Book 11 Chapter 55: Martial Uncle, Why Are You Here?

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 55: Martial Uncle, Why Are You Here?

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The beast-like humanoid Man Gan was wielding a cyan coloured mace which radiated faint and fine rays of black coloured light, and the purple coloured battle armor on his body highlighted the curves of his muscles even more. Everyone who was present could feel the explosive characteristic of the energy within Man Gan’s body.

Meanwhile, Fang Tian’s body was emanating a noble presence, and the strength of that aura even suppressed that of Man Gan’s by a head.

“Low Grade Divine Equipment?” Fang Tian stared at the mace in Man Gan’s hand.

There was a stream of light within Man Gan’s eyes, and in a deep tone, he said, “Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’.”

Fang Tian nodded and said, “It is indeed within my expectations. I estimated that the Demon Realm’s Demon Emperor was also not assured of your safety, since you were a Super Divine Beast who was about to descend. Bestowing a piece of Low Grade Divine Equipment was still considered to be normal. It is only…… do you think that you are capable of winning against me by solely relying on a Low Grade Divine Equipment?”

Fang Tian was not exactly in a rush to make a move.

That ‘Spirit of the True Dragon’ was a Spiritual Treasure of the Dragon Clan in the Demon Realm, and it produced the best results when consumed by the Super Divine Beast Five-Clawed Gold Dragon. Once consumed, the Spirit of the True Dragon would then envelope the Yuanying within the person’s body.

The energy from the ‘Spirit of the True Dragon’ could be used as and when the consumer wanted to, and it did not exactly have much of a time constraint. That was why Fang Tian was not in a hurry to make a move.

Man Gan shook his head, then smiled and said, “Correct, by consuming the Spirit of the True Dragon, your capabilities have risen by quite a number of levels. Now, I am afraid that you are comparable to a Fifth Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast right? My capabilities were originally that of a First Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast. Even if I am to add a Low Grade Divine Equipment, with regard to handling people exceeding my domain level, I can also only handle Third Tier Demon King Super Divine Beasts.”

They were both Super Divine Beasts.

Man Gan used to be slightly more powerful than Fang Tian in the past, but after Fang Tian had consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon, his capabilities had instead already surpassed Man Gan by far.

“Then why do you still not move aside?” Fang Tian said, and he gave an indifferent smile. Fang Tian truly enjoyed that kind of feeling whereby he had the lives of others under his control.

Man Gan shook his head and said, “Alone, I might not be able to withstand against you. However, there are still quite a number of people present. If we are to cooperate, we are still able to withstand against you. Moreover…… your capabilities might have risen to the domain level of a Fifth Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast, but are you able to perfectly apply that large amount energy huh?”

Fang Tian’s facial expression slightly changed.

Correct, he used to be only a Twelfth Tribulation Loose Practitioner, and was comparable to a Ninth Tier Heavenly Demon. By having the energy within his body increased by a few tens of times, it was definitely impossible for Fang Tian to control those energy as smoothly and completely as he had wanted.

During that very moment when Fang Tian and Man Gan were exchanging conversations, at one side, Hua Yan instead stealthily…… had his speed increased to the limit within an extremely short amount of time.

“After obtaining the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, even if you, Fang Tian, had consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon, I will also not be afraid of you,” Hua Yan reached out a hand and made an attempt to grab.

“Hua Yan, you dare!”

Fang Tian gave a fierce and fiery roar, and reached out his right hand. A powerful claw-shaped energy swiftly charged out towards Hua Yan. When Hua Yan saw that terrifying energy, he was scared into wildly retreating back immediately.

Fang Tian was very furious towards Hua Yan’s thieving action, and he mercilessly gave Hua Yan a glare.

Hua Yan secretly trembled, and he did not dare to speak further. During the time when he was on the ‘Blue Clouds Road’, that burly large man had actually displayed horrifying and powerful capabilities. Left without other alternatives, Hua Yan used the ‘hidden measure’ which was bestowed to him by Yu Huang.

Left without his strongest hidden measure, would Hua Yan still dare to go against Fang Tian?

“The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is mine,” Fang Tian roared out furiously. Just after he had given that furious roar, seemingly like a demonic god, his entire person charged over.


You must be dreaming!

Man Gan also gave a fierce and furious roar. Using all of his strength, both of his hands held tightly onto the Low Grade Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’, and the energy that was surging within his body poured into the Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’. Relying on the ceaseless amount of energy flowing into it, the Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’ was mercilessly sent smashing towards Fang Tian. Slight tremors began to occur in spaces where the mace-like ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’ had passed through.

