Book 11 Chapter 52: Guardian

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 52: Guardian

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“Blue Clouds Road? There is no rush.”

Qin Yu was instead not in a rush to step onto the Blue Clouds Road. There were many layers of danger within Ni Yang’s Realm, which was why, no matter what, he would at the very least need to be clear on the strengths of his weapons. Meanwhile, with regard to that Ring of Mystical Flames, he would naturally need to understand it.

“Domain of Heavenly Flames, Domain of Jade-Green Smoke, Double Gravity Field…… let me see their effects.”

Firstly, Qin Yu mentally activated and summoned the ‘Domain of Heavenly Flames‘. Heavenly Flames immediately began to permeate in Qin Yu’s surroundings, and the range of the Heavenly Flames could still be considered to be quite large. With Qin Yu as the central focal point, everything within the range of close to fifty meters was completely filled with Heavenly Flames.

“Compared to the original Ring of the Black Flame Lord, there isn’t a large change in its strength,” Qin Yu made a judgement in his mind. Promptly, Qin Yu recovered that Domain of Heavenly Flames, and at the same time once again summoned the ‘Domain of Jade-Green Smoke‘.

For Flames, there were Heavenly Flames, and Blue Mystical Heavenly Flames. Meanwhile, for those Chilling Fog, they were also separated into Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog, as well as Weeping Gold Chilling Fog.

The strength of the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and the Heavenly Flames were comparable to each other. It was just that while one was of extreme heat, the other was of extreme cold.

Qin Yu was immediately surrounded by a layer of jade-green fog, and the width of the area was not that much different compared to the Domain of Heavenly Flames.

“I remember that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang once said, that when these Domain of Heavenly Flames and Domain of Jade-Green Smoke are to be used together, the resulting strength will be extremely remarkable,” Qin Yu contemplated for a brief moment, and his mind understood the reason within a short period of time.

Extreme heat and extreme cold, the instantaneous change resulting from both extremes would even crack apart common Low Grade Immortal Swords instantly. When extreme heat and extreme cold alternated in an extremely fast speed, the strength of the resulting attack would definitely be stronger than solely just the Domain of Heavenly Flames or Domain of Jade-Green Smoke.

Qin Yu closed his eyes.

Within his mind, several kinds of methods to use the Domain of Heavenly Flames and Domain of Jade-Green Smoke appeared.

Almost instantly, the area surrounding Qin Yu’s body was permeated by endless Heavenly Flames, but within the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Flames completely disappeared, and a vast Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog shrouded over its original region. The extreme cold and extreme heat caused a severe tremor in the air.

After a moment……

The vast Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and endless purple coloured Heavenly Flames actually appeared at the same time, and overlapped each other. However, a careful look would reveal that there were extremely small gaps between every layer of Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and purple coloured Heavenly Flames.

It was obvious that the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and purple coloured Heavenly Flames should not come into contact with each other. If they were to come into contact with each other, it was estimated that they would be attacking each other, and thus becoming a waste of energy.

“My ability to control is still insufficient. Earlier, the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and Heavenly Flames had already came into contact more than ten times,” Qin Yu opened his eyes. It was obvious that he was not very satisfied with his ability to control earlier. However, Qin Yu was slightly more satisfied in the manner of using the Jade-Green Smoke Chilling Fog and purple coloured Heavenly Flames to attack.

“I can be considered familiar with both the Domain of Jade-Green Smoke and Domain of Heavenly Flames now. Regarding this Double Gravity Field, its strength should be increased by another fold right?” Qin Yu mentally controlled the Ring of Mystical Flames, and the Double Gravity Field immediately enshrouded around him. It was just that, as the controller of the Double Gravity Field, Qin Yu was absolutely unaffected by the Double Gravity Field.

However, Qin Yu could sense that peculiar energy of the Double Gravity Field. He sensed that…… the peculiar Double Gravity Field’s energy was definitely a lot stronger than in the past.

“I am able to understand the Domain of Heavenly Flames and the Domain of Jade-Green Smoke, but I do not know how is this Double Gravity Field created. This Array is truly mysterious,” As the master, Qin Yu could barely feel the energy of the Double Gravity Field.

However, that kind of energy was simple too peculiar.

Controlling gravity? That was indeed extremely special.

“Hu, everything is ready and prepared. I will attempt this Blue Clouds Road, and see just how extraordinary this Blue Clouds Road is,” Qin Yu took in a deep breath, and then stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road with a smile.

