Book 11 Chapter 50: A Glance

Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapter 50: A Glance

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The breeze gently caressed his face, loosely lifting his hair aloft as they passed. Qin Yu’s gaze was fleeting.

“Obtain the treasure that Uncle Lan had left behind in Ni Yang’s Realm. After that, I will then go behind closed doors to perceive and create the ‘Stellar Transformations’ technique, striving to Ascend at an early date!”

Qin Yu secretly said to himself, “Royal Father, Eldest Brother and Second Brother all have their own families to care for, therefore I am also assured. There is only Li Er, as well as my other two brothers!”

Although Qin Yu was physically still at Ni Yang’s Realm, his mind was instead no longer there.

“Brother Qin Yu, do not be too upset. The Ascension of both your brothers is a law of the Heavens and Earth, and it absolutely could not be obstructed. Moreover, you have also achieved the Dacheng stage, and you will also Ascend not long later,” Man Gan walked over to reassure him.

Qin Yu’s facial expression was quite bleak. After he heard Man Gan’s words, Qin Yu only managed to display the hint of a smile. “Correct, I will also Ascend not long later.”

Those words were meant for Man Gan, and also for himself.

However…… if he was unable to create the next domain level’s technique, how was he able to enter into the next domain level?

Qin Yu unintentionally clenched both his fists.

When Man Gan saw Qin Yu’s expression, he no longer interrupted Qin Yu, and instead left Qin Yu alone to have a quiet time by himself.


At that moment, there were still nine people alive in the plaza — Hua Yan, Xue Yu Yang, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Fang Tian, Ao Xu, Zong Jue, Man Gan, as well as Qin Yu. With the exception of Qin Yu, the other eight people were waiting for the result of Yu Liang’s charge into the Blue Clouds Road.

Dead? Alive?

For that moment, no one was able to be certain.

“Brother Du, given Yu Liang’s capabilities, he is the strongest person to have entered the Blue Clouds Road. From your point of view, how long can he persevere? Will it be as long as the Dragon Clan’s Elder Yan Shan huh?” Hua Yan smiled and said.

Du Zhong Jun pondered momentarily and said, “How long can he persevere? It should be comparable to the Dragon Clan’s Elder Yan Shan right? Oh, Elder Yan Shan seemed to have persisted for close to eight hours right? Even if Yu Liang were to fail, he should also be able to persevere for more than eight hours right?”

“It has been only one hour since Yu Liang had entered. It is still early to discuss about this now huh,” Man Gan said and smiled. Suddenly, Man Gan frowned. “Mmm?”

Man Gan retrieved a Transmission Talisman, and a smile suddenly bloomed on his face.

“Succeeded!” Man Gan laughed heartily and said, “Haha, Yu Liang, he has already succeeded in arriving at the other end, he succeeded.”


Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng, Fang Tian and Zong Jue, one by one, the experts were all shocked. Even Qin Yu, who was feeling quite low-spirited at one corner of the white jade plaza, was also shocked into awareness. He unintentionally looked over to that group of people.

There was a contented smile on Man Gan’s face. “Listen carefully. I said that Yu Liang, he has already succeeded in passing through the Blue Clouds Road. Moreover, he has already arrived at the Nine Heavens.”

“Impossible. It has only been an hour, how can he be that fast?” Hua Yan was the first person to retort, “Earlier, the Dragon Clan’s Elder Yan Shan, as well as your subordinate’s Kong Cao, and the others, they had all endured for more than six hours, but they all failed in the end.”

“Brother Hua Yan should not be too subjective,” Zong Jue voiced out.

Everyone looked at Zong Jue. Zong Jue responded by asking, “Dare I ask everyone, have all of you forgotten what was that Yu Liang’s first response after stepping onto the Blue Clouds Road in the beginning huh?”

Almost everyone recalled that scene.

During the time when Yu Liang had just stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road, his entire person immediately disappeared. It was obvious that he had charged towards the other end at an extremely fast and furious speed. Even if the Blue Clouds Road had many layers of obstructions, in the end, Yu Liang had also merely used an hour to pass through the Blue Clouds Road.

