold smile appears on the corners of golden-masked Qin Yu’s mouth.

“Yes.” A one-armed bald man looks at Qin Yu and says coldly: “Gold card assassin, who would’ve thought that an assassin like you would openly block our way instead of using a sneak attack? You’re simply utterly stupid. Being able to die at my Demonic Flaming Hand, you can take pride in that.”

Qin Yu slightly shakes his head and thinks to himself: “Middle-phase Xiantian expert, too weak.”


Qin Yu flashes by the one-armed bald man like a beam of light, rendering him completely dumbfounded. Then 2 miserable cries rise successively. Qin Yu’s body has already disappeared. Having accomplished the mission, naturally he has left.

“My right hand, ah, my right hand is gone!” Looking at where his only hand used to be, Demonic Flaming Hand freezes with horror.

Just now, Qin Yu’s speed was so fast. Giving Demonic Flaming Hand absolutely no time to resist, he cut off the opponent’s only hand with a knife hand strike. Then, using the same shocking speed, he directly beheaded that fat man with another knife hand strike. Afterwards, he took the fat man’s head and left lightly.

From the beginning to the end, it took him only a moment.

“Indeed, after mastering the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram, my overall power has reached a whole new level. That, coupled with my stopping to use the black iron arm guards and leg guards and the black gold undershirt, has made me very fast. Perhaps a peak Xiantian expert can only be about as fast as me at best.” There is a confident smile on Qin Yu face at the moment.

After practicing the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram, Qin Yu’s power has increased greatly. His body has been transformed even more. In terms of bodily toughness alone, even black iron weapons can no longer hurt him. His body’s defense has already caught up with that of the black gold undershirt.

Therefore, Qin Yu has taken off the black gold undershirt and the black iron arm guards and leg guards. After all, weight carrying is basically not very useful at his current level anymore.


“Mister Liu Xing is really fast. In just a while you’ve already finished the mission.” The woman who welcomes Qin Yu flatters him smilingly.

After receiving the reward, Qin Yu opens the mission list and says at once: “Gold card mission no. 3!”


In 3 whole months Qin Yu undertakes 9 gold card missions, averaging 3 missions a month. All of the missions are gold card missions but he accomplishes them with ease. All of the targets are killed by him openly regardless of their power levels.

There are even 2 late phase Xiantian experts among them.

Even when facing a late phase Xiantian expert, Qin Yu does not use the Flaming Sword and the Flaming Gloves. He kills the opponent with his own hands. Even so, the opponent cannot put up any resistance at all. With Qin Yu’s current power, even when using bare hands, he can already put up a good fight against any peak Xiantian expert.

The silvery and golden lights of the 2 Trans-Heaven diagrams have really transformed his body a lot. This is also the cause of such an improvement in Qin Yu’s power.


“Mister Liu Xing, why do you suddenly stop taking missions?” The woman who welcomes Qin Yu asks doubtfully. Seeing in the record that Qin Yu has been undertaking 9 successive missions recently, she originally thought that he would continue to take one more.

“How can I continue to waste my time on these missions? Humph, their targets aren’t challenging at all.” Qin Yu takes the reward, says indifferently then leaves. Obviously his attitude has changed. It is no longer as apathetic as it was 3 months ago.

A person comes out from the back of the hall where missions are taken. Following Qin Yu’s leaving back with his eyes, he slightly frowns and says: “Not challenging? Even late phase Xiantian experts aren’t challenging at all?”


In a nameless mountain forest,

It has been 2 months. Qin Yu has been staying in this nameless mountain forest for over 2 months and practicing the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram here. Having previous experience with the other 2 diagrams, he has naturally been practicing this Trans-Heaven diagram with great ease.

However, what has surprised Qin Yu is that … the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram is different from the 2 previous diagrams.

The reason is … the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram has unexpectedly created a purple Xiantian energy. This Xiantian energy has permeated into his entire body in every place. It does not matter if it is the dantian, a muscle, a bone or a channel … as long as it is a place in his body, there will be Xiantian energy in it.


With his entire body enfolded in 36 purple energy streams, Qin Yu dives down from the sky like a flash. He then ruthlessly smashes his right leg on the ground. The strange thing is that, it unexpectedly causes no damage to the ground. However, the entire area of the ground in his vicinity starts to vibrate. In a short while --


With a loud sound, the soil within a several-tens-meter radius of Qin Yu explodes, creating a huge cloud of dust. When the dust has settled, a crater which is several tens meters in circumference and 10 meters deep appears.

“I only needed 1 month to master the 1st or 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram. This 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram unexpectedly took me over 2 months.” Qin Yu stops. The 36 purple energy streams around him also disappear. The pure purple glow on his body gradually withdraws as well.

From the outside to the inside,

Compared to the 2 previous Trans-Heaven diagrams, the 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram is much more formidable. Not only does it enhance his body, it also creates the special purple Xiantian energy which solely belongs to this Trans-Heaven Mysterious Art.

“It’s been a half year. Father is going to undergo his tribulation soon.” Qin Yu secretly groans. He is not happy at the moment despite his great improvement in power.

End of b3c14.

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