Book 2 Chapter 21

B2C21: Completion of the holy weapons (2)

No sooner does Qin Yu enter the courtyard than Fengyuzi comes out of the secret room. Because he immediately sees Qin Yu, he cannot help feeling stupefied. He then says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, what a coincidence. I just finished forging and you immediately appeared.”

As soon as Qin Yu hears that, he becomes excited.

Holy weapons, no less! These are the weapons which only Shangxian possess. When Qin Yu is getting excited, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng quickly come out of the room on the side. Seeing Fengyuzi, the 2 of them immediately say with their faces full of excitement: “Uncle Feng, have Xiao Yu’s weapons been completed?”

“Completed, completed, Xiao Yu, these are the gloves to protect the knuckles and the Yuchang-sword-like short sword that you want.” Fengyuzi extends his hand and a pair of gloves and a short sword immediately fly toward Qin Yu.

The gloves are dark red and even have light-colored flames on their surface. The short sword is also dark red but the flames are condensed inside completely. Its surface absorbs and emits sword air just like a normal flying sword.

“Thank you Uncle Feng.” Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Qin Yu receives the gloves and short sword.

Fengyuzi says with a sigh: “Xiao Yu, Uncle Feng’s power is limited and the level of my Samadhi flame is insufficient, so, even with such a precious chunk of In-rock Flaming iron, I can only forge middle-grade holy weapons from it. If a Dongxu-stage expert came here to forge, he’d surely be able to make high-grade holy weapons. Also, holy weapons are different from mortals’ weapons. Just drop your blood on them and you’ll be able to suck them into your body. They will appear on your hands entirely as you wish.”

In-rock Flaming iron is indeed a precious forging crystal. Fengyuzi is merely at the middle phase of the Jindan stage so his Samadhi flame is still at the weakest level. Therefore, naturally, he cannot bring forth the efficacy of In-rock Flaming iron completely, and can only forge middle-grade holy weapons.

“That’s enough. Middle-grade holy weapons are already enough for me.” Qin Yu knows what middle-grade holy weapons mean in the Xiuzhen world. Even Fengyuzi’s flying sword in the past was merely a low-grade holy weapon.

What makes Qin Yu excited the most is that after establishing his ownership of them by blood he can suck them into his body as he wishes.

“Xiao Yu, why don’t you forge a suit of armor?” Qin Zheng says while slightly frowning.

Qin Feng also says: “That chunk of In-rock Flaming iron is so large, even if you forge a suit of armor, perhaps 3 tenths of it will be enough. With the suit of armor, most of your body’s vital points will be protected. Why did you forge a short sword? And why a pair of gloves which only protects your knuckles, and not that kind of glove which covers the whole fist? Together these 2 things will only take a little more In-rock Flaming iron.”

To Qin Feng and Qin Zheng, the most important thing in the world is this 3rd brother of theirs. Their mother passed away early and, moreover, Qin Yu cannot practice internal techniques so the 2 brothers naturally care a lot about Qin Yu.

“Xiao Yu wants to use a bit less In-rock Flaming iron so that he can leave his father a bit more of it.” Fengyuzi on one side says. Qin Feng’s and Qin Zhen’s bodies tremble. They are immediately speechless and can only look at Qin Yu. Their eyes have slightly reddened.

Qin Yu says with a smile: “Big brother, 2nd brother, there’s no problem. Both of you also know that I practice external techniques. If I’m protected by armor, my progress in practice will naturally slow down. So, it’s better not to wear armor. Moreover, having a pair of gloves and a short sword is already enough.”

This is fooling himself and others.

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng both are outstanding people so naturally they are not fooled by such simple reasons given by Qin Yu because it is a holy-class suit of armor they are talking about. If he does not want to be protected by it, it would be sucked into his body. And if he encountered unavoidable dangers, he could protect his body with it.

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng both can see through Qin Yu’s mind.

“Xiao Yu, you found this chunk of ore so it’s yours. It doesn’t matter how many holy weapons you want to forge, no one will say anything about that. Not even father will say anything.” Qin Zheng says while staring at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu shakes his head with a smile but he says nothing.

“Holy weapons are really outstanding.” Qin Yu laughs out loud and changes the subject of the conversation. By now he has already dropped some blood on the gloves and the short sword respectively. In just an instant, as soon as he thinks about them, the gloves and the short sword completely disappear in his hand.