“Speed!” Zong Jue nodded and said, “Compared to how the other people had carefully entered the Blue Clouds Road, Yu Liang instead used his speed to rush through the Blue Clouds Road. That is why, it is not exactly wierd for him to succeed in one hour.”

Meanwhile, at that moment, the two surviving stones used for testing the road — Xue Yu Yang and the Dragon Clan’s Elder Ao Xu had glimmers of light in their eyes.

Calling both of them stones used for testing the road was not exactly wrong.

From Man Gan and the other people’s point of view, maybe only Man Gan, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Fang Tian, Zong Jue and Ao Feng had the qualifications to compete for the treasure. The others were only characters similar to cannon fodder and stones used for testing the road.

Man Gan looked at Ao Feng, then smiled and said, “Brother Ao Feng, my subordinate has already made it through. It should now be someone from your Dragon Clan’s turn right?”

Ao Feng nodded. According to the initial rules, the next person should be Ao Xu.

“Wait!” Hua Yan suddenly frowned and shouted.

“Does Brother Hua Yan have any questions huh?” Everyone looked at Hua Yan.

Meanwhile, Qin Yu, who was sitting indifferently at one corner of the white jade plaza, instead silently observed that group of people debating in the middle of the plaza. Qin Yu understood that those people did not exactly take notice of a Dacheng stage Xiuzhen Practitioner. However, Qin Yu was instead very satisfied that such a situation had happened.

Hearing their conversations, Qin Yu secretly disagreed. “Speed. Passing through this Blue Clouds Road relies only on speed huh? Having heard those bestial roars, it is obvious that there are several obstructions. For that Yu Liang to be able to pass through, speed was one factor, while the second factor was his strong capabilities. Moreover, if only speed was required to pass through, how would a distance of five thousand kilometers possibly require an hour?”

Man Gan and the others naturally secretly understood whatever Qin Yu had secretly thought.

At that moment, everyone within the plaza was looking at Hua Yan, inquiring why had he impeded the Dragon Clan’s Elder from entering the Blue Clouds Road.

Hua Yan smiled indifferently and replied, “Earlier, Brother Man Gan had said that ‘Yu Liang’ had entered the Blue Clouds Road. However, this was only your side of the story, and who would know whether it was true or false? If Yu Liang is still fighting within the Blue Clouds Road at this very moment, and you are to let another person enter, wouldn’t that be sending the other person to his death huh?”

Du Zhong Jun, Ao Feng and the others were momentarily startled.

At that moment, they also remembered the rules of the Blue Clouds Road — Only a single person may enter. If two people were to be on the Blue Clouds Road, both of them would definitely die.

“Humph…… Yu Liang’s Soul Jade Slip did not shatter. Moreover, he has already sent me a transmission message. All of you are still afraid that I will deceive you all?” Man Gan said with a cold smile.

“Yu Liang’s Soul Jade Slip indeed did not shatter, but this does not necessarily mean that he has succeeded in surmounting the Blue Clouds Road. This can only represent that Yu Liang still has not died. You are saying that Yu Liang has successfully passed through, but must we definitely trust you huh?” Hua Yan asked in return.

Man Gan became a little angry.

He did not exactly lie, but Hua Yan and the others did not believe. “A bunch of fools. Humph, since all of you do not dare to enter, then I will enter,” Man Gan angrily turned around and started to walk towards the Blue Clouds Road. “Brother Man Gan, there is no need for this,” Ao Feng naturally obstructed Man Gan. No matter what, he would also not let Man Gan take the lead and enter. If Man Gan were to enter first, that scroll would very possibly fall into Man Gan’s hands.

Man Gan gave Ao Feng an icy stare. “Unless, Ao Feng, you did not see? All of them do not dare to enter.”

Ao Feng smiled and said, “Brother Hua Yan, all of you are also really muddled. If Man Gan wanted to be treacherous, I estimate that he would also victimise us right? Unless, he would abandon Yu Liang just to victimise Elder Ao Xu?”

Those words evidently despised the Elder Ao Xu, but everyone in the plaza understood Ao Feng’s meaning.

Elder Ao Xu was also someone who had practised for more than ten thousand years, and had long became a profound person. He would obviously not become angry due to that one sentence. Moreover, the Elder Ao Xu had deduced that Yu Liang definitely, really, succeeded in surmounting the Blue Clouds Road.

