Book 11, Chapter 9

B11C9: The tower in the sky?

Dame Lian Yue’s mockery makes Reverend Ming Liang’s face darken greatly.

Moments ago he was still calling Reverend Heavenly Flame affectionately a ‘fellow Taoist’ and bragging about ‘destroying evil and upholding justice’, but in the blink of an eye, those heart-stopping heavenly flames have befallen the entire Mount Qingxu. Reverend Ming Liang simply cannot accept that the whole Mount Qingxu is being covered in heavenly flames.

“I’m doubtful, Reverend Ming Liang. Didn’t you say that Reverend Heavenly Flame or something was on your loose immortal side? Now why has your Mount Qingxu been reduced to a complete mess by heavenly flames too? Could it be … there’s a loose devil who can also release heavenly flames like Reverend Heavenly Flame?” Wu Kongxue asks while appearing interested.

Reverend Ming Liang has lost face, a lot.

Worse still, he has even lost face in front of countless other loose immortals.

“Reverend Heavenly Flame, humph, from now on, how can that fiend still deserve to be called ‘reverend’?” Reverend Ming Liang says with a cold humph. “At first I thought he was a loose immortal. But now looks like he’s probably just a loose devil like you. Do you really think loose devils rarely slaughter each other? It’s perfectly normal that a Devil Lord of the Heavenly Flame destroyed your Yinyue mountain range.”

With just a few words, Reverend Ming Liang has pushed Qin Yu into the camp of the loose devil side.

“Bullshit.” Wu Kongxue says disdainfully. “That fire-raiser even dared to burn down the entire Yinyue mountain range, how can he possibly be a loose devil?”

“Both the loose devil and the loose immortal sides don’t acknowledge him. This person is really evil.” Wu Hei says laughingly on one side. He and Wu Kongxue are independent loose devils and are simply not senior figures in those Xiumo schools of the Teng Long continent so they do not care if the loose immortals and the other loose devils will live or die either.

“It’s wrong to call him Reverend Heavenly Flame or the Devil Lord of the Heavenly Flame, so let’s call him the Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame for the moment. But I want to ask you something, Reverend Ming Liang … When we were attacking Mount Qingxu, quite a few disciples of your Qingxu Temple hid into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, right? Now have those elite disciples all come out? If they have, then when the heavenly flames of that Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame came down from the sky, those disciples of your Qingxu Temple …” Wu Hei gives several taunting laughs.

As soon as Reverend Ming Liang thinks about those elite disciples of the Qingxu Temple, he becomes anxious.

Those elite disciples are the future of the school. If they are all burned to death, he himself will probably become the worst sinner in the history of the Qingxu Temple.

“Ming Liang, Mount Qingxu has been burned down, why haven’t you returned yet?” Fire Devil says gloatingly.

Reverend Ming Liang frowns.


Of course he wants to return and kill that bastard who released the heavenly flames.

But will the loose devils in front of him such as Wu Kongxue, Wu Hei, Fire Devil and Dame Lian Yue be kind enough to let him go back?

“I think … if I go back, the few of you will start to attack our loose immortal army wantonly, right?” Reverend Ming Liang says with a cold laugh.

Wu Kongxue smiles broadly: “You’re smart. This is indeed what I want to do. Just think about it. When my Yinyue mountain range was burned down by that fella called the Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame, I led some experts to rush back to the Yinyue mountain range. At the time, didn’t you also seize the opportunity to lead an army to pursue my loose devil army over a distance of several hundred thousand li?”

“This is what is called ‘courtesy demands reciprocity’. You pursued us first, so if you go back, we’ll do the same by pursuing your loose immortal army.” Wu Kongxue explains the matter openly.

He has made it very clear that if Reverend Ming Liang returns, he will pursue the loose immortal army.

But without returning, Reverend Ming Liang will have to watch all the disciples of the Qingxu Temple get burned to -death by that Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame.

“Senior brother.” Reverend Ming Shan communicates with Reverend Ming Liang using his holy sense.

“Senior brother, you have a revered status. Not only are you the no. 1 expert in the loose immortal army, you’re also the leader of all of us loose immortals. If you leave, nobody will be able to match that Wu Kongxue and we will suffer a big drop in morale too. So, you can’t go back, no matter what.”

Reverend Ming Shan is very clear-headed at the moment: “You can’t go back, but I can. I’ll lead several 10th tribulation loose immortals to rush back. I believe this should be enough to protect some disciples.”

He understands very well that by now perhaps most of the disciples of the Qingxu Temple are already dead.

It is the heavenly flame, no less.

This is a flame feared by even ordinary loose immortals. Despite being elite disciples of the Qingxu Temple, most of those disciples are at the Yuanying and Dongxu stages so they will definitely die once touching the heavenly flame.

