Book 11 Chapter 54: Contending For the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 54: Contending For the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart

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Qin Yu carefully looked at those transmission messages which numbered slightly more than ten, and he could not refrain from frowning.

“Pressing me to traverse the Blue Clouds Road? What were these Ao Feng, Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan thinking?” After Qin Yu gave a slight thought to the matter, he silently began to feel angry, “This lot of them had already experienced the dangers of traversing the Blue Clouds Road. I estimate that, they had thought that my chances of successfully traversing through the Blue Clouds Road were not high. However, even so, they still urged me…… doesn’t this mean that every single one of them wanted me to die huh?”

Qin Yu secretly became infuriated, “Humph, who do they think they are? Moreover, I don’t remember this Du Zhong Jun and Hua Yan sharing any friendship with me, to think that they still sent me transmission messages with commanding tones. This Ao Feng, in the past, I had still thought that this person was not bad. It looks like he is also not such a good person.”

While looking at those slightly more than ten transmission messages, Qin Yu became even angrier.

He was not exactly associated with Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, Ao Feng and the others, and was also not under their direct command. However, those three people instead continuously sent him transmission messages, ordering him to attempt the Blue Clouds Road. Although their tones got slightly better later on, those transmission messages had already made Qin Yu consider those three people to be his enemies.

After taking two deep breaths, Qin Yu calmed down.

“Something’s not right. For them to be this anxious such that they wanted me to traverse the Blue Clouds Road in order to gather with them, there must be a special reason! Otherwise, why would they pay such close attention as to whether I will attempt the Blue Clouds Road?” Qin Yu considered for a brief moment, then directly advanced along the wide, golden coloured pathway. “I do not care what kind of funny intentions all of you are attempting. I initially did not want to start a massacre, but if all of you are to anger me, I also do not mind having Lan Feng make an appearance earlier.”

Due to those transmission messages that numbered slightly more than ten, because of those commanding tones used, as a result of the other party disregarding his life…… Qin Yu finally became angry.


Outside of the palace doors that led to the ‘Nine Heavens’ Palace, Ao Feng, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun and the others were obviously quite anxious. Fang Tian also had a helpless expression on his face. Meanwhile, Zong Jue and Man Gan, as well as Yu Liang, were instead sitting down with their legs crossed while they silently waited.

Zong Jue and Man Gan were, after all, good friends of Qin Yu, and they would never pull Qin Yu down into the fire pit. Moreover, since that Yu Liang only listened to Man Gan’s orders, he naturally also waited calmly.

“Unless, we really have to wait for a few tens of years? This Qin Yu…… if we had killed him earlier, we would not have this kind of trouble,” Du Zhong Jun’s eyes glinted with flashes of red light. After entering Ni Yang’s Realm, they were unable to turn back.

After passing through the Blue Clouds Road, they could forget about returning. Otherwise, Du Zhong Jun and the others would have long returned back to kill off Qin Yu.

As Hua Yan took a look at the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’ suspending within the Great Hall, he could all the more feel that the passing of days were akin to the passing of years.

Under normal circumstances, ten years or even a hundred years would definitely not count as anything to them. However, at that moment, the Divine Equipment ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’ was right before their eyes, so how would it be possible for them to calm their minds? That kind of wait was even more painfully bitter and unbearable.

Man Gan, who was sitting cross-legged, was the first person to open his eyes. He looked towards the direction of the golden coloured pathway from where they had came from.

Man Gan’s capabilities was the strongest. Added to the fact that he had been waiting peacefully earlier, that was the reason why he was instead the first person to sense the sound of those light footsteps. Within mere moments, one by one, Ao Feng and the others also looked towards the end of the golden coloured pathway.

Wearing a black coloured robe, the neither rash nor arrogant Qin Yu had the hint of an indifferent smile on his face, and was, at that very moment, walking over from the middle of the golden coloured pathway.

“Qin Yu has arrived!”

When Ao Feng and the other six people saw Qin Yu’s figure, the expressions on their faces stiffened. However, as if simultaneously — the seven people all vigorously charged head-first towards the palace doors. According to the information, once all of the people had experienced the test, the Restrictive Spell of those palace doors would disappear.


As if at the same time, seven shocking sounds resounded. Invisible ripples had appeared over those palace doors…… and as if they were paralysed, the figures of those seven great experts through the air at the same time after being repulsed by the shock. The steps just outside of the palace doors had been entirely sprayed with fresh blood.