It looked like…… speed was still very useful.

Ao Xu secretly already had a method to traverse the Blue Clouds Road.

“My Lord Emissary, this subordinate will now enter,” Elder Ao Xu said and bowed. After that, he stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road without hesitation. At the moment when the Elder Ao Xu had just stepped into the Blue Clouds Road, his entire person also departed with a flash.

Clearly…… Elder Ao Xu had also thought of passing through by relying on extremely fast speed.

At that moment, if it was to be said who was the person within the plaza most intent on carefully listening to Elder Ao Xu’s sounds of traversing the Blue Clouds Road, then that would be Xue Yu Yang…… who was the next person to step onto the Blue Clouds Road.

Everyone was waiting.

If Elder Ao Xu had successfully passed through the Blue Clouds Road relying on speed, then traversing by increasing their speed would work.


The furious roar was extremely wild and violent, and everyone in the plaza could clearly hear that. However, it was immediately followed by a dragon’s roar.

“Elder Ao Xu has transformed into his true form,” Fang Tian was very certain, “Ah, let’s hope that Elder Ao Xu will be able to successfully pass through.”

Fang Tian was secretly feeling quite uncomfortable.

The Dragon Clan had three great Elders. However, after entering Ni Yang’s Realm, two of the great Elders had already died consecutively as of that moment. Only a single Elder Ao Xu remained. If even Elder Ao Xu also died, then the Dragon Clan’s top tiered experts would have been completely wiped out.

Actually, it wasn’t solely just the Dragon Clan. The Loose Devils, Loose Immortals, and even including the wilderness Demon Clan had already lost quite a number of their top tiered experts.

It could be said that, almost more than half of the Mortal Realm’s super experts had already died during the journey in Ni Yang’s Realm.

Time slowly trickled by, minute by minute, second by second.

One hour…… there was no response.

Two hours…… there was still no response of any sort.

…… Four hours had passed, and the Soul Jade Slip was still intact. However, there was still no news of Ao Xu successfully passing through.

Just as everyone was quietly waiting — *Peng!* A clear and crisp sound rang out. That Soul Jade Slip belonging to Ao Xu cracked into pieces.

Fang Tian’s facial expression darkened.

The Dragon Clan’s last Elder was also dead.

Meanwhile, Xue Yu Yang’s facial expression also became overcast. He had also thought of relying on speed to swiftly pass through the Blue Clouds Road at the beginning, but having seen Elder Ao Xu’s result, it was very obvious…… relying on speed would not work.

“Xue Yu Yang, ah, as much as possible, try your best,” Hua Yan said and entrusted him.

At that moment, Hua Yan also did not have much confidence in Xue Yu Yang. Although Xue Yu Yang was more unique, and his capabilities was also exceptionally strong, there was still a difference when compared to the Dragon Clan’s strongest Elder — Yan Shan.

Would Xue Yu Yang be able to sustain even when Yan Shan had died huh?

Xue Yu Yang retired backwards after bowing towards Hua Yan, and then stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road. At the very moment when he stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road, Xue Yu Yang was slightly startled.

Should he rush, or should he proceed carefully?

At that very moment when he had stepped onto the Blue Clouds Road, Xue Yu Yang hesitated. However, after a brief moment, Xue Yu Yang’s body transformed into a blur and rushed forward in an extremely fast speed. He had finally made a decision — and decided to learn from Yu Liang.

…… Merely four hours.

The sound of a Soul Jade Slip shattering once again rang out.

That sound also indicated that, with the exception of Yu Liang, all those cannon fodder and stones that were used to test the road had been completely wiped out. From that moment…… the six great leaders would have their turns — Man Gan, Hua Yan, Du Zhong Jun, Zong Jue, Fang Tian and Ao Feng would enter the Blue Clouds Road.

As for Qin Yu…… although his capabilities was the weakest, due to the promise towards Ao Feng and the others at the beginning, he would instead be the last person to step onto the Blue Clouds Road.

“Six great leaders. Four Emissaries of the Ascendant Realms. These Ascendant Realms’ Emissaries possess powerful hidden measures, and I definitely think that they can all pass through…… However, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had once said that if the Immortal Realm’s Emissary is thinking of successfully rushing through, the difficulty will be extremely high. I estimate that Hua Yan will have some punishments to suffer.”