According to the message, the whole Mount Qingxu has been covered in heavenly flames. Therefore, very few disciples of the Qingxu Temple will be able to survive.

“I’ll leave everything to you, junior brother.”

Now Reverend Ming Liang also has no choice but to let his junior brother return first to try his best to save some disciples of the Qingxu Temple.

“But junior brother, if you detect that Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame, capture or kill him at any cost. This man has nearly destroyed the entire headquarters of our Qingxu Temple. If he’s not killed, I won’t be able to rest easy for life.” Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes turn grim.

“Don’t worry, senior brother. Even if you didn’t ask me to, I’d still kill this Evil Lord of the Heavenly Flame.” Reverend Ming Shan’s heart is also filled with hatred.

Right afterwards, quietly, he flies into the camp of the loose immortal army then leads 4 or 5 10th tribulation loose immortals to leave using teleportation.


On the top of a small mountain not far from the battlefield of the loose immortal side and the loose devil side, there are currently 4 individuals. They are none other than the 4 experts from the Wilderness on the Qian Long continent, consisting of the ruler of the Wilderness, Yu Liang, and the 3 big demons under him -- Kong Cao, Wu Shan and Xing Shou.

With his hands behind his back, Yu Liang is looking in the direction of the “battlefield of the loose immortals and loose devils.

“Sir, by now the loose immortal side and the loose devil side have fought each other several times and lost several tens of thousands of loose practitioners too. When should we get into action?” Xing Shou asks behind him.

Yu Liang shakes his head with an indifferent smile: “There’s no hurry. The time hasn’t come yet. Though 40,000 to 50,000 loose practitioners have died, most of them were low-level loose immortals and loose devils. Only a small part of them were from the 6th tribulation up.”

“In terms of quantity, the loose immortal side and the loose devil side each have lost nearly 40% of their forces, but in fact, they have only lost 20% to 30% of their power.” Yu Liang’s eyes glitter. “Besides, we’re not the only party that is hiding in the dark.”

“Sir, is someone else also hiding in the dark?” Fiery rocky lion Wu Shan asks doubtfully.

Hydra Kong Cao says: “Wu Shan, have you forgotten that expert who can release heavenly flames? He was able to burn down the Yinyue mountain range using heavenly flames in a short while. You should know that the heavenly flame is both formidable and rare, but this individual can release so much heavenly flame in a breath. Most probably not even our Lord is capable of this.”

Yu Liang says with a nod: “Indeed. I think even Fang Tian and Zong Jue, 2 invincible experts, can’t release so much heavenly flame, let alone I myself. I think … that mysterious individual should have a certain treasure that can release heavenly flames.”

He has guessed very correctly.

Qin Yu indeed has the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring. Without this ring, who can release so much heavenly flame in a breath?

“I don’t believe that fire-raiser is a certain independent expert.” Yu Liang says indifferently and confidently. “If he was an independent expert, why would he have been so crazy that he dared to destroy the whole Yinyue Palace in one whack? I think … there must be a big power behind him.”

Yu Liang’s analysis is commonsensical.

Normally, nobody will dare to do that to the Yinyue Palace. But Qin Yu only wants revenge. Moreover, he also has a life-saving treasure -- the Qingyu Immortal Mansion -- and the sword immortal puppet, which he has never used.

“Other than this mysterious man, there’s also the dragon clan, which has always been hiding in the dark without taking any action.” When Yu Liang mentions the dragon clan, his eyes flash with coldness. “You must remember that only the dog that has never bitten people is the most frightening one. At the moment, the dragon clan is merely hiding its teeth and sharp claws. I think … when it gets into action, this will be the most horrifying, dangerous moment.”

The 3 big demons nod their heads.

There are many clans of demons but the dragon clan alone is already an extremely great power among demons. Only when the countless divine beasts of the running beast category assemble can they contend against the dragon clan. Thus, it is easy to tell how powerful the dragon clan is.

“The opportunity hasn’t come yet so we can only keep waiting.” Yu Liang says indifferently.

The 3 big demons behind him all nod, their eyes looking towards the battlefield of the loose immortals and loose devils in the distance.


Mount Qingxu used to be a vast expanse of white snow.

However, it has now been turned into a massive volcano, and a volcano of blazing heavenly flames at that. Those snowflakes were already vaporized long ago. The structures on the entire Mount Qingxu have been burned to ashes. A thick layer of the whole mountain has been burned away too.

In terms of extent, Mount Qingxu is much smaller than the Yinyue mountain range.

And because of this, it was much simpler for the heavenly flames released by Qin Yu to set the entire Mount Qingxu ablaze.

The most important things to a school are its disciples, followed by its headquarters, especially one that has been in operation for at least a million years. On Mount Qingxu, there were practice places of quite a few senior figures of the Qingxu Temple, quite a few secret places and quite a few defensive restrictive spells.

