Book 3 Chapter 12

B3C12: Explode (3)

Qin De takes a glance at everyone then says: “I have called everybody up so urgently because of a very serious matter. Not even I can say for sure if this matter is good or bad.” Qin De has a hint of a forced smile on his face, as does Fengyuzi beside him.

“Father, what is this matter actually that makes you like this?” asks Qin Zheng immediately. Qin Yu, Qin Feng and the other people also look at Qin De.

Qin De shakes his head and says powerlessly: “I’ve reached the peak of the Xiantian level for just over a year but during the most recent closed-door training session I suddenly had a hunch that … my 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation will come in a half year.”

The 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation!

This is the 1st heavenly tribulation that anyone who wants to become a Xiuzhenist has to go through, which is commonly referred to as the Minor Heavenly Tribulation!

The other people are dumbfounded. Among the super experts who have reached the peak of the Xiantian level, some are afraid of the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, but some others want to undergo this heavenly tribulation to become Xiuzhenists instead. However, it is definitely not so easy to go through the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation.

After achieving the completion of the Xiantian level some people waited for several decades to 100 years without seeing any signs of the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, but some others were able to sense when it would arrive upon reaching the peak of the Xiantian level. This is only contigent on a person’s intuitive enlightenment on the Natural Way of Heaven. Who could have thought that Qin De, who has been practicing for just several decades, was actually more formidable than Lian Yan in martial arts and would even be able to sense the arrival of the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation?

But is this a good thing?

The probability that a practitioner will overcome the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, especially when using a practice technique of the Qian Long continent and without the help of a Xiuzhen school, is basically less than 10%. The Qin clan is going to declare war soon, but if Qin De fails to withstand the tribulation and dies, that plan will go to waste.

However, if he can overcome the tribulation, the Qin clan will have one more Xiuzhenist and its power will increase greatly. Too bad, the chance of success is too slim.

“How is this possible? Senior Lian didn’t encounter this 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation for so many years. Your Highness …” Xu Yuan immediately loses his composure. He has been following Qin De for so many years. The 2 of them are a master and a subordinate but there is also the sentiment of brotherhood between them.

This is the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, no less! The chance of overcoming it is too small. Of a Xiuzhenist’s 3 heavenly tribulations, each is more abnormal than the previous.

“Father!” The 3 brothers Qin Yu, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng all look at Qin De anxiously. Because this is the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, there is a possibility that their father will die in a half year. Even though they love their father, they have to admit that this tribulation is too difficult to overcome.

“Yu’er, Feng’er, Zheng’er, each of you is already an adult, and Feng’er and Zheng’er are even 2 older brothers, why are you behaving like this? As a real man, if you can’t run away from the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation, you’ll have to try to face it. If you succeed it will be a good thing. But even if you fail it will be no big deal.” Qin De’s mettlesome face looks very thrilled and unconcerned.

“Father, but this 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation …” Qin Yu feels a pain in his heart. Because his Grandpa Lian died not long ago, if his father dies when going through the heavenly tribulation then … Thinking about this, Qin Yu can even feel his heart trembling with fear.

“Yu’er, I know the 4-in-9 Heavenly Tribulation is dangerous. Your grandpa also passed away while undergoing this tribulation. However, no one can run away from it. As a man, I must face it with courage. Even if I were to die, I would still have to try my best,” says Qin De resolutely.

Seeing the look in Qin De’s eyes, Qin Yu has no choice but to nod.

“Today I’ve called up everyone to make arrangements for the future. From now on, Zheng’er will be in charge of every single matter of the Qin clan, whether important or not. This also means that now I’m only responsible for giving directions at the back while Zheng’er is the decision-maker in any matter.” Qin De orders directly.

“Yes, father!” says Qin Zheng in an absolutely unemotional voice.

For the last several years, he has been supervising and deciding ordinary matters. What Qin De just said today has officially given him absolute authority.

Among Qin De’s 3 sons, his eldest Qin Feng is good at commanding soldiers and conducting military activities, his 2nd son Qin Zheng is adept at politics, but his 3rd son Qin Yu is very carefree. At least, Qin De has never restricted Qin Yu’s freedom. Qin Yu has always been able to do whatever he wants.

“Feng’er, you must try hard because, in our Qin clan’s army, your position will totally depend on your military merit.” Qin De says while staring at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng nods and says his agreement. He himself is a Xiantian expert, added to that he is good at commanding troops and conducting military operations so he is already in charge of a 100,000 strong army despite his young age. Even though this has something to do with his prince status, his personal capabilities are also a very important factor.

“Yu’er …” Qin De looks at Qin Yu.

Actually, in his mind, Qin De feels that he owes his 3rd son the most, but he does not want to say too many sentimental words in this situation. Therefore, after staring at Qin Yu for a long time, he slowly says: “Yu’er, if you want to do something then do it. I won’t restrict your freedom. But I have one thing to tell you -- Remember, just do whatever you think is right. The Qin clan’s sons flinch from nothing, not even death!”

When Qin Yu hears this, he feels a boiling stream of blood surging in his heart.

“Yes, father!” says Qin Yu resolutely.

Qin De gives a smile. Fengyuzi beside him starts to say: “His Highness and I have already discussed this matter. When the tribulation arrives in a half year, everybody is to carry on as usual. His Highness and I, along with some Xiantian experts, are going to leave for a secret place to deal with the heavenly tribulation. As for his 3 sons, all of them must not follow us.”

