Book 11, Chapter 7

B11C7: Moments of chaos

All of the various loose devil titans in the hall become worried inside. They cannot even help looking at Wu Kongxue with a hint of accusation in their eyes.

The Heaven-Sundering Diagram is very important. They gave it to him for safekeeping because they had confidence in his power. Who could have thought something like this would happen?

Moments ago, the news that the Yinyue mountain range was completely destroyed and 99% of the Yinyue Palace’s disciples were killed was already a severe blow to Dame Lian Yue. Now, after she learned of this news, her face cannot help turning even paler. But it appears that she is still a bit calm: “Everybody, Lord Wu Kongxue was not wrong to do so. If he kept the Heaven-Sundering Diagram on his person, the dragon clan leader or the master of the Devil Peng Island Zong Jue could get into action and snatch it with ease. But he put it on the body of a common loose devil so Zong Jue and Fang Tian won’t be able to know where it is. Lord Wu Kongxue did so to protect the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

After hearing Dame Lian Yue help him explain, Wu Kongxue has a slightly better expression.

Lian Yue looks at Wu Kongxue again, asking: “Lord Wu Kongxue, what is the level of the loose devil you gave the diagram to?”

“He’s not on a high level, just a 4th tribulation loose devil.” Wu Kongxue gives a forced smile. “At the time I had to rack my brains, trying to pick someone who could protect the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. Eventually I came across this loose devil while strolling in the Yinyue Palace. I found him reliable so I made him take an oath and put restrictive spells on him before giving him the diagram.”

4th tribulation loose devil;

“Only 4th tribulation? The heavenly flame is extremely powerful. A 4th tribulation loose devil can only withstand 2 or 3 heavenly flames at most. But according to the news we received, the amount of heavenly flame released by that mysterious Reverend Heavenly Flame was able to cover the whole Yinyue mountain range. Big brother Wu Kongxue, perhaps the common loose devil you chose couldn’t resist it.” Fire Devil is worried.

Wu Kongxue is frustrated: “If I had known that someone would set the entire Yinyue mountain range on fire with the heavenly flame, I would never have given the diagram to a 4th tribulation loose devil, no matter what.”

“At the time I thought that there’s little difference between the loose devils from the 4th tribulation to 6th tribulation or even the 8th tribulation in the eyes of the experts such as Reverend Ming Liang, the dragon clan’s Fang Tian and Zong Jue of the Devil Peng Island. Besides, there were a very large number of 4th tribulation loose devils so I gave the diagram to him because this would make it even harder for the likes of Zong Jue to find out who he is.”

The other loose devils all sigh in frustration.

They cannot see anything wrong with Wu Kongxue’s reason.

To those super experts, there is indeed no difference between a 4th tribulation practitioner and a 6th tribulation one. Therefore, hiding the diagram on the body of a 4th tribulation loose devil, who is more unnoticeable, would definitely make it even more difficult to find out who he is. But who could have thought that … someone would be able to set the entire Yinyue mountain range ablaze with the heavenly flame?

“Alright,” Wu Kongxue’s face hardens, “It’s already too late no matter what we say now. But there’s one thing we must do, that is … to find the Heaven-Sundering Diagram. Fire Devil and several 10th tribulation and 9th tribulation loose devils follow me. We’ll teleport back to the Yinyue mountain range first.”

Dame Lian Yue says with a nod: “Very well, you go back first. I think this matter definitely can’t be hidden from Reverend Ming Liang so we’ll follow you closely right away.”

Wu Kongxue nods his head.

Immediately afterwards, he, Fire Devil, 4 10th tribulation loose devils and 6 9th tribulation ones disappear into thin air in the hall directly. They have started to rush back to the Yinyue mountain range at their fastest speeds with the intention of reclaiming the Heaven-Sundering Diagram at any cost.


A layer of purple flames is burning on the surface of the Yinyue mountain range. Only, at the moment the purple flames are already much weaker than they were in the beginning. But the height of the mountain range has decreased by 10 whole meters. The countless flowers, grasses, trees and rocks originally present in these 10 m have all been reduced to ashes. From the way things look at the moment, these residual heavenly flames can still burn off a layer of rock that is at least 2 to 3 m thick.

It is as if a 10-m-thick layer has been shaved off the Yinyue mountain range. All the palaces and the other structures on it have vanished.

However, a fierce battle is being fought in the sky above the mountain range.

“Don’t come near Reverend Heavenly Flame. He’s exceptionally good at close-quarters combat.” Loose devil Qiao Yu shouts loudly.

After paying the price by losing an 8th tribulation loose devil and a 7th tribulation one, these loose devils have finally noticed the strange thing about Qin Yu’s close-quarters combat. And so they begin to use all kinds of spells, talismanic seals and even flying swords to attack him from a distance.

