Book 11, Chapter 6

B11C6: Reverend Heavenly Flame

The Yinyue Palace has a long history, having been passed down from generation to generation for a million years. Now very few are aware of the original name of the mountain range occupied by it, but almost all the Xiuzhenists of the Teng Long continent call this long, continuous mountain range the Yinyue mountain range.

This time, the dispatched army consisted of over 90% of the loose devils and only several thousand loose devils stayed behind to guard the Yinyue Palace. Moreover, most of these loose devils are from the 1st tribulation stage to the 3rd tribulation stage. There are only several hundred loose devils who have passed the 4th tribulation in total and only 2 to 3 of them are 8th tribulation loose devils. The loose devil side thought that nobody would dare to attack the Yinyue Palace after its army left for Mount Qingxu to fight the loose immortal side.

Even though several thousand loose devils is not a large number, not many powers can defeat them, except for the Chaotic Astral Ocean and the dragon clan. But if the Chaotic Astral Ocean or the dragon clan wanted to get into action, the loose devils that stayed behind to defend would definitely be useless, no matter their number.

In the Yinyue Palace, various disciples are practicing and quite a few loose devils are meditating quietly.

However --

“Oh, what’s going on?” A disciple of the Yinyue Palace raises their head and immediately notices an unexpected huge purple fireball coming down from the sky.

As soon as the fireball lands, plants, rock, structures and everything else around it are set ablaze by the purple flame. The disciple of the Yinyue Palace is frightened inwardly: “What kind of flame is this? It’s purple. Could it be … the heavenly flame?!”

This disciple’s face changes color greatly.

But at this moment, the disciple discovers that the sky has already been littered with countless fireballs. At least over 1000 purple fireballs can be seen at a glance and they are densely distributed. The huge purple fireballs then smash down.

“Ah ~~~~”

Anguished cries are heard. Generally, Dujie-stage Xiuzhenists cannot resist the heavenly flame at all, unless they have special treasures. Even Dacheng-stage Xiuzhenists can only withstand it for a while at best. Therefore, if they are enveloped in the heavenly flame, they will definitely die.

The heavenly flame is used to forge immortal objects so naturally it is extremely powerful. It can even melt the ores and the other materials of immortals items, let alone ordinary rock. Burned by the heavenly flame, the structures of the entire Yinyue Palace are reduced to ashes very quickly.

The heavenly flame spreads out in all direction rapidly along the various structures, plants and the rocks on the ground. But more and more purple fireballs keep smashing down unceasingly from the sky. All of a sudden, the sky has been blotted out by purple fireballs and the ground has been covered in purple flames. As soon as a disciple of the Yinyue Palace touches the flames, they are burned to death directly with even their yuanying burned up.

“Heavenly flame, it’s the heavenly flame. Quickly run! Quickly run!”

“There’s no heavenly flame on the west side. Quickly run to the west side.”

Various terrified Xiumoists run away in all directions extremely fast like crazy. At the same time, they are very careful because the heavenly flame is simply untouchable. If they touch it, given its power, their bodies will be burned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yu is alone but the heavenly flame keeps shooting down from him nonstop like mad. He can shoot out several hundred to 1000 fireballs in the blink of an eye. However, because the Yinyue mountain range is truly very large, a very few of the many disciples of the Yinyue Palace who are staying in certain corners on the mountain range’s border still manage to escape.

But the Xiumoists in the inner area of the mountain range are not so lucky. One after another, they are burned to nothingness by the heavenly flame in terror. Because the heavenly flame is blotting out the sky and covering the earth, even 4th tribulation loose devils must rely on their luck to escape.

In the past, Dame Yan Ji was only able to withstand several heavenly flames at most. Now heavenly flames are all over the sky and the earth so it is highly improbable that a 4th tribulation loose devil can run away without touching any of them.

Nearly 99% of those weaker than a 4th tribulation loose devil are killed!

At the same time, the main body of the entire Yinyue mountain range is burned down. In just a while, the height of the mountain range has decreased by 3 or 4 whole meters. These 3 or 4 meters of rock have already been reduced to ashes, but the heavenly flames are still burning. Only when they have run out of energy will they stop burning.

However, the Yinyue Palace still has several hundred loose devils from the 4th tribulation up.

“Ah ~~~~ senior brother, our school has been passed down for a million years, but now it’s been totally destroyed, utterly destroyed!” Loose devil Qiao Lian is so angry that he goes mad, his eyes very red. In just a while after these experts noticed the heavenly flame coming down, the whole mountain range started to be burned. Given the heavenly flame’s power, the surface of the Yinyue mountain range had already been burned up even before the loose devils could act.




Flowers and grasses?

They are already gone, all of them. The entire Yinyue mountain range has become a bare place which is even being covered in a layer of purple flame. That flame is terrifyingly powerful because it is the heavenly flame.