The extensive Blue Clouds Road led directly to the Nine Heavens. Enveloped under the endless blue clouds, Qin Yu’s figure disappeared within the Blue Clouds Road.


The Blue Clouds Road actually seemed like a jade bridge made from cyan jade. While walking along that bridge, Qin Yu clearly felt an extremely strong pressure enveloping over his body, and it was obvious that his speed had been restricted.

“The pressure is not exactly very great. My speed is currently only about half of what it used to be,” Qin Yu made a judgement in his mind within a short period of time.

Qin Yu’s figure breezed towards the direction of the Nine Heavens, elegantly advancing unceasingly.

“Kid, stop.”

A deep and vigorous voice rang out, and Qin Yu’s entire person momentarily jumped in shock, “There is actually someone?”

A burly large man appeared before Qin Yu, and his face carried a hint of disdain. That man silently thought to himself, “I never thought that even a small character who had just reached the Dacheng stage would actually also be able to enter Ni Yang’s Realm, making me suppress my martial powers to the Dacheng stage to fight with you. It really is unpleasant. If I wasn’t limited to the oath made towards Ni Yang, I still really do not wish to make a move. To fight with a little fellow that has not even reach the domain level of Heavenly Immortal, ah, it will really be a loss of face if my older Brothers are to know of it.”

When Qin Yu saw that large person standing before him, his body’s figure momentarily swayed in an attempt to bypass the person. However, the figure of that large person also shifted and continued to be an obstacle before Qin Yu’s body……

“Who are you? Why do you obstruct me?” Qin Yu inquired.

At the same time, Qin Yu also carefully inspected that large person before his eyes.

The eyebrows of that burly large person were thick and black, and his eyes were also sparkling with vigour. The domineering presence naturally emanated by that body even made Qin Yu secretly quiver in fear. “This fellow’s capabilities are definitely a lot stronger compared to Man Gan!”

The mere aura emanated by that person made Qin Yu’s mind quiver in fear, so how could Qin Yu not feel surprised?

It even made Qin Yu think that he might not definitely win, even if he were to use the Sword Immortal Puppet.

The burly large man smiled indifferently and said, “You definitely do not need to care who am I. At the very least, for now, you still do not have the qualifications to know. You only need to remember…… for you to think of passing through this Blue Clouds Road, you need to defeat me. Of course…… even if you cannot defeat me, you only need to pass through the Blue Clouds Road for me to stop accordingly.”

Qin Yu nodded. He promptly gave an indifferent smile and said, “This humble person understands, that if Senior is to make a move, then it is estimated that there won’t even be any hope.”

For the moment, Qin Yu still did not want to take out the Sword Immortal Puppet.

“Do not worry, kid. My martial powers will only be suppressed to the Dacheng stage. Although my martial powers will be suppressed to the Dacheng stage, my experience as well as techniques, amongst others, are simply not what you can imagine,” said the burly large man confidently.

Qin Yu pondered for a brief moment, and then inquired, “Those few people who had earlier successfully passed through the Blue Clouds Road, from what I can see, they should not be on par with Senior right? Unless, Senior’s experience and techniques are not on par with them?”

When the burly large person heard that, he frowned.

“The capabilities of those few people could be considered not bad, but how could they possibly be my match? It was just that, against those few fellows, when my martial powers had been suppressed to the same level as theirs, it became more or less the domain level of a First Tier Demon King. Given the capabilities of a First Tier Demon King, there was definitely quite a bit of difficulty to even think of breaking apart their Finest Grade Demon Equipment Battle Armor,” The burly large man said helplessly.

Qin Yu then understood.

So Du Zhong Ju, Fang Tian and the others, that group of people had relied on the defense of their Finest Grade Immortal Equipment (Demon Equipment) Battle Armors to clear the trial.

“When those few fellows saw me, they all used sarcastic words to verbally abuse me, knowing that I would suppress my martial powers down to their domain levels, while every single one of them actually relied on their battle armor to swiftly escape for their lives. No matter how I tried to obstruct them, they still managed to get away.” The large burly man was a little furious, “If I was not restricted by an oath, I would have long smashed the battle armor on their bodies into pieces with a single punch. Why would I still tolerate them being this arrogant!”

Qin Yu was secretly aghast.