Fortunately, the ‘Nine Heavens’ Palace contained Restrictive Spells designed by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Otherwise, if it was at a location beyond the Restrictive Spells, the space would have been estimated to have cracked apart solely from that one strike.

“Get lost.”

Having stronger powers than Man Gan, a thick and heavy gold coloured battle sabre appeared in Fang Tian’s right hand. That gold coloured battle sabre contained Fang Tian’s monstrous energy at that very moment, and whilst carrying with it an endless greatness, it mercilessly hacked towards ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’.

Confronting toughness with toughness?

When Man Gan saw that scene, a slight hint of blood-red actually appeared on his purple coloured pupils — He liked confronting head-on the most.


The thick and heavy gold coloured battle sabre and the Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’ collided.

One was a Finest Grade Demon Equipment which contained Fang Tian’s monstrous energy, while the other was a Low Grade Divine Equipment that contained Man Gan’s energy. However, by simply comparing their capabilities, the Fang Tian who had consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon surpassed Man Gan by far.

Even then, the result of that head-on collision between both parties was instead……

Man Gan was sent flying backwards, while Fang Tian also retreated by quite a few steps consecutively.

“Low Grade Divine Equipment are indeed powerful,” Fang Tian’s secret desire towards obtaining a Divine Equipment increased even more. After he had consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon, his capabilities had clearly surpassed Man Gan by far. However, by relying on how powerful his Divine Equipment was, Man Gan had instead confronted head-on with him, to the extent that he did not even suffer much harm.

“However…… you still cannot obstruct me.”

Fang Tian infused a large amount of energy into his gold coloured battle sabre, and his entire person charged towards the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart. As long as anyone dared to block him, he or she would definitely sustain a slash from his sabre!

“Should I use that huh?” At that very moment, Man Gan was secretly indecisive.

The Low Grade Divine Equipment was only his weapon. Du Zhong Jun had the Blood Spiritual Grass, while that Fang Tian had the Spirit of the True Dragon. So how would he, Man Gan, not have treasures to increase his martial powers? It was just that Man Gan was unwilling to use it.

No matter if he was willing or not, Man Gan also did not want anyone else to seize the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart. Immediately, he once again mercilessly smashed the Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’ towards Fang Tian.


The gold coloured battle sabre met against the Divine Equipment ‘Heavy Mountain Raiser’ mace.

Man Gan’s face momentarily reddened, and his entire person could not help being sent flying backwards, repelled by the shock’s rebound. Meanwhile, Fang Tian instead had an excited smile on his face as he arrived before the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, and reached out a hand towards it. At that very moment — A keen Blade Energy came hacking towards Fang Tian. It was Zong Jue.

When Fang Tian noticed that the person who had arrived was Zong Jue, he promptly gave an emotional sigh and felt that Zong Jue had been overconfident, then casually waved his gold coloured battle sabre.

At that moment, even if Fang Tian had casually given a strike, it would also be comparable to one of Man Gan’s full-blown attack.

The slim, black coloured sabre met with the gold coloured battle sabre.

“How is it possible?” Fang Tian felt the rebound of that fierce energy, and his figure uncontrollably flew back by quite a few steps. Meanwhile, Zong Jue’s entire person instead drifted away like catkins.

“This weapon which Senior Lan had given me is indeed tough to the extreme, to the extent of even nullifying quite a bit of the rebound force,” Zong Jue secretly rejoiced.

“It should end now right……”

Whilst at the doors to the Great Hall, Qin Yu slowly thought to himself.


Man Gan, Zong Jue and Du Zhong Jun simultaneously made their moves. That Du Zhong Jun also had quite a fair number of treasures. With the exception of the most important Blood Spiritual Grass, he also had the Blood Droplets, and even ‘Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans‘.

Those Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans were the price which Hua Yan had initially paid Du Zhong Jun when he sought Du Zhong Jun’s Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones.

Three versus one.

Continuous rumbling and booming sounds could be heard within the Great Hall, with each of the four people trying to pull others down beneath them as they attempted to gain an advantage over the rest, and all of them caused the atmosphere within the hall to darken with chaos. Meanwhile, Yu Liang, Hua Yan, as well as Ao Feng did not make a move, and they remained looking from one side. Suddenly, a loud shout rang out.


