Book 2 Chapter 12

B2C12: Forging grandmaster (2)

“Grandpa Lian, I’ve obtained an extremely precious piece of ore. According to my estimation, it should be a high-Xian-grade ore.” Qin Yu’s first sentence makes Lian Yan suddenly jump up.

Lian Yan’s eyes are full of astonishment. He looks at Qin Yu in disbelief. Only after a long time does he says: “Xiao Yu, you can’t joke about this matter. High-Xian-grade ores are what even Xiantian experts dream about. The weapons forged from them will definitely be marvelous. How can first-rate ores of this kind be obtained easily?”

To people on the Qian Long continent, weapons are simply divided into mundane-grade ones and Xian-grade ones. The Xian-grade is then divided into 3 sub-grades. And it is the same with ores. Even East Vanquishing Prince with such a great influence only has several tens weapons hidden in the Weapon Storing Warehouse. Most of them are low-Xian-grade, some are middle-Xian-grade, but only 2 of them are high-Xian-grade.

“Grandpa Lian, how can I deceive you? I made a chop with the Yuchang sword to test and couldn’t even leave a mark. What can it be if it’s not high-Xian-grade?” Qin Yu immediately explains.

“You couldn’t even leave a mark when chopping with the Yuchang sword?” Lian Yan understands, if even the Yuchang sword cannot leave a mark, this piece of ore is definitely high-Xian-grade. “Xiao Yu, what does this piece of ore look like? How large is it, about the size of a fist?”

In general, the size of a piece of ore is inversely proportional to its value. If it is about the size of a fist, it will already be enough to forge such a weapon as a short sword or a short knife.

“A fist?” Qin Yu says in surprise.

The flaming red crystal he obtained is approximately 1 m high and as thick as a human thigh. It is much larger than a fist.

“Is it even smaller than a fist? Then it can only be made into a weapon such as a dagger and the like. But that’s still pretty good. At least you’ll have a high-Xian-grade weapon.” Lian Yan says laughingly. Only now does Qin Yu beside him understand what he means. He cannot help bursting out laughing.

“You’re wrong, Grandpa Lian. The piece of ore I found is very big and looks like a rod. It is 1 m high and as thick as a human thigh. It’s much bigger than a fist,” says Qin Yu while gesticulating with his hands.

Lian Yan’s eyes immediately pop out of his head. His cheeks even redden.

“A rod … even 1 m high?”

Lian Yan is not Qin Yu. He thinks about many other things. Such a large piece of ore, and even of the high Xian-grade, will probably be enough to make several tens weapons. And they will be the most marvelous weapons of the high Xian-grade, no less!

Several tens weapons, what kind of idea is this?

“Of course it’s true. You needn’t ask.” Qin Yu feels at a loss when Lian Yan keeps asking again and again. However, he does not understand that this is because Lian Yan cannot believe what he said. If a pie was dropped from the sky, anybody would find it very hard to believe temporarily.

“Quick, let me have a look at it.” Lian Yan immediately says to Qin Yu, who nods his agreement at once. He then hurries Lian Yan to that underground secret room.

In the underground secret room, Lian Yan’s eyes glitter as he sees the flaming red crystal.

The flaming red crystal radiates a light red glow. It is very lustrous and clear. And even the grain inside the crystal can be seen. As soon as Lian Yan sees the crystal’s appearance, he knows this piece of ore is a priceless treasure. When compared with it, pearls and agates pale into insignificance.

Lian Yan gives his waist a pull. A purple flexible sword unexpectedly appears. He makes shaking movement with his hand and the purple flexible sword is straightened out perfectly at once. It then turns into a purple shaft of light and slashes at the flaming red crystal.