Smashing a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor into pieces with a single punch? What kind of domain level was that?

Of course, that also needed to depend on who was wearing the Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor. When Du Zhong Jun, Hua Yan and the others wore their Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor, if they were to be pierced by Immortal Elemental Energy (Devil Elemental Energy), the strength of their defense would obviously not be on par with an expert at the domain level of Mystic Immortal (Devil Emperor) wearing a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor.

“All right, we have wasted time. I will now suppress my martial powers to the Dacheng stage. However, let me tell you…… it can’t be helped that there are no methods to weaken my defense, since my skin is naturally thick. It can’t be helped……” The burly large man presented a helpless expression.

Qin Yu secretly gave a bitter smile.

For someone who dared to say that his single punch would smash a Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor into pieces, a person only needed to think in order to make a guess as to how strong his defense was.

Qin Yu estimated that his Finest Grade Immortal Sword would not be able to harm the opponent.

“Be prepared, I am about to make my move.” The burly large man momentarily grinned, then promptly sent a very simple punch smashing towards Qin Yu.

That punch smashed towards Qin Yu in a straight line. However, not knowing why, Qin Yu felt that the entire space surrounding him seemed to have been locked within a short moment, and it was extremely hard for him to even think of moving. It seemed absolutely impossible to dodge or avoid that ‘simple’ punch.

Although his capabilities had been suppressed to the Dacheng stage, with regard to his experience in techniques, and understanding of insights towards the natural laws, the burly large man instead exceeded Qin Yu by far.

The burly large man secretly gave a sigh. After all, his opponent was too weak.

However, the burly large man only felt a sudden and unexpected increase in gravity being applied on the various parts of his entire body, and the delicate balance formed earlier was thus broken. Qin Yu’s figure momentarily dodged, and therefore avoided that punch.

“No matter how wonderful your techniques are, given the increase in precision and ingenuity of such techniques, a slight mistake will result in an extremely large difference in power. Under the sudden appearance of Gravity Field, how can you maintain the precision and ingenuity of that technique?”

Qin Yu secretly felt relaxed.

A simple Double Gravity Field had thus easily broken that technique.

“Haha, you are indeed someone who is capable of entering Ni Yang’s Realm. Ah, I also cannot look down on you even though you are a Dacheng stage little dot. Controlling gravity. Brat, you must have obtained the Ring of Mystical Flames right?” The burly large man said and smiled.

Qin Yu was momentarily startled.

Ring of Mystical Flames?

The burly large man before him had actually revealed his secret almost instantly.

However, Qin Yu gradually relaxed from his earlier hesitation after a short while. Since that burly large man had became a guardian of Ni Yang’s Realm, he must definitely have some relation to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. It would not be exactly strange for him to know about the Ring of Mystical Flames.

“The Ring of Mystical Flames. When I had initially wanted to borrow and play with it from Ni Yang, he refused. Now that he’s dead, he had instead scattered such treasures away,” grumbled the burly large man to himself. “All right, let’s continue to battle. As long as you have not stepped out of the Blue Clouds Road, the battle will not end.”

As long as he did not step out of the Blue Clouds Road, the battle would not end.

When Qin Yu heard that sentence, he immediately began to advance at an extremely fast speed.

“Senior, please remember, your martial powers have to remain suppressed at the Dacheng stage!” As he was escaping, Qin Yu still gave out a loud shout.

The burly large man’s facial expression became bitter, and he could only continue to pursue, while his body flashed at intervals to catch up.

Originally, given his capabilities, a single movement from his feet would enable him to catch up to Qin Yu. However, as he was restricted to only using the capabilities of the Dacheng stage, he speed was also naturally restricted. Even if the burly large man’s body techniques were more precise and ingenious, and even when he was able to catch up to Qin Yu, the moment he came near Qin Yu……

The Double Gravity Field would also greatly reduce the burly large man’s speed.

“Escaping just like this is still really easy,” Qin Yu secretly felt relaxed. At that moment, the Double Gravity Field had already reached a shocking stage. Once that burly large man stepped into that area, his body would feel as though it was being pressed down by a mountain.

If the burly large man had used all of his capabilities, that bit of gravity would definitely not count as much. However, he had to keep his oath, and could only use martial powers of a similar domain level. For a Dacheng stage’s martial powers to be able to resist against such gravitational force, and also chase up to Qin Yu, that would be dreaming.