Consequently, the 2 fields of Qin Yu’s Lord of Black Flame's Ring are now almost useless. After all, both the Heavenly Flame Field and the Gravitation Field are limited in range. All those loose devils are outside the ranges of the fields so naturally Qin Yu cannot affect them.

In close-quarters combat, relying on the 2 fields and his body’s superb recovery ability, he was even able to kill a careless 9th tribulation loose devil. But he has difficulty facing even just an 8th tribulation loose devil if they use long-range attacks.

There are very many loose devils in the surroundings. Hou Fei’s and Hei Yu’s situations are a bit better than Qin Yu’s because they both have strange body-maneuvering skills and their Cloud Piercer Spear and Black Stick are unbelievably hard. Hou Fei can even shatter a low-grade immortal weapon with a smash of his stick.

However, when the 2 of them are surrounded by more than 10 7th tribulation loose devils using formations, their hands are immediately tied.

“No good …” Qin Yu’s expression is somewhat unsightly. “Close-quarters combat is Fei Fei’s, Xiao Hei’s and my strongest point. We’re way faster than the other experts on our levels but we don’t have a big advantage over 8th tribulation loose practitioners when it comes to speed. If these loose devils go all out, they can seriously injure us for sure, but they are …”

“Stalling for time!”

Qin Yu now totally understands in his mind.

Those loose devils started to surround and attack him moments ago only because they want him to focus too much attention on the fighting to think about the situation at the scene carefully. If he guesses correctly, Wu Kongxue must have been messaged about what happened to the Yinyue mountain range.

Fighting Wu Kongxue?

“I’ve got just a piece of top-grade elemental holy rock. If I go all out and use it, I can definitely kill Wu Kongxue, but how can I possibly kill Reverend Ming Liang later? So, I have no choice but to keep restraining myself for some time. Hopefully things will develop as I expect them to.”

With a glance, Qin Yu grasps the situation at the scene in the palm of his hand.

“Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, get ready to go into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Shi Xin, you and your brothers must not resist the attraction of the mansion either.” He tells the other via holy sense communication. As for the ink qilin, he already sent him into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion right at the beginning, which even immediately confounded those loose devils.

After hearing what Qin Yu said, Hou Fei knows that he cannot keep fighting like this because if he does, it is probable that he will really be captured by the enemy.

“Damn it! Take a blow of your grandpa’s stick!”

Hou Fei takes advantage of the last moment of the battle to unleash his strongest fighting capacity. His black stick is swung fiercely at a 7th tribulation loose devil with a tremendous force, cutting through the chaotic air. That loose devil flies backwards without even thinking.

All these loose devils now already know that they will not gain any benefit from engaging in close-quarters combat with this group and that only long-range attacks are effective against these opponents.

With a deep shout, Qin Yu suddenly charges at the loose devils that are surrounding and attacking Hou Fei and Hei Yu like a huge fireball. Those loose devils all fly backwards because they know that they must not come near this Reverend Heavenly Flame at all costs. Even now they still do not know Qin Yu’s real identity.


Qin Yu flies up to his 2 brothers’ faces and sends them into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion directly with a thought.

When those loose devils see their 2 big enemies disappear all of a sudden just like that, their faces are full of disbelief. It should be known that the space of the battlefield is currently very unstable because so many loose devils are taking part in the fighting. Using teleportation in this situation is no different from committing suicide.

Seeing Hou Fei and Hei Yu vanish, the loose devils even think that they have teleported away.

This time, Shi Xin, Shi Bing and Shi Zhan have been fighting very well.

The Mystic Eyeballs in their bodies naturally form the Extreme Ice Armor, which has a frighteningly strong defense. In addition, the Mystic Eyeballs can naturally form the Extreme Ice Realm. Generally, whoever is surrounded by the 3 Shi brothers in the Extreme Ice Realm will suffer a sudden decrease in offensive power because of the peculiarity of the Extreme Ice Realm. But as extreme-ice lions, the 3 brothers become stronger thanks to the environment in the Extreme Ice Realm.

Having the Extreme Ice Armor for defense, the advantageous environment provided for them by the Extreme Ice Realm and the astonishing penetrative power of the low-grade immortal weapons called Sword Blade Awls, the 3 extreme-ice lions have unexpectedly been able to surround 5 or 6 7th tribulation loose devils in the Extreme Ice Realm and slowly harass them to death. But they have also suffered injuries.

Hearing what Qin Yu said, the 3 Shi brothers immediately remove the Extreme Ice Realm.

As soon as they do this, Qin Yu comes rushing extremely fast like a fireball.

“Go.” He shouts in a deep voice. Not resisting the attraction of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion in the least, the 3 Shi brothers disappear into thin air.

