Book 2 Chapter 20

B2C20: Completion of the holy weapons (1)

The East Vanquishing Prince mansion is full of carved railings, marble steps, pavilions, terraces and towers. It is really imposing and magnificent. Every one of its guards is glancing around its surroundings while leading along a Fierce Tiger. One can deduce from this how strictly the mansion is guarded. It is late at night right now. A man and an eagle are sitting on the top of a pavilion. Even though the guards know about this, they pretend not to see anything.

“I’ve been training hard for 3 days, but my body’s power has increased just a little.” Qin Yu groans in his mind.

He has been training hard alone since Fengyuzi started to forge the weapons. He knew Fengyuzi would need 35 days to forge them therefore he trained hard outside and did not return until 3 days ago. For the last 3 days, Qin Yu has been at his utmost limit, training desperately. Despite having the recovery power of the Meteoric Tear, his body still has not made much progress.

He knows very well that he has truly reached the peak of his Houtian level.

“Xiao Hei, in internal practice, one can consult various methods left by his seniors when advancing to the Xiantian level from the Houtian level. But I practice external techniques, what method should I use to make a breakthrough? I can’t consult any seniors’ methods.” Qin Yu talks to Xiao Hei beside him. Even though he asks Xiao Hei, is it any different from asking himself?

Xiao Hei pats Qin Yu with its huge wings while staring at him. Qin Yu also feels Xiao Hei consoling him. He smiles because Xiao Hei seems to also know that his sprits have sunk to the bottom.

Suddenly, Qin Yu is startled.

“Consult, ah, that’s right.” His eyes suddenly brighten. He gives his own head a fierce slap and says: “Qin Yu, you’re such a fool. You can’t consult any external seniors, but you can still learn from internal practitioners and how they break through to the Xiantian level in internal practice.”

Some sentences Lian Yan once said to Qin Yu immediately echo in his mind -- “To become a Houtian expert, one only needs a suitable practice method. But to become a Xiantian expert, it is extremely difficult. There are 2 requirements that must be met to become a Xiantian expert: First, you must complete your Houtian level. And second, you must have some intuitive enlightenment on the Natural Way of Heaven.”

Qin Yu talks to himself in a low voice: “Complete the Houtian level; my current level in external practice can also be regarded as the complete Houtian. As for the intuitive enlightenment on the Way of Heaven … this is really mysterious.”

Qin Yu does not know how to have intuitive enlightenment on the Way of Heaven. It is simply unable to be explained in words. If it could be imparted, Xiantian experts would not be so rare, so precious on the whole Qian Long continent. Qin Yu continuously ponders.

“Intuitive enlightenment on the Way of Heaven, intuitive enlightenment on nature, alright, I’ll try feeling what nature actually is.”

Suddenly, Qin Yu closes his eyes. His entire body and mind enter a state of vague blankness just like when he was trying to feel his internal energy in the past, only that he does not absorb the world’s holy energy this time. In this state of blankness, Qin Yu starts to feel the natural airflow.

Quiet ……

As every second goes by, Qin Yu remains motionless. His body is motionless and his mind is motionless …..

He does not hear, does not smell, does not see ……

Qin Yu does not notice that, slowly, as he seems to become completely nonexistent, various streams of holy energy deliberately converge at his body. To be exact, they converge at the Meteoric Tear. Qin Yu thus has become the center of a maelstrom.

He has a wonderful feeling, as if he is soaking in the hot spring. He can even feel the holy energy streams in his surroundings. That feeling of closeness is so captivating. While Qin Yu, with his mind cleared of all thoughts, is immersing himself in that wonderful, warm feeling --

The Meteoric Tear sends out a warm stream of energy.

This energy stream is different from the clear energy streams in the past. It is a warm stream of energy. Like a warm stream of water, it slowly enters Qin Yu’s mind. In the depths of his mind, there is a mass of energy which looks like a disc. Moreover, various electric sparks are zigzagging around that disc. It is none other than the most basic component of the human body -- the soul!