After all, Qin Yu was an expert at speed.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Qin Yu had a bit of an understanding regarding the trial of the Blue Clouds Road.

Every single person that entered the Blue Clouds Road would face against that burly large man as an enemy. That burly large man would need to restrict his martial powers to the extent of being comparable to the person attempting the trial. After that, both would engage in a large battle. Unless the person attempting the trial passes through the Blue Clouds Road, the battle would never end.

Given the burly large man’s experience and techniques, even if their martial powers were comparable, Reverend Ming Shan, and even the Dragon Clan’s Elder Yan Shan, as well as Kong Cao and the others, they had all died.

Later on, that Yu Liang, there was an eight or nine out of ten chance that he had transformed into the Heavenly Mouse, and relied on his speed as well as agility to escape. Moreover, as a High Class Divine Beast, the battle powers brought forth by the Heavenly Mouse was also extremely strong.

As for the six great experts that came later, they all had Finest Grade Immortal Equipment Battle Armor to protect their bodies. Added to the fact that they were originally elite characters, it would not be a problem for them to successfully surmount the trial.

“To even think of simply passing through like that, don’t you think that I would lose too much face?” There was a momentary flash of light on the burly large man’s fist, and a gold coloured glove actually appeared over his fist. “Although I had said that my capabilities would be suppressed to the Dacheng stage, weapons were instead not under restriction.”

While that burly large man was talking to himself, he promptly threw three slow, consecutive punches towards the front.

Although they might seem slow, in actual fact, within the blink of an eye, three visible golden coloured silhouettes of fists enveloped around Qin Yu’s entire body. Even when those three golden coloured silhouettes of fists had not even touched Qin Yu’s body, Qin Yu could already feel their profound pressure.

“This wild brute, why is he trying so hard,” Qin Yu was secretly filled with grievance.

At the same time, Qin Yu gritted his teeth. He definitely no longer cared about whatever silhouettes of fists, and charged towards the end of the Blue Clouds Road at an even faster speed.

“Suicide?” The burly large man was slightly surprised for a moment.

He naturally knew the strength of that technique. Moreover, he also knew that the opponent was an expert of the Dacheng stage. From a Dacheng stage expert’s point of view, the physical body was still extremely important. Once the physical body had been damaged beyond recovery, it was estimated that he could only continue practising as a Loose Practitioner.

Qin Yu’s body was seen to continuously flash as he moved, and at the same time, three golden coloured silhouettes of fists consecutively pounded on Qin Yu’s body.

“What a tough physical body. For a Dacheng stage body to actually be this tough, this is like seeing a ghost! What kind of cultivation technique is this?” The burly large man finally experienced how indomitable was Qin Yu’s body. Through the use of his own weapons, the three golden coloured silhouettes of fists that he had sent only injured a part of the physical body, and he could guess how indomitable Qin Yu’s body was.

[Rylain: ‘见鬼了’ translates to ‘seeing a ghost’, which is used to describe something as ‘preposterous’.]

However, the scene that came after that made the burly large man stupefied.

Qin Yu’s wounds caused by the pounding punches actually completely recovered within the blink of an eye.

“I thank Senior for being merciful,” Qin Yu’s voice echoed over. Meanwhile, he had already, directly charged out of the Blue Clouds Road.

To rely on his own recovery powers to shock others, as well as actually using his own body to easily withstand against the attacks of three fist silhouettes, although those martial powers were extremely powerful, the burly large man was under restriction and had only used Dacheng stage capabilities, so his attacking strength was limited. Still, Qin Yu dared to forcibly withstand against them.

“Merciful?” The expression on the burly large man’s face became stiff, and he then promptly smiled. “This kid, to be able to obtain the Ring of the Black Flame Lord and Ring of the White Profound Lord, his luck is really not bad. Initially, Ni Yang had still wanted me to be merciful towards the person who had obtained the Ring of Mystical Flames should I come across him. However, ah, I had not been merciful this time.”

The burly large man let out a long sigh. “Mmm…… There is no one else over at the Blue Clouds Road, and my task is also completed! How many years has it been…… It is also time for those Brothers of ours to be released.”

The figure of that burly large man momentarily moved, and he actually disappeared in the middle of the air.

Teleportation? Wasn’t it impossible to Teleport within Ni Yang’s Realm huh? It was just that no one saw that scene, so naturally, there would also not be such a question.

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