In the blink of an eye,

The base that has been passed down from generation to generation for a million years of a school has been destroyed. There is simply no need to say much about how important a base is to a school. Furthermore, nearly all of the disciples in the base of the Yinyue Palace have been killed. Perhaps only those who were staying on the border of the Yinyue mountain range and those who were handling affairs outside in the beginning were able to protect their lives.

“We’ve always destroyed other schools. Since when has someone dared to come and destroy our Yinyue Palace? The enemy is really too vicious. They took advantage of the fact that Her Ladyship and the other experts had left for Mount Qingxu to come and destroy our school.” Loose devil Qiao Shan is furious too.

The Yinyue Palace has been a leader of the devil path so destroying Xiuxian schools has been just as normal as having a meal to it.

They never thought that one day their headquarters would also suffer destruction.

“The enemy can emit the heavenly flame so he should at least be able to protect his body with it. Perhaps 4th tribulation and 5th tribulation loose devils won’t even be able to come near him. All the loose devils from the 6th tribulation up follow me to kill that main culprit. The others run for their lives if possible. Apprentice nephew Qiao Shan, quickly send this info to Dame Lian Yue and the other experts.” The current leader at the headquarters of the Yinyue Palace, 9th tribulation loose devil Pei Xue, immediately gives his orders.

Loose devil Qiao Shan is startled, saying: “Uncle master, I don’t have details of Her Ladyship’s devil sense in my transmitter.”

“Why don’t you message my senior brother, your master? Didn’t he follow Her Ladyship and the other experts?” Pei Xue shouts angrily. It is obvious that he is enraged by Qiao Shan’s stupidity. In fact, at the moment Qiao Shan is terrified by the destruction of the Yinyue Palace’s headquarters and the deaths of almost all the disciples here so his mind has been dulled temporarily.

“I get it, I get it. I’ll send a message right now.” Qiao Shan says hurriedly.

Pei Xue shouts at once: “All those from the 6th tribulation up follow me to kill that Reverend Heavenly Flame together.”

“Reverend Heavenly Flame?” The other loose devils immediately become doubtful.

Pei Xue says with a cold humph: “I’ve never heard of anybody who can emit so much heavenly flame in a breath among the loose immortals of the Teng Long continent. But he already destroyed our Yinyue Palace with the heavenly flame so he’s most probably on the loose immortal side. So, what’s wrong with calling him Reverend Heavenly Flame for the moment?”

It turns out Reverend Heavenly Flame is a name made up casually by him.


Pei Xue shouts coldly. Right afterwards, he takes the lead in soaring into the sky. Various other loose devils soar into the sky closely after him. The 4th tribulation and 5th tribulation loose devils have already started to run for their lives, but whether they will successfully escape still depends on their luck.

Qin Yu is standing in midair above the Yinyue mountain range. His whole body is shrouded in a monstrous purple flame, making him look like a flaming god of war. At the same time, various purple fireballs keep smashing down on every place of the Yinyue mountain range unceasingly under his control.

Not far behind him, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, the ink qilin and the 3 Shi brothers are watching everything.

“Reverend Heavenly Flame? Ha, turns out it’s just a middle Dujie-stage brat.” A voice containing anger and mockery rises. Concurrently with that, a black silhouette pierces through the fireballs. Despite touching the heavenly flame a couple of times, it is able to remain unharmed.

Seeing this gives Qin Yu’s heart a shock.

There is not only this black silhouette. Various other silhouettes are also charging at him desperately. Without delay, Qin Yu shoots balls of heavenly flame like crazy at these silhouettes who are rushing up. 6th tribulation loose devils can rely on their energy to resist the heavenly flame but this will also drain their energy.

Under the concentrated and nonstop attack of the fireballs, more than 10 of the silhouettes who are rushing up run out of energy and are burned to death by the heavenly flame.

“He must rely on a treasure to be able to emit so much heavenly flame.” The eyes of Pei Xue, the leader of these loose devils, brighten.

As a 9th tribulation loose devil, it is not difficult for him to resist the heavenly flame with his power. His black silhouette keeps charging straight at Qin Yu, piercing through the fireballs.

Qin Yu’s face becomes solemn.

Behind him, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the others are slightly nervous.

“That’s already enough, big brother. The ones who are rushing up through the heavenly flame must all be experts. It’ll be terrible if you’re surrounded and attacked by them.” Hei Yu is the first to say via holy sense communication.

“Don’t worry.”

Qin Yu replies with absolutely no tension using his holy sense.

“Brat, you were lucky to obtain a treasure that can release the heavenly flame. Now prepare to die.” Pei Xue’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. He himself rushes straight into the Heavenly Flame Field around Qin Yu in a rampageous manner.

His body is like a blur or a beam of light. His target is -- Qin Yu’s dantian.

Qin Yu remains motionless.

Suddenly, his eyes flash without batting an eyelid.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring -- Gravitational Field!