Stupefied, Qin Yu looked at that scene.

“Everyone. All of you…… ah, what are all of you doing?” Qin Yu’s mind was filled with puzzlement.

“F*ck, what is the matter with the Restrictive Spell of these palace doors? Wasn’t it said that the Restrictive Spell of the palace doors would disappear by itself after everyone had experienced the test huh? Why is this piece of shit Restrictive Spell still here?” Du Zhong Jun’s anger had reached its peak.

Hua Yan, Ao Feng, Man Gan, Fang Tian, Zong Jue, Yu Liang and the others also looked at the palace doors of the ‘Nine Heavens’ Palace, the expressions on their faces were completely filled with fury as well as unwillingness.

Qin Yu’s mind was full of puzzlement.

However, after sweeping through with his gaze, Qin Yu then noticed that stone tablet which was beside the palace doors. There were a few lines of characters on the stone tablet — “For successfully surmounting the Blue Clouds Road, all of you can also be considered to possess solid foundations, and can be considered as elites amongst experts of the same class. For those who have successfully surmounted the Blue Clouds Road, I should naturally also bestow some rewards. A treasure that I, Ni Yang, had obtained during those years when I roamed the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms — The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart shall be the reward for this trial.”

“Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?” Qin Yu’s heart thumped. At the same time, he also noticed that scroll which was suspending in the middle of the air, while it gave off flashing rays of golden light from within the Nine Heavens Palace. “Since the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart has a ‘Chart’ character, there is an eight or nine out of ten chance that it is a plaything which is a kind of scroll filled with drawings. Unless, that is the scroll?”

Qin Yu walked towards Man Gan and inquired, “Brother Man Gan, what exactly is the matter? Is it for the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart huh? Then, what is that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart about?”

Man Gan gave Qin Yu a look, then sighed and said, “Brother Qin Yu, I never thought that you would still really pass through the Blue Clouds Road. Frankly speaking…… you really still have quite a large amount of guts. However, let me remind you, that when you arrive at the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms in the future, it is best for you not to do things which you are not confident in.” That Man Gan did not answer the question, but instead said and entrusted several other matters to Qin Yu.

“What do you mean?” Qin Yu continued to ask.

“The Blue Clouds Road was extremely dangerous. Since you had dared to attempt it, it can be said that you possessed a lot of guts. However, instead, you had been quite reckless,” Man Gan said seriously. “There are countless experts in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms. No matter if it were the areas within the regions, there were many dangerous places, and they all amounted to more than a billion times as compared to this planet of yours. There are many things that you definitely cannot imagine…… If you are thinking of being as brash as this time, or shall I say over-courageous, you might be able to preserve your life once, and with good luck, you might still live after a second time. However, what about the third and fourth time huh? You won’t always be that lucky right? Something only needs to go wrong once, and you may lose your little life.”

“That is why, after your arrival to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, you definitely cannot be too reckless. At the very least, only do things that you have quite an amount of confidence in when you meet with something dangerous, do you understand huh?” Man Gan took the tone of an older brother, and said that to Qin Yu while cautioning him.

Qin Yu secretly felt quite moved.

He understood, that in Man Gan’s eyes, he had been reckless.

From Man Gan’s point of view, even Reverend Ming Shan, the Dragon Clan’s Elder Yan Shan and the other experts had died after attempting the Blue Clouds Road. For Qin Yu to still dare attempt that Blue Clouds Road, wasn’t his audacity too astounding to the point of being quite terrifying? Ah, that was definitely being overconfident. That was why, he was worried about the paths that Qin Yu would take in the future.

“Brother Man Gan, you can be at ease. I will not be this brash in the future,” Qin Yu did not exactly reveal the fact that he possessed the ‘Sword Immortal Puppet’.

“Oh right, Big Brother Man Gan, you still have not answered the question which I had asked earlier. Why did each and every one of you, without caring for your lives, earlier……” Qin Yu asked in puzzlement.

It was only then that Man Gan remembered Qin Yu’s initial question. He promptly gave a bitter smile, and said, “Ah, you are talking about this. Then, we will have to talk about the ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’.”

“Is that the golden coloured scroll suspending within the Great Hall?” Qin Yu made a guess.

Man Gan nodded and said, “Correct, that is the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart. The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart was an extremely famous piece of Low Grade Divine Equipment during those years when Immortal Emperor Ni Yang traveled throughout the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms.”