“As expected.” Lian Yan’s eyes shine with fierceness as he stares directly at the flaming red crystal before him: “Even my Purple Core flexible sword cannot damage it. It’s definitely high Xian-grade.” Lian Yan turns to Qin Yu on one side and says seriously: “Xiao Yu, such a priceless treasure must be taken to the princely mansion at once. If you want any superb weapons, you can ask Mr. Hei, a forging grandmaster, to make them for you. With such a big crystal, after you’ve forged your weapons and suit of armor, there’ll surely be some remnants. I think giving your father the remnants is not a bad idea, don’t you think?”

Hearing Lian Yan’s words, Qin Yu immediately understands everything.

The weapons made from such a priceless piece of ore will definitely be superb weapons. If these weapons are sent to his father, his father will surely be able to unleash their power in war. And Qin Yu never cares about money or treasures.

“No problem, I only need a tenth of this flaming red crystal. I’ll give father the rest.” Qin Yu says with a smile.

Looking at Qin Yu, Lian Yan’s eyes are full of approval: “Xiao Yu, you’re so young but you’re not bewitched by such a priceless treasure. Your mind has really far surpassed ordinary people’s minds.” When a person can stay unconcerned in front of such a priceless treasure, this person’s mind definitely cannot be matched by those of ordinary people. If a martial artist wants to make breakthroughs, their mind must be well-matched to their martial prowess.

Seeing the look in Lian Yan’s eyes, Qin Yu says: “Grandpa Lian, don’t look at me like that or I’ll get embarrassed.” He even looks very shy as he is saying. Seeing this, Lian Yan cannot help laughing out loud.

A person must cultivate their mind. As he has gone through difficult times, Qin Yu is such a person. Every time he breaks through a limit, his mind is trained, and he has been doing limit training since 8 years old, therefore his mind is much tougher than ordinary people’s.

Generally, people who are alone are independent and self-reliant. This is because if a person is usually alone they will naturally ponder.

Pondering about life, pondering about their own values, the more they ponder, the more thoroughly they can understand things.

Qin Yu is also like that. As a child, oftentimes he was alone and watched stars by himself. Later, after experiencing some events, his mind has fully matured. Now he totally understands what kind of person he should be -- To him, nothing in the world is as thick as blood or as important as family relationships. As far as money and treasures are concerned, if he already has enough to meet his basic needs, what is the use of having more? When 20,000 liang of silver are enough for a person to spend all their life, what is the point of wanting 100,000 liang? Therefore, he is naturally not greedy.

People have dreams. Qin Yu also has a dream. To him, family love comes first and his dream comes second. As for his own life, without family love and dreams, living would be no different from being a zombie.

Qin Yu likes the blood-boiling feeling he has after every time he breaks through a limit. He likes close-quarters combat and the intense emotions the moment life and death are decided. Qin Yu’s dream is to burn his passion of life like a meteor. To him, life must be blood-boiling like this…

“Grandpa Lian, have you arranged for someone to deliver this flaming red crystal to the mansion?” Qin Yu says with a smile.

“Right, I’ll make arrangements immediately.” Lian Yan says hurriedly. In dealing with serious matters, he must not relax his concentration a bit. He goes to make arrangements at once. Qin Yu takes a look at the flaming red crystal and thinks: “I didn’t think this crystal would be so useful to father. This can also be considered a benefit.” Then he turns around and leaves the secret room while smiling.


In a separate courtyard in the East Vanquishing Prince mansion, quite a few people have gathered together by this time, including East Vanquishing Prince’s 3 sons, Lian Yan and Manager Ge Min. There are also 3 bare-chested large men and a black-clad middle-aged man. All of them are looking at the flaming red crystal in the center.

“Is it possible to forge it, Mr. Hei?” Lian Yan asks the black-clad middle-aged man.

The black-clad middle-aged man does not reply. He goes up to the flaming red crystal, opens his eyes wide and carefully examines every place of the crystal. His attention is being concentrated highly. Seeing him acting like that, Qin Yu and the others on the side are all consciously unwilling to disturb this forging grandmaster.


End of b2c12.

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