But --

Burned by the merciless purple flames, everything has been destroyed.

In the airspace of Mount Qingxu,

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu are standing together. By now, Qin Yu’s Heavenly Flame Field has shrunk to a radius of just 1 meter because the countless purple fireballs unleashed by him moments ago have already set the entire Mount Qingxu on fire. Once in a while, he casually shoots out a mass of heavenly flame.

Burned by a limitless amount of heavenly flame,

In the beginning, 90% of the Qingxu Temple’s disciples were killed. Afterwards, the disciples who were lucky enough to survive and wanted to run away had to face countless heavenly flames, and so most of them were killed too. The only few living disciples are those who were able to escape because they were on the border of Mount Qingxu at the time and those who were able to run into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation because they were just outside it at the time.

What is the safest place on Mount Qingxu? It is none other than the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

At the moment, the formation is sending out various white beams of light. As a formation used by immortals, the Ten Development Illusionary Formation has not only the illusionary effect but also other effects. If it was just an illusionary formation, how could it have possibly obstructed the countless loose devils outside of it?

“I didn’t expect this Mount Qingxu to have such a miraculous formation. The 3 loose immortals we killed just now had flown out from within this formation. I think … there should still be quite a lot of loose immortals inside.” Qin Yu casts his eyes on the Ten Development Illusionary Formation right in the center.

The heavenly flame unexpectedly cannot breach the defense of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

Moments ago, when Qin Yu was releasing the heavenly flame to burn the entire Mount Qingxu, some loose immortals that had stayed behind in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation to guard Heavenly Palace rushed out, wanting to kill him and his companions. These 3 loose immortals were all experts, consisting of an 8th tribulation loose immortal and 2 7th tribulation ones.

However, these loose immortals did not know that Qin Yu’s and his sworn brothers’ strongest suit was close-quarters combat.

Using the element of surprise and relying on the Gravitational Field and his middle-grade immortal weapon, Qin Yu quickly killed the 8th tribulation loose immortal. This loose immortal was really unlucky to die. He was caught totally unprepared by the sudden appearance of the Gravitational Field and then was immediately killed by Qin Yu with a sword blow.

The other two loose immortals were killed very simply by Hou Fei and Hei Yu with a stick blow and a spear blow respectively.

Since the deaths of these 3, nobody has dared to come out of Heavenly Palace anymore.

Hou Fei says laughingly: “Big brother, looks like all the loose immortal army already went out to pursue the loose devil army. The loose immortals that stayed behind to guard this place are pretty weak. Perhaps those 3 were already relatively strong compared to the others. Now they’re so scared of us that they no longer dare to come out.”

“What you said is possible, monkey.” Hei Yu nods in agreement.

Qin Yu, however, fixes his eyes on that Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

“You’re relying on this formation to hide like a turtle … but how can I possibly allow you to hide in it easily? A tower in the sky, I’ll let you have a taste of it.” His eyes flash with a cold light.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, I’m going to use the Heavenly Flame Field on a large scale so you two stay a bit away from me for the moment.” Qin Yu tells his 2 brothers.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu immediately move back several tens of meters.


The countless purple flames around Qin Yu’s body become excited at once, filling the area within 10 meters of him. Just like a god of fire, he controls various masses of flame at will, making them falling down.

Only, this time, all the heavenly flame is concentrated in one place.

“Humph, it’s difficult to burn down the entire Mount Qingxu, but it’s still possible to burn off all the rock around the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.” Qin Yu controls the flame mentally. “This formation should be an important place of the Qingxu Temple. Let’s make it fall into a crack in the main body of the mountain.”

One purple fireball after another comes down from the sky, landing directly around the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

The purple flames sink straight down like a source of corrosion. The rock is simply unable to obstruct the heavenly flames. As the amount of heavenly flame progressively increases, a massive ringed, deep furrow that is several tens of meters wide appears around the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

Inside the formation,

“Master, why is that fiend burning the outside of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation nonstop with the heavenly flame?” A disciple of the Qingxu Temple who has already run into the formation asks their own master.

The master says with a cold humph: “It doesn’t matter what that fiend wants to do, he definitely won’t be able to break the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.”

Suddenly --

All the loose immortals in Heavenly Palace feel the entire land of the palace sink down quickly.

“No good. The heavenly flames released by that fiend have already burned off the part of the mountain’s main body under the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. Now the formation is falling down without stopping.” A loose immortal says in shock.

Because the part of the mountain’s main body around and under the formation has been burned off, naturally the formation has begun to fall.

The Ten Development Illusionary Formation and Heavenly Palace are the most important place of the Qingxu Temple. Therefore, if they are no longer situated at the top and sink into the main body of the mountain instead, they will surely become a laughing stock of the entire Teng Long continent. But is there anything that the loose immortals within the formation can do in this situation?

End of b11c9.

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