Pei Xue’s body sinks abruptly and uncontrollably to a place below Qin Yu as if a great mountain has smashed down on him ruthlessly out of the blue. At this moment, Qin Yu springs into action. With a somersault, he dives down fiercely and attacks at the same time.

Middle-grade immortal weapon!


A noise of flesh getting penetrated is heard. Qin Yu’s middle-grade immortal sword has already pierced into Pei Xue’s stomach. But at this moment, Pei Xue looks at Qin Yu with a cold smirk and opens his mouth. An immortal sword which is being ridden by a yuanying unexpectedly thrusts at Qin Yu.

Struck by a thought, he removes the Gravitational Field instantly.

Pei Xue has used a great amount of energy to cancel out the effect of the Gravitational Field, but because Qin Yu withdraws it in the blink of an eye at the most crucial moment, this killing blow by him quickly slants up and then pierces through Qin Yu’s chest.

“Though I didn’t penetrate your yuanying, damaging your internal organs alone can mess up your physical body.” Pei Xue’s voice rises in Qin Yu’s mind. The body is very important to a Xiuzhenist. Once it is destroyed, they will have no choice but to become a loose practitioner.


Qin Yu turns his hand over and catches hold of Pei Xue’s yuanying with a grab.

“You …” Pei Xue is in disbelief when he sees that the wound on Qin Yu’s chest has already disappeared without a trace. Just now, there was still a stab wound about the size of a fist. In theory, Qin Yu’s physical body should have been finished because of such a large wound coupled with serious internal injuries, but …

Without wasting any time, Qin Yu creates a shock wave with his energy, shattering Pei Xue’s soul. Afterwards, he sucks the yuanying into the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring.

It takes long to describe what just happened.

But actually, there was only a breath’s time from the start of Pei Xue’s attack to the moment he was killed. When experts fight each other, they can attack several times in an exceedingly short period.

Thanks to using the Gravitational Field properly and the superb resilience of his body, Qin Yu has unexpectedly killed a 9th tribulation loose devil.

Seeing Pei Xue killed, the 6th tribulation, 7th tribulation and 8th tribulation loose devils all pause slightly.

“Uncle master said he was at the middle Dujie stage. How can someone who killed uncle master so fast possibly be at the middle Dujie stage? This expert must be exceptionally strong, so strong that not even uncle master could tell his power level. Otherwise, uncle master wouldn’t have said he was at the middle Dujie stage.” 8th tribulation loose devil Qiao Yu thinks to himself.


In a hall somewhere on Mount Qingxu, there are the likes of Dame Lian Yue, Fire Devil and Wu Kongxue and a 10th tribulation loose devil called Pei Yan. This Pei Yan is none other than Qiao Shan’s master.

“Pei Yan, tell me everything again!” Dame Lian Yue suddenly stands up, her face turning very pale.

Pei Yan says in a trembling voice: “That is true, milady. A loose immortal expert called Reverend Heavenly Flame has set the entire Yinyue mountain range on fire with a limitless amount of heavenly flame. Our Yinyue Palace has been burned up. Except for the disciples who were staying on the border of the mountain range and the disciples who had already gone out, nearly all the disciples in our headquarters have been killed.”

That Qiao Shan has messaged his master the name ‘Reverend Heavenly Flame’, which was originally made up by Pei Xue.

“Milady, we must settle this score. Our headquarters has been passed down for a million years, but now it has been destroyed. 99% of our disciples have even been killed. Our school has nearly been exterminated!” Pei Yan says bitterly through tears.

Dame Lian Yue’s whole body quivers, her face pale like paper.

“Loose immortal expert, Reverend Heavenly Flame …” In an instant, her whole face reddens and a streak of blood flows out of a corner of her mouth. The grim, cold look in her eyes makes most of the other people tremble inside.

But the face of Wu Kongxue, who has been sitting calmly on one side, suddenly changes color greatly.

“The heavenly flame, you said the heavenly flame had burned up the entire Yinyue mountain range?” Even his breathing becomes rapid.

Pei Yan nods at once: “The heavenly flame covered the entire Yinyue mountain range. Given its power, everything was burned up, whether rocks or plants. It even lowered the mountain range by burning off a layer of rock.”

“No good! The Heaven-Sundering Diagram!!!”

Wu Kongxue’s expression is very unsightly.

“What’s happened, Lord Wu Kongxue? Didn’t we give that diagram to you for safekeeping?” Wu Hei and the others all look at him.

With an extremely unsightly expression, Wu Kongxue says: “I don’t have it on me. I was afraid that the dragon clan leader or the master of the Devil Peng Island Zong Jue would kill me and snatch the diagram so I put it on the body of a common loose devil I trust completely. I thought nobody would pay attention to a common loose devil. This time, for his safety, I let him stay behind in the Yinyue mountain range!”

Immediately, the faces of all the other loose devils in the hall change color.

End of b11c6.

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