Book 2 Chapter 9

B2C9: Rock within rock (1)

Mount Dong Lan is 3000 m high. Such a high mountain is naturally thickly wooded. There are even wild beasts hiding in the depths of the forests on the mountain.

However, at the moment, in a very remote wood on Mount Dong Lan, a silhouette of a man is moving back and forth extremely fast. He is agile like a panther and skillful like a monkey. In an instant he even leaps up several tens meters onto a tree fork then easily leaps from this tree fork to another.

The most extraordinary thing is that while this man is moving extremely fast he does not cause any wind sounds at all.

The silhouette suddenly dives down from several tens meters high like lightning. With a ferocious splash he gets into the small lake in the depths of the wood. The lake, which is clear and beautiful as if made from jade, immediately ripples. This nameless small lake is very clear and it is even possible to see clearly the cobblestones at the bottom of it.

“It feels really good.” Qin Yu suddenly emerges from the bottom of the water. He spontaneously shakes his head, scattering water sprays around.

Qin Yu has had the Meteoric Tear for one and a half years. A half year ago, his strength reached the level of Man Dong, a man born with great physical strength. His agility is even more peerless. And because normal weapons can no longer hurt him a bit, it is obvious how great his flexibility and toughness are.

Even though Qin Yu is not wearing gloves, his fingers can still grab blue stones into pieces with ease. Moreover, his finger skin has not been hardened in the slightest. This is totally out of line with Zhao Yunxing’s theory. How can a person’s fingers remain sensitive and become extremely tough at the same time?

In theory, because Qin Yu has reached Zhao Yunxing’s level or has even surpassed it, he should have reached the so-called peak of the Houtian level.

However … Qin Yu’s various bodily capabilities are still improving at an extremely shocking speed. Feeling that his progress was too terrifying, he went directly into the depths of the forests to train lest the people at the villa chatter about him.

In the depths of the forests, huge rocks are seen everywhere. Moreover, training here is even more beneficial to his Seven North Stars Moonlight Dance body-maneuvering skill. After all, there are basically no roads in the depths of the forests, only a great variety of obstacles. This kind of conditions is very useful for practicing body-maneuvering skill.

“In only 1 and a half years my one-armed strength has reached 1000 jin. If I talk about this …” Qin Yu gives a faint smile.

The lifting strength of an arm and the impact force of a punch are totally different concepts. It is much more difficult to lift than to punch with one arm. If an arm can lift 1000 jin, the impact force it generates when throwing a punch will definitely exceed the weight of 10,000 jin. Even Man Dong, who is known by reputation as the strongest external expert, would be dumbfounded by such a terrifying force.

“For the last half year I’ve almost never taken off these 300 jin of weights. How fast will I be after taking off these weights?” Qin Yu thinks to himself. If other people heard about this, they would have no way to believe it.

Just now in the wood, Qin Yu was moving back and forth extremely fast. His speed was even faster than those of ordinary external experts. However, this was merely his speed while carrying 300 jin of weights.

“Bang!” Following several loud noises, the black iron arm guards and leg guards and the black gold undershirt have already been shed to one side.

“Ha-ha, let’s try it now.” Qin Yu suddenly shoots into the sky like an arrow leaving a bow. He leaps out of the water directly then makes a swinging movement with his body in a relaxed manner in midair. Unexpectedly … he comes to rest! Yes, he comes to rest, albeit for only about 2 or 3 seconds.

This is the subtlety of how Qin Yu’s body-maneuvering skill makes use of wind forces.

“Whizz!” With a shaking movement of his body, Qin Yu dives down extremely fast and lands on the ground. “Bang!” Following a push with his feet, his entire body disappears with a ‘shua’ noise. Then the large trees in the surroundings start to shake continuously. A vague noise is shuffling back and forth in the wood like lightning.


Qin Yu suddenly appears beside the lake. His face looks extremely excited: “After taking off 300 jin of weights, my speed has increased by more than 1 level. Really extremely fast, but …” Qin Yu frowns. “Only that at such a fast speed, wind resistance becomes too terrifying. Even with my current level of the Seven North Stars Moonlight Dance, I still can’t neutralize the resistance completely.”

