Book 2 Chapter 16

B2C16: The Xiuzhen world (3)

“Moreover, the 4-in-9 Minor Heavenly Tribulation and the 6-in-9 Major Heavenly Tribulation simply can’t compare with the last one, the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation. The terrifying dangers of the 9-from-9th Tribulation simply aren’t what a little Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist like me can imagine. Dujie-stage experts all have enough power to shake the world, but under the 9-from-9th Heaven Tribulation, there may not be even 1 who can definitely survive it in every 10 of them. Failure means that their souls will be destroyed completely and they will never be reincarnated.” Fengyuzi’s eyes are full of fear.

According to his school’s elders’ exaggerations, the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation is an absolute disaster.

“Less than 1 out of 10 survives? Complete destruction of the soul?”

Qin Yu is totally shocked. Now he totally understands what kind of being Xiuzhenists are. They are a group of people who go against Heaven. In order to overcome the human limits, they fight Heaven and Hell. They are not afraid of anything.

When tribulations descend from the sky, Xiuzhenists can only risk their lives to endure them. If they succeed, they will continue to advance on the way to the ultimate universal principle. If they fail, their souls will be destroyed completely.

Having totally understood, Qin Yu cannot help sighing: “Jindan stage, Yuanying stage, Dongxu stage, Kongming stage, Dujie stage and Dacheng stage, it seems to be difficult to break through any of them. To enter the Jindan stage, one must endure the Minor Heavenly Tribulation. To enter the Dongxu stage, he must endure the Major Tribulation. When he reaches the Dujie stage, he must endure the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation. With the 3 heavenly tribulations blocking the 3 critical points on the road of Xiuzhen, perhaps only very few people can finally become real immortal beings.”

Hearing Qin Yu’s words, Fengyuzi’s indignation seems to be aroused. He says with a cold laugh: “It’s far worse than there being only very few of them. All who want to overcome the 9 From 9th Heaven Tribulation to become immortals are extremely talented but they still have to protect themselves with top-grade holy weapons and use holy pills and so on. But how can ordinary people obtain top-grade holy weapons and a large number of holy pills? When I reached the Jindan stage, my school bestowed a flying sword on me but it was merely a low-grade holy weapon. To someone like me, overcoming the later major heavenly tribulations is no more than a dream without high-grade holy weapons. But I don’t have an advantaged background. In my school I’m only an insignificant disciple, how can I obtain a high-grade holy weapon?”

As soon as Qin Yu hears that he totally understands. He thinks to himself: “Looks like Uncle Feng was not valued while practicing in the Immortal Islands originally.”

“These holy weapons and holy pills, what are they actually, Uncle Feng?” asks Qin Yu.

Fengyuzi takes a deep breath to calm down then says: “Xiao Yu, there’s a similarity between a Xiuzhenist’s power and a martial artist’s internal power to the extent that you can make a comparison between holy weapons and normal weapons. With a good holy weapon, the overall power will increase greatly.”

Qin Yu totally understands this analogy.

It is just like when he fought that mounted bandit leader Wu Tuan at the age of 13. His overall power was obviously inferior to Wu Tuan’s, but thanks to the Yuchang sword, eventually he was able to penetrate Wu Tuan’s body-protecting internal energy and kill him directly. This is the benefit of weapons.

“Xiuzhenists use very many weapons. Most of them are flying swords but there are also some strange weapons. All of them are uniformly called holy weapons. Holy weapons are divided into 4 grades: low-grade, middle-grade, high-grade and top grade. As for holy pills, they are various kinds of medicinal pills with different effects. When undergoing a tribulation, your body’s elemental energy will be drained most seriously, so it’s best to take medicinal pills to replenish it. Similarly, holy pills are divided into 4 grades: low, middle, high and top.” Fengyuzi explains carefully.

Qin Yu absorbs every bit of information about Xiuzhenists’ power stages, the subdivision of the stages and the effects of holy weapons and holy pills while continuously arranging them in his mind. He remembers clearly that there are 3 heavenly tribulations and there are 6 stages from the Jindan stage to the Dacheng stage.