“Right, I’ve already decided who are going to go with me. They are Manager Ge, some Xiantian experts and some other experts. Zheng’er, the 3 of you cannot follow me,” says Qin De emphatically. He accepts absolutely no objection.

When Qin De leaves to undergo the heavenly tribulation, who can say that Xiang Guang will know nothing about this? If Xiang Guang receives information about this, he will definitely send experts to sabotage Qin De’s plan. Even the Xiantian experts who are going to go with Qin De will be in danger so Qin De cannot take any chances on his sons.

Qin Zheng is the future East Vanquishing Prince and is in a position of great authority so he must not be put at risk.

Qin Feng is a marshal in the army so he cannot be used like an ordinary bodyguard expert either. If something bad happened to him, it would be terrible.

As for Qin Yu,

“Father, I’ll go with you!” Qin Yu says in a loud and clear voice. “I know there will be dangers. Big brother and 2nd brother have to carry out important duties so nothing is allowed to happen to them, but I’m not very useful in military matters. I can’t handle politics or military affairs…”

“You can’t!” Qin De suddenly says, cutting off Qin Yu.

“Why?” Qin Yu immediately stands up and says. “Why can’t I? Father, do you remember what you just said? Just do whatever you think is right. The Qin clan’s sons flinch from nothing, not even death! Now I want to follow you and I think this is the right thing to do. Death, I’m not afraid of it in the least. I just want to go with you!”

Qin Yu stares at Qin De. He simply does not concede.

“Yu’er, do you know how dangerous this will be? I don’t know how many Xiantian experts Xiang Guang has. I don’t care about that either. But … they have 2 Shangxian, 2 of them, no less. Your Uncle Feng alone can only stop one of them so if they both come it will be extremely dangerous. Do you understand?” says Qin De continuously.

“Danger, how can I possibly fear danger?” Qin Yu gives an indifferent laugh. He simply does not accept Qin De’s rejection.

Qin De says with a shake of his head: “Yu’er, the people who are going to go this time are all experts, even Xiantian experts. You’re just an external practictioner, what’s the use of your going? You’ll be of no use to us. Worse still, when we are in danger, your presence would likely make it harder for us. So, you better forget that idea!”

“Xiantian?” Qin Yu laughs.

After becoming a Xiantian expert Qin Yu wanted to tell his father about this, but because of Lian Yan’s death, he was so grieved that he forgot to tell his father. Then he began to practice the technique of the Trans-Heaven diagrams and Qin De had a closed-door training session so naturally he has not had time to tell his father yet.

“Take this!” Qin Yu suddenly utters a loud shout. His body shoots at the blue-clad old man like a flash.

The blue-clad old man and the gray-clad old man are 2 super experts among Qin De’s subordinates and are on a par with Lian Yan. Ordinarily, they manage the matters concerning the Heavenly Net. The blue-clad old man is a peak Xiantian expert and has terrifyingly strong overall power. He is watching Qin Yu’s strike coming at him.

“Third Prince!” The blue-clad old man stretches out a hand smilingly.

“Humph!” Qin Yu utters a cold humph. The entire air in his vicinity starts to vibrate. He throws a punch with his right fist like rolling thunder. This is the first time Qin Yu has used his true power after practicing the 1st and 2nd Trans-Heaven diagrams. With his body undergoing transformations for such a long time, what power level has he actually reached?

The faces of all the people present change color.

The blue-clad old man knows that it is bad for him so he instantly channels his body’s Xiantian energy. The color of his right palm becomes golden.

The crash between a fist and a palm!


A violent clash is heard. The blue-clad old man only feels that he is hit by a terrifyingly strong force. It is purely caused by physical power and has no Xiantian energy at all. That terrifying force of Qin Yu’s pure and fierce physical power goes through his palm into his arm.

The blue-clad old man cannot help retreating. Then, with a clack noise, the railings are smashed. The blue-clad old man can only stop when he finally bumps into Fengyuzi’s restrictive spell.

All the other people look at Qin Yu with only astonishment in their eyes.

Qin Yu stares at Qin De and says with an expressionless face: “Father, what do you think? Am I qualified to follow you? I’m a Xiantian expert. The 1st Xiantian external expert in the history of the Qian Long continent is also a Xiantian expert, right?” Qin Yu’s words shock the other people to the extent that they are dumbfounded.

Xiantian external expert!

Since antiquity, it has been a truism that external practice is difficult, painful, not worthwhile and hopeless and is capped by the peak of the Houtian level. However, from now on, the people present know that it is also possible to reach the Xiantian level through external practice!

“What power! If Third Prince uses a middle-grade holy weapon, I’m not sure I’ll be a match for him!” At the moment, the bones of the blue-clad old man’s right arm are still in great pain. Qin Yu’s current power is far superior to his power level when he fought Zhen Xu that day.

Thanks to practicing the Trans-Heaven Mysterious Art and undergoing the changes caused by the mysterious silvery and golden lights, compared to the Qin Yu of the battle against Zhen Xu, the current Qin Yu has experienced many more world-shattering transformations.

Qin De is looking at Qin Yu. No one can know how greatly shocked he is in his mind at the moment. The 3rd son before him is one who he has never had high expectations for and one who does external practice, the most painful and hopeless path in martial arts. However, at the age of 18, this son has reached such a terrifying level in power without his knowledge. Moreover, this son has become the unprecedented Xiantian external expert.

“Father.” Qin Yu says again. He is waiting for Qin De’s answer.

Qin De remains silent for a long time then says with a slow shake of his head: “You can’t!”

End of b3c12.

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