“Low Grade Divine Equipment?” Qin Yu’s heart thumped.

“Qin Yu, you had better not look down on Low Grade Divine Equipment. You might have seen quite a number of Finest Grade Immortal Equipment within Ni Yang’s Realm, but that is because this is the lair of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. If it were the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, typical Golden Immortals, Demon Kings and Devil Kings mostly only use High Grade Immortal Equipment. As for Finest Grade Immortal Equipment, only extremely powerful Golden Immortals or even several Mystic Immortals would use them.”

Qin Yu bore what Man Gan had said into his mind.

He did not understand anything with regard to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms. At that moment, there, Man Gan knew several things that would still be extremely useful for when he would arrive at the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms in the future.

“Even if it were Finest Grade Immortal Equipment (Demon Equipment, Devil Equipment), experts in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms could still refine them. However! No matter how, there were no methods to refine Divine Equipment. Even for Low Grade Divine Equipment, their strength also exceeded Finest Grade Immortal Equipment by far. Amongst Low Grade Divine Equipment, the value of offensive Divine Equipment were lower than defensive Divine Equipment, and defensive Divine Equipment were valued lower when compared to spatial Divine Equipment as well as special types of Divine Equipment.”

Man Gan’s gaze turned towards the golden coloured scroll that was within the Great Hall. “Meanwhile, this ‘Ten Thousand Beasts Chart’ belongs to a special type of Low Grade Divine Equipment, and it is extremely precious.”

Within his mind, Qin Yu completely understood how precious that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart was.

“How is that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart powerful huh?” Qin Yu inquired.

Just when Qin Yu and Man Gan were having their conversations.

Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan, Zong Jue and the others all tried lightly coming into contact with the palace doors. The Restrictive Spell of those palace doors was also strange — As the amount of force used to attack it increased, its retaliation would respectively increase as well. Instead, light contacts did not cause any problems.

All of them continued to lightly touch the palace doors’ Restrictive Spell, while they waited to see when it will disappear.

“Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, isn’t the prank that you played on others too powerful huh?” Du Zhong Jun also did not have the strength to continue cursing, but what he did have was the strength to send a light punch smashing over. However, that light punch of Du Zhong Jun’s instead continued to smash through, and entered into the Great Hall.

Du Zhong Jun was momentarily startled.

When they saw that scene, Hua Yan, Zong Jue, Ao Feng, Fang Tian and the others were also startled. Meanwhile, Man Gan, who was talking to Qin Yu, also had his attention there at that moment. The words that he had been speaking also ceased abruptly–


There was a momentary and violent tremor in the air, and all of the seven great experts charged into the Great Hall with their fastest speed.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu continued to stand outside of the palace doors while appreciating that scene before his eyes.

Hua Yan, Zong Jue and the other five great experts were extremely weird. When they charged in from outside of the palace doors, their speed had been fast to the point that even their shadows could not be seen. However, once they entered the Great Hall, the seven great experts seemed as though they had been pressed down by a mountain, and their speed slowed down by an unknown number of times.

Gravitational Restrictive Spell. There were also not many people capable of using such Restrictive Spells in the Immortal Realm, but Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was an expert at that Gravitational Restrictive Spell. Naturally…… that was related to both of his good friends, the Black Flame Lord and White Profound Lord.

“Ah, it’s heavy,” Du Zhong Jun grimaced in pain and cursed, but he still continued to charge towards the middle of the Great Hall.

Although the speed of those seven great experts was reduced by an unknown number of times, their original speed had been too fast. Even after being reduced by that much, their speed was still like a breeze. Meanwhile, the area of the Great Hall was originally not large, and it only took a few seconds for the seven great experts to close in on the golden coloured scroll suspending in the center.

“Zong Jue’s speed is indeed fast, and it looks like he will be the first to obtain that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart,” Qin Yu was instead not in a hurry to make a move, and was merely evaluating from outside of the palace doors.

“Get lost.”

Hua Yan gave a low roar. At the same time, three pieces of purple coloured sealed talismans appeared in the middle of his hand — Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans.

Flashes of electricity could be seen circulating around all three pieces of Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans, and they flew towards three people simultaneously — Zong Jue, Man Gan, as well as Du Zhong Jun. Those were the foremost three people. Those three pieces of Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talismans disintegrated when they neared those three people, sending bolts of lightning hacking towards them.