“Elemental energy? Could it be how the energy of a Xiuzhenist’s body is called?” asks Qin Yu.

“Yes, upon forming the jindan, a Xiuzhenist’s internal energy will transform from Xiantian energy into elemental energy,” says Fengyuzi smilingly. Then he says with a sigh: “Xiao Yu, the world of Xiuzhenists isn’t as nice as you think. In the Xiuzhen world, they can kill each other because of natural treasures or because of a piece of a good ore. For example, this chunk of In-rock Flaming iron can even lead to a great battle between many Xiuzhenists. A great battle between Xiuzhenists, especially those experts who have reached the Dongxu stage or the Kongming stage, can turn the ocean over and shake the world. Natural treasures, holy pills, holy weapons and so on can all drive Xiuzhenists crazy,” says Fengyuzi with a smile.

But Qin Yu’s mind is in turmoil.

He is totally imagining how a great battle between Xiuzhenists looks like. When a Jindan-stage Xiuzhenist is already so formidable that he is absolutely invincible on the Qian Long continent, then how terrifying will a great battle between Xiuzhenists of the Yuanying stage, the Dongxu stage, or even the Kongming stage, the Dujie stage and so on, be?

Once a Xiuzhenist gets so furious that he goes on a killing spree, mountains will collapse and the ground will crack, rivers and the ocean will be turned over, and countless mortals will die as well.

Even if a Xiuzhenist’s hands are tied, flying his sword, he can soar to the 9th level of the sky and disappear on the horizon, and mortals simply cannot catch up with him.

To sum up,

Xiuzhenists and mortals are basically on 2 different levels. Regardless of who a Xiuzhenist wants to kill, mortals have absolutely no way to resist.

“Perhaps in the eyes of Xiuzhenists, the people on the entire Qian Long continent are no different from ants. These are 2 different worlds. The world of Xiuzhenists is about pursuing the endless Way of Heaven and striving to overcome tribulations to become immortal whereas mortals kill each other for power,” thinks Qin Yu emotionally to himself.

Qin Yu has totally understood what a Xiuzhenist is. At the same time his mind has been broadened.

The Qian Long continent’s Shangxian? They are no more than some most common Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists from the Overseas Immortal Islands. In the world of Xiuzhenists, the Jindan stage is merely the lowest level, yet these few Jindan-stage Xiuzhenists are called Shangxian and are supreme beings on the Qian Long continent.

An idea suddenly springs to Qin Yu’s mind.

“Uncle Feng, as far as I can see, Xiuzhenists seem fight Heaven and Hell to overcome the human limits. But, to pursue the human limits, is the way of entering the Jindan stage then forming the yuanying as you said the only way? Could there be another way?” says Qin Yu doubtfully.

According to his thinking, because Xiuzhen is about pursuing the human limits, there should be various ways.

Uncle Feng thinks for a while then shakes his head and says with a smile: “Xiao Yu, forget about it. I don’t know who the first Xiuzhenist was. Perhaps there were already Xiuzhenists several million years, or even several tens million to 100 million years ago. You mentioned different ways. There are different ways. Humans can choose either Xiuxian or Xiumo while most animals take the Xiuyao way. Xiuxianists and Xiumoists go different ways but they all form the jindan then the yuanying. Animals form the neidan, but I don’t know too well about the Xiuyao way.”

“Is it a must to form the jindan then the yuanying?” Qin Yu whispers.

Could this be a manifestation of the fact that different ways lead to the same ultimate universal principle?

“Ah, right.” Fengyuzi suddenly says. “Xiao Yu, a long, long time ago, of course I hadn’t been born at that time, a great incident happened on the Qian Long continent -- the War of Immortals. Perhaps that mysterious man who fought in the War of Immortals didn’t follow a way of practice which forms the jindan and yuanying.”


End of b2c16.

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