Man Gan, Zong Jue and Du Zhong Jun flew apart as they were tossed aside.

Instead, Fang Tian stood proudly in the middle. At that very moment, Fang Tian was secretly filled with complete anger. During the beginning when he had begun using the energy from the Spirit of the True Dragon, he had only used a portion of it. Meanwhile, he had earlier used close to fifty percent of the energy in one breath.

“I had earlier said that the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart belongs to me,” Fang Tian walked until he was beside the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart.

Meanwhile, Man Gan, Zhong Jue and Du Zhong Jun were all secretly aghast. The energy from Fang Tian’s earlier attack was truly too horrifying.

“Everyone, are you done with causing a disturbance?”

An indifferent voice rang forth. Wearing a dark cyan coloured robe with a head of long, disheveled hair, a callous man bearing a long sword on his back appeared in the middle of the Great Hall.

“Lan Feng!”

Hua Yan, Yu Liang, Ao Feng and the others exclaimed. Even the Man Gan, Zong Jue and Du Zhong Jun who were injured at that moment, they were all secretly shocked to the extreme — Since when did that Sword Immortal Lan Feng arrive?

“Sword Immortal Lan Feng, why are you here?” Fang Tian said and gave an indifferent smile. At the same time, his right hand instead made an attempt to grab at the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart.

Sword Immortal Lan Feng gave a momentary smile, and unsheathed his sword!

The sword left its sheath, and a horizontal Sword Energy was released!


A wave of Sword Energy that was condensed to the extreme, tore through space to arrive beside Fang Tian within a short moment. Greatly shocked, Fang Tian used his gold coloured battle sabre to give a backhand slash at that wave of Sword Energy.

When the gold coloured battle sabre came into contact with the Sword Energy, Fang Tian’s entire person trembled, and consecutively retreated a few tens of meters.

“Your capabilities are too weak,” Lan Feng said indifferently, and his entire person transformed into several blurs. Within a short moment, Lan Feng’s long sword actually appeared before Fang Tian, thrusting towards him.

How was he that strong?

Fang Tian secretly found that to be unbelievable. However, facing against an attack by Lan Feng, Fang Tian nevertheless infused the gold coloured battle sabre with energy from within his body, and then mercilessly hacked towards the long sword in Lan Feng’s hand.

“I have consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon, you cannot possibly win against me!” Fang Tian roared furiously.

The gold coloured battle sabre and Lan Feng’s long sword met against each other.

There was a momentary cracking sound, and that gold coloured battle sabre actually shattered into fragments. Meanwhile, Fang Tian himself, flew while he was tossed aside, and he smashed against a wall of the Great Hall. Fresh blood even sprayed out from his mouth, completely staining that wall of the Great Hall.


Frighteningly shocking!

Man Gan, Zong Jue, Yu Liang, Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, Ao Feng, and even the seriously wounded Fang Tian all looked unbelievably at Sword Immortal Lan Feng.

The Fang Tian that was extremely powerful earlier, actually did not have any hint of resistance in his strength when faced against Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s sword.

That group of people only looked on, as Sword Immortal Lan Feng reached out his hand and took the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’. He nodded and said, “Ten Thousand Beasts Chart…… it is also considered to be appropriate that Senior Immortal Emperor Ni Yang’s Ten Thousand Beasts Chart belongs to me.” With a wave of Sword Immortal Lan Feng’s hand, the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart disappeared.

Meanwhile, the Qin Yu who was at the entrance of the palace doors at that moment, instead secretly felt a momentary sense of relieve. “Ten Thousand Beasts Chart. Very soon, I will need to carefully research it, and see what kind of plaything this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart actually is…… Mmm,it will soon be time for me to perform right?”

Lan Feng was Qin Yu’s Sword Immortal Puppet. His every single movement was controlled by Qin Yu, and whatever he spoke was naturally also controlled by Qin Yu.

“Brother Lan Feng, are…… you really Brother Lan Feng?” Man Gan voiced out.

Sword Immortal Lan Feng smiled and said, “Why? How long has it only been, that you do not even recognise me?”

“N, No.” Man Gan shook his head, then bitterly smiled and said, “According to what I know, Brother Lan Feng’s capabilities did not seem like it was this powerful. Meanwhile, Fang Tian had consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon, and he was comparable to a Fifth Tier Demon King Super Divine Beast, which was in turn comparable to a Sixth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal, while Brother Lan Feng, you should have been at most a Second Tier Golden Immortal in the past right?”

