Book 11, Chapter 5

B11C5: A hot show in winter

Several tens of thousands of loose practitioners are fighting each other. Various explosions light up the sky, sometimes red, sometimes purple, sometimes black … The whole sky seems to have become a huge furnace. Mount Qingxu has been turned into a field littered with corpses. Blood slowly flows, forming streamlets, but they are burned black in an instant by some scorching energies.

“Ha-ha, awesome, awesome!”

There is a mass of astonishingly thick blood clouds within several hundred meters of Wu Kongxue. The loose practitioners at any place this huge mass of blood clouds float to all try their best to avoid and stay far away from it, whether they are loose immortals or loose devils, who are on the same side as Wu Kongxue.

But Wu Kongxue is simply too fast for those loose immortals to escape.

One loose immortal after another is swept into the blood clouds. They are immediately turned into masses of flesh and blood, which fuse with the blood clouds directly, thickening the stench of the blood clouds even more. Wu Kongxue’s self-satisfied arrogant loud laughter also becomes even louder and clearer.


Reverend Ming Liang pierces through every place like a sharp sword. All loose devils are killed without being able to put up any resistance wherever he goes through.

“Ming Liang!”

Wu Kongxue’s voice, which is seething with killing intent, rises. That huge mass of blood clouds stops in front of Reverend Ming Liang. At the same time, it begins to shrink slowly. In the end, it turns into a large blood-red robe wrapping around Wu Kongxue’s body. Wu Kongxue looks at Reverend Ming Liang, his eyes blazing with fighting spirit.

“Wu Kongxue.” Reverend Ming Liang’s eyes turn cold. “What do you actually want by doing this? I asked myself and found that I hadn’t done anything serious to your side of loose devils. Why did you mobilize all the loose devils to come and attack Mount Qingxu? Could it be you want to risk your life like this for that Ni Yang Realm, which basically doesn’t belong to us?”

It would have been better if he had not said anything. As soon as he says so, Wu Kongxue is enraged even more.

“You didn’t do anything? Just a half day ago, you went to the Yinyue Palace and killed a thousand loose devils in a breath. Then you even said we were even with each other because Wu Hei had killed Reverend Chi Yan before.” Wu Kongxue’s anger begins to surge. “You had the guts to do that but now you don’t even dare to admit doing that?”

Reverend Ming Liang has never been accused wrongly so he immediately feels annoyed inside.

All of a sudden, he is struck by a thought.

“Wu Kongxue, can you prove that what you said is true, that a half day ago there was really a Reverend Ming Liang who killed a thousand loose devils of yours?” Reverend Ming Liang questions closely.

Wu Kongxue gives a cold laugh: “Of course. How can I possibly tell a lie? Ask any loose devil of the Yinyue Palace and you’ll know the truth.”

“Ah, I get it now. Someone stirred things up. Someone definitely stirred things up.” Reverend Ming Liang is very clear-headed at this moment. “Wu Kongxue, both our sides didn’t want to fight for the Ni Yang Realm, which doesn’t belong to us, but someone wanted us to fight each other. Now it looks like someone must have stirred things up in the dark.”

Wu Kongxue’s heart leaps.

He remembers Wu Hei denying that he had killed Reverend Chi Yan.

But who killed Reverend Chi Yan?

“Someone secretly stirred things up?” Wu Kongxue also arrives at this conclusion in his mind.

However, with a glance, he sees that countless people are fighting each other all over the sky and Mount Qingxu. He knows that perhaps the battle has already become unstoppable by now because all the loose devils have probably become bloodthirsty and the enemy has killed quite a lot of their close friends.

It is the same with the side of loose immortals. A large number of loose immortals have been killed too so the living loose immortals have nothing but intense hatred for the loose devils in front of them.

“They are already dead. It’s none of my concern.” Wu Kongxue laughs coldly in his mind.

He still remembers how he practiced in the past. At the time, he was a lone, cruel and bloodthirsty Xiumoist who often robbed and killed people and was chased by everyone. Luckily, he eventually obtained a valuable book of the Blood Devil Path and was able to become a titan of the devil path rapidly only thanks to this.

“There’s nothing I can do about the dead senior loose practitioners of these schools. Perhaps their deaths will cause the large Xiumo schools on the Teng Long continent to suffer big drops in status. Many small schools will possibly rise. The Teng Long continent can’t always be controlled by those large schools either. There should be a change already.”

Reverend Ming Liang looks at Wu Kongxue, hoping that he will agree to a ceasefire.