The faster the speed is, the stronger wind resistance becomes. Qin Yu’s speed just now reached an unprecedented level. He could neutralize wind resistance with ease in the past, but with such a fast speed, he has no way to nullify wind resistance perfectly.

“Well, looks like I’m not strong enough. I must keep trying hard. I even want to see what my limit is in the end.” Qin Yu’s eyes are blazing with excitement and passion.


Qin Yu continues to train hard in the depths of the forests on Mount Dong Lan….

Late at night, in Hua Yang House of the imperial palace in the Chu dynasty’s capital,

Hua Yang House is where Imperial Concubine Yu lives. Tonight the Chu emperor Xiang Guang is paying a visit to Imperial Concubine Yu’s Hua Yang House. After being intimate with each other, Xiang Guang and Imperial Concubine Yu have been sound asleep. The 2 ladies-in-waiting outside the door have been drowsing but they are still trying hard to keep their eyes opened.

Xiang Guang, who has been sleeping deeply, suddenly starts to shake. Beads of sweat have stuck out on his forehead. It seems he is in a state of extreme panic and agitation.

“No. Don’t. Don’t…” Xiang Guang continuously says in a very low and confusing voice. It is simply impossible to hear clearly what he is saying. However, next, even Xiang Guang’s entire body shakes and Imperial Concubine Yu beside him is woken up with a start.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, are you alright, Your Majesty?” Seeing that Xiang Guang’s face is very red, Imperial Concubine Yu cannot help panicking.

“Die!” With his eyes still closed, Xiang Guang suddenly shouts and brandishes his arms, which immediately smash on Imperial Concubine Yu’s body.

“Bang!” Imperial Concubine Yu is knocked down from the bed. Spitting out a mouthful of blood, she looks at Xiang Guang in disbelief because she is the imperial concubine the emperor pampers the most. At this moment Xiang Guang also wakes up. He sees that Imperial Concubine Yu has been seriously injured by himself but his expression is still frosty.

“Someone call an imperial doctor.” After saying, Xiang Guang stops paying attention to Imperial Concubine Yu. He gets dressed and goes right past heavily-injured Imperial Concubine Yu without even looking at her.

In a short while, Xiang Guang has appeared in the imperial study. A hawk-like hook-nosed man dressed in black is respectfully standing on one side.

“Yang Li is in charge of the 3 Eastern region counties, right?” Xiang Guang asks coldly.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The hook-nosed man replies respectfully.

Xiang Guang suddenly stands up, stares at the hook-nosed man and says: “Integrate all the intelligence about Qin De then let me know. Also, increase the supervising force in the 3 Eastern region counties. I don’t believe he only has 600,000 troops. You must investigate and ascertain what tricks he has up his sleeve. Yang Li has only found out so little info after so many years. He’s really useless. From now on, let Zhen Xu have charge of the entire secret service in the 3 Eastern region counties. Transfer Yang Li back.”

“Yes!” The hook-nosed man gets down on 1 knee and says.

“You can go.” Xiang Guang dismisses him with a wave of a sleeve. The hook-nosed man bows then disappears directly in the imperial study with shaking movement of his body.

Xiang Guang looks forward but his mind is thinking about something else.

“If I don’t investigate and ascertain everything about Qin De, I won’t be able to sleep and eat well.” Xiang Guang has a recurring nightmare in which he is killed by Qin De. What he is worried about the most is that Qin De discovers that past incident so he wants to wipe out the Qin clan. However the Qin clan has been controlling the 3 Eastern region counties for several hundred years and therefore, to Xiang Guang, it is a deep-rooted problem which he cannot eliminate simply as he wishes.

At the moment, Xiang Guang’s tactic is to investigate Qin De clearly. If Qin De gives any indications of rebellion, he will mobilize the entire kingdom’s forces to destroy the Qin clan. If Qin De is still unaware of that past incident and does not rebel against him then this matter will be over.

“This idiot Yang Li is completely useless. But Zhen Xu will surely find out everything. Qin De, you better not know about that incident. You should know your place as East Vanquishing Prince. If you really want to rebel, then …” Xiang Guang’s eyes radiate ferocious cold rays of light.


End of b2c9.

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