Qin Yu secretly made a judgement in a short amount of time.

According to the initial designations, Sword Immortal Hua Yan would be the first to step onto the Blue Clouds Road.

“Hua Yan, if you manage to surmount the Blue Clouds Road, you have to immediately send a transmission message and notify us. You had better not pass through the Blue Clouds Road without notifying us after that, instead having us wait here futilely,” Man Gan said in a cold voice.

Hua Yan smiled and said, “Naturally, how can I be that sort of despicable villain?”

If Hua Yan had passed through but instead not notify everyone, making everyone wait in vain while he alone obtained the treasure, then wouldn’t Man Gan and the others might as well have died from such a grievance?

Ao Feng shook his head and said, “We find it very hard to believe you. That is why, before stepping onto the Blue Clouds Road, the six of us will need to make an oath…… whoever succeeds in surmounting the Blue Clouds Road, will have to wait for the others. After waiting for all six people to finish their attempts in traversing the Blue Clouds Road, the six people can then continue to proceed. Otherwise, the person failing to do so will suffer punishment from the Heavens, thus having his soul scattered into nothingness!”

“Correct, six of us will need to make an oath,” Man Gan also said.

Zong Jue, Fang Tian and the others also looked at Hua Yan.

Hua Yan’s facial expression momentarily changed. As the first person to enter, he would naturally have obtained some benefits. However, since five people had decided as such, Hua Yan could only fake the appearance of a faint smile. “Naturally, only like this can we call it fair.”

Immediately, the six great leaders all made an oath.

Qin Yu observed from afar. “Six people making an oath? Instead, I am definitely not mentioned. Clearly, I am not treated as a competitor huh,” Qin Yu’s face had the slight hint of an indifferent smile. He only looked at the six great leaders.

Promptly, Hua Yan took the lead and entered the Blue Clouds Road.

Man Gan smiled and said, “The difficulty of traversing the Blue Clouds Road for the Immortal Realm’s Emissary will be a lot harder than others. Ah, I am really curious, whether Hua Yan will be able to pass through alive.”

“This…… ah, really is hard to say,” Du Zhong Jun and the other people also began to laugh.

Time elapsed — Ever since Hua Yan had entered the Blue Clouds Road, those sounds of attacks and explosions continued on relentlessly. It was obviously a lot stronger and more intense when compared to the others who had entered. That made Man Gan and the others gloat over Hua Yan’s misfortune, and they began to smile.

After two hours had passed.


As if thunder had resounded from beside their ears, even Qin Yu started from being scared.

That horrifying shock wave had been sent over from within the Blue Clouds Road, and that explosion had actually scattered all the blue clouds surrounding the Blue Clouds Road. However, merely after a brief moment, those blue clouds once again gathered into the surroundings of the Blue Clouds Road.

“What a powerful explosion. I am afraid that was comparable to the capabilities of a Eighth or Ninth Tier Golden Immortal right?” Man Gan and the others exchanged looks of shock.

“I estimate that Hua Yan has even used his hidden resort right?” Ao Feng began to smile. Man Gan and the others also began to smile.

Merely after a while — “All right, I have passed through already,” Hua Yan’s transmission message was then sent over. Meanwhile, almost at the same time, Man Gan also nodded and said, “Yu Liang sent news. He saw Hua Yan, with his head covered in ash and face smeared with mud, successfully arriving at the Nine Heavens.”

“Head covered in ash and face smeared with mud?” Ao Feng smiled and said, “Having used his final and ultimate move, I definitely think that Hua Yan’s facial expression is also quite unsightly right?”

Immediately, those five people began to smile.

Qin Yu, at one corner, stood up. “Orh, he succeeded already. I had never thought that Hua Yan would actually be able to survive such a large cris……”

Qin Yu’s entire person suddenly paused, and looked towards a single direction. His eyes was momentarily filled with — doubt, shock, disbelief, as well as excitement! However, as if momentarily, Qin Yu once again recovered his usual appearance.

Luckily, Man Gan and the group of people at the center did not exactly notice the Qin Yu who was at a corner, and naturally did not discover the rapid changes of Qin Yu’s gaze.

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