Because of the fighting, more than half of the structures on Mount Qingxu have been destroyed. As time passes, more and more disciples of the Qingxu Temple die. The only calm place on the entire Mount Qingxu is the area of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation.

“Stirring things up? Ming Liang, I never expected you, a 12th tribulation loose immortal and the current no. 1 loose immortal expert, to flinch from admitting to what you did. When you killed those 1000 loose devils and ran away, I saw your speed with my own eyes. In this world, who can keep up with you when it comes to speed? Perhaps only the master of the Devil Peng Island and the dragon clan leader can. But given their status, how could they possibly have impersonated you? Ming Liang, it’s time you stopped resorting to sophistry.”

Wu Kongxue’s words have crushed the only reason for a ceasefire directly.


This is the moment Wu Kongxue has been waiting for.

Even if more loose devils die, it will be none of his concern. As long as nothing happens to that Heaven-Sundering Diagram, when the herald of the devil world descends to the mortal world, he will be credited with a deed of great merit by handing it over.

“Wu Kongxue, you’re such an idiot.”

Reverend Ming Liang is extremely furious.

Wu Kongxue says with a cold laugh: “You’re too noisy. If you want to fight then let’s fight. Why talk so much nonsense?” Afterwards, his body begins to radiate a dazzling blood-red light which then gathers in the palm of his right hand.

Reverend Ming Liang utters a cold humph. His whole body also radiates a dazzling silvery white light. At the same time, that light gathers on the index finger of his right hand.

“Blood Devil -- Crescent Blade!”

Wu Kongxue waves his hand violently. An extremely thin, small and even indistinct blade looking like a blood-red crescent moon shoots out, cutting through the air. Wherever it passes, the space there begins to shudder then shatters.

“Stellar Ignition -- Space Piercer!”

Reverend Ming Liang uses the same special skill with which he forced Wu Kongxue to retreat above the ocean of the Qian Long continent in the past. An extremely small and concentrated point of light shoots straight at Wu Kongxue from his index finger.

In the sky above Mount Qingxu,

That red light and that silvery white light ‘gently’ collide with each other. At the same time, they disappear as if they never existed. But in just a moment, fierce winds start to blow within several hundred meters of the point of impact.

Wu Kongxue’s and Reverend Ming Liang’s faces change color greatly. Without prior consultation, both of them run away in opposite directions like crazy.


The space within several hundred meters of the collision shatters like glass, creating a massive black hole which is several hundred meters long and a good several meters wide. The attractive force of such a huge spatial rift is simply extremely great.

“Ah ~~”

Various anguished cries are heard. Over 1000 loose practitioners within several kilometers of the spatial rift are swallowed by it directly without being able to resist at all. Through that black hole, one can even see all chaotic kinds of energy of different colors within the spatial rift.

It is useless to cut a stream with a knife.

Even though the space has been shattered, in just a while, that black hole vanishes extremely fast and the space returns to normal.

The durability of the mortal world’s space is only so strong. Therefore, when 2 12th tribulation super experts fought each other with all their might, it is not strange at all that they created a spatial rift.

“Reverend Ming Liang, nearly 20,000 loose immortals have died by now. Almost 20% of the loose immortals from the 6th tribulation up have died too.” Xue Yuyang flies up to Reverend Ming Liang and says. He really cannot bear watching so many loose practitioners die one by one.

Seeing that the loose devils and loose immortals in the surroundings are fighting desperately, Reverend Ming Liang clenches his teeth fiercely and has a rare outburst of anger: “Wu Kongxue is such a bastard. He’s not a loose devil of the Teng Long continent so he just doesn’t care about the lives of these loose devils.”

“He doesn’t care, but we do. Order all the living loose immortals to go into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation. I’ll personally take charge of the formation. But … it’ll be a bit difficult for so many loose immortals to come in because the space within the formation is limited. So, each room of Heavenly Palace will have to be shared by several more loose immortals. A room with one loose immortal staying in it originally will now be occupied by 4 or 5 loose immortals. At this crucial moment, we can’t take so many things into consideration. If there’s still not enough room, let those loose immortals stay on the vacant land or in the sky within the formation.” Reverend Ming Liang is very frustrated at the moment.

The Ten Development Illusionary Formation is only so large so he has no choice but to jam those loose immortals into it.

As the order is spread, the loose immortals all fly straight into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation in an organized manner. The formation is being controlled by Reverend Ming Liang directly so as soon as a loose immortal comes in, they will be teleported to the inner area, but any loose devil that comes in will surely be killed.

“Ha-ha, a bunch of cowards, I want to see if you can hide in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation for life.” Standing in front of the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, Fire Devil shouts loudly.