For the present, Qin Feng and Qin Zheng also shift their attention onto the holy weapons.

“They’re really formidable. In a fight, if your hand which is empty at first suddenly has a weapon out of thin air, you can definitely take the opponent by surprise and kill him.” Qin Feng’s eyes brighten. He has figured out the benefits of holy weapons at once.

Qin Yu can feel clearly that the gloves and the short sword are in the immense space of his dantian.

The dantian is only a small component of the human body but it works according to the ‘a grain of sand, a world’ principle. Just like the reflections of the Sun and the Moon in a lake, the gloves and the short sword are only some points in a corner of the dantian.

Qin Yu suddenly clenches his fists and the gloves immediately appear on his fists. These dark red gloves are protecting his knuckles.

The optimum offensive parts of a fist are the knuckles. With the protection of these middle-grade holy gloves, Qin Yu can meet some superb weapons head on using his fists without worrying about hand injuries. What makes Qin Yu feel most comfortable is that the gloves are like skin and do not hinder the flexibility of the knuckles in the slightest.


A shaft of black light flashes by but Qin Yu’s hand is still empty as before. Just a moment ago, a black short sword suddenly appeared on his hand then disappeared.

“They were forged from In-rock Flaming iron so these gloves will be called Flaming Gloves and this short sword will be called Flaming Sword,” says Qin Yu smilingly. At the moment, his heart is filled with excitement. To a martial artist, obtaining his favorite weapons is definitely a very happy occasion.

Fengyuzi says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, I carved some restrictive spells on that short sword so its radiance disappeared completely, giving it a dark color. Alright, I’m returning to the secret room to continue forging.” This time Fengyuzi returns to the secret room to forge a flying sword of his own.

Having obtained In-rock Flaming iron, his original low-grade holy flying sword can already be abandoned.

“Xiao Yu,” Qin Feng and Qin Zheng look at Qin Yu.

“Big brother, 2nd brother …” Qin Yu cannot help giving a forced smile as he sees his big brother’s and 2nd brother’s expressions. He immediately says: “Xiao Hei, let’s return.” A black eagle dives down from the sky at once. Slightly pushing his feet, Qin Yu jumps on its back. They then leave the princely mansion as if fleeing from a calamity.

Qin Feng and Qin Zheng give each other a look, feeling powerless.

“We’ve been caring too little about Xiao Yu.” Qin Feng lets out a deep sigh. Qin Zheng says nothing either. As big brother and 2nd brother, together with their father Qin De, they have always been busy with their own matters and have not had time to care for this 3rd brother.

Were Qin Yu finding In-rock Flaming iron this time not such an important matter, perhaps Qin Feng and Qin Zheng would still be busy doing their own things right now.


3 days later,

With his face full of gladness, Fengyuzi comes out of the room. He has finally finished forging his own flying sword. This sword is a middle-grade holy weapon. Even though there is only a one-grade difference between the middle-grade and the low-grade, their power levels are several times different. With this middle-grade holy weapon, Fengyuzi can even give late-Jindan-stage experts a good fight, of course, provided that those late-Jindan-stage experts use low-grade holy weapons.

“Brother Feng, congratulations, congratulations.” Qin De folds his hands and says to Fengyuzi. He returned to the princely mansion last night.

That dark-red flying sword hovers around the top of Fengyuzi’s head then fuses with his body directly.

“Ha-ha, Your Highness, I must thank Xiao Yu for this. Only by having In-rock Flaming iron could I forge this treasure.” Fengyuzi is obviously very excited.

Qin De also nods.

Fengyuzi continues: “Your Highness, you’ve been worried by the 2 Shangxian on the Xiang clan’s side, haven’t you? One of these 2 fellows is at the middle Jindan-stage and the other is at the late Jindan-stage. With this In-rock Flaming iron weapon, I can handle that lowlife Wu De. As for that middle-Jindan-stage Wu Xing, letting several Xiantian level experts attack him together using middle-grade holy weapons will be just as effective,” says Fengyuzi smilingly.

Whether an expert is at the Jindan-stage or at the Yuanying stage, if his physical body is destroyed, his soul, whose existence is dependent on this body, will automatically break apart. Only when he has reached the Dongxu stage, at which his soul can merge with his yuanying, can he live practically forever.

