Book 3 Chapter 11

B3C11: Explode (2)

The Secret Treasury is secret room which is not very large. On each side of the room there is a counter made of old agarwood. Various treasures have been put carefully on the surfaces of the counters. In the center of the secret room there are a bamboo chair and a natural tea table.

At the front of the room where the floor meets the wall, there is a lighted antique incense burner. A dull-colored smoke is spreading out from the incense burner, giving the whole secret room an atmosphere of Zen.

“Let’s conceal the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram in the crack between the left counter and the wall.” Qin Yu goes to a corner of the room then takes out the precious 1st Trans-Heaven diagram from his bosom and tucks it directly into the crack at this corner.

Qin Yu stands up and nods in satisfaction: “Well, so many years will have already passed until father discovers this Trans-Heaven diagram. He won’t suspect me.” He definitely does not want to let his father know the identity of assassin Liu Xing because in his view it is absolutely not something worth showing off.

After concealing the 1st Trans-Heaven diagram, Qin Yu takes a glance at the treasures on the old-wood counter. He immediately discovers a jade case among them.

“I feel that it’s what I want to find!” Qin Yu opens the lid of the jade case box with a smile. There is only a square jade block appearing before him. The square jade block is engulfed in a soft multicolored light. Judging by appearance alone, there seems to be no difference between it and the 1st block.

Qin Yu takes hold of this Trans-Heaven diagram. There are several words on its surface -- Second Trans-Heaven Diagram.

“It’s the 2nd diagram!” Qin Yu is elated. According to his understanding, the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams are definitely related to each other. Because he has practiced the 1st diagram’s technique, it is best for him to obtain the 2nd diagram next. If this was the 3rd diagram, perhaps Qin Yu would not be able to practice its technique.

As he looks at the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram, his eyes suddenly brighten. He focuses his entire attention on the diagram.

There are 36 pictures.

“Indeed, almost as I expected, there are 36 pictures, only that these pictures are different from those of the 1st diagram.” Thanks to undergoing previous transformations, Qin Yu’s soul has been enhanced a lot and he has even acquired the holy sense.

As soon as his holy sense sweeps across the diagram, he sees everything and easily memorizes everything.

Qin Yu desires these 36 pictures the most. As for the other secrets, he has never thought much about them. Moreover, even if he thought more about them, he would not necessarily obtain them. So far, Qin Yu has always thought that the mysterious technique of the legendary super expert in the War of Immortals is definitely not the pictures on the diagrams’ surfaces.

Anyone with some brains will think so too. If the secret was so simple, in so many years, perhaps it would have already been figured out by someone.

The most important thing is … can body training alone make him as formidable as the legendary mysterious man?

Using his holy sense, Qin Yu examines the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram carefully but finds no other secrets as before. He can only put it back with a smile: “Qin Yu, you’re a big fool. In the past so many Xiuzhenists were able to collect the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams but they couldn’t find out any secrets. What can your puny holy sense possibly discover?”

Having obtained the 36 pictures of the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram Qin Yu is already completely satisfied.

“Ha-ha, I haven’t checked out the other treasures in the Secret Treasury yet.” Qin Yu gives a smile then activates his holy sense and covers the entire Secret Treasury with it. The range of his holy sense is several hundred meters so covering this small secret room is no problem to him.

“Such a big cat’s-eye gem is really attractive. That horsetail whisk seems ordinary …” Qin Yu playfully evaluates. All of a sudden, Qin Yu’s smiling expression freezes.

“Impossible, impossible …” Qin Yu’s holy sense has just discovered a secret and he cannot help getting dumbstruck by it.

He stretches out his hands mechanically and gets the jade case of the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram again. Then … he slightly presses a small device on the side of the jade case. After a series of clack noises, Qin Yu unexpectedly opens another layer of the jade case with ease.

This jade case unexpectedly has 2 layers. Originally Qin Yu only thought that its bottom was rather thick, but it actually has 2 layers. Moreover, incredibily … there is a square jade block in the 2nd layer. That soft multicolored light and that clear writing tell Qin Yu that this square jade block is …

The 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram!!!

“Goodness, how can I possibly be so lucky? This …” At this moment Qin Yu becomes totally excited because he has unexpectedly obtained all the 3 legendary Trans-Heaven diagrams. Of course, he still has no way to solve their mystery. He gets excited only because of those 36 mysterious pictures.

Qin Yu heaves a sigh then thinks emotionally: “What good luck! If I hadn’t used my holy sense to check, I still wouldn’t know there is even a Trans-Heaven diagram in the bottom of this jade case.” The 3rd Trans-Heaven diagram is very similar to the 2 previous diagrams and also has 36 pictures.

Qin Yu immediately starts to learn these pictures by heart.

He does not know at all that, after Qin Shi Huang obtained the 3 Trans-Heaven diagrams in the past, even though he could not figure out their secret, he also learned the movements of the pictures like Qin Yu. However, Qin Shi Huang then only found these movements totally useless and naturally abandoned them.

After the destruction of the Qin dynasty, the 1st and 2nd diagrams got lost in the turmoil of war. The only Trans-Heaven diagram left was the 3rd one, which has always been concealed by the Qin clan for the last 1000 years. When Qin De obtained the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram, he naturally put it in the same place as the 3rd diagram.


3 days later,

In his own courtyard house, Qin Yu is carefully experiencing the movements of the 36 pictures on the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram. Sometimes his movements are fast and sometimes they are slow. When he is fast, he is much faster than even the fastest movement of the 1st diagram. And when he is slow, he is slower than the 1st diagram’s slowest movement.

However, even when Qin Yu moves slowly, his entire body still creates several illusions, which is very strange.

Other people do not know, but Qin Yu himself knows the cause of this. When practicing this mysterious body-training technique, which for the moment Qin Yu calls the Trans-Heaven Mysterious Art, everything within a 2 to 3 m radius of him will be affected, including the air. Only because the air around his body is distorted can the illusions appear.

Qin Yu’s entire body is being encircled by 36 energy streams as before, only that the color of these energy streams has changed from silver to a mixture of silver and gold. Qin Yu has a feeling that when he completely masters the 36 movements of the 2nd Trans-Heaven diagram, the color of the 36 energy streams will probably become pure golden.

“Third Prince, His Highness has finished training and is waiting for you at Mingshan Pavilion.” The voice of a servant comes from the outside of the courtyard house.

As soon as Qin Yu hears that, he stops practicing: “Father has finished training.” He cleans himself up a little with a washcloth then slightly stretches his sluggish waist, causing his entire body to emit a series of clack noises. His vigorous muscle power is moving through his body like mercury.

Thanks to practicing this technique, Qin Yu’s body has been improving rapidly. His strength and speed both have reached a whole new level. If the current Qin Yu had to deal with Zhen Xu, perhaps he would be able to kill the opponent with ease. He moves his facial muscles a bit, smiles, and leaves the courtyard house at once, hurrying to Mingshan Pavilion.


Qin De, Xu Yuan, Qin Feng, Qin Zheng, Qin Yu, Manager Ge Min of the princely mansion, the blue-clad old man, the gray-clad old man and Xiuzhenist Fengyuzi, 9 people altogether, are the 9 most superior people on Qin De’s side. Fengyuzi has completely covered Mingshan Pavilion in a mysterious restrictive spell so their voices will not transfer to the outside.

Qin De’s and Fengyuzi’s expressions are very solemn at the moment. Seeing such an atmosphere, Qin Yu has a feeling that the matter in hand seems very serious.

End of b3c11.

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