When everyone saw that Lan Feng’s attitude was amiable, every single one of them began to relax.

Zong Jue also inquired, “Ah, correct, since when did Brother Lan Feng’s capabilities became this strong?”

“Sixth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal? I had long arrived at that stage since ten thousand years ago,” Lan Feng replied indifferently.

“Ten thousand years ago?” Man Gan and the other people were stupefied. All of them did not see that Qin Yu was forcibly trying to keep his face from breaking into a smile over at the Great Hall’s palace doors. Of course…… almost immediately, Qin Yu recomposed himself.

Lan Feng nodded and said, “Of course, all of you did not discover my true capabilities when I was at Qingxu Mountain. Firstly, it was because I had kept it concealed. Secondly, I was definitely suffering from serious injuries during that period of time. Currently, my injuries have already recovered completely.”

“Brother Lan Feng, this Ni Yang’s Realm is not really a typical place, so why have you suddenly appeared?” Man Gan asked what everyone had been puzzled about.

To be able to enter Ni Yang’s Realm.

Firstly, it was to rely on the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams. Secondly, it was through relying on Qin Yu.

Meanwhile, from the beginning, everyone did not seem to have exactly discovered Lan Feng. So why did that Lan Feng suddenly appear huh?

“Martial Uncle, why are you here?”

That ‘surprised and slightly excited’ voice of Qin Yu’s resounded throughout the entire Great Hall. The expression on Qin Yu’s face enacted what was called ‘surprise’, and what was called ‘unbelievable’. That surprised expression which also had excitement implied within it, was simply flawless to the extreme.

“Orh, Martial Nephew, I did not exactly inform you of my coming this time,” said Lan Feng. He looked at Qin Yu and gave a slight smile.

“Martial Uncle, I remember that, with the exception of using the Sundering The Heavens Diagrams as well as the method which you had told me, there were no other methods to enter Ni Yang’s Realm. How did you enter huh?” Qin Yu inquired. Man Gan, Zong Jue and the others also awaited Lan Feng’s reply.

Lan Feng smiled and said, “Martial Nephew, I had also told you the method for your entry. Don’t tell me that I do not have a method to enter?”

Qin Yu suddenly dawned with understanding.

Meanwhile, one by one, the other people also secretly began to understand a little. Lan Feng had even told Qin Yu his method of entry, so it was no longer strange for Lan Feng to be able to enter.

“Martial Uncle, the stone tablet at the white jade plaza said that there were Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones left behind for us, but we did not exactly see any Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones. Was it you?” Qin Yu once again voiced out.

Lan Feng gave a faint smile, but he neither nodded nor shook his head.

“No wonder. It was no wonder that we could not find any Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones during that time. So Brother Lan Feng had already arrived before us,” Ao Feng said and smiled.

In actual fact, Qin Yu also did not know where those Finest Grade Elemental Spirit Stones had gone to. The reason for Qin Yu to have said that was just to increase credibility.

Lan Feng suddenly shook his head, then sighed and said, “The time of my entry into Ni Yang’s Realm was only one day earlier than all of you. Initially, I had already passed through the Blue Clouds Road and was just about to enter the Great Hall. However, although all of you had also entered Ni Yang’s Realm, all of you instead had not passed through the Blue Clouds Road, resulting in that Restrictive Spell of the Nine Heavens’s palace doors to the Great Hall to continuously remain. That had resulted in me being unable to enter its interior.”

“That was why I said…… this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart should originally have been obtained by me.”

Having heard Lan Feng’s words, one by one, the other people secretly understood many things.

Lan Feng had came in earlier than them. It was exactly because they had also entered, that the palace doors’ Restrictive Spell did not unseal. That was why Lan Feng did not have any method to enter into the Great Hall all along.

“Everyone, let us not waste any more time. The Nine Heavens palace has a total of nine storeys. This is only the first storey, and there are still eight more storeys above,” Lan Feng said and smiled. “Martial Nephew, you shall follow behind Martial Uncle.”

“Yes, Martial Uncle.”

Qin Yu respectfully listened to the order, and promptly followed behind Sword Immortal Lan Feng. Both that ‘Martial Uncle and Martial Nephew’ led the way up the stairs.

Intimidated by Lan Feng’s powerful capabilities, the four great Emissaries Ao Feng, Man Gan, Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan, as well as Fang Tian and the others only followed behind that pair of ‘Martial Uncle and Martial Nephew’.

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