However, without their physical bodies, even Dongxu-stage experts, Kongming-stage experts and Dujie-stage experts can only keep practicing as loose immortals. Therefore, physical bodies are very important to Xiuzhenists.

Fengyuzi’s meaning is that they can send some Xiantian experts to attack middle-Jindan-stage Wu Xing together using middle-grade holy weapons to destroy his physical body. If those experts succeed, Qin De’s great undertaking will be successful as well. A Xiuzhenist’s body-protecting elemental energy cannot be breached with normal weapons but with middle-grade holy weapons they can defeat it.

The chunk of In-rock Flaming iron Qin Yu found is as important as 200,000 troops.

“Xiao Yu has done a really great service this time. I’ve always been worried by the enemy’s 2 Shangxian but now I’m somewhat assured,” praises Qin De highly. Then he responds: “Xiao Yu, why hasn’t he come out?”

When Qin De just returned, he sent people to find Qin Yu.

“Xiao Yu rode his black eagle back to Misty Villa once. After that no one knows where he went. That black eagle can fly very high and very fast so it’s simply impossible to trace Xiao Yu,” replies Lian Yan on one side immediately.

Qin De nods: “This time I must reward Xiao Yu very nicely.” Qin De suddenly turns to Fengyuzi and says: “Brother Feng, how much of the In-rock Flaming iron is left? Have we still got half of it?”

“Xiao Yu and I together used no more than a fifth of it.” Fengyuzi makes a movement with a hand. A stream of elemental energy flies directly towards the secret room at once. Then, with a sound of its door opening, the chunk of In-rock Flaming iron flies out. One can deduce from this scene how magnificent a Xiuzhenist’s abilities are.

The chunk of In-rock Flaming iron looks a bit shorter but in the other aspects it basically has not changed.

“What did Xiao Yu choose to forge? How did he use so little ore?” Qin De asks doubtfully.

In Qin De’s opinion, this chunk of In-rock Flaming iron was found by Xiao Yu so it will be pretty good even if he uses a half and leaves his father the other half. However, Qin Yu used so little ore, which baffles Qin De.

“Xiao Yu only wanted a short sword and a pair of knuckle-protecting gloves. He didn’t even want a suit of armor,” Qin Fen says with a sigh.

“He just wanted to leave father some more of the In-rock Flaming iron.” Qin Zheng sighs and says. “But Xiao Yu even said he wanted to train his body so being protected by a suit of armor would make it hard for him to improve.”

All of the people present are extraordinary people so they naturally know a middle-grade holy suit of armor can be sucked into the body. Moreover … among the most powerful experts of external practice, has there ever been anyone whose body’s defense can match that of a middle-grade holy suit of armor?

At the peak of external practice, the body’s defense is still not as good as a middle-grade holy suit of armor, then why did Qin Yu act like that? This question simply does not need answering.

Everything he did was only for the sake of his father Qin De.

A wave of mixed emotion surges uncontrollably in Qin De’s heart. This chunk of In-rock Flaming iron is such a priceless treasure but his son did not care about it and only used a little ore, leaving most of it to him.

“Xiao Yu,” Qin De is also speechless for the moment. He remembers when he told Qin Yu his secrets in that secret room, Qin Yu strongly asked for his permission to join the army so that he could also fight but was not allowed to do so by him. Qin De can remember clearly how lonely his son’s back looked when he was leaving that room.

This son of his has always been training hard since childhood. In fact, he has suffered a lot more than his big brother and 2nd brother have.

“I hate Heaven for being so unfair. Even if Yu’er trains harder and reaches the peak of external practice, he still can’t become a Xiantian expert. According to Zhao Yunxing’s estimation, Xiao Yu’s current external power is only around the Houtian level’s middle phase.” Qin De groans in his mind.

Other people can estimate the power level of an internal expert based on his internal energy. But even Xiuzhenists cannot guess how much power an external expert has in his muscles. After all, it is really difficult to estimate how strong or weak the muscles’ power is. It can only be estimated based on how many jin the expert can lift with one arm.

In Qin De’s mind, his 3rd son Qin Yu is only a child who works hard in external practice but eventually will not succeed.

“Find Yu’er and tell him to come to see me. As for what to forge from this chunk of In-rock Flaming iron, let’s discuss again in the evening.” As Qin De finishes saying, he turns around and leaves immediately. At the moment, his mind is a bit confused …


End of b2c21.

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