On the side of the loose devils, excited roars begin to resound through the sky.

Having pushed all the loose immortals back into the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, these countless loose devils are very excited and happy. On the Teng Long continent, the side of loose immortals and the side of loose devils have always been about the same in power. Since when has the side of loose devils been able to gain the upper hand and force the loose immortals into a formation like this?

The blood clouds around Wu Kongxue have already turned into a blood-red robe which is flowing in the wind. Standing in midair, he says loudly and clearly: “Ming Liang, you brat, just stay in the Ten Development Illusionary Formation for life if you have enough patience. My loose devil brothers and I have decided to stay on Mount Qingxu. Ha-ha … the arrangement of Mount Qingxu was really good. It has gone through such a battle, but only 40% to 50% of it has been destroyed. Too bad, from now on, Mount Qingxu is going to be our territory.”

Inside the Ten Development Illusionary Formation, Reverend Ming Liang is so angry that his whole face becomes very red, but he forcefully restrains himself.

Mount Qingxu has been the headquarters of the Qingxu Temple for a million years. In all those years, all kinds of restrictive spells and formations have been set up on Mount Qingxu by countless senior experts of his. The mountain is also protected by all kinds of secret processes. Therefore, even though the loose immortals and the loose devils have just fought a fierce battle here, some most important places on Mount Qingxu have not been destroyed.

The Xiuzhenists who have been watching this historic battle from beginning to end in the distance now start to leave stealthily in disappointment. But Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu can no longer be seen at their original place. The 3 brothers already left long ago.


“What do you want to do, big brother? Why do you want us to rush to the Yinyue Palace when the battle isn’t over yet?” Hou Fei is very doubtful.

Qin Yu gives a mysterious smile: “It’d be no good if we waited till the end of the battle. We must take advantage of this period of time when they are still fighting to make this show even more thrilling.”

“What do you mean?”

Not only Hou Fei, even Hei Yu, the ink qilin and the 3 Shi brothers also look at Qin Yu doubtfully.

Qin Yu looks at the Yinyue Palace in the distance: “Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, my Qin clan has been passed down for a thousand years. Even when the Qin dynasty established by Qin Shi Huang in the past collapsed, my clan was still able to preserve itself very well. But in my generation, my clan was almost exterminated because of its connection with me. Now how can I possibly go and face my father?! So many children and wives of my 2nd brother died. How can I possibly go and face him too?”

“Everything happened because of me. If I hadn’t got that Heaven-Sundering Diagram, none of this would have happened.”

He looks at the mountain range where the Yinyue Palace is located, his eyes blazing with killing intent: “The loose devil side and the loose immortal side fought each other in the Qin dynasty’s imperial palace without giving a damn, almost destroying my Qin clan. Then … I’ll also put them through an experience they’ll never forget.”

Qin Yu flies straight into the airspace of the Yinyue Palace like a beam of light.

In the distance, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the others are all astounded. They still do not know what he wants to do.

“Who’s that?” An angry voice rises down below as a loose devil soars into the sky.

“Who? The destroyer of the Yinyue Palace!”

Qin Yu shouts furiously. At the same time, his body is immediately enfolded in a monstrous heavenly flame, which fills the area within almost 10 m of him. Through the heavenly flame, Qin Yu’s eyes glitter with ruthlessness: “The Yinyue Palace, I’m going to let you have a taste of the heavenly flame’s power!”

The heavenly flame around Qin Yu then unexpectedly turns into various masses of heavenly flame, which move away from his vicinity directly and, at the same time, shoot down at the mountains below him where the Yinyue Palace is located. Each huge mass of heavenly flame is even 1 m in diameter.

Now Qin Yu appears to have become a heavenly-flame-shooter.

With him being the center, several hundred masses of heavenly flames have been shot out in the blink of an eye, yet more and more masses of heavenly flame are still being shot out unceasingly at a terrifying speed. It seems his heavenly flame is limitless.

The Lord of Black Flame’s Ring contains a fiery energy. Those who are far above Qin Yu in power such as golden immortals will have no problems using it. But Qin Yu is merely controlling the heavenly flame to shoot it out. Even if he risked his life to use the heavenly flame inside the Lord of Black Flame’s Ring, perhaps he would only be able to drain a ten thousandth of its amount.

In just a while, countless balls of heavenly flame smash down from the sky. They cover the whole mountain range and the Yinyue Palace. A complete disaster has come when the loose devils that stayed behind to protect the Yinyue Palace have not even reacted.

End of b11c5.

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