As a person trains, his soul becomes stronger and stronger. Qin Yu has been doing limit training since he was little so his soul is much stronger than ordinary people’s.

In a short while, this flowing-water-like stream of energy has already arrived at the depths of his mind. As soon as his soul comes into contact with this stream of energy, it seems to get excited and continuously gobbles up this energy. In just a short while, that disc has become even deeper in color and also more materialized.

Originally the disc was merely rather indistinct but now it radiates clear seven-colored rays of light and is also somewhat real. The electric sparks around the 7-colored disc have become more powerful as well.

“2nd brother, that lowlife Xiang Guang has made Zhen Xu the head of the intelligence service in the 3 Eastern region counties. This has made it a bit hard for us to act. That Zhen Xu also has a gang of specialized subordinates. They are very formidable in investigation. Worst of all, our activities will get bigger with time, so it will be really difficult to escape their detection in the future!”

“Big brother, don’t worry. When father went out this time, he must’ve had a solution to this problem. However, this Zhen Xu fellow is really quite difficult to deal with. He just sticks to us like a plaster.”


Qin Yu suddenly wakes up with a start.

The moment he opens his eyes, the holy energy in the surroundings goes back to normal and Qin Yu can no longer feel it clearly. At the same time the Meteoric Tear reverts to its usual form and that warm energy disappears. But Qin Yu’s body has undergone a huge transformation.

Good ears and keen eyes, this is an expression which describes a person who can hear clearly and see very far.

But the current Qin Yu can even hear clearly what his big brother and 2nd brother are saying quietly from several tens meters away and the sounds of an earthworm’s movements from afar. Moreover, his eyes can even see clearly every movement of the earthworm. So, can the ‘good ears and keen eyes’ expression still be used to talk about him?

“Big brother, 2nd brother, they …” For the moment, Qin Yu still does not notice this. His mind is full of his big brother’s and 2nd brother’s words.

Qin Yu knows that his father’s plan is to destroy the Xiang clan to seize the kingdom of the Chu dynasty. But now, it seems the chief of the Xiang clan’s intelligence service in the 3 Eastern region counties is a difficult person to deal with.

For a moment, Qin Yu thinks about many things. He considers what his big brother and 2nd brother have said. His father’s departure, the relationships between the 4 regions and that intelligence chief, his mind has made a complete and clear list of all of these matters.

“I.” Qin Yu is immediately astonished because in just a moment ago he unexpectedly thought about many things. “Since when has my mind become so quick?”

He finally discovers that he himself has undergone a huge transformation. As he looks around, he is dumbstruck.

“What happened just now? How come I’ve transformed so much?” Only now does he notice his astonishing transformation. After a long time, he finally calms down. He lowers his head and looks at the Meteoric Tear mark on his chest. He then shakes his head and jumps down from the top of the pavilion.

His whole body flashes through the air, creating 2 afterimages. He has already landed on the ground.

“I can feel wind several times more clearly than in the past as well.” Qin Yu feels that his body-maneuvering skill has become even more perfect. “Moreover, my body’s flexibility and toughness and so on are much better than they were.”

It is impossible for other people to know, but Qin Yu himself knows how natural his movements were and how relaxed his body was when he finished just now. The whole thing was like a walk in the park. He can feel that a fundamental transformation has occurred in his body.

“Could it be I have touched the door between the peak of the Houtian level and the Xiantian level?” Qin Yu thinks to himself. But he has no way to confirm it because he still cannot feel Xiantian energy being generated in his body.

Suddenly his eyes turn to a courtyard far away. There is a secret room under that courtyard, which is none other than Fengyuzi’s secret forging room. Just now, Qin Yu unexpectedly heard the sound of that secret room’s door opening.

“Have the holy weapons been completed?” Qin Yu immediately goes to that courtyard.


End of b2c20.

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