Zong Jue’s face was completely filled with fury. However, he also did not dare to let those Hundred Pulverising-Thunder strike at his body as they pleased. A black coloured, slim and narrow, long battle sabre abruptly appeared within his hand. That was the weapon which Uncle Lan had initially left behind for Zong Jue.

Infused with powerful Demon Elemental Energy, the battle sabre directly hacked at those bolts of lightning.

Meanwhile, how did Man Gan handle the Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talisman huh?


Brilliant flashes of light flickered over the purple coloured battle armor on an extremely furious Man Gan’s body. Following the sound of a bull’s bellow, the head of that Man Gan’s human figure actually began to change, and it transformed into a huge bull’s head with a pair of incomparably shocking purple coloured pupils. At the same time, the radiance around Man Gan’s body became even more blinding.

“Man Gan is really strong. He had actually used the battle armor to directly withstand against the Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talisman,” Qin Yu secretly praised.

That Man Gan’s capabilities were originally powerful, so adding to the fact that his capabilities had been increased due to his partial humanoid form, that was why he had dared to the Finest Grade Battle Armor to withstand against the Hundred Pulverising-Thunder Sealed Talisman. Meanwhile, Man Gan reached out his hand, and was just about to obtain that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart with it.

“Man Gan, don’t even think about it!”

A voice rang out, and a fine ray of blood-red coloured light was shot towards Man Gan from within Du Zhong Jun’s hand. At the same time, a similar blood-red coloured radiance also encircled around Du Zhong Jun’s body.

“Blood Droplet?” Man Gan was forced to first withstand against that Blood Droplet.

The Blood Droplet was a kind of Spiritual Fruit from the Devil Realm. It grew on blood-soaked ground, and contained within it an extremely large amount of the Blood Devil Modao‘s energy. It could firstly be absorbed for cultivation practise, or secondly, have the energy contained within it detonated through a special method, and used as an offensive weapon.

Meanwhile, at that moment, that Du Zhong Jun had used the Blood Droplet to begin an attack.


Qin Yu’s eyes were dazzled by what he was looking at.

“For this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, every single one of them had begun to play for real. Ah, for Emissaries that came from the Ascendant Realms, their tricks were indeed plentiful,” Qin Yu’s eyes gleamed. The various great experts were competing, and all of them did not allow anyone else to seize that Ten Thousand Beasts Chart.

Suddenly — An extremely fierce and powerful aura emanated forth from Fang Tian’s body to their location.

A blinding gold coloured light completely enveloped Fang Tian, and the aura on Fang Tian’s body was soaring at a terrifying speed. In merely a brief moment, no matter if it was Zong Jue or Man Gan and the others, all of them stopped their battle. Unanimously, everyone was already prepared to join forces against Fang Tian.

“Fang Tian, unless, you dare to go against the order of your Dragon Emperor and not compete for that piece of treasure? For this Ten Thousand Beasts Chart, you are going to exhaust the Spirit of the True Dragon?” At one side, Ao Feng instead rebuked Fang Tian.

During the time when Ao Feng had descended to the Mortal Realm from the Demon Realm, he had brought along and given that Spirit of the True Dragon to Fang Tian. Of course, that was the decision of the Demon Realm’s Dragon Emperor.

Meanwhile, earlier, Fang Tian had already consumed the Spirit of the True Dragon.

“You do not have to bother with my matters. When I arrive at the Demon Realm’s Dragon Clan, I will account for it to the Dragon Emperor.” The strength of the presence on Fang Tian’s body had simply reached a shocking stage. Fang Tian indifferently swept a look through everyone. “The Ten Thousand Beasts Chart is mine, and people who obstruct me shall die.”

Outside of the palace doors, Qin Yu’s eyes glinted. “What powerful presence. I estimate that, comparing it to my Ninth Tier Golden Immortal Sword Immortal Puppet, the difference is also not that great.”

“Fang Tian, stop dreaming,” the low tone of Man Gan’s voice rang out.

The broad machete in Man Gan’s hand was seen to actually disappear, and in its place…… a huge cyan coloured mace, radiating fine rays of black coloured light, appeared in his hand. The presence on Man Gan’s body also soared.

Hua Yan and Du Zhong Jun stared. “Each and every one of them are not thinking of competing for that final piece of treasure already? They have begun to risk their lives for the Ten Thousand Beasts Chart?”

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