“These 3 also don’t want to live anymore?”

Those loose devils are dumbfounded.

Because of the fighting, the space of the battlefield has been so chaotic. Never mind that 2 of their opponents used teleportation moments ago, now 3 others have unexpectedly teleported away. Are they seeking their own deaths?

“That Reverend Heavenly Flame is the only one who isn’t a fool among them.” Qiao Yu and the other loose devils all think so in their minds.

“Don’t let Reverend Heavenly Flame escape. If those seniors don’t see a culprit when they return, it will be terrible for us.” Qiao Yu tells the others loose devil using his devil sense. Immediately, they start to attack again by launching all kinds of spells and talismanic seals. But Qin Yu naturally does not want to fight them anymore. Without delay, he rushes down with a dive.

Clearly he wants to run away by doing this.

However, all those loose devils know that Qin Yu is good at close-quarters combat so they are unwilling to fight him at close range and only chase him at a distance. But when Qin Yu is running away and the loose devils are chasing him, a massive aura suddenly pushes down from all over the sky.

“Who’s Reverend Heavenly Flame?”

A deep voice containing fury resounds through the heavens. At the same time, the sky above Qin Yu is blotted out by blood clouds. Their bloody stench makes Qin Yu feel rotten when it goes into his nose.

“No good, with so many blood clouds, this should be the legendary no. 1 loose devil Wu Kongxue. If he catches up with me, I’ll have absolutely no chance to run for my life.” Judging from that aura alone, Qin Yu has concluded that he is definitely no match for Wu Kongxue and that the gap between them is too big.

At this moment, loose devil Qiao Yu immediately says through his devil sense: “Lord Wu Kongxue, that man who is running away is Reverend Heavenly Flame.”

It only takes him a thought to do this so Wu Kongxue’s attention is instantly focused on Qin Yu, who is running away.

“Running away? You’re seeking your own death.”

Wu Kongxue makes a wave of his sleeve. A blood-red beam of light is shot at Qin Yu like lightning. It is simply inconceivably fast. Even though Qin Yu’s reaction is quick, he is still shot through by that blood-red light.

In the sky, Wu Kongxue gives a confident smile, his eyes having a hint of bloodthirstiness. His 10 fingers then shoot out various blood-red beams of light simultaneously. They make the space around Qin Yu begin to shudder. At the same time, 2 of them pierce through his body.

Wu Kongxue believes that Reverend Heavenly Flame has surely died after getting hit by him with this move.

Qin Yu is currently falling down powerlessly like a broken kite. The space around him is still in an extremely shaky state.

“Big brother Wu Kongxue, where is he?” Now Fire Devil and the 10th tribulation and 9th tribulation loose devils all come rushing. They have got back a bit later than Wu Kongxue.

“He’s already dead. He’s over …” Wu Kongxue points confidently to the place where Qin Yu just landed on. But now there is nobody at that place. Wu Kongxue is dumbstruck. How could someone who was already dead for sure vanish?

Qiao Yu says immediately: “Lord Wu Kongxue, just now I saw that Reverend Heavenly Flame fall to the ground after taking a hit from you. But then he disappeared into that mountain forest with a tumble.”

“Disappeared? Now the space is shaking so using teleportation will definitely kill him. He must be hiding in a certain place. But he’s wrong if he thinks he can escape my devil sense.”

Wu Kongxue gives a cold laugh. His devil sense spreads out in all directions rapidly. Because he is a 12th tribulation loose devil, his devil sense has an extraordinarily large range. He does not believe that anyone can fly out of the area covered by his devil sense in such a short time.

“There’s no one!”

Wu Kongxue’s face changes color. He searches again in disbelief, but the result is still the same.

That Reverend Heavenly Flame has unexpectedly disappeared just like that in front of him.

Wu Kongxue simply does not know that not far from the place where Qin Yu landed on, there is a certain broken stone amid countless other broken stones. It looks the same as the other stones, but it is actually the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.


Inside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion,

“Too powerful.” When Qin Yu thinks about what just happened, a wave of fear sweeps through his heart. If he had not tried his best to dodge at that crucial moment, perhaps the last blood-red beam of light would have probably pierced a hole through his dantian. He does not know the consequences of the planet in his dantian being penetrated at all.

As for his serious internal injuries, they have healed completely thanks to his superb resilience.

“Are you okay, big brother?” Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the others rush up to him.

Qin Yu says solemnly with a slight shake of his head: “I’m alright. But now we can’t go out as the experts of the loose devil side have already returned. Wu Kongxue alone can kill us with ease. And there are also 10th tribulation and 11th tribulation experts. We’ll be in great danger if faced with any of them.”

End of b11c7.

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